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The role of the customers and patrons are also to create revenue for the all-inclusive resort itself increasing profits along with giving ideas to improve the experience at Baderman Island Resort. Baderman Island Resort knows that their internal and external stakeholders; their employees and their guests, are the most valuable people for keeping their business a success. Organizational efforts reduce the impact of job related stressors generally would be very helpful for Baderman Island Resort employees. Since this is a resort destination, the company could offer family friendly benefits by offering a weekend where the employees and their families are invited to enjoy the island and its amenities together at no cost. The type of organizational structure employed by the business, as well as identify the key positions that support its organizational structure are the primary reasons for the organizational existence that analyze the organizational structure. Organizational structure is used as a foundation to ensure each department as well as employee knows the proper direction to take. An individual and teamwork with an organization as such as Baderman Island Resort will help build what is known as their organizational structure. The organizational structure can also identify the position that Baderman Island Resort has and also it can define the individual job role. Structure is an important role in achieving organization, for it breaks doe the relationship between the employer and the employee and open the communication channel. Baderman Island Resort is managed by the Boardman Management Group it is an all-inclusive self-contained resort. This resort offer many different things and all 3 hotels are located on the island that possess a functional leadership structure that includes all employees. The Boardman Management Group understood, and they knew how to run a company and run it successful by implementation and organizational structure that is based on size that is best suited by the use of traditional organization one encompassing a functional level. An organization can be structured in different ways, depending on their objectives. The structure of an organization will determine the modes in which it operates and performs. Organizational structure allows the expressed allocation of responsibilities for different functions and processes to different entities to that particular department.

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