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Optimists, warriors, and peaceful are they the same?

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What is the difference in religion? Absolutely nothing! Religion stems from the simple belief that something greater than us is at work on a greater plane of existence.

Is that so different that what you think? Three religions have similar history but they are far from the same yet they are similar. Don’t think that? We’ll read and see how someone that strictly follows the word of God, a woman who loves nature put up with Burning, and the Pure who thought that they should listen to no man’s words but Gods. Moving an ocean away from your Native Land is never easy but leaving the place of your birth because of is something else. When the Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower they did it out of fear of jail and execution. Why? If the Pilgrims had faith in the Almighty God like the Church of England then what did they have to fear? The Pilgrims are what you call Puritans and believed that any man made religious or sacred ‘ things’ should not be celebrated during the Church because God has not commanded it.

When Queen Elizabeth was in charge those view where tolerated but with King James in charge the persecutions came making the Mayflower crew flee for their lives. Where did they go? Sailing through the oceans is always trying for the soul especially when you do it out of fear. After a reprieve in Holland the Mayflower crew said to Plymouth Cape Cop. They hid in Holland and made their new land home so they practice their beliefs freely. They made peace with Native there until they were the Natives. To get respect you must give respect first.

That was what they did to be able to practice. Tolerated, persecuted, on the run, a reprieve, the journey to a new land and finally making a new home to be themselves with their belief in God is what the Puritans did on the Mayflower. Try to find another religion different yet the same in that respect. The licking of flame burns the skin off the screaming as their children flee with siblings and cousin to make sure even one lives through this Hell. The Jewish people are fascinating to religion and capture the essence of so many religions.

They say that they respect all religion as truth but their own form is the central religion no matter what ever changing form it takes. The Jewish people where here before the Christian and have many of the basic ideals of Confucianism yet they treat us with respect and all they ask is for respect in turn. What did we do in their darkest hour when their screams where so loud they howled in the wind? We forsake them to a manmade Hell! When we finally did help them thousands perished and many more lives were in tatters! What did they do now that their religion was slung on and their lives were in danger of genocide? Humans never listen to please unless a violin is playing in the back ground. Since the 19th century a Zionist movement has been sweeping the Jewish people. But it wasn’t until after the Holocaust that they actually put any half-baked plans in motion.

It toke negotiation and a Partition plan but land near major Arab nation. When the Jewish people finally announced independence and that their state was done and making progress the neighboring Arab nations unhappy that the Arab state was poorly negotiated declared. After decades of different wars it wasn’t until figuratively locking Egypt and the Israel Ministers together was there a peace treaty slowly by others. Yet some are still stubborn and prosecute the state and declare war. United with all, burned in Hell, many going underground, pleas answered, prosecution wars, and a shaky peace was what the Jewish people had to go through these recent years.

Even though they were burned the Jewish people fought for what was theirs until they got land to practice of their own free will. They are truly fighters and survivors. Dancing in fields one moment thanking the Mother Earth for the Harvest in plenty, when the castle guards, take a mother of three to the burning stake the next for the king; and with one fail swoop silence. In early modern time Pagan worshipers where executed for being devil worshippers and for witchcraft. Many late Pagans were the stepping stone for modern day Wiccan as many of the beliefs and ceremonies are still the same.

The belief that Pagans were Devil worshippers come for the fact that when the church was at the height of power and after the wars they needed a compromise. Deciding to use the pagan God of Wicca and Wilderness (the Horned God one of the two major deities) as the symbol of the early Devil, as he had sharp wooden antlers, fur from the waist up and hooves for feet, not knowing that the antlers were his connect to the earth as was his was protection and the hooves where the sign of the wilderness. Because of this when a Wiccan was seen they were connected to the early Devil and feared. To quell the fear and prevent mass hysteria the “ Burning Times” started and lasted for nearly two hundred years. Scatter a united front and you get easy pickings.

Millions died during the “ Burning Times”, were suspected Pagans were burned at the stake for being witches, as it was highly believed that the only way to kill witches was fire. This left little choice for Pagans to hide underground and practice in secret. As times changed and the “ Burning Times” were quickly forgotten the Pagans developed into modern Wiccans or witches to some people. They might have a different name but at the core they were the same people and still struggling for acceptance. Free, burned, hidden, evolved, and out of the open fighting is what the Wiccans/Pagans went through and are going through.

Sure they hid and evolved their practices but they did it to be free and wasn’t that what the others did except that they moved lands? Religion when you get down to it is the same no matter what. Every religion believes in a form of God or Gods as a greater power on a greater plane. But when you look at history you see that they are almost identical except for different variations. Why is that? Because we look at the different and scream when we should see that we all are different yet similar. The Pilgrim was an optimist people, the Jewish people are warriors, and the Wiccans/Pagans are peaceful but they are all the same. After all of these questions? What are you and your history? How is it the same from the people you say you have nothing in common with?

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