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R. Preeti 26/12/2007 MISSION MENT Mission ment MedCare is a health care unit dedicated to serve the society and create awareness about incurable diseases like Cancer. Our institution primarily focuses on providing treatment for cancer at a cost that is lesser than the general cost of medication for the disease. This is being done with the sole motive of service and human welfare.
Goal 1
The primary goal of MedCare is to increase awareness about cancer and to create a perception of looking at life, beyond the disease, while also providing quality treatment for the disease at a low cost.
Process/Administration: The daily working of the institution consists of a non-conventional setting, wherein patients are not only made to undergo treatment, but are also provided with opportunities to grow spiritually. The treatment provided is on par with global standards, as numerous big names of the world of medicine have a tie up with us, in providing low-cost services.
Learning : Patients are firstly provided with the complete picture of the disease and their health condition. We believe in taking the patient into confidence and in helping them, by letting them help themselves as well. During this phase, we also provide them with opportunities to strengthen themselves and face with situations with positivism and optimism.
Action / Behavioural: In order to bring about an optimistic outlook and increase confidence levels, patients are provided with yoga training, are made to attend interactive seminars and are also presented with opportunities that entertain them, while still educating them and imparting them the resilient spirit required.
Program: Ultimately, the objective fo the institution is to increase the quality of life and accentuate what the Lord has bestowed upon mankind, through charity and noble deeds.
Goal 2
The other goal envisaged by the institution is to provide the medical industry with improvised standards of working. To support this goal, we have an adjoining research section, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities that help come up with innovation and better quality of medical service.
Process/Administration: The laboratories are open to research scholars and the big names of the industry, who help come up with better mode of treatment for the patients. The infrastructural facilities are on par with the bets in the industry.
Learning: This research unit ahs been opened to collaborate with the charitable cause of providing high quality treatment to better human life that ahs been plagued with diseases. Therefore, the resources and opportunities for research are quite high.
Action / Behavioural: This is a great opportunity for researchers to provide their expertise for a noble cause, while also making the most of the opportunities given to them to increase their standards.
Program: The research wing is an attempt to collaborate service to humanity, with the vision to better industry standards with every contribution that we can make!

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