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Topic: MIS CASE STUDY What is the relationship between physical infrastructures and services as described in the case study?
The relationship between physical infrastructure and service as describe in the case exist in the senses that, the provision of fasted wireless networks services by the Sprint company depend substantially on the physical infrastructure. Whereby, the company must install its network connection equipments and towers on a physical infrastructure that is strategically located on higher topography such as tall buildings. This may help to enhance the process of service delivery to the customers because physical infrastructures that are situated on higher regions may enable Sprint company to send network signals at a higher speed as compared to those physical infrastructures located on lower regions. This may help to enhance the efficiency of service delivery (German, 2010).
2. What is the relationship between regulatory considerations and wireless services?
The relationship between regulatory consideration and wireless services arises from the fact that Sprint Company must install towers and equipments. The installed towers and signal may help the company to send wireless signals to its customers located in different locations. This will further enable the company to realize its strategies of providing the fasted and the most efficient wireless network as compared to its competitors in the telecommunication industry. This means that for this to happen Sprint company must take into consideration the regulations placed by the state and local government when installing towers and equipments that will facilitate effective and efficient supply of a higher bandwidth wireless network. For instance prior installing walls and equipment on the identified location, Sprint must obtain the approval of the local government, property owners to mention just but a few. In addition, the company must observe numerous bureaucracies that had been put forth by California commission regarding the sites situated near the Oceans (German, 2010).
3. In placement of infrastructure how does the interest of individual as a customer conflict with the interests of the same individual as a homeowner?
The interest of individual as customer conflict with that of homeowners in the sense that individual customers want a 4th generation Cellular services while home owners are against the installation of towers inside their building as they fear the higher frequencies may be detrimental to their property. Further, the homeowners value aesthetic more than the placement of new infrastructures for wireless connection Sprint Company. This has made it quite difficult for Sprint Company to implement its goals/objectives of providing a higher bandwidth wireless network connection to its customers and hence decrementing its profit maximization. However, despite the above a conflict of interest between individual customers and homeowners, Sprint Company has devised its manoeuvring plans by masking the appearance of their equipments and hiding others in churches.
4. What other considerations must Sprint consider as it puts its infrastructure in place?
A part from legal consideration, Sprint Company must take into consideration, the cost and benefits to be derived by putting its infrastructure in place. This means that the company should weigh the benefits and cost to determine whether there will be more benefits to be derived as compared to the installation cost. In addition, the company must take into consideration obtained whether installing the new infrastructure will help it to have a competitive advantage over its competitors in the telecommunication industry. Further, the company should take into consideration the security of the network as well as the rage of network coverage. The higher the network rages the more the users and revenues that the company may obtain (Doherty, Jim, Neil and Nathan, p.43).
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