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Papers collected: 1794

What is a sports fan

This essay considers the nature of what is a true sports fan in regards to a number of elements. One of the fundamental levels of being a sports fan is having a dedication to a sports team.

Brazil and mexico – relative levels of development

These are as follows: It is clearly observable from the data sets that except for the " per capita income" set, which belongs to the economic category, the rest of the three sets belong to the demographic category. It is to be noted that Mexico is the last country to >>>

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Do x-ray lasers exist

The most important experiment that can be fulfilled with the help of X-Ray lasers is the determination of the structure of proteins. Till today various researches are being organized to find a definite answer to the question of whether dinosaurs were warm or cold-blooded.

The kiss

Gracie is a MS patient confined to a wheelchair with " the plastic bag dangling from the bottom of her chair, a loop of yellow gluid angling up to enter a slit in the trousers". Through setting, characters and plot, Schwartz presents a love story that has very little to >>>

Case study: an epidemic of food poisoning

The food was infected by the way it was handled, prepared, and shipped to the place where it was served. I came to my conclusions by looking at the way that the food was prepared, and how it was tended to recklessly.


Paper starts with the hypothesis demonstrating mitochondrial DNA as primary tool for investigation of evolutionary diversion among closely related species and development of new approach in terms of PCR-RFLP based rapid and inexpensive techniques to established phylogenitic correlation among different species. For development of PCR-RFLP based techniques mt DNA of >>>

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International relations: the best way of providing foreign aid

Finally, the author states that the US government should chip in and provide more funds in order to support education. If America decided to increase its contributions to the GPE, the money would help in developing the education sector in Africa.

Skinner theory of operant conditioning

It is the stimulus the change of which provokes a response in behavior. He also emphasized the value of extinction in the process of behavior shaping which means that there is no need in punishment of some negative behavior as it is possible not to reinforce it and let it >>>

Ada and osha

ADA and OSHA ADA and OSHA The ADAA directs employers and the courts to interpret the ADA to avail broad coverage. The ADAAA requires an employer to disregard mitigating measures and pay attention to the underlying untreated impairment.

Why i choose frozen yogurt

Red Mango is the best to control, but it has limited the number of flavors. It contains moderate fats and has a taste of its kind.

News framing

The efforts in reporting have; however, taken different strides in the way the news is exposed to the audience. This prompts the readers to get the information from not less than two media in order to get the actuality of the news reported.

Is communication with subcontractors affected by the management style adopted by the main contractor and does this impact on the quality of the end poduct

Notably, Loosemore, Lingard, and Dainty argue that the communication styles in the construction industry should be founded on a comprehensive apprehension of the ways that individuals collaborate in joint operations, the fundamental principles of social undercurrents and learning theory. However, Loosemore et al and Walker fail to show the link >>>

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Coping with anti-americanism: studying abroad

They tried to demonstrate the ills of studying abroad in the hope that I would abandon the plans and study in my home country. I realized that the main reason why my parents were hesitant about my plans to study abroad pertained to the fact that my cousin had undergone >>>

Water consumption calculations

Day 2: 3 flushes, 3 hand washings for approximately 30 seconds, 1 face washing for approximately 2 minutes, 1 load of dishes running water for about 5 minutes. Day 3: 4 flushes, 4 hand washings for approximately 30 seconds, 1 shower for about 15 minutes.2.

Electronic health record functionality standards

Specifically, health institutions have to allocate sufficient time and other resources in the evaluation and examination of the findings in relation to the required data for the EHR selection and decision making process, regulatory measures as well as the need for the EHR equipment. Identification of Functional Requirement in Relation >>>

File sharing and burning cds

We used to be childhood friends and spent a lot of time playing together. This has really changed his image for all of us who used to know him as a child.

Mod reflection journals

Module Reflection Journal In the first module, one component that I consider to be very important and applicable in everyday life is the relationship between businesses and customers. Other people may argue that the cost will be high thus affecting the profitability of the business.

W8 disc knowledge management system

Knowledge Management System al Affiliation Knowledge Management System What advice would you give a manager who is charged with developing a knowledge management system? Using the definition, a manager who is charged in developing a KM system should first discern the requirements of the organization in terms of the extensiveness >>>

Management information system

The Queen Mary 2 and Partner Ship The Ship Partner information system provides the passengers of the The Queen Mary 2 with all-integrated entertainment and communication network. With the help of the Ship Partner there is no need to communicate to the cruise ship personnel concerning the reservations - it >>>

An unmanageable -management quandary

This paper focuses on the advantages and difficulties of the hybrid system of case management. In addition to that, there will be a look at the advantages and disadvantages of individual and master calendar systems with regard to issues in the criminal division.

Examine the role of social class in shakspear’s play-as you like it and twelfth night

In " As You Like It", Shakespeare utilizes the problems associated with different social classes in the setting of the plot for the play. Shakespeare employs the two forms of speech to highlight the difference in social class and status.

Analysis of pathophysiology case

The shrinkage of the vitreous results in tugging on the retina, and can lead to retinal detachment. In addition, the floaters might show that the retina has dislodged from the inner part of the eye, which contains oxygen, blood, and nutrition for healthy functioning of the eyes.

Comparing unethical versus ethical

Other Essay Comparing Unethical versus Ethical Work Part The argument by leaders of AIG was raised due to a feeling of being obligated to fulfill the commitments set by the contract with the executives, which required them to pay bonuses. Stewardship style of leadership is focused on the assumption of >>>

Investment data

Based on the latest Annual Report of the company, it has not issued shares of common stock using investment bankers or a syndicate of investment bankers, or at least there is no mention of any from accessible official documents; in fact, it has been known to be buying back its >>>

Book – the police in america 8 edition

In terms of service to citizens, college-educated officers recorded fewer cases of police brutality and excessive use of force. In the past, many security agencies and firms have debated on the merits and drawbacks of higher education for police officers.

Enrollment trends in adult education or training setting, such as community college, university, distance learning, workplace-sp

Article Analysis: Access and Participation by Ginsberg and Wlodkowski The technological advancement made in the last decade has increased the participation of adults in learning manifolds. This article by Ginsberg and Wlodkowski tends to determine the population that generally participates in adult education, explore the concept of adult participation, the >>>

Source analysis m8

Henry had married his first wife with the belief that she was a virgin and when he decided to divorce her, his explanation for justifying his action was that she was not a virgin at the time of marriage. It is likely that he was arrested to prove that Anne >>>

The balanced score card: philips electronics

The company uses the scorecard to allow its employees to understand strategic policies and visions for the future; an innovative way to track the status of the company's performance as a collective review of every employee's performance measures. The information presented in the article shows a comprehensive account of how >>>

Response paper

Here, the theme of increasing mechanization of man and the humanization of machine underscore a process that moves in the direction of a vision wherein machine is god and man becomes the slave. The setting and time further highlighted the Romantic character of the Frankenstein.

Mg 1011 task 2 assignment – a reflection of the work done

It is important for someone to take charge and become the team leader that can guide the other members of the team, while at the same listening to the opinion of others to integrate their ideas. The team was a great group of people.

Social norms with tv

This means that depending on the type of the program, or the location where is it broadcasted or even where is it shot or who produces it, the message adheres to the values and beliefs of the creator or the audience of the program. Combined with the fear of the >>>

Orignial topic – adopting a positive or negative viewpoint

Secondhand Smoke, a Health Hazard The definition of secondhand smoke is smoke that a person inhales due to someone else's who is smoking close to them. When a smoker inhales through a cigarette filter they are getting only about half of the poisons tar and nicotine that are found in >>>

Gender at work

The term status is linked with power, and refers to an individual's position in the structure of social relationships with respect to other individuals. To conclude, power relations between men and women are a direct outcome of the social organization of their activities in their home and in the economy.

Customer service questions

This is a complicated issue because of the split between ethics-as-institutional-policy and ethics-as-individual-conscience, but a sense of balance can at least be sought by the institution of PR campaigns stressing the importance of corporate ethics as an imperative, and I was happy to be a contributing team member in such >>>

The passion for bodybuilding

At the age of 15, I broke my knee and severely hurt my back in an accident that left me immobile and unable to complete basic physical activities. If I have learned anything from my story, it is that we should appreciate the gifts we have and make the most >>>

A beautiful mind a film by ron howard (2001)

" A Beautiful Mind" a film by Ron Howard The movie has its basing in 1947, at Princeton The main character is Nash John, and his main rival, Hansen Martin. After treatment, Nash is able to deal more effectively with his hallucination, and is eventually offered a teaching position by >>>

Hazardous materials packaging -351 forum 4

Hazardous material packaging Hazardous material packaging The National Archives and Records Administration defines reverse logistics as " The safe return of goods from the marketplace to the original vendor, manufacturer, or supplier". In a nutshell, reverse logistics is shipping back products such as hazardous products back to the manufacturer for >>>

Vent fresh

Value and Service: Vent Fresh An Analysis The essay aims to examine and identify the value and service Vent Fresh will provide to customers and also customer needs. In this regard, the essay aims to examine and identify the value and service that a proposed new product, Vent Scents, will >>>

Instructional project analysis report

However, the English course in these situations take on the nature of a foreign language course and fails to really develop language proficiency skills in terms of comprehension, vocabulary and research skills due to limited usage of the language in everyday life. The instructional problem that arises therefore, is how >>>

The language of new media

Media has been developing and multimedia has played a major part in the development of media. The evolution and development of multimedia have been a boon to the field of arts.

Review and response of the reading

Fusco is of the view that such denouncing of art because it may not appeal to the moral sensibilities of some people is not right. Both Fusco and Blake talk about the horrors faced by African Americans throughout American history and believe that art, even though provocative, is only a >>>

Compare and contrast meyer and stowers

In the essay, the worm at the Core of the Apple, there is a provision of an excellent concise statement and defense of the majority position. There is a similarity in the description of the start of Paul's mission.

Why do you want to work at tenet hospital

Why do you want to work at tenet Hospital? " Nursing encompasses an art, a humanistic orientation, a felling for the value of the individual an intuitive of ethics and of the appropriateness of action taken" Being thoughtful, caring and considerate is the core of nursing. I possess a RN >>>

Social settings

I would consider this my secondary group because I have less personal emotion tied up in this group and my time spent with this group is a matter of necessity for the welfare of my primary group rather than primarily being a matter of choice. This also falls in line >>>

Research design / hypothesis testing

The researcher will utilize the quantitative research methods in measuring and determining the effectiveness of drugs treated to schizophrenic patients. To determine the effectiveness of drugs, the research utilizes the Clinical Global Impression Scale that examines the patients' status in terms of its behaviour, symptoms, and response to treatment.

Proposal for soc491/eco499

Secondly, Medicare is responsible for providing some health care services in certain countries, and lastly covers up to seventy five percent of fees that a patient is required to pay before being administered to by health practitioners. The benefits paid to Medicare by Human services are done according to the >>>

Identify barriers to communication what is the main problem with nonverbal communication

Barriers to Communication and the Problems Associated With Nonverbal Communication This essay focuses on the barriers to effective communication and the problems of non-verbal communication. In case of verbal communication, the barriers include difference in language, which cause misunderstanding or lack of understanding.

Ratio analysis fundamentals

From table 1 above, the gross profit margins for General Motors, Alliance Pharmaceutical, Inc, Apple Inc, and Walmart Inc.were 13. From the table, I, operating profit margins for General Motors, Alliance Pharmaceutical, Inc, Apple Inc, and Walmart Inc.were 3.

Homework # 5

While the oil price shock is in action, Canada is also going through a phase of major economic growth. The press release also reveals that an uncertain outlook is the result of lower oil prices.

It in businesses. week six

IT in Businesses IT in Businesses The definition of Information Technology encompasses the study, design, implementation, development, support and management of computer based information systems. This paper will discuss the IT evolution and the impact it has had on businesses.


This article demonstrates the benefits the employees of any companies have and opening the new means for employers to maintain their employees well. Retirement benefits will help employees to understand the advantages after work life and to attain those advantages after their work life by contributing some part of their >>>

Collective culture

This way, respect and the value of dignity are gradually established and a citizen in this position develops a profound level of communication and confidence from which to radiate genuine concern to fellow countrymen. Interdependence results in the process instead of indifference so that this enables our culture to prosper >>>

The clothing used by the natvie people of the north west coast

Topic: The Clothing used by the Native People of the North West Coast The first clothes made by the Northwest coast people was with Cedar bark which was scrapped until it was soft and then woven into fabric for garments. The colder the area more the insulation required, this was >>>

Policy development

The school has to participate in all the sports. The best option The best option is to form a schedule of all the sports taking place.

Castro and/or fukuyama

This is because the United States currently has a view that is very similar to that of Fukuyama and it will stop at nothing to ensure that revolution does not hit the country and that nothing will threaten its democracy. The reason for this is that the American government did >>>

Women in antebellum america

The piety morality of women, as well as concern over families, presents the impetus into the involvement in antebellum movements' reform. The implication of the wisdom in this context further indicates the capacity of women to identify the best end in order to accomplish the best end.

Issues concerning intervention letter

4) Drugs and alcohol have taken your strength and is preventing you from being the magnificent person you were before. The world needs you, your future children need you and I need you.

Southwest airline: can luv rule the world

The employees and staff are empowered to make decisions regarding the welfare of the customer on and off the flight. The company's strategy was to increase the number of customer service agents so that the passengers could get improved personal service and emotional support and security at the time of >>>

Networking assignnment

Therefore, the CEO must be visionary and have the skills and abilities to make the right decisions for the company. The CEO sets the budget for the company and allocates the funds.

Short answer from book killer angels: the classic nover of the civil war by michael shaara

September 2, Gettysburg: Modern and Traditional Battle and Longstreet's Defensive Strategy In Michael Shaara's novel, The Killer Angels, he underscores the importance of Gettysburg as a strategic yet human effort. This tactic left the Confederate troops exposed and vulnerable to the onslaught of the Union artillery and guns as the >>>

The view of edinburgh in different ways by using the principle of camera obscura

In the 13th century, the astronomers used the principle to get a clear view of the sun. The initially published illustration of the camera obscura was evident in a book by Reinerus Gemma who was an astronomer.

Advance system engineering

It also involves a review of the system design, preliminary design and the critical design of the system. The benefits that are realized from the integration of the lifecycle include: Reduction of the product life cycle time and the reduction of the need for redesign.

Early modern europe, paradise lost by charles milton

It is a narrative of magnificent proportion depicting the Christian story, which is the Fall of Man, in twelve books, taking after the structure of Virgil's Aenid. As with other typical epics, Milton began in the middle of the action, telling the tale about how Satan fell, and then proceeding >>>

Price bubble

Price in the third laboratory market also tended to be intrinsic more accurately that sought to have a common price expectation with an asset share. An interesting result of the experiment An interesting outcome of the experiment was the approximation of risk-neutral expectation market equilibrium, which was due to that >>>

Two million minutes

Two Million Minutes: Summary and Response Among the three superpowers of the world, ly the US, China, and India, the pace of growth of China and India is currently more than that of the US. It is good that students in the US are allowed more freedom and variety to >>>

The subject is organisational change

When there is a modification in the resources, strategies, planning, and structure of the organization, the whole organizational culture goes through a change. The more the employees feel empowered and respected, the lesser is the resistance to change.

Home remedy and complementary medications

And I have been forced several times to adapt the home remedy treatment for these instead of medication by my family. For constipation I am made to go for the eatables containing fiber such as; a handful of soaked raisins are to be eaten at the morning in empty stomach, >>>

Issues of faculty training for online courses

Issues of Faculty Training for Online s Issues of Faculty Training for Online s The need for Faculty Training for Online courses is a major challenge for the ever increasing growing shift in education. Robert and Sari, provides the faculty stakeholders with a clear understanding of how quality research in >>>

Should society recognize animal rights, even to the extent of disallowing the use of animals in scientific and medical experiments

The article discusses a report sponsored by the UK Royal Society Medical research Council, which discusses the benefits of using animals for medical purposes versus the avoiding of animals in research. This report is very timely in the context of the controversies that have been raging over the use of >>>

D3 whistleblower

Whistleblower In 2001, Coleen Rowley who was a special agent with the FBI revealed that the Bureau made mistakes and inaction which may have allowed the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and even the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. All this is in a bid to improve the >>>

Error described by socrates, menos paradox

Question 1 Explain the error described by Socrates and provide an example of the error which is depicted in the modern-day world. Question 2: Explain on Socrates argument in regard to the logical structure of the text and the argument that can be identified.

Effectiveness of cognitivism pedagogy

It involves how students perceive ideas and acquiring knowledge owing to the fact that this learning approach is keen on responding to questions such as how we think, remember and solve problems. There is in-depth sharing of knowledge among the student at the center, teacher and other students.

Article #3 invest in early childhood education-by sharon lynn kagan/jeannel reid

Invest in Early Childhood Education: Summary: In the article invest in early childhood education, the Kagan and Reid look at the importance of investing in early childhood education. Excellence: the nation as a whole has fluctuating views on the importance and the role of early childhood education.

Persussive speech

Topic Adoption of Technology With the current trend of technological advancements characterizing this era of business, adoption of the same is of the essence to organizations. With the need to document every single process, the amount of paperwork in the company increases by the day.

Social psychology research: bias and ethics

The professional main results were that outcomes support the authors two-dimensional conceptualization of client positioning. The professional used two aspects only; mind-set and activities and confident that the outcomes obtained strengthened the two-dimensional conceptualization of client positioning.

Discuss greek ideas of democracy, citizenship, voting

Their idea of democracy, citizenship and voting itself may be considered the foundation of all democracies in later times but the democracy they experienced was very different from the democratic systems that we have today. The democracy as well as the functioning of the government was based on a direct >>>

Marijuana use in students

However, since it is not as safe as it is believed to be, as per the results of the latest research, consumption of marijuana leads the smokers to a range of other addictive substances. Such a mindset makes the idea of using marijuana quite appealing for the students, especially because >>>

How i see the purpose of education

Education in the right sense of the word does not mean only the acquiring of knowledge and skills that prepares us for the future, but education is much more than that! These invaluable experiences come as part and parcel of the education system, and are something that is indispensable to >>>

Video clip 11

It is during this stage that children establish their trust foundation and know whether to trust the world or not. It is evident that the care Elliot is receiving from his parents is paramount in building trust in the family.

Love, trust and respect

It is important for two people to respect each other's beliefs, personalities, and cultures so that conflicts will be minimized and the possibility of losing the passion will diminish. This situation exposes lovers to temptations that may be difficult to fight, however, when one partner is well aware of how >>>

Religion #4 african american spirituals

With the spirituals the African Americans are looking for awakening, to keep the faith both in God and in their hopes for freedom at last. So we can include a research on African American religious rituals and the spirituals as part of the cultural anthropology.

Sixth annual message of george washington

Furthermore, he supported his actions by informing the Congress that he entered into office to protect, defend, and preserve the United States constitution to the best of his ability. He ordered fifteen thousand men to suppress the riots and cited the following in suppressing the rebellion.

Representatives of american culture

The American Flag and the Disneyland are two enduring symbols of American culture spanning generations. For example, when Neil Armstrong and his colleagues in NASA successfully landed on the moon, it was the planting of the American Flag which served as the token purpose of the mission.

Low and high-expansion foams for fire-fighting

High expansion foams have very low water content making it suitable to use in settings where damage to equipment by water is highly probable. The high water content of low expansion foams makes it heavy and possible to be projected to burn material at safe distances.


More often than not, the think tank of the US gets impatient and jumps to the conclusion that a " regime change" is the only answer. They forcefully invade the country with their military might and advanced weaponry, remove the leader of that country and hand its power to someone >>>

Problem solving interview question

It is necessary to mention that my friend was suffering from a loss in his family and was depressed for quite a long time that is why doing something pleasant for him was urgent. So I decided to try though I was very scared to make a mistake and disappoint >>>

Organizational behaviour

Organizational Behavior Assignment Strong leaders are important whether they are d as a President of a country, the CEO of a major corporation, or the manager of a small business. For example, financial results, time management, and adherence to corporate culture are a necessity of any manager, they are requirement >>>

Vitality of leadership techniques in teaching

Positive framing technique is a good way to create friendly atmosphere in the room. It is better to say " It is nice to work with you, Jason".

Europe’s surge of nineteenth-centry imperialism

This kind of imperialism was referred to as new because of the scramble to rule more territories directly and not just controlling the trade they had with them. In this paper, I am going to show that I agree with Marchant's implications in her article that the new imperialism in >>>

Unit 2 disucssion board

In the perspective of a healthcare provider, the rights of a healthcare seeker are those rights, which enable the individual to ensure receipt of service of the individual's choice without the interference of others in keeping with the dignity of the individual, as a human being. The reason for this >>>

Current international interest (anything really)

352296 January ' 10 Pirates of Somalia Introduction The pirates of Somalia and their acts of piracy off the Somali Coast have been posing a threat to international shipping from the early 1990s since the start of the Somali Civil War. Profile of the Pirates Most of the pirates are >>>

Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you

Even though I was ignorant to what exactly the " jerk" component to the chicken was, I still wanted some to ease my demanding stomach. I moved down to the beach from our cottage, letting my legs transport me to the transient line between the wet and the dry sands.

Book review on a year in the south: 1865

Lecturer Book Review: A Year in the South " A Year in the South" is a story of the encounters of four southerners, with the dying moments of the civil war. The individual experiences of the four comes out in the form of a slave undergoing through a lot of >>>

Balancing individual rights and the needs of the society

Balancing Individual Rights and the Needs of the Society From the issues discussed in the text, the most interesting one is the issue concerning balancing individual rights and the needs of the society. The best example is the issue of driving permits, where the right of an individual to have >>>

Audio and visual advertising

The need for sex in advertising has the effect of reducing brand recall coz it's too blurring and it tends to obliterate the product information also the need for aggress the reality of life pressure creates strong retaliatory feelings in every functioning human being and the feeling of anger and >>>

Plantwide and department allocation methods within an activity based costing system

Resource drivers are also called cost drivers that measure the consumption of resources by an activity and assign costs to such consumption. Therefore, the plant wide and department cost allocations are primarily used during identification of resource drivers and assignment of costs of resource consumption by an activity.