Bachelor's Degree Examples: Essays, Research Papers, Speeches

Papers collected: 2002

Ethics in decision making

Heart and feelings play the major role in for former method and intellect and reasoning play the dominant role in the later method." Good decisions are often judged not so much by their outcomes as they are by the principles on which they are based" and the process of decision >>>

How will we love

To start with, older people in terms of previous cultural framework had more commitment in their romance than younger people. So, older and younger people differ in their attitude to marriage and divorce.

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It is a personal add for myself

Therefore doing well in life and taking risks to achieve better results forms part of me and by doing this I always feel that I appreciate my life. I must therefore be ready and willing to take risks where necessary in order to realize my goals and objectives of succeeding >>>

Globalization of operations management

In this case firms expanded their operations to foreign markets in order to gain a wider market and competitive advantage. CONCLUSION Globalization has taken many organizations to greater heights in the competitive global market.

Successful/unsuccessful domestic terrorist

The couple used a shotgun and four handguns to carry out the attack. The letters were postmarked from Memphis and the one sent to the Senator tested positive in the preliminary tests.

Organization of fertility clinics

Fertility clinics are run and managed by doctors and help couples have their own child by in vitro fertilization or if the man has a low sperm count then the couple may consider a sperm donor and introduce the sperm in the woman body by artificial ejaculation. Nature has set >>>

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Case study example

In fact, during the trainings for its employees, Mike's discusses with its employees the latter's experiences in the outside world in terms of services they had received as employees and turns the discussion towards how the employees can do the same thing to Mike's customers. Mike's vary the prices of >>>

Generally accepted auditing standards

Generally Accepted Auditing Standards Introduction Generally accepted auditing standards refer to a set of standards through which the quality of audits is assessed. Elements of Generally Accepted Audit Standards In the United States, the generally accepted auditing standards were developed by the Auditing Standards Board of American Institute of Certified >>>

Transcendentalim and walden

Afterthought This section restates the concept of transcendentalism, the elements that exemplify it, and the values that Thoreau seeks to teach his audience. The lessons to be learnt from Thoreau's Walden are the concepts of free thought, individualism, self-reliance, and self-awareness and non-conformity in a bid to search for the >>>

On the book vox by nicholson baker – thesis proposal example

In this analysis, the main focus will be to evaluate the quality and general impact of the book. In his book, Baker also tries to reveal that there are a number of media through which sexual activities can be perpetrated within the society such as through the phone as evident >>>

Fed ex

FedEx Case Study FedEx is one of the industry leaders when it comes to taking care of its employees. The key to the success of these policies is that FedEx focuses upon qualities such as speed, teamwork, and precision to expand the company's global appeal.

The effect of hand washing with soap among early graders

The final aspect of the dissertation topic touches on the fact that the strategy to be used for the entire research is one that is based on public campaign. Such strategies are indeed sure to guarantee the direct involvement of affected persons in the research The purpose of this qualitative >>>

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Las vegas

Not concerned about building another hotel in the entertainment-oriented of Las Vegas, Steve Wynn's demolition of the Dunes repeats the message of the undesirable old and the fascinating new. This constantly updated society is an icon of the American experience that demonstrates how the spaces and practices of the metropolis >>>

Attribute dualism

According to Stent, the mind and the body are basically different substances or matter, which results in the problem of lack of an underlying link between the body and the mind. The most challenging part of this concept is how to separate the mind and the brain.

Order #1273782: did jewish americans do all they could to help stop the genocide of european jews during the holocaust

In the end, their rescue efforts depended on the wartime policy of the U.S.the Jewry and their organization so it more sustainable to create a Jewish State where they would be independent. It was not in the priority of this policy to rescue the Jews making the American Jewish organizations >>>

Why do i want to learn professional counseling

It would be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment I decided I would pursue a career in Professional Counseling. That, coupled with a Masters from your renowned institution, I am confident that I will be well equipped to succeed in my career as it will place me in a competitive >>>

Health problems on campus

The caterers may not give much importance to the hygienic conditions inside the dining hall and hence the germs can easily attack the students who are taking food from there." The need for strict adherence to sanitation and grooming regulations is extremely important in food service. The best way to >>>

Feminism in family life education 2

How to develop a program about feminism in the family life education: In the contemporary age, issues like teen pregnancy, family violence and substance abuse among girls are commonly explored in the family life education. The last stage of the process of development of the feminism program is evaluation.

Ulcers and stress

Ulcers and Stress Psychology, Ulcers and Stress The article, " Effects of lifetime stress exposure on mental and physical health in young adulthood: How stress degrades and forgiveness protects health" is a study that was carried out to help in identifying the relationship between psychology, ulcers, and stress. The study >>>

Discussion and respond – dissertation example

What the article prompts is a discussion and review of health care standards, a plea to improve quality as well as safety of services and motivate health care professionals to strive for a excellence as far as services are concerned. Response to Tannenbaum and Schmidt Delegation cannot be categorized as >>>

Design of goods and services at mcdonalds

This has made it to come up with brands that are globally reputable, world-class quality foods and product features that are excellent to its customers Product life cycle in the organization The stage of the product determines the amount invested and the type of marketing to be undertaken. The company >>>

Why should california’s leaders save you and your peers a spot in college

As I savor the triumph of being the first person in my family to attend college, I am deeply aware of the debt of gratitude I owe my mother and my country. I firmly believe that when California's leaders elect to save us a place in college, they are choosing >>>

Asian philosphy

As I read through the course syllabus, I am excited to learn that we will be discussing some of the many Chinese and Indian traditions that have been around for generations, yet of which I have little background knowledge of. By opening my eyes and truly deciding to grasp that >>>

The maginot line

The Maginot Line Sur College The Maginot Line The idea of effective defense was especially poignant for the French as they had sustained their losses in World War I on the soil of their own. The main weakness of the entire arrangement was that the Line did not extend the >>>

Preparing to participate in groups

4 July With reference to Chapter 7 " Leading Small Groups: Theoretical Perspectives", my advice toa prospective member of a problem-solving or decision-making group would be that once they are designated as a leader for the group, they should work collaboratively with other team members so that each member of >>>

Mayflower compact

Mayflower Compact The Mayflower Compact markedly contradicts with the notion of " Wall of Separation". Additionally, this agreement required the signers to ensure peace, law and order and support each other in case of need or any problem; aggregately, the Mayflower Compact was devised under the light of religion to >>>

The peloponnean war

According to the Thucydides, the main cause for the war was because of the fear for Athenians greed of power which came from imperialism and the dynamic economy. The Spartans aimed at restoring the image and power of Sparta resulting in a grudge against Athens.

Alternate work arrangements

Some of the possible negative outcomes for employers and/or employees related to alternative work arrangements include the challenges related to the appropriate functioning of such programs for employers as well as employees, dealing with issues related to the training of employees, supervision of work, and evaluation of employees' performance. Should >>>

Nutrition and fitness (answer the questions)

The differences in the response to dynamic and isometric exercise including the causes of Physiological responses are as discussed below. The duration of time under which a muscle is exposed to tension is used to measure the intensity of isometric exercise, in dynamic exercises the distance the mass is moved >>>

Giving the most appropriate definition of motivation which is appropriate

Basically, " motivation is loosely defined as a state arising in processes that are internal and external to the individual, in which the person perceives that it is appropriate to pursue a certain course of action directed at achieving a specified outcome and in which the person chooses to pursue >>>

Applying for a vacancy at an institution

It is through my family's effort that I successfully cleared junior school and high school, and became the first person in my family to attend college, though I am in need of financial help to achieve what has been a lifetime goal for me and my family. In the event >>>

The truaman doctrine 1947

He further emphasized that a threat to the free people meant a threat to the United States of America since they were the guardians and protectors of the free world. Foner talks about this doctrine which " set a precedent for American assistance to anticommunist regimes throughout the world, no >>>

Relationship with customers

Who the Customer is to Serve There are three major enthusiasts of the North Face including men and women who are between the ages of 18 and 35 and fall within and the higher class of their socioeconomic classes. They have these marketing strategies that are meant to go beyond >>>

Individual and organization ethics

The major similarity between the two is that both individual and organisational ethics are against bad things for instance, ' Is it ethical to lie?' The main difference between the two is that when ethics is applied to business, we tend to consider the implications of economic activity on the >>>

2nd take home exam

Isabella and Cato understood the promise and thus it is legally binding for him to give her the money. She was sure that Cato would honour his promise and give her the money, and that is why she went to school without doubting Cato's promise.


Advertising is one of the marketing tools, that are needed for the brand to establish for the marketer to market, and for the buyer to understand its full usage or benefits' whether buyer so called mature or even children's. Children's are the most sensitive element in the parent's life, parents >>>

Understanding global issues

They arise as a result of the incapacity of the social resources, to establish, sustain, and exercise, techniques for solving resource scarcity issues. The worldview of our policymakers, make a difference in deciding whether to engage in conflict over natural resources.

Letter of motivation for master of laws in advanced studies in public international law

Admissions Office: University of Leiden Please insert the address of the university To the Office of Admissions: I have committed myself to the study of the Law, and intend to continue to work and learn in this field with dedication for the foreseeable future. For the LLM Program at the >>>

Personal development plan

Firstly, I would be learning about a number of sociological aspects of system development. A second major advantage of reaching my goal would be that I would learn about project scheduling.

Lyndon johnson and the roots of contemporary conservatism

The main aspects that have been discussed are the fact that even though a President has given the country his best and provided the country with a chance to improve to great extents. The main theme of this essay has been to provide readers with a view of the amount >>>

Punishment on exam cheating in college

Automatic dismissal may not be the best punishment to be given to the cheating students. There are several things that encourage students to cheat in their examinations and the best thing to do is to analyze them before imposing stern action on the cheaters such as automatic dismissal.

Forensic psychologists and macro communities

For instance, the research community that comprises of professionals such as forensic psychologists and doctors, should assist the police by providing them with necessary information in a move to enable them work properly. Through macro communities, the police will be in a position to comprehend the rate of crime should >>>

Ground zero

The new tower is called as Ground Zero Supertower that has an underground museum that narrates the history of this tower. The tower symbolizes the continuation of the life of the city.

The knowledge of gods power and wisdom in the contemporary world

Contrary to the verse's context that only God, His angels and specific personalities on whom the knowledge of God's divinity, power, and wisdom has been bestowed should be witnesses to this message, there have emerged communities of false teachers who mislead the faithful on the knowledge about God. The verse, >>>

Introduction to business

Therefore, this helps the managers to gain a deeper understanding on how important it is to include other races in their workforce, and to avoid racial discrimination. After the trip, it is probable that employees and managers will be more educated on the issue of racial diversity and therefore motivating >>>

Sip 5: technology or writing

I understand the importance of technology and therefore, invest if I have to, in developing new skills.Q.B.Ans. Besides, I intend to increase the use and application of technology in teaching.

How is shopping on the internet different from and similar to shopping in stores

Online shopping and store shopping resemble in the type of payment, variety and guarantee of products while the two differ in the time consumed in shopping, convenience, safety, and cost. Concluding, online shopping and the store shopping resemble and differ from each other in a number of ways.

After reading a part(10pages) of mao’s children in the new china, answering 5questions about chai beihua

The new owners offered Chai Beihua the proposal of running the printing press acquired by them from ESHO on a profit sharing basis. Sadly, the printing venture to be started by ESHO got jeopardized and the new owners of the printing press offered Chai to run the press on a >>>

The modern family episode

However, while his intentions in buying the bike is to show his love, the bike gets stolen and this puts him in a confusion state, hence, he lies to his son to protect his feelings. He is notably a thinker, as illustrated in the way he reasons in the relation >>>

Symbolisms in the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger

Essentially, " The Catcher in the Rye" is known for three symbolisms the wise use of the word " phony", the red hunting hat, and the ducks in the lagoon at Central Park. To do this, Salinger meaningfully allows Holden to confess important events of his life by using the >>>

Design a class

Morgan software and technology levels of the employees, we have determined that it is important for a course to be designed in order to properly train staff members and bring them up to speed on new technology and advancements in their specific areas. Half of the time will be spent >>>

Contemporary hero’s quest: harry potter

He enters a threshold-entrance to the wizarding world of his destination. He encounters a chase by the evil forces on his way back, but he quickly adapts to his new self and survives the chase crosses the threshold back to the new world.

Literary response 1

Closely related with the voice of death is the tone of morbidity that one can sense in Dickinson's poetry. The intensity and deepness around the themes of death, morbidity and God are three prominent themes in the poetry of Emily Dickinson that make her a unique poet.

Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family

I believe that the positivity that we as a family exuded to overcoming the disease was an important contributory factor to the result of the treatments I underwent for a large part of that school year. As a doctor, the power of medication coupled with the power of optimism and >>>

Analyse the ofsted report in light of what you have observed to be current practice in your school

This project highlights the use of computer instruction files, the benefits accrued, levels of application in both GCE and GCSE, challenges faced in the implementation of the project and the recommendations made to the national curriculum developers as well as the individual schools. In secondary schools, a range of ICT >>>

Questions for financial quiz

0 Depreciation 30.0 25. 0$ 610.0 1.

Language aquisition

It is the knowledge of the syntactic rule that enables a child to utter complex words. It is also the same knowledge that enables very young children to understand the word-order rules, and as a result, differentiate sentences.

Discrimination in applying the death penalty

The race of the victim and that of the defendant determines the judgment passed. This implies that the chances for getting a death penalty for murdering a white a high.

Critical values for employee

The type of reward system that the company should give this group of employees should be based on money. In summary, there should be a component of large incentive, if the company wishes to retain the employees.

Business law class

On the other hand, if the patient's condition was not critical, the doctor could have considered the postponement of the surgery for a while. So before declaring the doctor as a culprit we need to know the exact condition of the patient before the surgery.

Discussion question

As per Durkheim, we are living in an organic society and, again as per Durkheim, crime herein is often an expression of individual originality on the part of the criminal. I agree, also, that it would be an anomaly in these days to not hear about crime on the news >>>

Hyperinflation in russia in 1990

At this rate inflation of 50%, it fundamentally means that an item costing USD 10 in the 1st of January in the current year would cost USD 1300 on the 1st of January the coming year. The rate of inflation continued to fall in the years following 1995, from 1995 >>>

Abraham lincoln (sixteenth president)

Abraham Lincoln " The Great Emancipator of slavery" Abraham Lincoln, being the 16th President of the United s and the first President from the Republican Party, is recognized to be one of the most prominent politicians and statesmen in the American history. House of Representatives he opposed the Mexican War >>>

Causes and consequences of bribery in international business

The different types of bribes, payments or favors are: payment for licenses to import and export, payment for foreign trips of Chinese officials, payment for foreign apartment, foreign education of kids, payments to sell or purchase goods, payments to state officials in return of some favors, payments to evade customs.2. >>>

Disparate impact drug testing

It is important to understand that disparate impact does not necessarily have to be intentional on the part of the employer - although sometimes it is. Should a company be unable to prove the necessity of their practice, then they have unlawfully performed disparate impact discrimination, and they will be >>>

Destination alliances

DMO/CVBs A destination marketing organization or convention and visitors bureau is an organization that supports a town, city, region or country with the aim of increasing the number of visitors. The PHLCVB is a private non-profit membership co-operation, it the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia and >>>

Financial accounting theory

The complexity of the information has made it difficult for ordinary investors to interpret the meaning of the reports. Although Finance and Accounting theories advocate for the usefulness of information by making financial statement easier to understand, that is not the case.

Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees

Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees Introduction The world has experienced a number of financial crisis and to name a few; the recent American financial crisis also popularly known as global financial crisis, which happened in the year 2008. Second the United >>>

Right to die persuasuve speech for

Each of these gives every person the right to die with dignity and gives them the authority to choose the time of their death and how and with whose help it should happen. Transitions: Now that you and me are ethically conscious of the benefits of mercy killing for the >>>

Required reaction paper combining two related internet stories

The news report about Judea's declaration of war on Germany emphasized one thing that for many years, the Jews were already collaborating with one another to drive Jews in Germany back to Israel. The sad thing is that Germany accepted the Jews after they were kicked out of Russia.

Business d1

Business D1 Business D1 Importance of Interpersonal Skills Application of interpersonal skills, especially in communication in business context has become increasingly important. In this case, interpersonal skills involve application of different tendencies depending with the nature of and context of the situation involved.

God as redeemer

To convince the student to rely on the bible and appreciate it as the word of God the students need to develop that interest to learn. Christians believe in the bible, the bible is holy it is a weapon to the faith of Christianity.


However in general, it may be better to resort to internal promotion, because it provides an incentive to employees of the organization and also allows for the hiring of those individuals who are already familiar with the internal organizational environment and problems which provides them a jump start in carrying >>>

Virgil aeneid

The attractiveness of the hypophora is in its ability to catch the attention of the listener. The use of this rhetoric device makes the listeners to think and make conclusion along with the author.

Llb – contract law

False statement by the seller of goods allows for a remedy of rescission and sometimes even damages depending on the extent of distress or loss the misrepresentation that was caused to the buyer and here it was a unilateral mistake of John for having believed Peter's words that the candle >>>

3-how could rbs avoid this failure reflecting on the best practices

The major mistake that was done by the RBS was that it lacked a board that oversaw the financial statutes of the institution in terms of borrowing and lending hence causing a lack of review for profit analysis. This is entwined in the need of board of governors and other >>>


It is therefore important that the goal of an interior designer be to make sure that the fundamental design and the materials are classic, long lasting, and appropriate to a space in the building. The following are examples of materials used in interior design and finishes.


In Homer's Iliad, she was sympathetic to Troy as she weeps when it was burned down in defeat in the hands of her husband Menelaus. Indeed Helen's character was enigmatic in the great works of Virgil, Odyssey and Iliad.

Differences in character between americans and germans

However, the cautious character in Germans is admirable since it represents practicality in life although Americans associate it as with a lack of creativity amongst the Germans. It is evident from the foregoing discussion that Americans and other nationalities may view some characters in Germans stereotypically.

My experience with religion

Because I was still young, I really did not know much the religion that I practiced. At that point, I decided to leave the church and find my way.

Role of people in determining state direction in arizona

Role of People in Determining Direction in Arizona Role of People in Determining Direction in Arizona Withthe introduction of a new constitution, not only did it bring a change to the legislature of the state, but also to the lives, well-being and economic stature of the citizens of the state >>>

Personal statement

time Why I want to Join MEDEX Northwest My desire to join MEDEX Northwest comes from the commitment that the institution has in serving the health care needs to those in dire need. I believe that my training at the institution will ensure that I am well prepared to serve >>>

Hcm337-0704b-01 current legal, ethical, and regulatory issues in h – phase 1 discussion board 2

There are laws and regulation that protect the medical information of a patient in a health facility which is log and written on a patients medical record. There are various agencies, regulation and laws from the governmental and private sector that protect the integrity and privacy of medical records.

Compensation (human resources)

The strategies of the company are: Basic Salary: The basic salary is the remuneration provided to the employees for the effort taken for the better services to the company. Good sales incentives are provided to the employees in both the organization and the bonus provided by both the companies are >>>

Week 1 assignment

000 February 1.67 1.8 -0.13 0. 000 February 1.67 1.8 -0.13 0.

Anaylize the development of a story- to build a fire, by jack london

In that moment the man was sure of his death, but he gathered his strength and tried to run. The dog saw the man in a sitting posture without fire and realized the smell of death, thus, he ran away for his survival.

Instant messaging

However, instant messaging has proved to be more effective and faster than other means of communication like emails, and this has introduced its use in the workplace. Businesses that hope to retain young people in their businesses have adopted instant messaging since it is most popular with the young people.

Analyse the impact of implementing rain water harvesting systems on the stormwater system

The purpose of the analysis is to determine the amount of surface runoff that comes from each portion of land. The recorded volume from the runoff is then compared to the possible amount of water that could have been collected from the rooftops.

For medical school application

I have also had experiences in the medical field through working in a pharmacy where I assisted the pharmacist with distribution of drugs to the customers and well as help customers chose drugs. I believe I have spent much of my time in hospitals and health care facilities as a >>>

How private and public financing of healthcare affects the demand for healthcare services

One of the ways in private financing of health care determines demand is through making health care affordable to people. A reliable financing of healthcare cost from the private sector also motivates supply of diversified care services that in turn motivates demand.

Conflict between palestine and israel

When the Arab community learnt of the Zionists intentions, they opposed further Jewish immigration and land buying because it was the biggest threat to the existence of Arabs in Palestine. Repression At the beginning of the Oslo process, Israel responded to the violence started by Palestinians by cutting down the >>>

Being a family in greek and roman mythological period

To say that their views on family tend towards loyalty may be odd for the uninformed reader, but in actuality, although in many of the myths members of the family kill one another, the ones who show loyalty are the ones who gain respect and admiration. It is possible that >>>

Business models and planning

Business model and planning Question The e-business revolution was so important to the rise in focus on business models because it created the needfor development of new models. The connection between e-business and business models, through development of the internet established e-business as a basis of changes focus of business >>>

Reading log

One of the primary challenges for organizations has then become implementing processes that transcend such methods of mechanization as a means of establishing a culture of fresh ideas and innovation. The text also considers that such modes of mechanization are not unnatural in the sense that they constitute human technological >>>

Praise belongs to god, lord of the worlds

Both the Quran verse and the Hadith saying of Muhammed teaches a man to acknowledge Allah as the One true God, perfect in every sense, and creator of all the earth. As man is created by Allah, it is but just right for a man to bend down on their >>>

Health teaching section

The outcome of this assessment will serve the purpose of gaining an insight into the baseline knowledge of students. Teenage pregnancy: The making and unmaking of a problem.