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Marketing assignment

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Foods is giving away thousands of Caribbean-themed limited edition Wedges Sharing bowls as part of its Summer of Sharing promotion. The promotion aims to drive sales and repeat purchase. To obtain a bowl consumers simply need to collect two unique codes from any two McCain Wedges packs. The promotion, which will feature on around 4. 5 million packs of McCain Wedges, will be in store from 8 July 2013 for approximately 12 weeks, with a heavy weight in-store and online support package during the key summer months of July and August.

The Wedges category is intriguing to show strong growth, y-o-y value is up 15. 9% 1, with the activity building upon the huge success of last year’s promotion. The promotion is part of McCain Foods over-arching sharing strategy which aims to drive category growth by encouraging new sharing occasions for wedges, such as movie nights and barbecues. Mark Hodge, McCain Foods head of brand, said: “ The consumer response to last year’s sharing bowl give-away was overwhelming and we’re expecting an even greater response this year. ” The promotion provides a great added incentive for consumers to purchase McCain

Wedges during the key summer BBC period and throughout the rest of the year as consumers look to put the bowls to good use. The on-pack code mechanic will also ensure incremental sales and repeat purchase as consumers look to take advantage of a high value offer by purchasing multiple packs. The popular McCain Wedges range includes Lightly Spiced, Sea Salt and Black Pepper, and Mexican flavors as well as limited edition McCain Caribbean Wedges which launched earlier this year to capitalism on strong consumer demand for Caribbean flavors.

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