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Unit 2: stressed out

In addition, I also need to stick to my schedules and avoid procrastination so that I can finish necessary requirements on time. When the demands in school at home and my environment become great enough for me to control and manage, I always take time to think and plan.

Scales of measurement for human intelligence

The average variability of all the scores will be 15 meaning the interval between one and measure, and the next is 15. Measurement of scale is appropriate because the IQ test satisfies the identity, magnitude and equal intervals properties of scale measurements.

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Analysis of health worker motivation in africa by mathauer and imhoff

The article titled Health worker motivation in Africa: the role of non-financial incentives and human resource management tool suggests that the motivation level within workers of health care system needs to be enhanced. The result of the study was that health care professionals act in a professional manner because of >>>

Fourth grade ratio and proportion lesson plan based on ratios and proportions by bickman

The method makes it possible for students to participate in the learning process through the adoption of a learner-centered approach that involves the participation of the student in the process. The author also advocates for the need to develop a well-informed system that uses the experiences of the students to >>>

Reed market analyze

This is because of the fact that other competitors such as Aldi and DG have come in strongly and are finding their place within the Columbus market. The pricing model for Reed seems to get it in trouble since it happens to have higher prices as compared to Aldi and >>>

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Michael phelps’ endorsements and how he became famous

As far as his endorsements are concerned, he is ruling the roost within the athletes of present times. He has shown to the athletic world that a star can be raised if he is persistent and devoted towards his end goal.

Learning assignment

As I pass by between the aisles, I grab the merchandise what I think that need and put it in the cart. The reason why I elected this course of action to differentiate from my typical grocery habit because I noticed that there are grocery items that I picked up >>>

Ethnic stereotyping

Actions like the presence of the sacred fire ceremony in the Hindu wedding program may lead to an assumption of an event with a sense of spirituality. Moreover, from the cast, one can assume the beginning and the end of a program in a different language.

Business statistic

Results This paper aims to reveal the result of the analysis of the 62 unscheduled repair reports randomly selected to give a clear prediction of the total repair cost based on the number of hours of operation of the equipments for A & A Industrial Products. Table 1 Relationship between >>>


The topic that the couple is discussing is that the girl seems tired of the roaming and wants a settled life. It is evident from the man's statement that the girl should have the operation only leaves one option to draw a conclusion from in this case it only alludes >>>

Alzheimer’s disease

The assessment also seeks to identify the causes of the disease while at the same time discussing the areas of the brain affected. The disease is the continuous destruction of the brain tissue, which causes the weakening and loss of mental capacity.

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Psyc 317 db3

PSYC 317 DB3 The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit to expound interventions as a crisis therapist with a couple who were both married before and are now considering a divorce; and to provide evidence of steps or interventions taken using peer reviewed articles. This is called >>>

Impacts of sociology on the behaviour of people

The structure of the society is greatly guided by the study of the society. Impacts of sociology Sociology influences the behaviour of people in the society.

Critical summaries

In addition, the style of writing the article entails provision of a flashback of an incident that involved the author. It seems that the major part of the article contains original information Ariely himself; it presents information on the experiments conducted in Berkeley College among bright students in order to >>>

Techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory

It is difficult to find out the organization of people involved in crime since this would require me to interact with criminals on a personal basis who may find it difficult to trust me. This is because doing away with crime entirely would mean that people go back to the >>>

The way of the gods in japanese culture

According to ancient times, the authentic religion of Japanese was Shinto and is believed to be the reason behind all manifestation of nature. As per " To begin with the native religion of Japan is Shinto literally " the way of Gods" according to which all the beautiful and vital >>>

14th amendment

Fourteenth Amendment and its Application Fourteenth Amendment and its Application The fourteenth amendment clearly s that every person should be considered innocent until and unless he or she is proven guilty in the light of compelling evidence or confession. The investigative process involves ethnic and racial profiling of suspects and >>>

Magazine ad analysis 1-1.5 page

The other half of the ad features a large picture of the product and three small close-ups of portions of Parker's face on a black background and explained with a good deal of text. As a result, the ad is presented in a split vertical panel allowing one side to >>>

Cultural practices and traditions in africa

I agree with the author that most articles about Africa touch on the topics that he enumerated. Although indirectly, I think that Binyavanga is implying that if a writer still creates an article about Africa the way he described it, then he may be considered insensitive and uncaring.

Resilience and the in individual (assignment 2 paper)

Methodologies used, the importance and nature of samples, the impact of mediating factors as well as the universal definition of resilience are some issues which research can easily identify and improve upon. Methodological Issues One of the key methodological issues to deal with and which further signifies the importance of >>>

Define spirituality using the peer-reviewed article an emerging paradigm for the investigation of spirituality in nursing by pamela g. reed

The result of this feeling of connectedness the woman felt to other people and to God was that she felt healthier and experienced a feeling of well being and peace. Newman has emphasized the importance of nurses praying with the patients and allowing them to express their spirituality as a >>>

Risk in the business world

A CFO's attempts should be directed at managing risk in the very order as mentioned here. Professionally, a CFO handles risk by trying to assess it in advance and informing the concerned authorities so that it can be managed in time and effectively, if encountered.

Dealbook aetna agrees to buy rival in deal worth $5.7 billion by michael j. de la merced

The announcement of the deal brought some reaction in the stock exchange with Aetna's share going up by 5. The realizable benefits include Coventry adding over 5 million members to Aetna's plans, which include 4 million medical members and 1.

Business risk approach

Business Risk Approach Internal Control Weaknesses Specific risk of fraud or error Reporting of financial status of the company is experiencing ineffectiveness and internal control by those who are responsible for the management of the enterprise. The identification of the internal auditor of the misstatement of a material in >>>

Hypothesis identification article analysis

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis: The Debt March This paper will be analyzing the hypothesis made by the article " The Debt March" written by Kara McGuire. In discussing debt, McGuire's hypothesis at the beginning of the article is that " no matter which generation you belong to, chances are you >>>

Emily dickinson a unique voice

The bee is " kinsman" to the grass, and all the things of the world are " sweet litigants for life". The Gardens of Emily Dickinson.

Adolescent identity development based on race and sexuality

Sue and Sue emphasize that one of the primary steps to be taken is the study and recognition of culture in therapy. In conclusion, the programs that should be developed should consider the barriers apparent in delivering services to Hispanics which include language, cultural conceptions and social perception by and >>>

Risk factor’s of a specific population

In this respects, I chose to study the risk factors of people with disability in substance abuse. In this regard, it is necessary to keep off from substance abuse to fit properly in the society and reduce the chances of falling victims of mental disability References: Hassiotis, A, Hall, I.& >>>

Marketing plan

When it comes to Pizza Restaurant, its goods, that are pizza-and other food items, may be with different quality, and services are almost similar in nature and therefore a mass-marketing strategy of segmentation will be more appropriate. Answer to Question 3 Customer relationship management is a marketing strategy that places >>>

Key aspects of wal-mart

One of the key aspects as to why large organizations like Wal-Mart are able to manage their supply chain despite the differences in objectives with the vendors is the overall size of the buying being made. In a large supply chain like the one run by Wal-Mart, there is more >>>

Ancient faith and fable

Author Voltaire Francois discusses in " The Good Brahmin," the author explores the source of happiness in the life of an individual. Author Voltaire discusses in " The black and the white" the adventures of a youthful man known as Rustan.

Expanding the knowledge regarding acos

These are hospitals, doctors and other health care providers who join efforts to offer quality health care to Medicare patients. Doctors together with other providers in the same ACO talk to the beneficiaries of this program on health issues.

Economics overview

One of the most prominent economic principles that humans regularly experience is the force of supply and demand. Retrieved from Economics basics: Demand and supply.

“hindu way of life”

Hindu Way of Life The notion of religion has been known from the very dawn of the humanity. The next important aspect that has a profound impact on life of a person is the notion of karma.

Black slaves

According to the historian, slave trade began in the Neolithic revolution following the realization of agriculture. The end of the 15th century marked the peak of European black slavery trade; England was the largest protectorate to trade in salve trade.

People engaged in dishonesty acts should not be let to go free

Her dishonesty has done a lot of damage to the people around her as well. While the college was at a big loss for the position that she held and her services, the various schools that she lectured were likely to miss her talks.

See notes

First of all, I feel that these displays of sensitivity to the parents will show the parents that the teacher really is concerned about not only their child, but also about their personal situation that may prevent them from helping their child at home. These two instances of insensitivity could >>>

Cinderella’s different stories

A few modern studies of the Cinderella story though, take the interpretation of the story to a different level and raises it from the realm of a fairy tale to a metaphor for many modern ideas. In 2004 Hazleton and Hickey's research paper on the theme of neglect went so >>>

Fraud : tyco international ltd

The company allowed the management to set aggressive targets with the managers being able to receive substantial bonuses for providing reports that have results that exceed the set EBIT targets. Financial reports were inflated to include the bonuses that the managers were getting while painting false picture of the firm >>>

Civil rights movement- the book march: book one

The American dream speech by Luther love and the integration of the different races in America and included the need to evaluated the people in the basis of their principles and not the color of their skin. The book addresses the action and role of Lewis in the non-violent confrontations >>>

Career develpoment plan part (iii)

The career map formed by the assessment acts like the initial document for carrying out the Performance Appraisal procedure, along with the Job Description and Job Responsibilities' documents provided to employees at the time of induction. The feedbacks, out of appraisals, lead to the opportunities which are given to employees >>>


Through the family of the major character in Emhoff Beth, the plot of the movie is developed to explain the effects of a major outbreak of a deadly viral infection and its implication to the public. This paper analyzes the events of the movie, Contagion to address its teaching on >>>

The introduction of new coke by coca-cola

There was a narrow definition of the research problem by Coca-Cola, given that the research emphasized the taste only and ignored the feelings of the customers in relation to replacing the old Coke with a New Coke. For instance, when Coca-Cola ignored the fact that the old Coke represented a >>>

Analysis of the capstone vacco versus quill

Thus in suing Attorney Vacco, Quill and his colleagues argue that New York's ban on aiding suicide violates the application of the equal protection clause. The district court opinion argued that the New York law placed a burden on the physician's right to aid in committing suicide of terminally ill >>>

History homework

In the introduction, it is very clear human beings depend on materialistic commodities to realize their happiness in life, which is against the philosophical explanation in Buddhism. In adolescent stages, people interact with goods to learn negotiation skills and the art of individualism.

The absurd

The Absurd Thomas Nagel is a well known philosopher and extremely popular for this exceptional evaluation on the reductionist description of the mind. Nagel in his essay of the absurd criticized the Camus's perspective of the absurd.

Assignment 2

Steroids in Bodybuilding Competitions In the midst of increasing competition in body building competition, many young sports professionals have resulted to use of body building steroids to increase their muscle build up and strength. Due to the increased competition in body building sports, the players are allowed to use steroids >>>

The four principles that guide business negotiations

The third policy explains that one should be able to provide accurate information about the product he is selling to the consumer and these lessen their questioning during negotiation which in the long saves on time and ensures that others are served on the business premises. Lastly, the fourth policy >>>


Beyond the Big Bang" is an excellent source about the ramifications of the journey to the Big Bang Theory and how this theory came into existence. Despite religious interference, the sun was proven to be the center of the universe.

Ellen’s analysis speech

The effect of these experiences manifested in the attention and interest of the audience. The effect was to capture and retain the attention of the audience.


The first protein structure to discuss is primary proteins which are the simplest of the protein structures. Tertiary proteins are simply the long chain of polypeptides as a whole.

Theater of war

She states that she wanted to perform in the play in order to illustrate the feeling mothers have when they are told their child has been killed in war: " why?" Meryl answers that the only reason she can think of is to add to the bone collection that she >>>

Report on 1

Vibert was in the office when the incident occurred and gives the issues experienced by the business stakeholders and other offices of different business companies. In addition, it was a dilemma for the people to know the damage caused in Tokyo, and for how long would the trains resume their >>>

Competitive strategy-car industry in china peugeot/aaa-diversification and integration-competitive advantage-absolute advantage

The level of the duo in the car industry in China has been described as representing the level of the country's economic development, which attract the colossal world attention. Another area of integration is the direct investment, global production and cross border which lead in a dramatic boom in the >>>

Persuasive speech: text and speech

The developed perception among members of the university, based on the increasing reported cases of violent crimes and alert information, is that of higher level of insecurity in the institution. The problem facing the university's security is therefore a more advanced approach by criminals and a level of animosity, among >>>

Environmental and industry analysis

Good-to-Go customers place orders with the business via telephone or company website, and then the company collects the requests and consequently delivers them to the customer. The inherent strengths of the company involve its comprehensive techniques, ideas, skills, and knowledge relating to the varied requirements for vehicle registration at the >>>

Web search (see instruct)

According to the approach, when a child is left in a room with other children and educational materials for company, the learning is more than through conscious effort. A lot of emphasis is laid on a daily routine since routine provides consistency and the stability to a child.

Internal auditing

Internal Auditing This case involves fraud that occurred as a result of a lapse in the internal control system within the organization. Corrective control in internal auditing assists in correcting irregularities and errors that have been spotted within the organization's financial data and operations.

Personal statement

I need to develop a comprehensive awareness of my attributes so that I can create a sound blueprint to guide my personal and professional growth. I have also learned that I need to improve my presentation skills so that I can communicate clearly and concisely.

The debate of the existence of god

When I reflect at the most touching sights I have had in my life, one that particularly comes to my mind is the first time I saw a cow feeding the calf her milk. I had several questions in my mind; Who taught the cow to feed the calf and >>>

Leisure and technology

In most cases, the leisure-time mobility and activities have tended to develop through technology use. The younger generation is the mostly affected by the aspect of technology and leisure.


The consolidated financial statements of the Toyota give specific information regarding the financial affairs of the company. From the annual report 2011 of the Toyota, it is clear that company attained $214, 318 million in sales of products.

Participant observation (race and ethnicity – in & beyond us)

I saw people of different cultures and races coming in and out of the place. By this experience and personal observation me, being alone I am actually a stranger in the midst of other strangers.

Analytical and critical questions

What are the important implications of the author's position? Are the arguments adequate to support the claims?

Leadership style

When it comes to transformational leadership, both the process and the results are critical. For the results, motivation and inspiration are evident in the organization as far as transformational leadership is concerned.

Discuss the following statementcarbohydrates are not considered to be an essential nutrient

253235 No.of pages: 2 Premium 6530 Carbohydrates are one of the six essential nutrients that are indispensable to the body because they help to regulate the different body functions. However, according to Westman in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, " Carbohydrates are not essential nutrients in humans: the body >>>

International business

Power distance and uncertainty avoidance are two key dimensions to Hofstede's framework that are really important for cross-cultural business. There are also issues with legal side of international business because the regulations for foreign organization and local ones are often different in order to stimulate local organization to grow.

How might a utilitarian assess the moral of the ford motor companys decision

The fundamental determinant of the appropriatenessof an action that is undertaken by any party, according to the principle of Utilitarianism, is based on the fact that an action is good, if it gives an individual happiness. Therefore, while assessing whether an action undertaken by an individual is right, the vital >>>

Emotional control of a child and parents

Such an event prompts the baby to have the notion about the parents being uncaring when he or she is later told of the story later in life; that is when the baby was not aware of what was happening during the early life. At this stage the child is >>>

The greek crisis: tragedy or opportunity

Financial Markets Market Sentiment of Greece Greece is going down, but it will not be alone, there are fears that the fall of Greece can hamper the entire global economic system. Analyzing Greece using CAMEL is a difficult task since it is one of the most volatile economies of the >>>

The concept of god in islam

23 September The Concept of God in Islam God in Islam means one entity that is theSupreme Power and is the sovereign. Allah: The Concept of God in Islam.

Ecology of a human being

The typical food that the majority of the populace in the U. Health promotion serves to disseminate health information to the populace concerning the reduction of risks associated to certain diseases.

Estate planning (australia)

Regardless of the joint tenancy CGT rules will apply to the asset the same way as in tenant in common. In case of Gary's death the property is inherited by Margaret as there is no will therefore his spouse that is Margaret becomes the sole beneficiary.


The maxim of relation is how applicable the information is to the conversation. This means that what this person implies relates to the existence of some logical values and maxims leading the dialogue.

Evaluation of video briefing of susan rice

Indeed, there were attacks, she seems to understand the situation, and hence she is brief and clear in her response to sum up the whole story. She mentions that FBI agents are on the ground to carry out preliminary investigations and give substantive finds of what exactly led to the >>>

Ethical relativism and its beliefs

Body The theory of ethical relativism argues that there is no universal standard and that what is considered ethical depends on the cultural norms. Even with information technology and the widespread use of the internet, it would be ignorant to think that there is a universal way of determining what >>>

Things fall apart

The introduction of the white's religion caused so many changes to the natives of the Lbo society for it prevented them practice their culture and beliefs. In addition, the coming of the white man in the society caused confusion to Okonkwo's traditions and ended committing suicide.

Definition of role conflict

Nurses are generally designated the gender of females and if I was a male nurse, I would generally undergo the problem of role conflict. To handle the role conflict, I would have to learn the profession more closely.

Strategic supply chain managemnt

Strategic supply chain management: Goose at the Garden pub in Newcastle BY YOU YOUR ACADEMIC ORGANISATION HERE HERE HERE Strategic supply chain management: Goose at the Garden pub in Newcastle Business summary Goose at the Garden is the largest pub in Newcastle. Looking for a quality night out, Garden at >>>

Rights of accused

Rights of Accused Rights of Accused The law s that all the accused are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Due process refers to the legal principles that the state should respect the rights of all the individuals.

Report on 1

Case Study Issues On one horrible day, May 11th, in Tokyo Japan, when a huge earth quake hit the The origin of the source was 520 km away fromthe but still the intensity of the shockwaves and aftershocks was so humongous that people feared how they will start their businesses >>>

Erp game

The distribution simulation is one the easiest and simplest form of simulation. For instance, in the simulation run in the video, the pricing decision chosen is national where all the customers are charged equal price and the marketing of the product can be done differently throughout the three different regions.

Critical analysis of the article from both positive and negative aspects

The article " How to design a Service" has been written by Shostak, L and was published in European Journal of Marketing 2007) in volume 16 issue The author basically aims at developing the understanding of how services and products combined together to provide a different and unique experience to >>>


As a grown up, I have discovered that some of the activities I did not pay a lot of attention to while growing up since, were not readily accessible to every other person as they grew up. Even though sometimes I missed my friends and people that I was familiar >>>

Health care reform (case study)

Health Care Reform Health Care Reform Eric Wright, the director of the Indiana Center for Health and Policy, opines that the proposed structural changes will not be sufficient enough for the planned healthcare reform initiative to meet its desired goals effectively. Wright argues that the proposed policy fails to address >>>

Making clinical decisions with chronic/complex patients (in paramedics area)

Hence, the application of pre-hospital care is essential to ensure the wellness of the patient. In the case presented, it is essential to have a prehospital care to the patient since she is reluctant to have access to the hospital.

Soci 200 db3

The United States preaches freedom of religion and expression, especially when that expression is not disruptive, damaging, or harmful to others, however practicing what they preach sometimes slips through the cracks. That said there should be a place for all of the belief systems and for the expression of those >>>


4 50000 x 1/1. NPV= PV of Inflows- PV of outflow Assuming that the discount rate is 1.

Religious freedom, secular forum

In my point of view, the Muslim and other minority groups in the society should be allowed to carry on with their religious practices freely and without having to interfere with the rights of other religions. On the subject of gender isolation in public meetings, it should be allowed since >>>

Journal- research paper topic is consumer driven/high deductible health care

Consumer Driven/ High Deductible Healthcare Plans Consumer Driven/High Deductible Healthcare Plan In handling the health sciences and medicine journal, we have settled on providing more insight on the consumer driven as well as high-deductible healthcare plans. Both Amy Church and Alex Maxwell were to research on high deductible healthcare plan, >>>

Discussion 2: public policy and social change

Some of the information transmitted electronically to the public include acts and affairs of the government that relate to the welfare of the people such as education and health policies, information about public security and eminent threats that should be brought to the public's attention, and issues affecting civil servants. >>>

Cleveland clinic in ohio

Following these accusations, the number of patients coming to the hospital dropped, which meant that the hospital's revenues were drastically affected and in turn affected the growth of the health center. Cleveland clinic has embraced the technology and now includes it in its list of remedies for advanced heart failure >>>

Week 2

The amount of deaths of both mothers and babies is too high, and there is need to reduce it. It is important to conduct a Needs Assessment to decipher the possible changes in behavior and performance, as well as to decipher the benefits of any projected solutions.8.

Psychology- human development

The second approach, " The native perspective" unlike learning theorists minimize the role of the language environment and maximize the role of child's biologically programmed capacities in explaining language development. Gender refers to the cultural and social definition of feminine and masculine, it bears no relevance to the biological sex.