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Marijuana use in students

Marijuana use in Marijuana is the drug that is used most widely among all illegal substances today all over the world. Marijuana also happens to be the most controversial of all drugs (Red Deer College, n. d.). Marijuana is consumed at a higher rate by the college students as compared to other population.
Marijuana is a gateway drug because many people consider it a non-addictive drug (Red Deer College, n. d.). Thinking that consuming marijuana is just a habit and that it would not cause addiction, many people tend to consider it safe to give a try. However, since it is not as safe as it is believed to be, as per the results of the latest research, consumption of marijuana leads the smokers to a range of other addictive substances. Latest research suggests that use of marijuana can lead some people to physical as well as psychological dependence upon it (Red Deer College, n. d.). “ While many advocates of legalization of marijuana argue Cannabis is less harmful than cigarettes, research has proven that Cannabis users are upto 70 times more likely to develop some form of Schrizophenia and other mental illnesses” (debatewise. org, n. d.).
Marijuana can be considered as an addictive substance because it causes most of the symptoms that are associated with addictive drugs conventionally. Such symptoms include but are not limited to loss of control, craving, and compulsive use of the drug. In addition to that, many people who are habitual to consuming marijuana experience different kinds of withdrawal symptoms when they attempt quitting it.
College students are habitual users of marijuana because marijuana use has become one of the popular elements of the college-life in general and culture of the colleges in particular. One factor that contributes to the development of this culture is the fact that students entering colleges are just done with their high schools. Feeling that the strict policies and excessive supervision during the high school years have kept them restrained for a long period, students feel motivated to enjoy the freedom brought about by adulthood and college life. Their tendency to experiment with new things and try new and particularly adventurous ideas is high. Such a mindset makes the idea of using marijuana quite appealing for the students, especially because of the traditional perception that the drug is safe to use.
The debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized has also paved way for greater acceptability of the drug among college students. Throughout the high school, students often make or hear debates on the legalization of marijuana consumption and many of those debates are made in the favor of this policy. The more an issue is discussed, its chances of getting accepted also increase particularly among young adults because they are open-minded and have a high tendency to experiment with things.
Concluding, marijuana is a gate-way drug. The perception that it is not potentially dangerous or addictive has played a role in giving marijuana this status. College students use marijuana commonly because not only they consider it safe for use, but also because of marijuana being an element of the culture that prevails in the colleges generally.
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