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1. Discuss what is meant by the term ‘talent management. (Burbach&Royle 2010).

According to Burbach and Royle the term talent management can be used to define diverse thoughts depending on the function of the human resource manager. One key definition of talent management is the ability of the human resource manager to select and recruit new employees who are talented from a large number of candidates. This is mostly common in an organization when a large number of candidates apply for the same position in an organization.

Another definition of the term talent management is the ability of thehuman resource manager to be in a position to develop the talent of the current workforce in an organization. Since the human resource manager is in control of the other employees, he is supposed to initiate the required talents into the employees. However this is only possible after the human resource manager has supervised and analyzed the working behavior of each employee. From my opinion, the first definition of the term talent management is more accurate in this case. This is for the key reason that recruiting of candidates into an organization is one of the key functions of the human resources into an organization.
2. “Theoretically, global HRIS does can play a key role in gathering and analyzing talent management information and can be used to underpin the talent management process (Burbach&Royle 2010, p.426). Discuss the issues relating to the use of HRIS’s in the global talent management system at Medevco. Include some discussion of the outcomes resulting from these difficulties/issues.

The progression of talent management system of Medevco is controlled by the Human resource council. For this reason, the global talent management system in Medevco is relatively difficult to implement through the HRIS. The key duty of the HRIS in Medevco is to collect and analyze the vital information from employees concerning their talent. Therefore, the process of talent management in the organization can be difficult especially if the entire process is biased.

The process is difficult basing on the fact that the decision of the Human Resource Council is final. The power in control in some incidents might be very tempting hence affecting the manner in which the talent in the employees is analyzed. This is very risky since it might lead to emplacement of unqualified profession hence causing the collapse of the organization. The outcome of the biasness in talent management is that other employees in the organization might be demoralized hence giving poor performance in roles and duties assigned.
3. What is the difference between designing an HRIS to ‘automate’ and designing it to ‘informate’? Why would you want to ‘informate’ rather than merely ‘automate’? (Tansley& Newell 2007)
The key difference between designing an HRIS to ‘automate’ and designing it to ‘informate’ is that to ‘automate’ HRIS is to ensure that the system is capable of feeding date into the system electronically, while the ‘informate’ inputs data through the HRIS. An IS that is designed to ‘informate’ is mainly used to generate documents such as reports through the HRIS. This is usually easier in the organization since the information is analyzed manually by the human resource manager. The automate system is more improvised than the ‘informate’ system however is very expensive to develop and even to maintain in the organization hence the ‘informate’ design is preferred.

4. Discuss the importance of top management support in implementing an enterprise system (Dong 2008).
The top management support refers to the initiative that is played by the higher rank management in an organization. The key function of the management in an organization is to analyze the work done by employees and supervise the performances. This is very vital in an organization since the entire process ensures that the employees are giving their best efforts in the work done. Without proper support of the employees by the top management, an organization can face difficulty in utilization of the resources.


Management and supervision in an organization is usually enhanced by the top management in an organization. For any project to be completed appropriately, the top management must develop a close association with the employees to ensure that the project is well accomplished. Top management is also vital in settling conflict in an organization. This is also vital to maintain the good relationship between the employees and the employers to ensure duties and roles assigned are performed to the expected levels.

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