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Management : francis coppola

The paper “Management Case: Francis Coppola” is a marvelous example of a management case study.
Francis Coppola was intending to shoot a movie, and he had certain weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats. This paper will analyze his case and come up with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats during the time when the movie was shot.
Coppola is an experienced movie producer and hence he has the necessary experience to direct the shooting of the movie. He has picked up various awards such as the academy award with the Godfather movies. The terrain in the area is favorable for the movie and hence they had a good opportunity to produce the master class piece.
The USA government was not ready to support a movie shot in Vietnam and hence the producer lacked home support. In 1976, the typhoon struck the islands in the Philippines where most of the movie sets had been done. The typhoon led to a temporary halt of the movie shooting. The main character of the movie got a heart attack and was forced to be away for nine weeks. The movie was then halted again to wait for his recovery. The movie ended up costing much more than it was budgeted for due to the many stoppages and the environment around.
The Philippi government was willing to rent them a helicopter and three army men to use while shooting the movie. The cost of labor was considerably low, and it favored their budget. The people in the region were willing to work at a cost of 1-3$ which was very cheap as compared to the cost in Hollywood.
The movie was being shot in a time when civil wars in the Philippines had heightened, and hence the environment was not conducive for movie shooting. The movie was stopped many times and hence lacked flow.

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