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Management In the modern age, ethical behavior is a priority in any organization. Upholding ethics in business has proven to be beneficial to the growth and survival of a business structure. In contrast, unethical decisions made in an organization have contributed to the collapse of a vast number of companies. Learning institutions have also integrated ethics as a mandatory course subject to emphasize on its importance in today’s society. A major ethical concern that has been devouring organizations all over the world is favoritism. Many at times managers have either consciously or unconsciously recruited human resource with preference of background (Banaji, Mahzarin, Max, and Dolly 1).
It is true to say that recruiters at the annual career fair of the Miami University of Oxford have been demonstrating biasness in acquiring of personnel for their organizations. In this case, the bias hiring of employees is an unconscious unethical behavior on their part. It is bias in nature to only hire Miami graduates into their company because graduates from different institutions are not considered as potential candidates for roles in the represented organizations. The decision is considered unconscious because the recruiter who is an Alumnus of the University may be fixed to the notion that the institution produces highly qualified individuals or the reason the organization placed them, as a recruiter at the University was to fetch another graduate. The two decisions made by the recruiter are based on the background of the candidate that is affiliation to the learning institution and credit claim.
Favoritism is a term used to refer to granting a favor to someone because of background similarity. In doing so, one eliminates those from different backgrounds (Banaji, Mahzarin, Max, and Dolly 5). The unethical behavior affects the performance of an organization in the long term. People belonging to the same background do not necessarily mean they possess the same talents that an organization requires. Unwanted talents or lack of the necessary talents in an organization is a liability. Investing resources in individuals who contribute to the organization minimally in terms of earning revenue is a financial loss to a business. Expenditure that exceeds revenue is an indication of business failure. For this reason, the recruitment strategy that the organizations apply in acquiring personnel in reference to the annual Career Fair of Miami University is a fail on the part of managers for it affects an organization’s performance negatively.
Claiming Credit is a practice that every human being in the world has taken part in at one time or the other, claiming credit for work done or an accomplishment. Over claiming credit is the vice considered as biasness (Banaji, Mahzarin, Max, and Dolly 6). Recruiters considering talents of Miami graduates above average from their counterparts hailing from different institutions is an unethical business practice because it brews decreased collaborations with employees from different academic backgrounds at the work place. Lack of collaboration in an organization is unfavorable to the overall output of the business translating to below average returns (Banaji, Mahzarin, Max, and Dolly 7). As a result, an organization collapses in terms of financial power and human resource when the talents from different backgrounds resign. From the stated reasons, it is safe to conclude that biasness is practiced by the recruiters and is against business ethics regardless of it being conscious or unconscious. In light of being unethical unconsciously, it is possible to the counteract pull that emanates the unintended unethical behavior.
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