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Regulators Ready Money-Fund Rul Regulators Ready Money-Fund Rules is the article about the expected reforms which will protect funds of investor in times of stress. New rules will forbid withdrawing money in times of stress or requiring a compensation for withdrawing them from funds. The article covers different point of view in regard to implementation of new policies.
These regulations will become a relevant tool in crisis situations. They will prevent people from panic related to financial crisis. They will make funds more stable and regulate relationships between funds and investors. Overall, it is a necessary step to regulation of economic critical situations in financial sector.
Bank of America Again Requests 5-Cent Dividend
The article Bank of America Again Requests 5-Cent Dividend discovers several attempts of Bank of America to increase dividends from one cent to five cents a share. The increase was proposed and rejected in 2011. This march the Fed approved the increase; however, the change was stopped because of miscalculations in documents. Now it is a time for the next attempt.
Bank of America will get much money from the increase in dividends. However, it was fair that the Fed banned the change due to mistakes in docs. Overall, if the organization wants to get benefit, it has to work hard to make sure that their activities are legally correct. Otherwise, they will spoil their reputation.
Capital-Raising in India Is Poised to Rise
The article Capital-Raising in India Is Poised to Rise make optimistic prognoses concerning the future of economy in India. After the arrival of new government, the country experience boost in investing and development. The only concern related to paperwork; organizations need to develop and formulate their fundraising plans for future.
Economy in India will be actively developing in the nearest time. The article shows that it becomes more stable in hard industries as well as financial sector. Stability will attract more investors who will join people willing to invest in India. This country has great reaources and potential for long-term cooperation.
Big Commodity Traders Gain Clout
The article Big Commodity Traders Gain Clout dwells on success of four commodity traders which include Vitol, Glencore PLC, Cargill Inc. and Trafigura. These companies boost their profit and become as successful as Apple or Chevron. Their success becomes even more outstanding because they actively buy assets in hard industries. These companies are engaged in trade of raw materials which make them stable and profitable.
Titles of the companies mentioned in the article cannot be compared to Apple in their popularity; however, they become extremely stable and well-known world-wide businesses. Their success is predetermined by things they sell. In time of crisis, oil and gas companies are on the top of their success. The positions of these companies, however, might change die to political factors.
Buyers Beware of Any Family Dollar Buyout
The article Buyers Beware of Any Family Dollar Buyout describes a long-run competition between Walmart and Family Dollar Stores. After the recession, Walmart opened smaller convenience stores to win dollar stores. In response to that police, dollar stores cut their prices. Despite the change, Family dollar stores lost the competition. The CEO of the company plans to retire and more than 300 stores will be closed.
The idea of dollar stores was great at times of recession; people tried to save every penny, so they actively shopped at cheap stores. However, the crisis passed and people got back to their normal lives. In this case, failure of dollar stores is predetermined by economic development in the country.

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