Bachelor's Degree Examples: Essays, Research Papers, Speeches

Papers collected: 2002

Physical activity and quality of life in subjects with chronic disease: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease compared with rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes mellitus

To decrease the burden of the illness, more study is needed to improve the interventions of chronic disorders. A study was done in Sweden to illustrate and evaluate the level of physical activity, health allied quality of life and psychological health in people.


In such a way, it is always necessary to place ethics and an ethical interpration of each and every situation as the primary good towards which all following decisions can and should be defined. In such a way, it is possible to increase the level of ethical awareness that can >>>

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Enlightenment Both Frederic II and Joseph II were great leaders who championed significant reforms during their period of leadership. Frederic II was a king in Prussia, which belonged to the Hohenzollern dynasty in the period between 1740 and 1786.

Isolation policy/world civilization

Japan and China in the past have always tend to separation on the basis of the geographical location, cultural and religious differences. However, because of the limited territorial resources in China and Japan, the designing, manufacturing and export of high technologies is highly developed.

Lesson observation

With reference to the listening and speaking, it is identified in the reading that lack of attentiveness may not raise any alarm that a word was incorrectly used or mispronounced. One of the methods is listening to a passage from the teacher and reading it aloud to self and other >>>

Personal statement example

I have now decided to follow my heart and complete my medical program from the University so that I can continue to serve the people who would benefit from my professional expertise. Throughout my career as a medical professional, I have been proactively involved in the well-being of my patients >>>

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Finding work that matters in the second half of life

The experience makes her view her future to be more comfortable and challenge free as she has learned to embrace and term any challenge as an adventure. After high school, she opted for marriage as the norm of her society in order to become a mother and a wife.

Business law – legal, ethical, global, and corporate environment

ABC can prove silent fraud since it can prove that, prior to the purchase, Zulu failed to disclose a material fact, Zulu had actual knowledge of the material fact and the failure by Zulu to disclose the material fact gave caused ABC Corporation to have a false impression and, therefore, >>>

Retail marketing. presentation (finance part)

Comparison between Whole Foods and Krogar Co SALES GROWTH It is quite evident that the performance of Whole Foods is better in terms of the sales growth. The growth in the total sales for Whole Foods increased from 1% in 2009 to 13.

Communication in economics

And in the case of county, residents will only pay fund if they are, loyal to, or satisfied with the performance of county administration. This act would increase the population or size of county and it would be very difficult for the county board to administrate such a large county >>>

Robert frost

College English Literature ic and Modern) 23 June Robert Frost Summary Robert Frost is the kind of poet that makes it difficult for his readers to decide a certain place for him or judge his poetry according to the time period it was written in.' Even though Robert Frost's career >>>

Swot 4

The Wal-Mart Company uses the cost leadership strategy to minimize the costs and expenses they incur in the production and operation processes. The cost leadership strategy allows a business unit to outsource raw materials that are cheap reducing the expenditure of the company.

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Enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy article review

The results of the study show that the majority of patients who completed treatment gained weight and maintained it after the treatment. The research focused on four main points presented by the percentage of people who were able to complete the outpatient treatment, the outcomes for those who completed it, >>>

Audit of licensing / secure and fair enforcement of mortgage licensing act

Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing Act Background The SAFE Act which is the Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 was executed to amass and enhance the flow of information between regulators, to provide an increase in accountability levels and improve tracking of residential mortgage >>>

In light of the discussions around british eu membership, discuss whether a british exit from the eu would be advantageous or disadvantageous from a business point of view

The economists also debate about the British national interest in staying within the EU analyzing the cost benefit of the membership over the years. Impact of the UK exit from EU to businessThere is a statement that UK exit from the EU will influence the every sphere of business, beginning >>>

Rosa parks

Rosa Parks' stance in the bus in 1955 served to unite the blacks and fight against the injustices of racial discrimination. The collective power of the black was reflected in the retraction of the segregation rules.

Aurora textile company

It was performed as a measure to minimize the manufacturing expenses and fit the textile company in the textile market that was becoming small. In order for Aurora Textile Company to survive in the competitive market, there is a need to modernize their operations and cut costs.

Mr. rogers: an example of prosocial behavior in the media

Although the show incorporated many elements to include music education, appreciation of art, cultural acceptance, identify formation, and a host of other topics, the main thrust of the show was that it allowed viewers to experience the decidedly prosocial behavior of Fred Rogers as he gave freely of his own >>>

The weathermen

The rage demonstrations of 6th October, 1969 gave way to the bombing of the statue in Chicago that commemorated police casualties of the 1886 Haymarket riot. The blacks and Hispanics were against their marginalization in the group and wanted to have a bigger voice in the way things were carried >>>

Solution development for heating, ventilation, & air conditioning replacement

The efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the electric energy consumptions of these air conditioners, are to be monitored. The project will use five air conditioners that will be left to operate for a period of five months after making the necessary adjustments.

Application for a permanent position

My training was an educative experience where I grew to be a more dependable and hardworking employee. Please reconsider my application base on what I was able to accomplish and what I will be able to put in as part of the dynamic team.


The rental income is an income that is subject to self employment taxes. Therefore, the rental income can only be subject to self-employment taxes if there is investment obtained.

Personal statement

Personal ment My interest in engineering s back to my childhood that developed with the curiosity and eagerness for building things, and discovers their mechanism, thus, Electrical Engineering is the theme of my interest and choice. To achieve my dreams, and to make them come true, I have a keen >>>

Short answers about introduction to political economy

Know and be able to explain the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto The abolition of private property and the application of all rent to public purpose is designed for zoning laws that allow the government to own property. Centralizing communication and transport allows the state to set regulations.


My 15 April 2007 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Global Economy The world is becoming a global economy because businesses are able to reach customers throughout the world. The advantages of a global economy include that a large number of countries are able to participate in this new economy, instead >>>

Bereavement across the life span

They become irritable and they become clingy. As a result, they become forgetful and irritable.1.

The stages of racial

Stages of Racial Conformity stage In this stage, the group will adopt the norms and values of the dominant culture or group. In this case, they develop a strong desire to be assimilated to the dominant culture and hence they have self-deprecating attitudes towards their racial group and, therefore, their >>>

Legal aspect of nursing

The physician should have done minor treatment to ensure that the severity of the patient is contained. The physician did not do a conclusive assessment on the patient to determine the urgency of the surgery.

Management information system

In order to implement security, the first category is the senior management that will create a security policy in the system, which will highlight possible threats and vulnerabilities of these communication channels. As per the scenario, the system will take input as an overall security policy from the senior management; >>>

Answer the 3 questions

The business and the owner are same according to law. Each and every shareholder in a business is responsible for the debts in the business up to the sum they have contributed should the company run up debts.

The cell

Glycogenesis is the process in which glucose is converted into glycogen. If both of these compounds are found in high amount than the process of the conversion of glucose into glycogen is mediated by insulin, which is stored in liver and muscles.

Analyzing effective leaders: why extraverts are not always successful bosses

The T-shirt challenge did not bring out extraverts as less effective but as more proactive and conscious of the leadership situation, despite this varied view, it is agreeable that although an extravert can make a great leader, as a boss he or she may be less successful in bringing people >>>

Attribution theory/heuristics

QUESTION ONE Attribution theory is a concept that allows people to make sense of their surrounding on the basis of what they consider is the cause of a phenomenon and its effect. In making an external attribution, the cause of the behavior is in relation to the task, people or >>>

Research review

Prejudice is not already prevalent in a society to give birth to discrimination. Rather, it is the pathological discrepancy between democratic ideals and discriminatory treatment of disadvantaged groups which induces people to perceive things in a particular way.

Benjamin franklin 2

He was sent to England to protest against the influence of the Penns in the government of the colony. Franklin drew up a plan for the union of all colonies under one government to streamline the defense and other problems.

Comparison of mckays and tato lavieras poetry

Comparison of McKay's and Tato Laviera's poetry Claude McKay's poem " American" describes the misery that is faced by the African American community in the United States of America, while Tato Laviera's poem speaks of the problems that are faced by the community of people who have Puerto Rican >>>

Mexico’s use of punishments for drug offenses/convictions

Mexico and its use of punishments for drug offenses or convictions Mexico and its use of punishments for drug offenses or convictions Today, the government of Mexico is battling with the worst crises in the world. In conclusion, the punishment of drug offenses and convictions are severe in Mexico.

Mary louise pratts contact perspective

Chapter of the Idols The concept on Guoman's literature work in the chapter reveals a " contact perspective", by believing that contact perceptive is influenced by the requirements essential for existence in a difficult situation. Hence, they believed in gods who assisted them in difficult times." Contact perspective", defined and >>>


And then we heard about the start of the earthquake near the city we lived in. The main features include the focus, the location within the Earth where the earthquake rupture starts, and the epicenter, the point on the Earths surface directly above the focus.

Internal control, and cash

On the low risk and theft items, every cashier should be installed with a security scanning system that detects every bar code from any corner of the item. The exit monitor should be programmed in a way that it ticks out every item that has been checked out from the >>>

Multiple raters

Multiple Raters' Evaluations Combination to Measure Job Performance Multiple Raters' Evaluations Combination to Measure Job Performance Multiple raters are the preferred measurements for individual performances. The main procedure in multiple raters is to gather information from various sources in the working environment, and then use the statistical models to generalize >>>

Design and facitilities

It is however important to give an understanding of the equipment the company will require in installing the system from a technical, performance, usability, reliability and security level that will help in assessing the implementation costs and procedures in discussion. Technical The hardware and software equipment as explained by that >>>

American history

The role of women changed from the aspect of ' stay at home wives' to more sophisticated and learned people in the society. Gay rights in the society arose to limit the growth and spread of gayness in the society.

Maintenance and plumbing services

The use of social platforms such as facebook and twitter is one of the ways that will envision the mission of the business to another level in the market. The business is using powerful digital resources to get a grip of the target market as compared to the competitors.

Middle eastern politics and terrorism

The purpose of the plan is to counter terrorist activities and foil the designs of insurgents to disturb the peace and the rule of the law. The strategy that is envisaged in the plan will have to take care of the root problem of terrorism and solve those problems that >>>

Managing change paper part 3

Management of the Facebook organization changes involves the process of planning and implementing the changes in a way that makes the employees of the organization comfortable and at the same time making sure that the cost of the organization are effective. The changes that are done to the organization have >>>

National law and regulations

The legislation concerns the well-being and convenience of airline passengers where the airline companies are required to adopt certain measures intended to mitigate the hardships experienced during flight delays. Therefore, this legislature is one of the best laws that cater to the interests of airline passengers when delays happen.

Sociology (race and ethnicity)

However, the issue of racial and ethnic discrimination was highlighted the most during the Hitler regime and his hatred against the Jews, which is believed to have led to the infamous holocaust. Addressing the issue of racial profiling, I strongly feel that with the current threat of terrorism to the >>>

Assignment example

This is the first year that the number of people with health insurance has decreased. 7% of those in the South with no health insurance in 2009 compared to just 12.

Shouldice hospital case

The expansion to weekend has caused a rift in the institution since the issue has not been formally discussed. However, the expansion to weekends should be done only if the institution increases its human resources.

How does information literacy influence scholarship, practice, and leadership

Running head: INFORMATION LITERACY The Influence of Information Literacy on Scholarship, Practice and Leadership The Influence of Information Literacy on Scholarship, Practice and Leadership It is a widely known fact that information literacy has an impact on education and all other aspects related to it. In terms of practice, information >>>

Assignment 6

Social Engineering in the 1950s and the 1960s America The America that had woven itself together in the Fifties unraveled itself by the end of the Sixties. The greatest proof of " unraveling" of the United States in the 60s was the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, >>>

Is columbus day worthy of celebration

Wilford, however, commented that " He is the embodiment of our running dialogue about the human potential for good and evil" so that it would be dangerous to put all blase to the European conquerors. By and large, Columbus is still not a hero to America, akin to Ferdinand Magellan >>>

Doctoral study topic

Human Resources Deficiency in the Healthcare Industry in the US Compromises the Quality of Service Affiliation Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Human Resources Deficiency in the Healthcare Industry in US Compromises the Quality of Service An Overview and Context >>>

Human relations perspective matrix (evolution of management class)

The first characteristic of human relations perspective is that the employees belonging to an organization are the working power of the organization, which run the organization up to its certain limits. A relation is created between the employees and the organization because of a human relations perspective.

Primary source analysis

Aristotle was known for his lessons on how to achieve the betterment of mankind, devoting much of his life to attempting to illustrate the importance of self-control, moderation and obedience of the common man. The government always attempted to restrict his publicity and this primary source is another example of >>>

Egypt rome and ancient china

For instance, in Mesopotamia and Egypt, a theme of religion was common in their daily lives in that they shared a common trust and belief in the Supreme Being. The practice of agriculture was the basis of civilization in this area.

Compare homicide and suicide rates in japan

However, it is significant noting that, in all the studied societies, the rate of suicide is higher in men than it is the case in women. In contrast, the rate of suicide in Japan is significantly higher compared to the inferior rate in US, which translates to almost half of >>>

Research surprise, security, and the american experience john lewis gaddis

In the background of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 on America, the world in general, and America in particular, has faced a new case for the understanding of the meaning of ' security' and the distinguished Cold War historian John Lewis Gaddis makes a reflective analysis of the concept of >>>

Media review & book critique

Weakness: The thing the article does not describe in detail is the idea of who would pay for this program if it were to be required in a variety of states for senior citizens. Correlation: According to Harry Moody, " Aging of the U.

Read the papers about senge and answer part 3 and 4

Promotion of mental model; this will allow clear sharing of the personal ideas since individuals will be able to clearly describe the images in mind. Part: 4 Belief that transformational leaders tend to form strong relationship with other workers as they share in the vision, goals and principles of the >>>

Taking charge of irrational tendencies

As a result, the main emphasis of this chapter 10 is the ability to control irrational habits by respecting and understanding others. Conclusion Chapter 10 of Richard Paul and Linda Elder's book, Critical thinking: Tools for taking charge of your professional and Personal life, focuses on the challenges of egocentric >>>

Stress management as an enabler of high performance ( chapter 7)

A lot of people and majority of them are the leaders of today, suffer with the downside of it while in reality, it can be used to have positive effects, leading to high performance and excellence in school, work, or even social life. The effect of stress to a person >>>

Business position of allentown materials corporation

The essay in this paper analyses Allentown Materials Corporation on its business position and the possibilities for its success in the future. At the same time, the success in its strategies had led in the 1980s the corporation to realize increased growth through sales to emerging markets such as the >>>

Guns, germs and steel: the fates of human societies by jared diamond

According to Diamond, Eurasians have dominated the wealth and power of the world for a long period of time whereas other people own little power and wealth despite the fact that they are no longer captivated in colonial powers. Diamond has also discussed the geographical explanations of why Europeans dominated >>>

Career assesment

Jackie's FSIQ is 97, which is within the average range of intellectual functioning. Jackie's FSIQ is 97 and falls within the average range of intellectual functioning.

Colonial theory questions and joe turners come and gone

The play also chronicles the conflicts of slavery, identity, discrimination and racism and migration that the African-Americans had to deal with during the western colonization. In Africa, the move of the western nations to colonize the continent exposed Africans to slavery, migration, discrimination and loss of African identity.

You have to discuss 2 things: you and net-etiquette

When people sit in front of the computer, they should always bear in mind that what they write are meant for people and not the computer so that what one expects from a face to face encounter, the same should be expected from whatever communications made through the internet. As >>>

Meat diet is healthier than vegetarian diet

In spite of the area, there is a great chance a person was forced to undergo a long argument concerning animal suffering, which, compared to the meat-eaters' view of that complainant, are habits comparable to cannibalism. This is because a lot of vegans and vegetarians take very little calcium owing >>>

Does god exists

God told Cain and Abel that these sacrifice reflect the time of Jesus becoming a man and die as the Lamb of God for the sins of the world. In this regard, it can be stated that God is the one who can be attributed for perfect functioning of this >>>

Marking machine / fluid power – lab report example

Figure 3: displacement time diagram Switch 2 is used as the actuating start condition of the system. Conclusion From the analysis of the circuit diagram and the displacement diagram, it is clear that the time delay valves are very necessary for the delay of the output signal.

Montaigne’s argument of conflicting appearances and ). reconstruct and critically evaluate the reasoning of the three competing views (heraclitus/pythagoras, democritus, pyrrhonians)

Montaigne's Argument of Conflicting Appearances, Reconstruction and Critical Evaluation of Three Competing Views Table of Contents Three Competing Views to Montaigne's Argument from Conflicting Appearances3 Works Cited6 Three Competing Views to Montaigne's Argument from Conflicting Appearances Montaigne cites the metaphysics of the Pyrrhonians, for whom the spiritual goal is to >>>

I added my word files

Several studies done in past few years indicate that vegetarian diet is complete in all respects and conducive to good health in comparison to the usual diet consumed by majority of Americans. Many have left meat-diets after knowing about the cruelty with animals in slaughterhouses and they do not want >>>

Panera bread

The strategy has led to the growth of the company from a small bakery to a global food chain spread across to 2000 locations in the US and Canada. By focusing on its competitive advantage, the company has maintained a strong customer loyalty due to its appealing ambiance.

Exercise and good life

A good life is supposed to have a purpose and meaning quite similar to an activity class. A good life is something which motivates us to do better things for ourselves and society.

Analysis of body language

It is important to be conscious of body language and what it implies. Be that as it may, it is important to ensure that when communicating, the use of body language should be used effectively.

Forensic psychological assessment

The format and the mode of questions are the ones that show the difference between the clinical assessment and the forensic assessment. The goal of the forensic assessment is to obtain reliable and accurate information whereas, in the clinical assessment, the goal is to achieve the treatment of the symptoms.

Sweenty todd

Running Head: SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street of Your institution Discussion " Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" tells the story of London's Benjamin Barker who loves his young beautiful wife and child only to have them >>>

Korean american-q1

From within the perspective of the Korean American entrepreneurship, Park outlines how various scholarships on the subject has actually highlighted the influence of culture on the self-employment tendencies of Korean Americans. The success of Korean Americans is also due to the innovative use of different business techniques to deliver more >>>

Exam questions

On the other hand, combining company B's $250, 000 returns to company C's $100 return will be more beneficial to Company C, when compared to Company B benefitting from the portfolio. In terms of question 1b, the Capital Asset Pricing Model is used to determine the effect of the risks >>>

The holy ghost

The documentary then shows numerous interviews with some members of the church congregation; these interviews show stories of how several members of the church congregation received salvation through the supremacy of the Holy-Spirit and how the Holy Spirit empowers them from day to day. The ministry of the Holy Spirit >>>

Discuss: modern myths: utopia/ dystopia / regeneration/ degeneration

In many ways, the extreme rationalism of Descartes, its traditional alternative and empiricist aspects and the debate between them, constitute the part of the Enlightenment which had the greatest influence in the nineteenth century. This belief led to the Enlightened faith in social progress and a corresponding optimism that the >>>

Youth work & poverty (reaction )

When the demographic data is looked from the wider lens of transforming economic conditions and changing format of unemployment and poverty across the country, it become apparent that increasing number of unemployed youth cutting across race, color and culture, is mainly because the majority of them are unskilled with low >>>

The diamond necklace

Mathilde pleads and manages to get her husband to part with the money he had been saving for himself and buys a dress for her to wear to the ball. However that is not going to happen because everyone that reads the story even ten years from now will identify >>>

Digital technologhy plays a key role in eduction

The use of this method will enable me know which reasons for use of digital technology in education outweighs the other. Digital technology cans also lead to the displacement of teachers in schools.

Healthy people 2020/ determinant of health, policy making

The healthcare policies and programs, however, are aimed at reducing the health risking factors and elements that increase the likelihood of disease, poor health, mortality and morbidity rates. There are certain policies which seem not to be directly related to the promotion of health and healthy behaviors but are eventually >>>

Tribal and monarchal structures in africa

The paper " Tribal and Monarchal Structures in Africa" is a wonderful example of a history essay. The kingdom provided a means of expanding political, military and economic advancement at the expense of surrounding peoples.

Why is food significant to cultural background

The paper " Why Is Food Significant to Cultural Background" is a wonderful example of a cultural essay. Food is one of the most significant factors which determine the cultural background of an individual.

How to structure educational curriculum

The education curriculum will be structured to expose learners to a number of viewpoints on the vital issues confronting the country, and a deep awareness of the situations impacting the making of decisions in the society. Second, the education curriculum should contain a critical appreciation of the manners in which >>>

The montessori’s educational innovation – children never learn by just listening to teachers in class but rather through the environment surrounding

The traditional classroom model is a system that is still embraced by many and it's perceived to be the most effective way of learning by the majority of people in the world. However, the belief of most people that children have to be confounded in a classroom to listen and >>>

Football and soccer

In football, the ball is carried by hand or thrown by hand only For American football the playing field will be of size 90-120 m long and 45-90 m wide while in world football it is around 110 m long and 48. But in American football the ball is an >>>

Analyzing police work risk outcomes

Police Responses To Stress Police Responses To Stress Police officials experience various events in their daily lives and due to this they end up experiencing stress. The likelihood of police officials committing suicide is quite low because most of the police officials may gain relief from substance abuse such as >>>