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Male dominated society essay sample

The definition of a Male dominated society is “ A society that benefits men in the law’s, education, government and day to day life.”. I believe that the United States was very male dominated in the earlier stages of our country. Women were expected to clean, make food, and raise the kids. While the men work the farm, go into politics, be in the military, and run businesses. Today women can do everything men can if they want to. Women have equal rights, more opportunities to succeed into today’s society, and benefits. Women did have to fight for these rights throughout history but our society is not male dominated any more.

There are 22 women CEOs in fortune 500 companies. That back in the early times of the United States like the 1700-1800s was never heard of. Women were not allowed to run companies and men wouldn’t want to work for a women because back then men thought that wasn’t their place. Women started to work in the 1860’s, while the men were in the civil war and during the industrial revolution. That’s when the jobs had to be filled because the men were gone. Today if you want a job you are very likely to run into a female boss/employer and we now respect that, the times have changed.

In 1777, all states passed a law that took away women’s right to vote and in 1870 the 15th amendment was passed the said in the text the women were not allowed to vote. Then in 1920’s women were given the right to vote by the 19th amendment stating any U. S citizen no matter what sex is allowed to vote. This shows that after countless protests and trials that society is willing to change. I know some men probably weren’t happy when the 19th amendment was passed but society grew to embrace it. Now, it’s no surprise seeing women vote or even in office, senate, and the house. Who knows maybe our next president could be a female, coming from a country that didn’t even allow them to vote.

In the 1960s to this day, females have had a huge movement in the United States. This surge was probably one of the biggest in history, in that time many laws and act were passed to benefit women. The laws and acts included The Equal Pay Act, The Fair Labor Standards Act, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act passes. The Equal Pay Act stated women had to be paid the same amount as men because a study showed that for every dollar a man was making a woman made 73 cents. The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes minimum wage regardless of the sex. Title VII prohibits against employment based on race, color, religion, and sex. This movement paved the way for many lawsuits and laws that helped change the U. S and benefit the women. So, saying that the United States is a male dominated society is incorrect but, saying the United States was a male dominated society can be proven.

We may always think the United States is male dominated society but we have changed do to the women’s fight for equality. They have had massive movements, benefits and acts passed, and have more opportunities to succeed in today’s society. The United States is resilient to change an example can be the change in the view of women. The United states is definitely not male dominated, look at the countries in the middle east the women there do not have any rights and there doesn’t seem to be too many movement there to change that. So, with all the rights the women have here I do not think its fair to say the are not equal in our society when you look at some other countries.

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