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Running head: MCA DENVER MCA Denver March 18, MCA Denver The spectacular look of the MCA Denver building catches the attraction of the visitors admiring the masterpieces of artwork that adorn the spacious galleries of the MCA Denver museum of contemporary art. The museum has become the center of attraction due to the vast collections of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and preserved carcasses housed in the energy-efficient and environmental-friendly building known to foster the spirit of sustainability (“ About,” par. 3). The MCA Denver museum organizes exhibitions and events to showcase the creative endeavors of artists and to radiate the message of creativity in artwork. Several exhibitions were hosted in the MCA Denver museum in the recent past, and this article summarizes the contents of three images that induced admiration among the audience. Image 1 – Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain “ Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain” is the masterpiece creation of famous artist, Damien Hirst, who is known for preserving the formaldehyde dipped carcasses of animals in glass vitrines (“ Damien Hirst,” par. 1). Can any artist ever think of applying artistic imagination to preserved carcasses? Artists portray subtle emotions on canvas, in photography, or in sculptures. Damien Hirst’s depiction of helplessness and intense pain of a bullock can be seen in “ Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain.” The carcass of a bullock, targeted by pointed arrows and crossbow bolts, was preserved in a glass vitrine measuring 126. 75 inches x 61. 25 inches x 61. 25 inches (“ Damien Hirst,” par. 4). The artist has tried to show the helplessness of the poor creature, chained and attacked with arrows. The half-covered and half-open eyes of the creature also signify that the people remain mere spectators during the life and death cycle. Mortal creatures have to surrender before death that is waiting to chain and target the creatures mercilessly. The bodies of creatures may be preserved by using chemicals, but the lives within the bodies cannot be preserved forever. Image 2 – Tattoo Seas Shark The image “ Tattoo Seas Shark” was created by the artist, Don Ed Hardy while working at the Shark’s Ink studio (“ Shark’s Ink,” par. 5). The colorful image glorifies the power of shark, which is shown as a mammoth creature in black and red colors against a light blue background having small-scale drawings of other animals, such as snake, squirrel, bird, parrot, and eagle. The black color evokes fear; the red color intensifies anxiety; the wide eyes of shark cause shivering, and the sharp teeth freeze the thinking capacity of a human. The crafty combination of artwork and printing makes the image “ Tattoo Seas Shark” striking, innovative, and exotic (“ Shark’s Ink,” par. 1). Image 3 – Death at Sunset “ Death at Sunset” is the title of the image in which the photographer, Trevor Appleson has depicted a dead pig lying on a desolated piece of land and with its hind legs tied with a rope (“ Trevor Appleson,” par. 3). Perhaps the shrieks of the poor creature went unnoticed as it cried in vain. Humanity has become ruthless because it enjoys hunting and likes to hear the shrieks of the dying creature. Like a coward human, the hunter had attacked the pig from behind and tied its hind legs. What an easy way to show cowardice and ruthlessness! The artist had used a black screen in the backdrop of natural sunlight during sunset (“ Trevor Appleson,” par. 1). The image also shows that the weak and naive creatures are vulnerable to deception and calamity. The artist has ingeniously used sunset, which signifies the end of the day, for highlighting the end of the life cycle of the poor creature. Works Cited “ About.” MCA Denver. 18 March 2011. “ Damien Hirst.” MCA Denver. 18 March 2011. “ Shark’s Ink.” MCA Denver. 18 March 2011. “ Trevor Appleson.” MCA Denver. 18 March 2011.

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