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Roles and Responsibilities of Group Works Organizational behaviour is the study of how people think, feel and act within an organization and also how they are affected by the activities of the organization (Dailey et. all 2). Success in achieving an effective organizational behavior strategy means a success to an organization’s endeavors. Coordinating individuals as well as groups group of people to achieve the common set objectives makes sure that tasks are achieved with utmost convenience. This paper will highlight the major roles of groups, especially at the management level, in organizational problem solving.
A strong management team in an organization is substantially important in achieving the goals of the organization. Therefore an organization that has such a management gains a competitive advantage in the market. An organization whose specialized teams help in the achievement of the vision afore set vision, is considered to be successful. For instance, a marketing team that successfully keeps an organizations brand selling and even improving over time is a good example of the importance of group work.
Mahmohan reports that in order to motivate employees it is necessary to develop and maintain a certain style of management which is appropriate to a good work environment (17). This is majorly the responsibility of a management group obliged with the duty of ensuring a motivating working environment for workers. One way of doing this is by setting specialties to be performed within the organization by teams who specialize in the corresponding fields.
According to Drummond & Helga, creating effective teams and groups that are workable is a key contributor to an organizations well-being (32). For instance, a successful entrepreneur, Michael Kors has a senior management team which has an average of 25 years of experience in the retail industry and an average of eight years with him.
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