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Managment of an effective team

Part 3. Personally, I am not influenced in my judgement of people by how attractive they are. Judging a person by his or her appearance can be erronous since this judgement is subjective. As the adage goes; “Do not judge a book by its cover.” No matter how attractive a person may be, this does not necessarily mean that he is competent when it comes to performance at work. Thus, a manager should not make judgements on the basis of how attractive a person may be. Physical apperance doe not entail that a person is competent. As a manager, I may only need to consider if a person is presentable for certain job tasks not necessarily to measure their competencies. The manager should try to be objective when measuring perfomance of the employees not to rely on physical appearance which may be deceptive.
Part 2
2. To a larger extent, I think performance can also be clearly measured in the business world. First and foremost, it should be noted that the main essence of engaging in business is to generate profits from the operation. Each organization has startup costs and the expected profits are projected. These constitute the goals and objectives to be achieved by the organization. Thus, a positive increase in the profits generated by a company indicates that its performance is good. However, negative revenue generated in the operations of the organization shows that the performance of the company is not good. The aim for any business is to increase the revenue generated and this canm be used as a yardstick to measure performance of the company. The other method that can be used to measure performance is to obtain feedback from the customers. Essentially, the company should strive to satisfy the needs of the customers. Effort should be made to obtain feedback from the customers in order to establish if the company is performing well.
Part 3
1. My experience with team at school has been influenced by factors such as team size. Working in a team is enlightening given that team members can share their ideas and knowledge in a free environment. It is also easy to share ideas when the tasks and roles to be perormed by each team member are clearly outlined. I have also realise that the aspect of synergy of ideas help the team members to pull their efforts towards the same direction. However, the team’s performance can be hurt by adding more members given that people become less motivated. Coordination of the team members becomes a bit challenging and it may also be difficult to control the behaviour of the people within the team. An effective team should be manageable and it should be small in size. For instance, the largest number in a team should be around 10. Anything larger than that can be counterproductive since it may be difficult to coordinate as well as to control the activities of the other team members. Conflicts are also likley to emerge if the size of the team becomes to big.

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