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Nature of management

report: Nature of Management? report Nature of Management: Human needs are largely satisfied through economic activities of organized groups and associations. In their own interest, people should join together and accomplish common goals through cooperation. However, to be more effective in this pursuit, it is essential that group efforts should be properly organized, directed, and coordinated. In other words, there is a need for management.

Therefore, management is as old as civilization or organized life. The systematic study of management, however, has evolved only in the last six or seven decades. Management is the creation and control of technological and human environment of an organization in which human skill and capacities of individuals and groups find full scope for their effective use in order to accomplish the objectives for which an enterprise has been set up. It is involved in the relationships of the individual, group, the organization and the environment.-Prof.

A. Dasgupta (1969)The literature on management has grown at an unprecedented rate in recent times, particularly after World War II. This in turn has greatly helped in improving research, teaching, and practice of management as a branch of study. But such a growth has also given rise to differences of opinion and approach.

So we have the operational school of management thought, the mathematical school, the human behaviour school, the systems school, and the decision-theory school. These divergent views relating to management have made the task of defining management extremely difficult. Operation?­ally, management may be defined as a dynamic process concerned with getting things done through and with the efforts of others by harnessing hu?­man and other resources of the institution” business or otherwise” and creating an environment favourable to performance by people for the accomplishment of desired objectives with minimum of unsought consequences.

Today, the efficiency of management distinguishes one organization from the other, as it adds to competitive strength. Different authorities have defined management differently. But irrespective of the differences in approach and environment, the management process is essentially the same in all orga?­nized activities and at all levels in an organization.();,?() report? report -X ()

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