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Nursing: a personal opinion

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Nursing: A Personal Opinion Nursing literally means the work of caringfor the sick or injured or infirm. This in my opinion is a noble profession of fulfilling the medical needs of a patient and providing the best care to him to make him forget his pain and agony. The science of Nursing in my opinion is typified by traditional knowledge of nursing content like anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology, together with developing a body of scientific knowledge in general. Fu-Jin Shih et. Al (2006) stated that ‘humanity as demonstrated by empathic and respectful attitudes’ is one of the core values of Nursing. Nursing also calls for advice being offered to the relatives and friends of the patients. Nursing is a science as it requires studying the medical practices and science, but it’s an art as well because working with different types of people requires an attitude of understanding the feelings and compassion. Profession of Nursing involves being well versed with the technical gadgets, bio-medical terms, clinical tests, test reports as well as psychology, since during the majority of the times, when doctors are not around, nobody from family or friend circle is nearby, a Nurse is supposed to be the bedside companion taking care of the person with all sincerity. The profession often requires long hours of working and heavy workloads while dealing with a range of people from all walks of life. Therefore in my opinion the profession of nursing requires;
Compassion for another’s suffering and love for the feelings of their patients
Very high ethical standards
Commitment to their profession
Good interpersonal communication ability
Critical cognitive process based thinking ability
Highest standards of integrity and honesty
Dealing with difficult and often unpleasant circumstances
Working in physically demanding and often stressful environment
Continuous aptitude for learning throughout one’s life.
Williams (2001) enlists the results of a survey pointing out that despite being a noble profession, Nursing ranks low in desirability as a profession because of the kind of labor involved in the job. But this very study also highlights the qualities of a Nurse which help in giving a new lease of life to the patient. The profession becomes all the more challenging while dealing with critical patients. The Nurse is supposed to listening to their stories, answer their questions, calm down their fears, and show them dignity and respect. This helps them in lessening their burden in some small way. Modern methods of science and management provide innovative ways of training for Nurses, encompassing all aspects of the profession. Sell (2002) points out towards the modern training systems in vogue now a days, which give an edge to the modern day Nurses. Modern means of communication like internet, mobile telephony, online medication coupled with modern diagnostic techniques provides much more accurate and detailed status about the health of the patient. Such information on the one hand provides better medication facilities, while on the other hand the Nurse is supposed to monitor a range of symptoms regularly. Accordingly care is provided or advice offered to patients, their relatives and their friends.
Today we are living in an era of consumerism and market driven forces. Providing health care too falls within an ambit of Service providing industry. This calls for being doubly conscious about the profession of Nursing. While the Nurse is supposed to keep in touch with the rights and privileges of a patient as a consumer, she is supposed to be good at transpersonal healing, a potential outcome of a caring moment between the nurse and the patient.
Therefore I believe that in a nutshell the profession of Nursing can be defined as a routine, responsive, and yet rewarding experience. The rewards come in the form of loads of good wishes and the satisfaction to one’s soul after helping out the needy persons.
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