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A Literature Review on Learning Assessment Design for Chronic Disease Introduction The selection of different assessment tools is essential part of determining the learning process of students with regards to the study of chronic diseases. Assessment tools do not only evaluate the learning capabilities of the students but allows the teachers to evaluate the success of their teaching methods.
One of the best assessment techniques is the portfolio assessment since this specific tool is designed to evaluate and promote deep learning. For the purpose of this study, the researcher will conduct a literature review on portfolio assessment tool. In the process, the researcher will examine the impact of portfolio assessment as a strategy used in promoting the students’ learning.
Impact of Learning Assessment on Students’ Learning
The selection and use of assessment tools can significantly affect the quality of students’ learning. (Biggs, 1999) In order to achieve the best learning evaluation results, teachers should use the selected assessment tools in measuring only the previous learned context.
Several studies show that different approach to learning is achieved with the use of different assessment tools format. (Scouller, 1998; Tang, 1994) For this reason, the utlitization of assessment portfolios is considered as a very powerful learning tool considering the fact that it can be used in enabling as well as motivating the students to experience a deeper approach to learning. (Scouller, 1998: 136)
Portfolio Assessment
According to Biggs and Tang (1998), portfolio assessment which is rooted from a
constructivist theory of knowledge is defined as “ the act of purposely collecting and selecting the students’ work as a strategic way of documenting the students’ learning process and achievements.” The essence behind the use of portfolio assessment is not achieved from a direct teacher-to-student teaching process but is created by the students themselves as they go through their own learning activities. (Biggs & Tang, 1998)
Basically, there are three main processes when using the portfolio assessment technique: (1) there is a need to carefully choose the criteria to be used in assessing the learning of the students; (2) the selection of evidence that is relevant in judging the criteria; and (3) judgment used in determining the extent wherein the criteria is met. (Biggs, 1999: 157) Although teachers could set the assessment criteria such as the course objectives and other necessary guidelines, each student will have an idea with regards to the required evidence of learning that will be used in portfolio assessment. For instance, the topic for the day is about the management of chronic pain associated with cancer. Therefore, the students may be asked to submit essays that contains everything they have learned on the said topic as part of his/her work portfolio. (See Appendix I – Learning Design on page 4)
The use of portfolio assessment is considered as a very powerful learning tool since it promotes a deeper approach to learning among the students. Students are not only required to exhibit the depth of his/her learning in each given topic. It also enables them to practice their own abilities with the use of rational thinking.
Appendix I – Learning Design
Teaching/Learning Process
Teacher will design the assessment criteria to be given to each student after teaching them the basics on proper management of chronic pain related to cancer. Assessment criteria can be in a form of essay that contains the ff:
1. Possible cause of chronic pain associated with cancer. Provide a physiological explanation.
2. Proper management of chronic pain in terms of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches.
3. Suggestions and recommendation prior to conclusion.
4. Follow the basic guidelines in writing an essay such as introduction followed by the main body and conclusion.
Teacher applies a conventional teaching with regards to the basic information on management of chronic pain associated with cancer.
Provides a copy of assessment criteria to each student which will be submitted back the following day.
Students are required to submit their assignment for checking.
Teacher will provide each student with feedback and clue on how to improve their learning.
Request the students to do the corrections and return it back the following day.
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