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Managing human resources essay sample

1. Do managers like Janis Blancero face a more complicated decision when evaluating the personal requests of employees versus evaluating employees’ individual work performance? Explain. Yes, managers do expect employees to be productive motivated and fit which are the aspects that enable them to carry out their jobs well. Many managers like Janis are constantly in pressure. They have no problem with working flexibility requested by two to three employees but when they increase it becomes a complicated process. One thing that mangers have to understand is the imperative of the business to flexibility. The provision of flexible work arrangements has many benefits such as in the retaining and attracting employees and giving them an opportunity to be productive since they will feel committed, motivated happier and focused to the job they do to enable them achieve work-life balance (p.502-503).

In conclusion, managers have to consider attentively personal requests made by each individual employee. 2. a. Should Adobe establish a policy for granting flexible work schedules? Explain. Yes, it is important for Adobe to establish a policy dealing with the provision of flexible work schedules, flexible working arrangements include the ability of an employee to work from home, flexible hours, working part-time and the sharing of jobs. Employees at the time of recruitment should be informed on issues concern work-life balance that already exist and being used in the organization (p.502-503). b. If you answered yes, what might that policy contain? The policy should focus on supporting the employees need to balance both their work and to maintain their careers while ensuring that they are fulfilling their home responsibilities, getting involved in the local community, pursing interest outside work and taking care of their personal wellbeing (p.505).

3. If you were Janis Blancero, how would you resolve this dilemma? Explain. If I were Janis Blancero I would consider seeking support and guidance from the other heads of departments of the company executives. I would need to get the commitment of the human resources department and management to consider ways in the introduction of creating new policies. I would create a work balance (p.502). I would require all employees to give full details of their reasons to deserve a more flexible schedule that they request. This should be in the form of a written letter.

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