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My experience with religion

Rachael Clarke Religion and Spirituality My first encounter with religion and spirituality was when I was a young child. The religion that I was affiliated to was Christianity, but my denomination was Baptist. Because I was still young, I really didn’t know much the religion that I practiced. However, there were some key elements about the religion that I was aware of. For example, the pastor of my church often spoke about the need to be righteous unto the Lord. He spoke consistently about how we should walk with purpose the pathway that GOD has chosen for us. Did I really understand what he meant then? I would have to say no unfortunately. I did attend Sunday School but many of things that the pastor spoke about were not covered. I suppose that I was clueless about my own religion until my mother purchased a Volume of Children’s Biblical stories. These books gave me a better understanding and perspective of the religion I was practicing. At first I really did not enjoy going to church, but when I joined the youth choir and started attending Vacation Bible School, church visits suddenly had a purpose.
As an adult, I continued to attend church regularly. However, I decided to change churches because my childhood church was nothing more than a fashion show. The new church that I began attending was not as big as my previous church. Also, the pastor and the congregation were very accepting of me and did not care what I wore so much. I attended this church for about six years, but I became very disgusted with the sinful acts that people in the church were engaged in. At that point, I decided to leave the church and find my way. I was told as a child that people that attended church were Christian and lived strictly by God’s way. However, I realized that many members in the church were committing great sins. These were terrible sinful acts, such as sleeping with other members’ husbands or wives, going to the bar after church, frequently using profanities, etc. Due to witnessing these actions, I lost my faith and decided to leave the church for good.
After years of not attending church, I realized that going to church gave me a purpose in life. I now understand that I should have never left God’s Kingdom. I now realize that I have no control over the wrong doings of others. If I continue to live right by God, then that’s all that matters.
I was very happy when I learned that Empire State College would offer a course on Religion and Spirituality. I hope that this class will give me better outlook on the various religions practiced in our society. Hopefully, this class will guide me towards a a denomination that I feel comfortable with. Religion is a very important aspect of life because it serves as theIt is an underlying foundation in the success of every woman and man.

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