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The ghost of atlanta past

The racial tension began to build during the Reconstruction, when blacks started to exercise their newly found rights, giving rise to a group of wealthy black elites; a group that assaulted the sensibilities of the then-racist denizens of Atlanta. And what have we done to preserve this heritage The birthplace >>>

The good person of szechwan

This idea of? the dialectics of good and evil, organic hostility of the whole society's lifestyle to kind principles of human nature was expressed with a great poetic force in The Good Person of Szechwan. No, a man is not good and kind, implies the internal polemic of Brecht; not >>>

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Seminar on marketing

Central to the discussion is the strategic planning of how the each of the four Ps can contribute value to the product, create the image that the business organization wants to convey, and serve the needs of customers. Another concept that I hope to apply is the creation of brand >>>

Review questions

Insurance companies do not like to pay claims, by promoting a healthy lifestyle for employees, and conveying that ideal to the insurance company, the lower the premium will be for the company and by extension the lower the cost to the employee.2. Ultimately, the cost to the employer and employee >>>

Crockett & tubbs

The aim of a business is to generate profits. A legitimate business will make the customer come for more and therefore, to reinforce the relationship and also ensure sustainable business, Crockett ought to sell the Ferrari Daytona to Tubbs at $250, 000.


For example, the catalyzed dissociation of a compound is hastened by exposing it to a positively charged catalyst, which attracts the anionic component of the reactant, and subsequently weakens the ionic bond between them. Decreasing the concentration of scaffold may be considered to try and balance stability and function of >>>

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Renaissance and its effects in europe

Due Renaissance and Its Effects in Europe Renaissance, a term that literally means re-birth, refers to a cultural and intellectual reawakening from the 14th to the 17th century, beginning right from the heart of Florence, Italy spreading to the rest of Europe with a transformative spirit. As a result of >>>

Informed consent for participation in health services research

The main reason for this is that most HSR involves the reshuffling of entire organizational structures, which is obviously something that one particular person cannot really opt out of if they do not like the way the trial is proceeding. It is clear that some alternative method of consent that >>>

Environmental science 8

TOPIC: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Environmental Science can be defined as an interdisciplinary academic field that integrates physical and biological sciences, to the study of the environment, and the solution of environmental problems. Environmental problems affect the ecological balance and hence it impacts all areas related to the fields of science and >>>

Security in educational institutions

These loopholes are the inaccessibility of the state and local police forces from getting information about illegal gun sales due to the gun lobby as well as the disdain of the security forces for abiding by the sale of firearms to people on federal watch lists of terrorism suspects.3. Also, >>>


Teleology Teleology Teleology refers to the explanation of occurrences of some phenomenon by the rationale and appeal to the goal orend to which it attributes. A literal combination of the two implies that the end matters in the determination of occurrences that people encounter.

Role play (marketing behavior class)

The Product that I have chosen to market to the Japanese is leather shoes for men. Overall, I think the Japanese have a society very similar to that of the United States.

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Job application

Moreover in my possession are the key strengths for this position, and they include: During one of my vacations, I worked for a real estate company, and it was during this time that I gained hands on experience on working with a real estate company. I can maintain and organize >>>

Unit 4 discussion big ideas in science

However, the secondary consumers will divert attention to other primary consumers and this will effectively reduce the overall population of organisms in the food web. Impacts of humans on this food web Human being will reduce the population of yellow perch which in turn lead to increase in native water >>>

Calorie levels of preferred beverages

The organization aimed to alert Americans to the threats of high-calorie beverages since liquid calories are contributing to the epidemic in obesity. The study aims to assess the level of awareness among selected American beverage consumers on the calorie levels of their preferred beverages.

Law and ethics in education

For a student to be eligible for accommodation, the student must provide the university with evidence of their disability. This is done by providing the director of tutoring with documentation from a licensed professional which determines the level of disability.

Psychological paradigms: towards a theory of human personality

A complication in the construction of an overarching theory of human psychology is the extent to which biopsychological and neuropsychological paradigms are included. In the final analysis, human psychology is an amalgamation of a vast variety of lesser and more specific paradigms.

Good and bad stress final

Good and Bad Stress in Criminal Justice Professions School Good and Bad Stress in Criminal Justice Professions Criminal justice professions are some of the toughest known professions in the world. Concluding, people in the professions of criminal justice are exposed to a lot of good and bad stresses.


The study of human behavior in itself is very crucial in many aspects of human life for example in the learning process and the characterization and shaping of behavioral features of various personalities. While reinforcement seeks to accentuate the behavior, punishment seeks to negate the behavior and therefore one can >>>

Federal tax memorandum

From the contract, customers of Peaceful Funeral Homes Inc, reserve the right to demand their money before the actual purchase of the services and goods offered by this firm. In the agreement between Mega Corps and Little, Inc.

Holocaust and the vision of international security

The concept which is provided will allow situations such as the Holocaust to never get to the point of violence and in humanitarian acts while providing new approaches to overcoming political opposition between the people and government. With the use of social entrepreneurs, there is the ability to begin transforming >>>

Why you should buy frank o’connor’s my oedipus complex

Why you should buy Frank O'Connor's " My Oedipus Complex" In both Frank O'Connor's " My Oedipus Complex" and Graham Greene's " A Shocking Accident" attitude of a little boy to his father is described. So the character of the main hero in Frank O'Connor's " My Oedipus Complex" >>>


This interview will assess the ethics in Human Resource Administration by interviewing a Human Resource Manager on the ethical issues they deal with in their job, how they resolve these issues and their perception on fair handling of the cases. I asked Malcolm how he would handle contradictory values that >>>

The union: the business behind getting high

The DEA agent is one of the main beneficiaries since around 80% of their operating budget is invested in marihuana prohibition enforcement. With the legalization, I would say that the demand curve would look fairly similar if prices stayed about the same because of price regulation.

States’ rights v. federal supremacy

As represented in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, the nullification declarations were a real threat to the Constitution of the US, in that they went as far as threatening the secession of individual States from the Union, essentially in order to force the Federal Government to allow them near-complete sovereignty. >>>

The internet, freedom of expression, and terrorism

SUICIDE TERRORISM AND CYBER TERRORISM The Internet, Freedom of Expression, and Terrorism Female Suicide Bombers The threat of terrorism has not been adequately addressed by the authorities for a number of reasons, primarily being the issues and grievances of the terrorists were not given due course to be heard >>>

A strategy for success of proctor & gamble

A Strategy for Success of Proctor & Gamble The teams that P&G sends to Clay Street are isolated from the rest of the people in the main office in order to enhance their concentration on the problem at hand. On the contrary, the more time the team spends on >>>

Do some online searching and find what is meant by21st century knowledge and skills

The definitions of the " 21st century skills" are cross-disciplinary and relevant to many aspect of contemporary life in a complex world. The global marketplace is flourishing in 21st century; the completion will favor those with complex thinking and communication skills to new problems and environments.

Modular notion of the brain

The notion of the mind on a particular event or object depending on the state of consciousness of the mind.what we perceive in a particular environment at a conscious state is different than in the same environment at the unconscious state. During hypnosis, a mind is at the subconscious state >>>

Social psychology in the news

Provide the following information about the article you choose: The full web address: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/11/15/justice/states-lethal-injection-drugs/ The news article title and author's name: News Article title: Death penalty states scramble for lethal injection drugs Authors name: Ross Levitt and Deborah Feyerick, CNN The publication date of the article: Publication date: November 16, >>>

Psychodynamic personality theories overview

The understanding of psychodynamic theories improves our interpersonal relationships because this enables us to understand other people better and become less judgmental. In sum, by understanding people's behaviour through Freud's psychodynamic theories, we become less judgemental and tend understand people more which helps our interpersonal relationships to be better.

The literary work by assia djebar

This is an instance where imagery is used to showcase the state of a woman's education in the society as being a struggle. It is also notable that symbolism has been explored by this literary icon in the form of a veil women have to be in against all temperatures >>>

The heroism of bilbo baggins

Gandalf, the wizard and a close friend of Bilbo, tricks Bilbo and the Baggins into taking a quest to the Lonely Mountain in order to reclaim a vast treasure currently under the guard of a fierce dragon referred to as Smaug. The first example of Bilbo being a hero in >>>


Whistleblower A whistleblower is an individual who bravely reveals any wrongdoing in an organization to the general public or those in the relevant authority for action to be taken against them. The whistleblower was doing this in good faith to preserve the client's investment and to ensure the good reputation >>>

Business leadership

Again, in topical times, the business world has undergone persistent changes in terms of technology and regulation and to deal with them, leadership is essential. Business Leadership, John Wiley & Sons, 2008 Goleman, Daniel Boyatzis, Richard and Annie McKee." Primal Leadership: The Hidden Power of Emotional Intelligence", In, Gallos, Joan >>>

Literature questions

If you were expected to juxtapose between the supposition that hierarchical structures exist in the context of social capital, and the position that horizontal linearity was predominant in economic systems, you would not use: a. If you had a dream about Godzilla attacking Mothra in your bathroom, Freud would likely >>>

Network management system

Running head: NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Network Management System Affiliation Network management is not a simple job it requires carrying out a variety of tasks where IT managers use various system applications, tools and devices to check as well as uphold computer networks. How to choose a network management system.

Fish oil

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic of fish oil The digestion of fish oil occurs in the small intestines through the process of hydrolysis by the pancreatic lipase and bile salts to produce two fatty acids and a monoglyceride that are absorbed in the intestines and reassembled to triglycerides. This is because the >>>

Rural change and development

Rural Change and Development Year of Study/Semester: Submitted: Rural Change andDevelopment in Context According to one of the reports by the World Bank, it is estimated that about 75 percent of the poor people live in the rural areas. In a nutshell, such analysis bring to the fore another important >>>

The historical background of social psychology

Each of these principles provides a number of effective tools that can be applied to nearly all spheres of human life to explain the interconnection between a wide variety of factors that influence the behavior of an individual or a group. Yet, being affiliated with one group the individual starts >>>

Assessment accommodation

An example of accommodation is the use of sign language in the teaching-learning process in order for the student to understand the lesson. If accommodation is known to be the " adjustment" or " alteration" of the curriculum to accommodate the student's needs, modification is the " change in curriculum" >>>

Organizational change

However, methodology does play in an important role in change management in that it lays down the design objectives and the course of action that would minimize the inconveniences and improve the efficiency of the process of change implementation. In the process of change introduction, implementation and management, art is >>>

My role as an officer

It is up to me to share my own knowledge of how the Army is organized and how each person fulfills a role within that framework so that every new recruit understands their function and what they are responsible for within the larger unit. For the moment, I work on >>>

Men of royalty

Then goes he to the length of all his arm, And, with his other hand thus o'er his brow, He falls to such perusal of my face As he would draw it. I believe he was not insane as evidenced by the fact that at his death he wanted Horacio >>>

Amelie rorty on the historicity of psychological attitudes

Amelie Rorty on the Histori of Psychological Attitudes A constant unyielding love is a kind of love that stands the test of time and is consistent and persistent. It accommodates changes in a partner's traits for the sake of securing the friendship unlike constant love that is very rigid and >>>

Wa # 3

In addition, a permissive parent appeals to his or her child through the use of reason and does not limit the child in exploring the world. The model acts as a way of understanding and examining the cognitive development of children.

Vark learning style

Perhaps one way of adapting to this method is informing the professor ahead of my learning style so that I can still ask for a personal consultation. I also need to manage my time well so that I can adjust to the pacing of the lesson and turn my work >>>

The great encounter of china and the west by d. e. mungello

For a great span of history, the myth prevailed that China was passive in terms of setting the dialogue or initiating the contact between China and the western civilisation. The book, " The Encounter of China and The West" breaks this myth and finds out the ways and possibilities based >>>

Annotated reference list

This article provides great foundation in understanding the dynamics of school programming for the prevention of addictions. This article Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling is published by the American Counseling Association therefore the content in the article remains authentic.


One of my earliest memories is when I was in my preparatory level in school. This memory is so vivid because I can still remember the face of my classmate.

Sociology of cultural differences

I believe that success is not measured by the physical appearance of individuals. In as much as the market does not favour her, she struggles to make her career in the modelling world.

Personality disorders

Temperaments and Personality Development Temperaments are an integral part of our personality, it is believed that they are inborn and very much a part of us as soon as we are born into this world. I believe that your temperament affects the development of your personality since it is a >>>

Answer below question 50 or more words

History Assignment Most Important Thing about the Supreme Court: According to my opinion, one of the most important things about the Supreme Court is that they have the authority to observe and change the decisions made by the President and the Government. These are some of the facts, which prove >>>

Gertrude and ophelia in hamlet

Ophelia in Hamlet Ophelia is Polonius' daughter and the love interest of Hamlet. This is when she states all the frustrations and love that emerges in her.

Teen risky behavior:

The level of education on sex and drug from the parents largely influences the risky behavior. The Identification and Prevention of Middle Childhood precursors of Risky Sexual Behavior.

Of purpose

My basic aim is to get admission in the master degree program in order to gain an in-depth understanding of all issues related to the field of mathematics. I am sending this statement of purpose to get admission in the master in mathematics program being offered by the Washington University.

Retaining key employees in times of change

The companies are rewarding the high performers while overlooking the normal performers who can also play an important part in the success of the organization when the change occurs. The first step is to identify the key players and target the ones who are the most important and the ones >>>

Health fair

Most of them seemed to group up with ages and some were girl, boy matched but in general, it was groups of kids that looked athletic together and groups of kids that tended toward education together and then the obese kids either alone or with someone else that was obese. >>>

Personal journal

Sure, we have all seen the movie and know his vision was to bring the whole " social experience" of school campus online but it is amazing how it has brought both good and bad aspects of human psyche as well. It seems that Facebook in a way is a >>>

Lockerbie blast culprit freed

In view of this, the release of Mr. The Scottish government made a unilateral decision to release Megrahi, who was received with immense jubilation and festivity in Libya.Mr.


Engineering and Construction Engineering and construction career involves the work of directing a construction project. According to Harrison, entry-level education for construction engineers is a bachelor's degree in construction management, civil engineering, or construction science.


Like personally if you want to give up smoking, less your weight, learn some language and skills, cognitive and educational psychology stimulate you to do the task properly. Like for enhancing your interest in the task you have to dig out the new features of the research and make it >>>

Budget planning

Budget Planning of Over Budget and Under Budget Although many people assume that running under budget only has positive effects and implications on organizations and individuals, it has numerous negative effects and insinuations as has over budget. That is, the same proportions of the budget and work may be covered >>>

Legal research exercise

Question 4 Global free internet Act of 2013 establishes a taskforce regarding the global internet and with close link to the Commerce Department in raising the technology standards. The Act is currently in the subcommittee's house in the Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and the Internet department for further furnishing The >>>

One question to answer

Importance of family health services One of the most powerful subunit as per the prevailed experience is the importance of family health services. Due to childhood chronic conditions and the diverse changes of the surrounding environment, anticipation to admit the comings of family health care services is at the top >>>


On the contrary, some religious behaviors and practices may become a threat to the society and general relationships of people holding different religious views in the same society. This may result in conflicts based on religious aspect and views among people in the society.

Fire prevention in the community

Due to the recognized importance of the different parameters studied, the established objective in the article under study is the measurement of the relationship of the state-level residential fire mortality and the percentage of adults who smoke. The study presented a relationship between smoking and residential fire mortality while controlling >>>

Immigration controls

Immigration Controls The reading presents a global perspective on the issue of illegal immigrations in America and the quest for control that addressed cross-border movements in America. Indeed, the reading defines the meaning and purpose of the quest for control in America.

Still i rise by maya angelou

Trod is past tense for tread and should be corrected to read " tread"." Sassiness" in " Does my sassiness upset you" either is not in universal use, but " sassy" is." Does the sassy me upset you" would make a better line?" Did you want to see me broken >>>

Health insurence

It is the legal responsibility of a doctor to maintain the confidentiality of the medical records of his patient. If patients are postponing preventive tests, later on, it might affect the quality of their health.

Analyze of the last presidential debates

The last presidential debate between Democrat incumbent President Barack Obama and the Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney was on 22 October and was held in Lynn University was substantive as the two candidates tried to convince the voters to vote in their favor. Throughout the debate, Romney tried to blame >>>

Career in psychology

These crimes have proven difficult for security agencies to handle thereby making it important for the intervention of professionals, to try and demystify crime so as to get to the core factors that would help the society to understand ways in which this enigma can be dealt with. This therefore >>>

Gods and humans

The conflict between the world and laws of humans and those of gods is one that is truly timeless. In both quoted passages, the laws of the gods and the laws of human beings are examined and discussed.

Management and organization in the retail industry

The retail industry is the part of the economy that deals with the sale of goods and services to end users making it the last part of the supply chain. Wal-Mart is one of the largest retail companies in the country having recorded the highest profits in the past year.

Systems analysis

Reflections on the Global Aspects of Systems Analysis and Design Section May Reflections on the Global Aspects of Systems Analysis and Design Being the pioneer of search engines, Google has taken the world by storm. It has continuously made a giant leap in the way information technology and systems analysis >>>

Sam 386 unit 6

This makes the prosecution of defamation of a public figures much harder to proof for the plaintiff in a court of law. For a public figure it is important to recognize these differences in the treatment of defamation cases.

7 habits of highly effective people

It is your method of communication that tells people that you are open to sharing, if you are not communicative and do not try to understand others approach, no matter how sincere you are, people will find it difficult to trust you. To listen to people and to relate to >>>

S4 w8 second wa

The main goal of AVPA is to empower and educate the people in Africa to make their both ends meet. The basic aim behind the establishment of such village is to being improvement and empowerment in the community.

A private affair of an individuals conscience

The book is written in the form of journal entries and dialogue from three years of documented conversations in which the women confront their feelings on an array of issues - from religious stereotypes and social injustice to the crucifixion and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict The authors wrestle with the issues >>>

A dream to visit tokio

In 1590, Edo became the center of the military and during this time, it became one of the largest cities in Japan, as well as in the world. After the end of imperial rule in 1869, is that the city was already the country's cultural center and the emperor residence, >>>

Starting a business

In this scenario a colleague and I want to start a new business in the same industry as my current job. A second stakeholder group that I may want to steal away from my current employer is the customers.

Communication techniques

Through this openness to new communication techniques anchored in responding according to my sister's requirements, I was able to build a harmonious relationship. However, it also challenged me to make a difference in communication as I am able and free to communicate my ideas.


The increasing demand for shark fin soup has led to the mounting level of shark hunt in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. In short, the alarming rate of hunt has taken sharks to the verge of extinction.

Anton chekhov

He was recognized and people began to like his work and he took a more experimental approach to literature with this new confidence. Prisons in Russia have always been a problem, as seen in later years in the writer Solzhenitsyn work about the Russian gulags and the Siberian exiles.

Native american regional styles vocal and instrumental

The tribes consider the song and dance as a link between the human and the supernatural. Drums, rattles and bells are the most common instruments that are used to provide the music for all the dances and songs.

International service2

Credit Ratings Credit ratings refer to the current and the latest opinion with relation to the relative creditworthiness of certain debt. Such information concerning the value of securities or bonds is often a subject to distortion and bias, but the rating portfolio chips in to alleviate the crises.

Explain briefly what and how local community justice panel work

Local Community Justice Panel or LCJP is primarily a community based justice system comprising of victims, offenders and members of the public or community that seeks to resolve the dispute after party/parties admit to partial or wholly to the culpability of the crime. The most distinct feature of the community >>>

Article summary

In the twenty-first century, the fundamental constraints of air transport are the environmental impact aviation has on the environment. Despite these, the effects of the air transport are increasing as the economy and demand for aviation services grow globally.

Interviewing for qualitative researches

In the article, the use of visual methodologies has increasingly gained momentum with participants generating the images as opposed to the researchers. The images have become an important part of research studies because it has enabled researchers to review and analyze with the precision the content of the reports from >>>


SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAMS Suicide prevention programs As of today, the United s is battling with not just the usual problems that range from finances to economy but also suicidal cases. In its bid to make the program work, it resolved to engage in offering services such as reducing the rates >>>

The meiji restoration

The period began with the opening of Japan by Matthew Perry's Black Ships in Tokyo Bay, and effectively ended with Japan on the verge of the becoming the single most important colonial power in Asia. The emperor gained a lot of power from the landowners during this period.


Determinism and Free Will Hondericch summarizes his writing by saying life-hope prevails because people have the capa to change the course of events that can happen in the future. In the principle of alternative possibilities, coercion is an excuse for people not to do something that they should do.

Failed purchase

Having already spent a total of $706 on repairs, I feel that the machine I was given was defective from the very start and should be replaced at no cost to me by the company. I am looking forward to hearing from the person in charge of this problem at >>>

How much responsibility for the tragic results in romeo and juliet should be attributed to the friar and the nurse and fate

How much responsibility for the tragic results in Romeo and Juliet should be attributed to the friar and the nurse and fate The purpose of this paper is to show how much responsibility for the tragic results in Romeo and Juliet should be attributed to the Friar and the Nurse. >>>

Satre nietzsche & human nature

Sartre and Nietzsche on Human Nature A controversial issue of human nature is discussed on the basis of philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre and Nietzschefurther on. In the modern context, the philosophy of Nietzsche is more appropriate and relevant to the modern people of the global world.