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My favorite class – homework

All semester my students have been writing paragraphs for me. They have learned how to write topic sentences and supporting sentences and also concluding sentences. They have worked very hard. Now it is my turn to write a paragraph. Hopefully I’ll be able to write an interesting topic sentence that will catch the attention of my students. So, what should my paragraph be about? MRS. D’S FAVORITE CLASS. My reading/writing class for the fall semester at the community college in 2008 was an excellent class.

How were they excellent? Well, first they always did their homework. Most of them had jobs to do during the day but they still found time to do their homework. They wrote in their journals and wrote a lot of paragraphs and then they rewrote the paragraphs. They were also excellent in another way. They really got along well with one another as a class. Some of them were very outgoing and some of them were quite shy but they respected each other and learned a lot about each other’s countries as a result.

Finally, they were an excellent class because they always made theteacherlaugh. Even though they had worked hard all day, they came to class in a happy mood. If they were tired, they never acted grumpy about it or if they didn’t feel well, they just kept right on working. So, you can see that this really was an excellent class and I hope that they will all do well in the future. So, did Mrs. D. write a good paragraph? What was the topic sentence? Did all the sentences support the topic or were there some irrelevant sentences?

And how about the concluding sentence? Did she repeat some words from the topic sentence? Was it a good conclusion? Notice that she didn’t indent the first word in the paragraph. The reason is that this is a typed paragraph and the paragraphs are separated by a space instead of making an indentation. Well, I don’t think that it’s the greatest paragraph in the world but it expresses how I feel about this class. I hope you all have a nice vacation and best wishes for your continued success in the coming year – 2009!! Sincerely, Mrs D.

Thanks for your opinion!
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