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Lower Division Capstone of LOWER DIVISION CAPSTONE As being the marketing manager of the company, I am thinking of engaging new opportunities in my neighborhood, my expectations are that most of my interviews will be almost similar to the extent that the questions move on. So, I have preferred to organize few questions and answers which I expect could come out throughout the interview. (Guffey & Loewy, 2013, p. 476-477) To deal with this job straight on, I would like to classify three probable interviewers for myself and then practice the way to answer the few of the more tricky questions that I expect of being asked. Following is how I start.
Before we start, I would postulate that I could expect to achieve a face-to-face interview at three prominent organizations that I know and that I also know in particular as attractive and potential employers.
On my list Wal-Mart is the first one. Undoubtedly this is an organization that is well known to me and comfy talking about as far as marketing is related. Continued expansion and success are attributes that make this particular firm so attracting for the job.
A workable opportunity in the marketing department should be permissible as praiseworthy. The most significant of it is to categorize whether the asked opportunity is a low hanging fruit, single, or a good home run. Moreover, the most crucial thing is to assess every opportunity of marketing and after that come to an communicated decision that will mostly likely to be based on my past experiences and market research to finalize the best one out of those ideas. Foreseeing the selected idea will result positively or negatively on the organization and also deciding the importance of the opportunity would be for a financial improvement or not.
My suggestion for business giant like Wal-Mart is to go for the implementation of cell phone contract with the reliable network of the country, but with Wal-Mart acting the go between to help will ease up the process for the customers as possible. It would be quite an easy objective for Wal-Mart to master; if I would have to categorize it, I will set it in the easily achievable category or the fruit hanging low in the customer domain. However, this objective will give boost to the company to compete with the other national cellular service providers who would also want to take advantage for providing this service.
Second one my valuable companies would be Blockbuster. My suggestion for this company would be to upgrade in the digital area. If they are able to upgrade themselves in the field of technology and have more sophisticated technology than that they already have, it would be an assurance for their upcoming products to be effective and efficient. Firm was not able to make significant progress in online rentals as did by Netflix; instead Blockbuster stuck itself in an in-store groove. (Hill & Jones, 2009, p. 57-58) Upgrading the technology would require not much time and is cheaper still having good returns. This strategy can be categorize as singles.
In the last, my consideration would be the way of introducing a new product line to a productive firm like Apple. It can be categorized as a home run plan. (Van, 2003, p. 64-65) This category of plan requires lots if assessments, huge funds, also involves risk in them and still no guarantee of success. Each new product poses the reputation of the company as innovative and growing in-front of the new investors and the consumers. In case of failure a negative impact will go to the same audience.
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