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Explore the types of conflict resolution practices utilized and make recommendations. Describe your thoughts on theories guiding coordination, decision-making, productivity, and efficiency of the organization.HealthCare Administrator In the corporate world, secretaries and administrators are the heart of any business. Without someone to plan, coordinate, Implement, and team lead some businesses may have chaos. Ms. Poly is a (Administrator Assistant/Coordinator) and works for Crapper Home Health Care Agency.

She graduated with a 2- year Bachelor Degree ND attended Paine and Augusta Technical College. She has been working in this field for 30 years. Crapper History and Mission Statement Crapper was started, owned, and operated by African American. There are 46 offices with one In Georgia, mall office In South Carolina, and Chicago. Crapper Health Services has recently joined with Adds Home Care. This adds to their expansion in the Southeast U. S. They both share a common mission. That mission is to improve health and well-being for the client and to deliver thru cost-effectiveness.

This is also delivered by our employees and staff by supporting this same mission. This is rewarded by pride, community contribution, and a reasonable profit. Who are the Key Players? In addition, the Certified Nurse Assistant (CAN) provides direct care for the clients. With both working together, this organization can function effectively toward positive results. Without these two positions the company would have a lot of strain. How Does Coordination Take Place? Coordination takes place by way of promptness, efficiency, adequate staffing, revisionism’s, and proper dress code.

Promptness is best expressed by responding on time to needs as needed. Efficiency reflex quality work. For example, high demands to work and high inquiry request for the agency. Adequate staffing is also needed to ensure coordination because without it the organization can fall short of productive work.Professionalismand dress code goes hand and hand because this reflex on the company’s image. He or she must represent accordantly to their position. What Activities or Processes are in Place to ensure Coordination?

The activities and/or process that are used in this organization are protocol for policies and procedure. There is a separate one for the administrators and for thenursingstaff. This information was not available to see for the administrator. Just to name a few for nursing staff and can’s, they have a dress code, report all changes, and deliver only required care for the client. In addition, report to work on time, and give a two hour notice for call-outs. How are Opportunities for Coordination Identified, Maintained, and Sustained?

Coordination is identified, maintained, and sustained thru classes, in-services, teachings, and workshops. The classes are held at different divisions most of the time. In-services are held at each office and given each month. Teachings and workshops are also given each month. Explore types of Conflict Resolution Practices Utilized and make Recommendations. The Conflict resolution of choice is to hold an individual conference one on one to hear both side of the story. This allows each person to express themselves without intervention from the other.

The administrator will decide what to do from here. If the Director of Nursing (DON) is needed, this can display inaccuracy on the administration. It can also reflect lack of conflict resolution skills and lack ofleadership. My recommendation would be, instead of having a one on one conference, both parties would be in together at the same time. This would minimize the persuasion of leaning to one side. Also I would address how both parties are important to have, but interpersonal conflicts will not be tolerated.

After listening to both sides, then I will ask the question what can be one to achieve a win-win solution. My Thoughts and Theories When I first met Mrs.. Poly, she was within the dress code and presented herself as a professional. After working with her for a year, she continues to display such mannerism. She is my new role model that I would like to be as good as her if not better. For the company, coordination, decision-making, productivity, and efficiency speaks for itself with the type of employees they hire to lead their offices- Administrator/Coordinators. They are doing a great Job.

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