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Organizational leadership assignment

This can be developed over time so confidence can increase in certain areas as those skills become more prominent. Ability on the other hand is a trait that is natural. This can be hereditary or simply unique to that person. This could lead to a natural confidence in all areas and stands Out in a person’s beliefs. A person’s demographic factor also plays a large part on behavior. Our surrounding environment has a huge influence on our behavior. What is considered acceptable in one country could be considered heinous from someone from a different part of the world.

For example today in some of the stronger Arab nations you are less likely to see a woman in a leader position due to the customs. This is not to say that it is impossible, just less likely due to the surrounding environment. 2. How do Emotional Intelligence and general intelligence impact leadership? General intelligence is a very important factor in leadership. A person’s ability to assess a situation, plan a strategy, develop solutions, and come up with alternatives is key in leadership. It is rare that you can find a leader who lacks intelligence.

What helps compliment general intelligence is emotional intelligence. The ability to communicate well with others is a task not easily learned. Usually this comes natural to some leaders. A charismatic leader will have an easier time finding followers than one who only has general intelligence. This leader will also have a greater success rate of inspiring others to do their will. 3. In your opinion (or based on your experience), do certain characteristics and traits lead to a greater impact than others on a person’s leadership style? Explain yours answer. Live that a person’s emotional intelligence is the most important characteristic in having the best impact on others. The reason I suggest this is because a leaders ability to communicate and relate with someone is very important. I am less likely to listen or learn if the person lacks emotional intelligence. For example, this college program has shown this on several occasions. We have had several teachers since the beginning of this cohort. I do not doubt that every single teacher I have had is qualified ND educated to be able to teach a class.

However there were certain teachers who I feel lack the characteristics of an effective leader. This didn’t have to do with how they treated the class or how much work they assigned. In fact some of my favorite professors assigned the most work. But because of their natural ability to communicate they kept me engaged in the class. Was less likely to miss class or miss homework to avoid letting the professor down. This I feel is a characteristic that is crucial in a leader.

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