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Marketing plan

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MARKETING PLAN Homework Task- 3 …………………. College/ ………….. …………. Answer to Question Pizza Restaurant chooses Mass-Marketing strategy for its segmentation because it will be more relevant for a restaurant rather than differentiated or any other strategy. A mass-market segmentation strategy appeals a firm to develop one product or service mix to be marketed to all potential consumers in the target market (Reid and Bojanic, 2009). Under mass-marketing strategy, the firm doesn’t need to develop more than one marketing program, because though consumers can be different, they are alike and react in a similar fashion to fulfilling their needs and wants. Mass-marketing approach thus considers the market to be one homogenous market segment. When it comes to Pizza Restaurant, its goods, that are pizza-and other food items, may be with different quality, and services are almost similar in nature and therefore a mass-marketing strategy of segmentation will be more appropriate. The other two major strategies, namely differentiated (target marketing) and concentrated (niche or product differentiated marketing) (Sandhusen, 2008, 298) are not chosen for Pizza restaurant due to that they are more less likely to be appropriate for a service business like restaurant or hotel. Though consumers are segmented based on their preferences, they all visit the restaurant and they are served or food or other products are delivered to them when they are in restaurant, which is very different from all other industries. Answer to Question 2 The food products and dining services that Pizza Restaurant aims to provide to its customers, who are rich hippies from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will be able to provide excellent quality of taste and a mere satisfaction for their needs and will be branded as a very unique in the market. Answer to Question 3 Customer relationship management is a marketing strategy that places consumer as the central for all of a business’s marketing operation, in order to retain the consumers and gain long-term profitability. A better relation with consumers helps the business retain them for relatively longer time, make them loyal customers and convert them in to increased long-term profitability. It also helps position the brand well and create brand equity in consumers’ mind. Customer Relationship Management will form to be a tool for Pizza Restaurant to be an interactive process for achieving an optimum balance between Restaurant’s investments and customer satisfaction in order to generate maximum profitability (Shaw and Reed, 1999, p. 4). References Reid, R. D and Bojanic, D. C, (2009), Hospitality Marketing Management, Fifth edition, John Wiley and Sons Sandhusen, R. L, (2008), Marketing, Fourth revised and illustrated edition, Barron’s Educational Series, Shaw, R and Reed, D (1999), Measuring and Valuing Customer Relationships: How to Develop the Measures That Drive Profitable Crm Strategies, Business Intelligence, Illustrated edition, Robert Shaw

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