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No cheating

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When taking an exam it shows how much you have or have not improved during a semester. When people have worked so hard to and studied so hard on an exam they should get the grade that they deserve . So when someone else has the same answers as the on who have been doing what they need to do to the one who lacks in their work red lights should be going off. When someone cheats off another that person should get disciplined. It would not be fair to keep those in school that cheat they would need to be expelled from college. Any student caughtcheatingon an exam or paper should be dismissed from the college.

In today’s generation some students want to get better grades without doing any work. Better grades could possibly mean better jobs and eventually moremoney. Student these days are cheating more than ever and that’s because getting a goodeducationis basically a matter of economic life or death. Even some students with straight A’s cheat because they do not have the time to do the work carefully. That’s right, some students are just plain lazy and rather than study and work hard, they find it easier to cheat. These types of students do not want to read the chapters required for a test or they do not feel like typing a ten-page paper.

Lazy students do not want to take the time to study and actually learn. They would rather sail through college on somebody else’s dime. Another reason students cheat is because of the pressure to succeed. Transitioning from high school to college is hard. The workload is overwhelming and more difficult, and some students often feel helpless and are afraid they will not do well. In college, the pressure to do well is even higher than in high school. It’s even harder for the nontraditional students to start back school when not being in school for so long to get it

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