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My wood anaylsis essay

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Forster is eccentrically delighted and crestfallen by his new purchased, “ wood. ” Forster interprets his new purchased “ wood” is an indignity upon his principles. Forester is slightly contented with his “ wood” because it’s the first piece of private estate he ever possessed.

The writer believes that the freshly purchased “ wood” is a burden upon him and brings him shame. Forester is trying to analyze and explain the physiological effects of property on one’s self. Forester believes that owning land or anything of material wealth puts a burden or heavy weight upon one’s back. Forester deems that owning land has an unscrupulous influence upon one’s mentality. This can be interpreted as; if a man acquires monetary acquisition the man will go up the caste system, breeding a sense of arrogance upon those who are below him. Another way it can be interpreted is that it causes physiological mentality of never ending crave for more. The writer alludes to Tolstoy’s, “ How much land does a man need,” in a gist that the main character always craved for more land and fell for the temptations of the devil, which ultimately led to his downfall.

Forester correspondingly alludes to the scriptural verse, Matthew 19: 24 “ It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. ” Forester describes to the reader in a sense that a camel can get into the eye of a needle, while a rich man who may have by no means spent his wealth in all the correct ways will never enter heaven. Wealth in Forester’s definition causes weight upon one’s back. Forester states that the rich man will never go to heaven because he accumulated wealth and didn’t expend it properly. Forester explains that if you possess an abundance of possessions it makes it harder for mobility. This can be dissected in two different aspects; one aspect is a literal aspect, if one owns many things on one’s property it makes it harder to properly maneuver.

Another viewpoint is of a figurative aspect where if one owns capitol and property than he or she is greatly restricted by maintaining them properly. Forester alludes to the river of Jordan, where John the Baptist baptized sinners in the river. This can be linked in the sense that land owners are sinners and require baptism or any sort of religious repentance. Basically what forester tries to declare in his essay “ My Wood” is that owning acreage or estate has a physiological or physical effect upon one’s self. In the scripture of Mathew it is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven, which greatly stresses on the point of wealth as burden to the next life. Wealth also has its physical and mental limitations upon one’s self.

In Tolstoy’s story of the man who craved for more land, which in due course led to his demise.

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