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For this internal assessment, I choose a location downtown Toronto, I decided on Second Cup on 340 College Street Toronto, in front of one in many ways to the Kensington Market. On Saturday afternoon around 4: 35, I walked into the coffee shop and began my observation. My eyes were immediately fixed on how small but cozy the cafe© was. Chairs and tables were only placed along the walls for the customer who stays to relax or do work, for the cafe© do offer free Wi-If.

The cafe© had dim lights but was bright due to the window front, background music was modern smooth pop, which created a clam atmosphere. When I walked up to ordered, I instantly took noticed that there were two server behind the counter. One Asian female of around early ass and one Caucasian male of about the same age, both were dressed in working clothes. After taking my order, I took a seat at a small squared table placed against to the serving counter. I continued to observe the two servers.

It was cleared that the two server formed a yester, which the female server would take the order and the male server makes the drinks and whenever a customer would order some kind of pastry or muffin, the female server would get that. Both servers seemed friendly but it was cleared that the male server was in charge because he kept telling the female server what to do – this indicate that she could also be new. At 4: 52, an ‘phone rang and I took noticed that it was the man sitting in the coiner with paper spread all over the table and a dell laptop in front of him.

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