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Response The Facebook pages on Sedona are clear with strong features such as their outlook. A visitor of these pages easily notices that the clarity of the images. Secondly, the images are designed in a way to attract natural appeal and invoke the good sense of people into believing in visiting those sites. Also, as a social media users, it is a good feature that the Sedona pages have many users which easily attracts other visitors on the premise that it is a good website. On the other hand, they could use more realistic images of real people enjoying themselves other than having perfect actors of people. Thus, I would suggest they used real people with real instances or situations.
2. The site www.lie-nielsen.com shares its social capital by linking mw with a variety of other social media and network users all over the world. The several links tend to connect me to other people of similar interest as me. On my art, I also share my social capital by giving the site an avenue and linkage to their other users. In principle, it is a principal of reciprocity and mutual benefit in terms of social capital.
3. British Broadcasting Corporation has a restrictive social media policy since it limits the bare freedoms of how their employees could use the social media platforms and services. I find it a positive thing because the employees or staff of BBC are the agents and ambassadors of the company. It would be a disaster for instance for staff to offer contradictory stances and positions to that of the corporation and send wrong signals to the public.
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