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Managing information technology

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ID Lecturer Managing Information Technology Managers must know exactly what kind of value data holds for an organization. This is because they need to make proper use of this data and analyze different research avenues and information perspectives that are derived from this data in the first place. Managers need to make adequate use of this data because it can work wonders for them. They will know exactly where they are lagging and how this data will provide them self-sufficiency as far as their work ethos is concerned. What is even more important is how the managers will be able to execute this data within varied technological and technical details as and when these are received or transmitted. The managers can make this data become useful for them if they share it in a wise manner with the publics that are present within an organization. This will assure that the data remains supreme and of utmost quality at the end of the day (Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin & Perkins, 2009). Such data will manifest growth, productivity and development across the board as far as an organizational understanding is concerned. However, what is most significant here is a comprehension that the data is made use of in a very smart fashion so that there are no delays and hangovers for the sake of the organization in the long run. Hence, the managers shall always reap the rich dividends behind the data that exists within an organization as it is for their own benefit in the long run. The managers need to make wise decisions with respect to the same. References Brown, C. V., DeHayes, D. W, Hoffer, J. A., Martin, W. E., Perkins, W. C., 2009. Managing Information Technology , 6th ed. Prentice Hall

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