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Customer behaviour towards local apparel brands in pakistan

Therefore the problem statement is," Why Pakistani Apparel brands are not so successful in the market as compared with international brands and on which bases customer change their buying preferences?" The Objectives of conducting this research on success factors in branding of apparel industry are; To critically examine the theory >>>

An overview of sony ericsson marketing essay

Sony Ericsson being in the mobile telephone industry faces a lot of competition and it has always strived to be a leader in this industry. However it still has a lot to do in the area of developing phone and accessories.

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Declaratory theory

Why the declaratory theory is factually indefensible The classical exposition of the declaratory theory is that of Lord Esher in Willis v Baddeley: There is, in fact, no such thing as judge-made law, for the judges do not make the law, though they frequently have to apply existing law to >>>

Factors affecting trade volume

The impact of trade in goods depends, if trade in goods and trade in factors are substitute the volume of trade in goods likely to fall. If trade in goods and trade in factors are complement, the volume of trade in goods increases.

The strategic policy and practices in organisations commerce

Contents Recommendations The aim of this assignment is to analyze the strategic policy and patterns in the administration that I have been working for in the context of HRM issues. So I was actively involved in preparation and execution of HRM policy in Bangladesh because MoE is the ministry that >>>

Individual critical reflection on learning outcomes marketing essay

23 in the 02/ Real business 50 in 2007 to watch in Mobile listing, a greeting acknowledgment of the excellence of the studio's games and potential of the business strategy. Most of the mobile games developers develop the games basing on the news events.

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Strategy of tesco to nigeria commerce essay

Strategy shows the position of the organisation in relation to its external environment, the strategic choices and directions available to the organisation and the action plan on how to achieve the strategies in line with the organisations goal and objective. This shows that the strategic plan of an organisation is >>>


Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, HMC opened a new chapter in the history of the Korean automotive industry by exporting its first proprietary model, the Pony, to Ecuador in 1976. In particular, Elantra, Genesis, Genesis Coupe, Santa Fe, and Veracruz were recognized as the best sales and safest cars in >>>

African caribbean culture in the united kingdom marketing essay

A majority of the African-Caribbean population in the UK is of Jamaican origin; other notable representation is from Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Dominica, Montserrat, Anguilla, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Guyana, and Belize. African-Caribbean people are present throughout the United >>>

Global financial crisis: aviation industry impact

So as the global financial crisis which was born due to the failure of the major financial institutions caused the drastic impacts on the world economy. The main reason behind the failure of the financial institutions was the artificial bubble of the housing sector of U.S.A.

Interaction nexus between real estate market and macroeconomics

They found that the local unemployment and expected inflation have considerable forecasting ability for the housing prices; and compare with the first-time house, the repeat housing index is more sensitive in the short run due to the lagged economic factors; It showed the housing market does not meet the efficient >>>

Hacking 13803 essay

You use it to connect to remote computer systems by typing ' C' for connect and then the Network User Address of the system you want to go to. If you connect to a computer and wish to disconnect, you can type @ and you it should say TELENET and >>>

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Report on ocean park of hong kong tourism

Contents Menaces This study is about Ocean Park of Hong Kong one of the largest amusement ocean park in the Orient and even in the universe. Due to high menace of competition, Ocean Park is implementing different programs and activities such as renovation and debut of new attractive forces in >>>

Factors which affect peoples travel patterns tourism essay

It can also be deducted that the primary determinants of car ownership in a home include the size of the household, income, and the number of workers per household. Another indicator of the surrounding environment tothe base location is related to the mixing of land use as this is assumed >>>

Background of yeo hiap seng management essay

The Board has taken every step to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance are practiced throughout the Group in order to protect and enhance shareholders' value and the financial performance of the Group. The chairman is responsible for leadership of the board and monitoring the effectiveness of the company.

Rotating wall vessel bioreactor

In that case there should be some ethics and laws to control the usage of the tissue or cell in the medical treatment. Myocardial tissue engineering developed the heart tissue by using the stem cells in three-dimensional matrices of biodegradable polymers scaffold is the innovation of the myocardial constructs and >>>

Sex differences in behavioral circadian rhythms in laboratory rodents

Variability in activity onset is considerably greater in females than in males, and this variability is closely tied to the phase of the estrous cycle in mice, hamsters, and rats. The idea that the underlying clock in the SCN shifts a little on each day of the estrous cycle under >>>

The nature of power in canada health and social care essay

Placing the two words together, McGee's definition of a policy process gives a concise explanation as the pathway that occurs in the making and implementation of a policy which constitutes a spatial and conditional interaction between a diversity of policy actors and the knowledge they bring. In order to answer >>>

The importance of capital gearing finance essay

Hence, in this report, the gearing ratio and its influence to WACC, company value and shareholder wealth will be assessed through the two major theories." Capital gearing is a term describing the relationship between debt funding and equity funding in a company". The more debt in the capital structure of >>>

Grounding clinical and cognitive scientists in an interdisciplinary discussion

One of the approaches that is presently attracting the attention of researchers and professionals by claiming a full integration between the bodily and the psychological aspects is the Mindfulness approach. The state of the art in empirical research and evidence-based practice: a clinical perspective.

The mahinda chintana and sri lanka tourism tourism essay

38 is the successor of the now defunct Ceylon Tourist Board, Sri Lanka Tourist Board and the Sri Lanka Tourism Board. In order to construct the profile of tourists visiting Sri Lanka, below are the employed geographic, demographic and buyer-behaviour segmentation variables.

Introduction about the bike marketing essay

BIKES are the most affordable form of motorised transport in many parts of the world, and for most of the world's population, they are also the most common type of motor vehicle. An IMC plan is a blueprint of the complete marketing communications program for a brand.

The spread of disease around the world

It is the product of the emergence of the global economy, expansion of transnational linkages between economic units creating new forms of collective decision making, development of intergovernmental and quasi-supranational institutions, intensification of transnational communications and the creation of new regional and military orders.[Hershock, Mason & Hawkins, 2007, p. The >>>

Conflict analysis case study: nestlé

In the first section, we had given an introduction about the chosen organization ' Nestle" and then a brief description about nature of conflict in the organization and its various types and causes of conflict. The main purpose of the research is, firstly, to identify the causes of conflicts in >>>

What are memory-perception interactions for? implications for action

Jeannerod has for example demonstrated that the magnitude of the grip aperture, a component of the grasping movement, is function to the visual size of objects. Separate visual representations in the planning and control of action.

Consumer behaviour: indian wine

The study is focused to the answer the following questions: Macroeconomic viability for French wine in the Indian Wine Market Importer, Buyer and Critic opinion of wine business success Consumer Preferences and purchase decisions By the help of secondary and primary research this study attempts to create a viable and >>>

What is the bermuda triangle history essay

The border of the Triangle depends on who found it; some say its shape is like a trapezoid covering the straits of Florida, the Bahamas, and the whole area of the Caribbean Island and the Atlantic east to the Azores; others add it to the Gulf of Mexico. The more >>>

The importance of new employee orientation business essay

In particular, when employees impacted by the change initiative have the opportunity to assess their unique behaviors and responses to change, the results provide a common language to use in group discussions. They need to have the ability to control and manager a team and lead the workforce toward a >>>

Anti-trust laws 18577 essay

The duties of the FTC are, in general, to promote fair competition through the enforcement of certain antitrust laws; to prevent the dissemination of false and deceptive advertising of goods, drugs, curative devices, and cosmetics; and to investigate the workings of business and keep Congress and the public informed of >>>

Subsidiary perspective of a mobile phone service company

Although, there is no clear consensus on the definition of global integration, Schweiger and Goulet stated that the different perspectives commonly revolve around the combination of the assets and human resources of the target and the buyer or the subsidiary and the mother company. Porter explained that configuration of the >>>

The link between self concept and crime

Self-control is the idea where people also differ to an extent they are vulnerable to the temptations of the moment and so in other words their ability to restrain themselves. Says that a major element in every aspect of drama of deviant is the imposition of definitions that is of >>>

Marketing plan for carpet company

Table of Contents Situational Analysis 1 1.1. Company Analysis 1 1.2.

Role of the special educational needs and disabilities co-ordinator

I do feel that, however because I have been a member of staff that has been at my current school for a number of years, I have built a rapport with the staff and they feel not only able to approach me, but also that I can support them too. >>>

Effect of reinforcement of keratin fiber on hdpe essay sample

A large number of materials, e.g.jute, asbestos, carbon and boron, have been used for the fiber reinforcement of the plastic matrix, the main function of the fibers being to carry the majority of the load applied to the composite and to improve the stiffness characteristics of the polymer matrix. 2 >>>

Global logistics opportunities and challenges

In addition, the ' Chunnel' links the UK with the rest of Europe reducing the transportation cost to a great extent. The country's main manufacturing and therefore, logistics hub lies in a triangle around the cities of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka on the island of Honshu.

Impact of technology on graphic design

It is due to the ability to show things, such as moving animation work or interactive multimedia pieces and the fact that designers can share a higher percentage of their work without limitations of size or quality makes using digital technology so appealing." With a traditional paper portfolio, it is >>>

Political economy of brazil politics essay

The President of Brazil has two titles, which is the head of state, and the head of government of Union. Since Rousseff took over the position of the president of Brazil, the poverty and economic growth has become the top priorities in the country, therefore, it is improving the lives >>>

Hilton hotel hr issues in pakistan business

The purpose of the human resource direction is to retain the gifted work force, particularly the 1s who are committed towards the organisation ' s end and development. To go more competitory, the organisations are altering the manner they allocate responsibilities and duties, thereby brining a alteration in the internal >>>

Benzo(k)fluoranthene c20h12 structure

Contents Retention Index: Popular Benz[j]fluoranthene C20H12 structure Dinoseb C10H12N2O5 structure Etofenprox C25H28O3 structure Pentachloronitrobenzene C6Cl5NO2 structure phenalenone C13H8O structure Quickbooks Study Guide Communication And Professional Relationships With Children Analysis History Quiz

Community planning model for sustainability

The future shaping and wellbeing of cities requires the promotion and implementation of new models of flexible mixed use and adaptive buildings responding to and promoting cooperative, supportive and sustainable communities. The Fish Street area is surrounded by a range of architectural building styles and materials.

Overview of skincare industry india marketing essay

The cosmetics market in India is growing twice as fast as that of the United States and European market. Many people still prefer to use traditional products to cure the skin More than 25% growth every year in the Skin Care Industry Facial skin care products have become an essential >>>

Malaysian tourists visiting to thailand tourism essay

For example, cross border tourism is popular among Malaysian tourists due to easy of crossing to the border of Thailand. Therefore, there exists a gap in the empirical knowledge available about the decision making factors that influence Malaysian tourists cross the border to Thailand and there is a need to >>>

Can torture of terrorist suspects be justified?

In advancing into this essay, I will discuss the history of prohibition of torture, the Utilitarian approach to torture which would include arguments and debates in favour of justification of torture by taking account of the ticking bomb hypothetical, a case study of Guantanamo Bay and the result of torturing >>>

Evolution of wearable devices in health coaching: challenges and opportunities

These models are essential as they establish the link between the sensors of the device and the health indicators of the patient. This allows for opening the space to discuss the safety of the users involved in the study, the efficacy of the wearable health coaching device, as well as >>>

Math achievement essay

Gender differences in mathematics instruction The developed world's position on gender and mathematics Contemporary research surveies reflect scholars' maturating position of the complexness of causing of differences between males and females in mathematics instruction. The jobs of gender and mathematics were defined and documented in footings of the survey of >>>

Reflective summary on prescribing practice learning nursing essay

Consultation Examining the holistic needs of the patient is the first of seven principles of good prescribing, 1999) and must be undertaken before making a decision to prescribe. The model also overlooks that the diagnosis is a result of negotiation between doctor and patient In this case study, the practitioner >>>

Ikea how the swedish retailer became a global cult brand

Appendices 14 The purpose of this assignment is to identify the critical issues from the given case study about " IKEA how the Swedish retailer became a global cult brand". In the terms of reference of the contract signed by my firm and IKEA, the main tasks of this consulting >>>

Critical analysis of leadership theories and assessing their links flashcard

The behavioral forms of employees greatly vary depending upon their single fortunes and hence, it is highly important for the leaders to develop an empathic attack towards deciding the issues of employees and to animate them for effectual part to accomplish the organizational aims. The thought is to reflect the >>>

The absolutely true diary about a parttime indian

Arnold tells his parents that he wants to reassign schools; he wants to travel to Reardan.outside of the reserve. Arnold misses Rowdy coming over to eat pumpkin he draws a image of the two of them together and goes to Rowdy's house to present it to him.

The final strategic direction for the company mcdonalds marketing essay

Jim Downey October 2007, the strategic positioning of an organization is carried to plan for the future of the organization that may include various steps such as: Concept of future obligation of the organization Collection of the information which is a multifold task such as internal and external data of >>>

Emotional intelligence and inner critic

In college courses, when you have collected sufficient information by reading the course text book and taking accurate and complete class notes, your next step to deep and lasting learning is to ____.a.organize the information in a way that makes sense to you b.practice using the new information many times >>>

Reflective account: ethical dilemma treating cancer

To comply with the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct and maintain confidentiality all names have been changed and therefore for the purpose of this reflection the patient will be referred to as Bob. I felt that in order to ensure Bob's rights were protected and to give him the >>>

Single phase transformer

2 a MRM 05 OR V2 '? aV2 OR X 2 '? a2 X 2 Single Phase Transformer? 100% V2 I 2 cos?

The theoretical basis of agritourism

Spending time on the farms, interacting with the local people and farmers to get an insight into their day-to-day work and their traditions, participating in the local fairs and festivals, doing the actual work on the farm, milking the cow, riding a bullock cart, are some of the activities that >>>

Advantages and disadvantages of ability grouping

The authors also traced the historical background of ability grouping and reviewed findings pertaining to effects on ability grouping, the process of assignment, and mobility across groups of students in every school sector. The perceptions of the teachers were determined partly by the conceptions on the nature of the subject >>>

Leadership and management: assignment

In the course of the last century in particular, the study of leadership and management has led to the formulation of multiple theories, each with a different focus; where some highlight a transformational approach that sees the job of leader as being to create new leaders, others might emphasis the >>>

Increase in nf-κb-sensitive mirna-146a and mirna-155 in multiple sclerosis (ms) and pro-inflammatory neurodegeneration

To understand the contribution of miRNA-146a and miRNA-155 to the etiopathogenesis of MS we will briefly highlight some salient features of this autoimmune disease. Concurrent induction of both NF-kB and pro-inflammatory miRNAs in stressed human primary brain cells has identified a group of pathogenic miRNAs under NF-kB transcriptional control and >>>

A study on theoretical framework and review of related literature

The study will assess their performance level and teaching competence in view of the following parameters: knowledge of the different chemistry content in a diagnostic test in relation to their self-assessment in the NCBTS-TSNA Toolkit under domain 4 curriculum and their over-all teaching competence as described in all other domains >>>

Exploring the aims of the mercantile system

The foundation of the mercantile system started with the beginnings of the capitalist economy in sixteenth and 17th century in Europe. The construct of mercantile thought, which trade led to the net incomes in the whole system, paved the manner to the sentiment of the classical economic expert that the >>>

History of sabah electricity sdn management essay

SESB is committed to developing the electricity infrastructure in the state of Sabah and the Federal Territory of Labuan including the implementation of the Rural Electrification Program. The background of this study is to identify the factor contributing to the effectiveness of the training done by SESB.

Market segmentation and targeting on consumer satisfaction

The purpose of this research was to determine how efficient market segmentation and targeting can affect the level consumer satisfaction and to educate marketers and entrepreneurs on how to effectively segment and target the market. The importance of market segmentation is highlighted in this study as the author states that >>>

What research evidence is valid for psychotherapy research?

As above, the randomized controlled trial is considered the gold standard for testing the efficacy of a treatment for a particular disorder and thus the foundation for establishing whether that treatment is evidence-based. To achieve the aims of maximizing internal validity in a psychotherapy RCT, the trialist needs to ensure >>>

Risk factors for neurocognitive functioning in children with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease

The purpose of this paper is to address the state of the literature regarding the neurocognitive functions and associated neurodevelopmental issues and challenges presented by ARPKD. How these findings manifest in children with ARPKD remains to be determined, but the presence of early and significant hypertension in ARPKD put these >>>

Islamic fundamentalism in southeast asia politics essay

This term was first used in the Western world upon the establishment of the League of Nations at the conclusion of the First World War. The former type of jihad in Islam is of more value and thus of more significance to a Muslim.

The 4 criteria in hrm essay

Wright and his co-workers argue that this is the instance where demand for labor is heterogenous, and where the supply of labor is besides heterogenous, in other words where different houses require different competences from each other and for different functions in the organisation, and where the supply of possible >>>

Developing organizational competences for conflict management: the use of the prisoner’s dilemma in higher education

In the classical perspective of organization, the conflict is understood as a sign of social malfunction, human incorrect execution and individual guilt, as it is the outcome of a bad joint between the individual and the predefined system. In particular, the psychoanalytic approach to the study of organizations brought a >>>

Identifying risks and errors to ensure patient safety

The significant and trusted role of nurses has imposed a responsibility to identify problems in healthcare systems and participate actively for safety of patients. As an essential part of nurse role, a nurse should be able to identify the potentials of risk errors, ensured about patient safety, and understanding of >>>

Corporate social responsibility disclosure in malaysia essay sample

The maintenance CSR disclosure in annual reports which include the issues of society and environment from financial results is essential, because in the stakeholders' point of view, they see CSR as opportunities to develop and promote their images as well as reputations, with the goal of gaining long term profit. >>>

Microrna-142-3p inhibits tumorigenesis of colorectal cancer via suppressing the activation of wnt signaling by directly targeting to β-catenin

It is well known that Wnt signaling is essential for the proliferation and maintenance of intestinal stem cells which locate at the bottom of the crypts and are capable of differentiating into numerous cell types. For quantitative real-time PCR, the expression levels of the miRNAs were evaluated using TaqMan MicroRNA >>>

To determine the technical skills education

Aim: To find the proficient accomplishments and non accomplishments needed for an applied scientist in the on the job universe today. Scope: Our range is to happen out what are the demands that calls for the necessary accomplishments that is called for when an applied scientist is stepping into the >>>

Literature review of work and family conflict

Focus of the study is to examine the impact of work-family conflict-efficacy WFC efficacy and religious coping on work-family conflict and well-being among female teachers in Malaysia. The main focus of the study is to examine the relationship of WFC efficacy and religious coping on work-family conflict and well-being of >>>

Commentary on the evolution environmental sciences essay

The first section of the paper deals with the efforts and instruments which are mostly used by the governments and policy makers to deal with the climate change challenges. The recent years have witnessed the growth of market based voluntary instruments in the form of sustainability indices which have been >>>

What are the weaknesses of democratic transition theory politics essay

It will assess, while using the case-study of democratization processes in the former-Yugoslavia states, different shortcomings of existing DTT, which arguably undermine its theoretical validity and call into question the extent to which it is useful in explaining contemporary democratic transitions First, at the theoretical level, DTT's incoherent and diverse >>>

Singer plc

Subsequent to the evaluation of the current corporate character Singer potential for corporate branding has been appraised in order to make recommendations and justify a new identity mix which can support their corporate brand. Corporate identity is long term and concerns how the organization management want to build the image >>>

Leisure tourism in nepal

Leisure tourism has witnessed a dramatic upsurge in the last few decades, driven by steadily increasing incomes and discretionary spending powers in the advanced and industrialising nations, cheaper air travel, strong western currencies, globalisation, the emergence and consolidation of a unipolar world, and the opening up of numerous tourism destinations >>>

Local government in bangladesh assignment

The more aware, vigilant and active the community becomes through Its participation In local government bodies, the greater Is the pressure on both local government Institutions and the government authorities to become transparent and responsive. It is evident that the legal basis of the local government is clearly spelt out >>>

Symptoms of disorganized schizophrenia psychology essay

Individuals with a parent or sibling who suffers from schizophrenia have a 10% chance of developing the illness, in comparison to the 1% chance of the general population. This in turn could potentially affect the development of the brain and the future stress responses of the baby, thereby enhancing the >>>

Key success factors for lenevo core competence of lenovo

The next section is the case study of Lenovo acquiring IBM PCD and the objective is to challenge its international expansion strategy and its core competence in the context of global competition. According to the agreement of the acquisition, Lenovo will gain control of IBM's Think desktop and ThinkPad laptop >>>

Applications of biotechnology

In some cases, the fit genes make corrections In the genetic Information and that Is how the genes start performance In the favor of the body. The aspire of this field is to expand such drugs which are inserted in the person according to the genetic information there in the >>>

Cirrhosis: prevalence, etiology and treatments

As the fibrotic tissue increases, the tissue fills the space of Disse and begins to compress the central veins and sinusoids in the liver. The swelling of the liver and stretching of the protective fibrous capsule called Glisson's capsule can cause pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen >>>

A study on cumene plant engineering essay

The major units in the process plant are the reactor section and the separator section. The process followed for the production of cumene is the catalytic alkylation of benzene with propylene and now a days zeolite based catalysts are used in place of the normal acid based catalysts due to >>>

Problems that are faced in dental hygiene profession education essay

The school system in elementary also has a huge impact on a child due to the surroundings and the curriculum given to individuals. In my opinion there should be some sort of recruitment in high school by dental hygienists and dentist to be able to pursue and educate students about >>>

The hong kong tourism industry

The purpose of this study is to explore the labor turnover in hotel industry, and its associated the factors affecting the labor turnover and how to manage the labor turnover. This paper aims to achieve the followings objectives: To find out what is the meaning of labor turnover and have >>>

Roadmap to wellness: exploring live customized music at the bedside for hospitalized children

The study was approved by the Legacy Health Institutional Review Board; a waiver of informed consent was granted due to the study's low risk nature, and the fact that study foreknowledge could have altered patients', parents', and caregivers' reports and perceptions of pain. Furthermore, the framework of this study was >>>

Child sex offenders rehabilitation laws criminology essay

The criteria for paedophilia listed in the DSM-IV-TR are: That over a period of at least 6 months, the person has experienced recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviours involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children; The person has acted on these sexual urges, or the >>>

The magic of thinking big assignment

Your FUTURE will be BRIGHT, SUCCESSFUL and the way you ALWAYS wanted it to be. But, when you believe, really believe something can be done; your mind goes to work for you and helps you to find the ways to do it.

Matters of national interests and security politics essay

Realization of the interest could enhance the political, economic, security, environmental, and/or moral well-being of a populace and the state or national enterprise to which they belong.[2]This holds true within the territory of the state, as well as in any external relations that the state may undertake outside of the >>>

Importance of motivation in consumer behavior marketing essay

Extant literature supports the view that salient goals guide perception and it also supports the view that customer based brand equity results from brand image which is the mental representation of brand within the minds of the consumers. Accordingly, customer based brand equity is defined as " differential effect of >>>

The clinical concept of opioid addiction since 1877: still wanting after all these years

The last decades have seen a great deal of progress in our understanding of the underlying neurobiological mechanisms of opioid and other substance use disorders and on the perception of addiction as a public health issue. We contend that this resistance is attributable to an inadequate scientific theory of >>>

The effectiveness of performance appraisal

However, harmonizing to Sisson, public presentation assessment is " the procedure whereby current public presentation in a occupation is observed and discussed for the intent of adding to the degree of public presentation ". Manager and subsidiaries must hold a shared perceptual experience of the intents and maps of the >>>

Different approaches and theories on teaching style

It is also very limited as the teacher can not be expected to be able to answer all of the questions the pupils may have, and may have limited knowledge in certain areas of the curriculum. H, Grabowski, B.L.

Analysis of the tourism industry in pakistan

In response to question of security conditions most people who were outside the Pakistan believe that Pakistan is not very secure country for foreign tourist and that accounted for the 80% of them while remaining 20% whom majority were Pakistanis in United Kingdom believe that Pakistan is though affected by >>>

Theatre essay: site specific performance

This dissertation examinesthree especially strong influences: site-specific performance and its useof audience site-specific performance and its internal debate as to whethersite-specific art is site-exclusive or site generic, and site-specific practitioners'theory of the selection of sites. The success of site-specific performance theorists andpractitioners in showing the great extent to which the >>>

Engagement in classroom participation education essay

To engage the students in Participation in a classroom is an important method of teaching. While the highest levels of engagement are seen when the learner is passionate about the topic, significant levels of engagement can be achieved through a variety strategies that actively involve the learner in activities and >>>