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February 17, of the CEO CEO of the Company To CEO of the Company, Promotion of Margaret Adams and Beth Taylor This letter is to address the promotion of Margaret Adams and Beth Taylor. As a Human Resource Director, I wish to discuss my decision to neither promote the above administrative staff. This is for the reason that though they may have proven their ability to deliver on the demands of their jobs, I am rather concerned of their willingness to take on more responsibility which is inevitably a part of being promoted. Ms. Adams is hindered to offer her services above the time that is required of her because of her health concerns while Ms. Taylor wishes to prioritize her family first. Though both clearly have reasonable motives, they are not the people we are looking for who would be fit for the job, looking at it in a long-term point of view.
I understand that the company would be exerting effort in looking for someone equipped for the position and the training they would have to be exposed to, to get a clear understanding of how our company operates. However, I see bigger risks and costs for the company to absorb employees that are not willing to adapt to the demands of the company, whenever the need for it arises since this could mean lowered performance, weakening of the company’s equity, and lost sales/clients. I hope you consider my decision based on the arguments above which is mainly an initiative to safe keep our company’s reputation and identity.
Mark Taylor
Human Resource
Department Head
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