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Organisational structures and culture commerce essay

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Organizational construction is a model used by a company to split its procedures and activities needed to finish concern operations. Most companies use a chiseled construction that lists direction places, and who is responsible for undertakings and activities.


Chiefly organisational constructions include functional, geographic, merchandise and client. Functional aid in making a construction based on activity, geographic on location of concerns, merchandise is chiefly based on lines or points produced in groups and client unit is chiefly based on single, concern or consumers.

Organizational Culture

Organization civilization is the set of values, regulations, beliefs, attitudes and ordinances these factors can assist members of the organisation to cognize how we will Work. To whom we will describe? What we this? Why this is of import?

Culture is like a anchor for the organisation because it is the internal environment it play a cardinal function to success of the house

Types of Culture

Power Culture

Undertaking Culture

Role Culture


Tesco and Cadburys are the most prima and biggest names in Britain and have besides expanded in to other foreign markets, so we choose both of these houses to notice upon their civilization and construction.

Structure and civilization of Tesco: Today Tesco has two organizational constructions. One for the company as a whole, which includes the board of managers and the other one isA the construction used within each of their shops.

The shop construction that Tesco uses is really easy to understand with each degree of control shown clearly. By holding a simple storeA construction it allows employees to see easy who is in charge of eachA section or who their section director is.

Culture of Tesco: When Tesco started out the concern had a civilization of being a companyA of peep low-cost merchandises. In Tesco today the company is recognised by the slogan of ‘pileA it high and sell it cheep ‘ , but the company has introduced qualityA

into its merchandises by offering three different cardinal countries of products. A

The first country consists of really high quality merchandises such as organicA

and these merchandises are normally the most expensive. The in-between group ofA

merchandises are normally a aggregation of company brandedA

merchandises and covers a broad monetary value bracket. The 3rd group of productsA

are Tesco ‘s value scope, which consists of the cheapest merchandises.

Structure of Cadbury:

Like Tesco, Cadbury Schweppes besides have two different constructions. TheA

construction that they use for their board of managers has beenA

re-designed to “ clear up answerability and enable swifterA

diction-making. ” ( Quote taken from www. cadburyschweppes. com ) A

Looking at the improved administration construction it is clear to see whoA

is in charge of which sections within the concern

Culture: The civilization of Cadburys started out being paternalistic as the companyA

was devoted to doing its employees feel welcome and valued within theA

company. Cadburys relied on its staff really to a great extent as without a vastA

employee base the company would non be the large corporation it isA



Looking at Tesco it seems that they have hit a extremum in what they canA

do as they have achieved the position of going a ‘one halt store ‘ . TheA

down side to some of the electrical goods that Tesco offer is thatA

they are non of a trade name that some clients would normally associateA

with quality or dependability like Sony, JVC, Phillips and LG.

One down side for Cadburys is that it is difficult for a consumer to defineA

which merchandise is produced by which company and with such a largeA

pick in the market topographic point it is difficult for a consumer to remain loyal toA

one trade name. To battle this Cadburys have started to hold their companyA

name on the forepart of the merchandise illustration Cadburys dairy milk withA

caramel etc.

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All persons are different and behave otherwise to people on different state of affairss.

There are many factors which influence the behavior of an person. But the most of import among them is personality and Percept

Personality plays an of import function in act uponing behavior at work and will be besides defined as the typical traits, believing and the feature of a individual. The two chief factors which affect personality are heredity and environment of an person.

Some types of personalities are:


Outgoing, energetic shy, withdrawn

Openness to see imaginative, funny cautious, conservative

Agreeableness friendly, compassionate competitory, vocal.

Neurosis it tells about the effectivity and emotional control in a organic structure. If the degree of neurosis is high in a organic structure so it shows nerviness, sensitiveness and instability where it is low degrees shows assurance emotional stableness and action.


In high degree its shows energetic or if it is in low degree may be described as rather, shyness and unsocial human being.

Agreeableness: It ‘s good to hold high amenity because it brings the kindness, friendly and team behavior.

Conscientiousness Individual with a high degree is original and effectual in the work topographic point. Their focal point is merely on their occupation while the individual with the low degree will be really slow and careless towards his occupation.

Every person has a different personality, and because the primary duty of any directors is to cover with people, it ‘s of import for directors to understand and hold on the different types of personality and the deductions of each type for the work topographic point suitably. With a clear apprehension of human nature and single differences, directors are in a strong place to be effectual leaders and take the administration in a right manner. In peculiar, cognition and apprehension of personality helps director in engaging employees, taking employees and pull offing you.


Leadership is the power of one person to steer the actions of another.

In concern administrations, A leadershipA stylesA by and large refer to assorted sorts of schemes used by directors, in order to bring forth the best consequences for the organisation. There are many differentA leadershipA stylesA that are used by the directors to take their employees. The most common among them are democratic leading, A individualistic leading, charismaticA leading, and task-orientedA leading.

The types ofA leadershipA stylesA used in a workplace normally depend on the personal pick of theA director or some clip depends on the undertaking or state of affairs in manus. Many experient directors have a preferredA leadershipA scheme that they applied into their work. Others may utilize a combination of different methods, by and large polishing their attack by the clip.

DemocraticA leading focuses on a group construct. In thisA leadershipA manner, the sentiments of staff members of the concern are heard, with the purpose of using the best scheme possible. The biggest advantages of the democratic manner are that it allows workers to experience a sense of autonomy. It besides can promote them to be originative.



The attainment of an organisational end in an effectual and efficient mode through planning, forming, taking and commanding organisational resources.

The function of direction

Fayal ‘s theory about direction

Fayal carried out research into how much directors really do their work. Then he reached at the point that they should work on the undermentioned points.






The manager`s function theory by Henry mintz berg He explains three chief types of managerial functions Interpersonal { front man, leader, affair } Informational { proctor, spokesmen, disssminator } Decisional functions { enterer, disturdence animal trainer, resource distributor negotiant } .



In this context of leading and motive Professor House ‘s way – end theory ( PG ) is the best theory which shows the impact of leading on motive. It chooses the best leader behavior for the state of affairs at manus. The PG theory assumes that leader ‘s chief occupation is to clear up the way from subsidiaries attempts and public presentation to the wagess that they value. The wages valued by subsidiaries are such things as publicities, wage additions, more ambitious work, clip off with wage more satisfied and more willing to exercise attempt and to follow orders. The PG theory can be called a transactional theory because the leader exerts influence and the subsidiaries respond with attempt and public presentation to obtain wagess.

Therefore, leaders must be flexible and analytical so that he chooses the right behavior to travel his subsidiaries along the sequence of attempt and public presentation to obtain wagess.

4. 2 Motivational Theory:

Motivational theories chiefly include the undermentioned theories:

Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands

Herzberg ‘s two factor theory of motive


Need degree

Description of the degree

Organizational illustration

Highest-level demands


The demand to make one ‘s fullest potency

An applied scientist uses all of his design accomplishments to make a new subcomponent


The demand to experience good about oneself and one ‘s abilities ; and to be respected by others and to have their blessing

Company promotes deservingA

directors and recognises employees with awards


The demand to see societal interaction, friendly relationship and love

Having and prolonging good dealingss with colleagues, supervisors, being a member of a cohesive work squad and being a portion of societal maps at work


Need for security, stableness and a safe work environment

Having good occupation benefits, safe working country and occupation security


Food, H2O, shelter and vesture to guarantee endurance

Guaranteed minimal wage degree that is sufficient to supply basic necessities

Lowest-level demands

Herzberg ‘s two-factor theory of motive

hypertext transfer protocol: //coursewebsites. ebsglobal. net/CourseContent/H17OB/textpages/images/obf0301. gif

This figureA shows that employee motive scope from: A

unmotivated-dissatisfaction ( bitterness ) ; to impersonal ( apathetic complacency ) ; to motivation/satisfaction with the occupation. The degree of experient occupation motivation/satisfaction depends on the handiness of hygiene ‘s and incentives shown on the right of the diagram. From the diagram it is evident that hygiene ‘s ( wage, position, equals, supervising, working conditions, and occupation benefits ) by themselves are deficient to prolong motive and satisfaction. The assorted incentives must besides be present to prolong the employee ‘s motive and satisfaction. In other words, hygiene ‘s are necessary but non sufficient to prolong high motive. The diagram besides shows that the absence of hygiene factors leads to occupation dissatisfaction, but when present, hygiene factors do non needfully supply occupation satisfaction. In contrast, the presence of incentives does take to occupation satisfaction if the hygiene ‘s are already in topographic point.

Comparing Maslow ‘s and Herzberg ‘s Models

The work ofA Maslow and Herzberg is different yet related. Herzberg is concerned with work and organizational beginnings of motive and satisfaction. Maslow focused on generalized homo demands which occur in life state of affairss, one of which is work. Maslow ‘s lower-order demands resemble hygiene factors because they provide the platform from which persons begin their hunt for personal growing. Care factors ( Maslow ‘s lower-order demands ) do non vouch this growing for employees on the occupation. Once they are met or satisfied, the person can prosecute higher-order demand satisfaction if it is warranted by his occupation ‘s design. Therefore, hygiene ‘s are necessary but non sufficient to guarantee employees ‘ personal growing through work. Herzberg ‘s theoretical account is a specific application of Maslow ‘s hierarchy to work. It answers some really practical inquiries about the factors which lead to high motivation/satisfaction and the factors that lead to low motivation/satisfaction. Herzberg ‘s theory entreaties to directors because it suggests ways for them to command motive and occupation satisfaction through the use of occupation design and wagess.


Motivation plays a critical function in accomplishing ends and administration ‘s aims and besides of import for companies that work in a team-based environment or in a workplace where determinations are in the manus of squad members. Making certain each employee ‘s workplace ends and values are every bit match with the organisation ‘s mission and vision is of import for keeping a high degree of motive. That can take to higher productiveness, improved work quality and fiscal addition across all sections in a concern administration.

By using theories of motive directors can:

Puts human resources into action

Improves degree of efficiency

Leads to accomplishment of organisational ends

Physiques friendly relationship

4. 1 Group:

Definition: A aggregation of persons, the members accept a common undertaking, go interdependent in their public presentation, and interact with one another to advance its achievement

The nature of groups:

Normative positions, depict how a group is to be organized and how its activities are to be carried out.

Group kineticss consists of a set of techniques.

A Stages of work group development

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If we have to speak about the groups in an administration or a concern, the best illustration we can see is the universe ‘s taking concatenation of eating house i. e. none other than McDonalds. McDonald ‘s owes is success to its squad functionality instead than the attempts of one person. McDonald ‘s does non hold really extremely incorporate teamwork, but they would be unable to present their merchandises and service without sufficient squad integrity and cooperation. The squad on the floor of a McDonald ‘s eating house is best described as a functional squad.

Factors lead to effectual teamwork


Workplace illustration


Interpersonal attractive force

a. Proximity

Clerks in a mailroom signifier an informal T. G. I. F. nine ( Thank God Its Friday ) .

B. Physical attractive force

Young applied scientists join an expensive wellness nine in the hope of run intoing attractive people of the opposite sex.

c. Attitude similarity

Students who believe the university should hold more intramural athleticss form a protest group.

d. Economic and societal similarity

Chief executive officers of Bankss are asked to sit on the boards of other Bankss.

e. Race and gender similarity

Female Indian applied scientists form a calling involvement group to discourse employment jobs experienced by minorities.

f. Perceived ability of others

Employees with athletic ability organise a corporate seafaring squad.


Activities of the group

Employees organise a darts nine to vie in a tourney.


Goals of the group

Employees organise a fund thrust to raise hard currency for AIDSA

3. The impact of engineering on squad operation in an organisation:

McDonald ‘s is a transnational corporation, which is perceived as many different things to different people. Some people see McDonald ‘s as a decent, fast and cheap repast. Others may see the company concatenation as a low quality eating house that employs uneducated and unskilled people. However, McDonald ‘s has a cheery corporate image that prides itself on quality and cleanliness, every bit good as good nutrient and good service. The company employs state-of-art engineering to assist its workers in their undertakings and makes the production procedure faster, go toing to the clients in a prompt mode. In footings of leading, McDonald ‘s makes a strong corporate attempt to develop leaders. There are growing chances within the corporation for those who are willing to work hard and develop their leading accomplishments. There is a great upward mobility for Macdonald ‘s employees. From what we observed in our field survey, the work civilization displayed in the McDonald ‘s shops is aligned with the house ‘s corporate values.


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