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Management restructuring

The case further reflects that the external forces are the main drivers in the restructuring of the management system and they drive a change in the internal processes as well.
The design tactics discussed herein are mostly related to competency-based planning for the replacement of the management. The knowledge base is to be kept for future assistance and this is why knowledge management is gaining popularity in the current context. Knowledge is the most precious asset a firm has and it will try to keep it at almost every cost. The core competency driving forces assumed are
– Continual corporate restructurings – the increasing use of team-based work systems
– mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures – rising diversity issues – reengineering
– increasing global outsourcing – newer computing technology – more partnerships, joint ventures, and strategic alliances – shifting demographics and workplace shortages of talent.
The case also highlights the importance of feedback that is vital for the expansion/continuity of the business. The technique is focused over here is the dominant 360 feedback technique in which all can evaluate each other.
The next discussion is about communication within the organization. Communication is regarded as an important role player within the system and clear n concrete communication is all that is required for success. The communication process is to be designed in a more attractive fashion, unlike the same routine based system.
The system development is to be focused on the point that the candidates involved should be able to show their extent of interest in following the leadership. This part can be fueled by a simple process of job enrichment in which candidates will be able to adapt and learn more about the organizational pattern.
This new system of reform is easily manageable and will give a good result in the running of the organization. As the case is that there are more feedback and communication present within the system it will effectively make it a better choice. This system would reach the maximum in reality and will adhere to the rules and policies withstood by the organization itself.

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