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Towards a cross-modal perspective of emotional perception in social anxiety: review and future directions

The lack of studies examining attention to prosodic information in the general population as well as in socially anxious samples is surprising, since the exploration of these processes could contribute to new insights into the attentional processing of emotional information. The lack of studies on emotional prosody in SA is >>>

Obesity and mortality among patients diagnosed with covid-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The objectives of the current comprehensive and rigorous meta-analysis were to investigate relevant epidemiological studies for evaluating the association between obesity and mortality of COVID-19 patients. All the selected studies were then finally reviewed to extract potential information regarding obesity and mortality of patients with COVID-19 and associated risk factors.

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An experimental engine

Hydraulic force both clears and closes the valves during the valve acceleration possible energy of tight fluid is converted into kinetic energy of valve gesture during slowing the energy of valve gesture is returned to the unstable convalescence of kinetic energy is the key to the low energy ingestion. Since >>>

Investment policy on fdi in hydropower sector economics essay

In such circumstance, FDI especially in the hydropower sector is playing the significant role in the Lao's economic and social development, the Investment Law in 1994 provided by government of Lao PDR, which is the benchmark of the investment incentive policy in order to attract more foreign investments. Furthermore, the >>>

Effects of typhoon sendong in cagayan de oro essay

Objective To properly account for the value lost to Sendong as well as the costs in relation to the reparation of the damage brought about by the event itself.II. Some blamed the excessive logging of forests in the northern and central regions of Mindanao coupled with the topography of this >>>

The position of privileged will in malaysia law equity essay

In the case of In the Estate of Stanley,[1]the court held that the nurse will be considered as the " soldier" and is allowed to make privileged will because the nurse is serving under contract to the War office on hospital ships. It can be shown in the case of >>>

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Superior manufacturing co. case analysis

If the company management decided that it is better to stop the production of product 103, they could do this in one of the following manners: 1. 00 units; the result of this alternative is a loss of 471 $.Q3.

Shared strategies for behavioral switching: understanding how locomotor patterns are turned on and off

The two forms of motion also differ in the pattern of bend propagation: bends propagate at uniform velocity for crawling, but " whip" to the back of the body after characteristic pauses when the whole-body of the worm is bent into a C-shaped posture during swimming.In C.elegans and the leech, >>>

Newspaper headlines

Analysis of Newspaper Headlines A headline is the text at the top of a newspaper article, indicating the nature of the article below it. The choice of words for a headline is affected by the ideas to be expressed and the kind of reader associated with a paper.

The modern finance theory is based on the capital asset pricing model

The first scale? is connected with each possibility p and the decision weight is, the other scale is v, which the outcome is v with a number x.the value of prospect in Equation is the same as the result of expected utility theory. There are two arguments in the value >>>

Assessment of the efficacy of reogo-j robotic training against other rehabilitation therapies for upper-limb hemiplegia after stroke: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

In addition, another objective of the study is to verify the degree of superiority of combination training including both robotic therapy and CIMT over training with robotic therapy alone in these patients. The patients will be randomized to one of the three treatment groups using dynamic allocation by the minimization >>>

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Editorial: gut microbiome modulation in ruminants: enhancing advantages and minimizing drawbacks

This Research Topic aimed to propose nutritional and other rumen manipulation strategies and other insights to enhance the advantages, and to minimize the drawbacks, of the ruminant digestive physiology by modifications of the gut microbiome and its functionality. Short-and long-term effects of conventional and artificial rearing strategies on the health >>>

Downsizing and voluntary retirement scheme business essay

For example, a paper manufacturer in south India observed that, in the past workmen without much qualification were appointed on account of a commitment with the union to employ a son of a workman who retires/dies, and the educational level of the workman was not satisfactory. Several Indian organisations follow >>>

Resilience improves the sleep quality in disabled elders: the role of perceived stress

In general, the current research aims to prove the impact of resilience on sleep quality and to investigate the mediating function of perceived stress in the paths from resilience to sleep quality among the disabled elders who resided in nursing house in China. 0 and PROCESS program for SPSS were >>>

Improving the diagnosis, management, and outcomes of children with pneumonia: where are the gaps?

For example, in South America, the percentage of childhood deaths under the age of 5-years attributable to pneumonia is much lower in Chile and Uruguay than in Bolivia, Peru, and Guyana. The lack of a universally agreed diagnostic gold standard for childhood pneumonia, especially one that can also differentiate between >>>

The effect of psychological suzhi on suicide ideation in chinese adolescents: the mediating role of family support and friend support

Among them, suicide ideation refers to the loss of the desire to live, the start of thinking about plans and ways of suicide, and the notion and behavior that have not caused physical injury for the time being. In this research, we examined the relations of psychological suzhi and suicide >>>

Quantifying motor experience in the infant brain: eeg power, coherence, and mu desynchronization

In the following sections we review extant EEG literature on infant motor, cognitive and social development implementing power, coherence, and mu desynchronization. Overall, research on power and the A-not-B task suggests that neural maturity, particularly in frontal regions, is linked to performance on this cognitive task.

A novel approach for predicting atrial fibrillation recurrence after ablation using deep convolutional neural networks by assessing left atrial curved m-mode speckle-tracking images

The endocardium of the LA wall was manually traced starting from the medial/septal to the lateral mitral annulus in the apical 4-C view and inferior to anterior mitral annulus in the apical 2-C view, and was tracked by the 2-D speckle-tracking software along the border. The curved M-mode images of >>>

Individual differences in self-talk frequency: social isolation and cognitive disruption

Next, I review the characteristics and research examining the psychometric properties of the Self-Talk Scale, a measure designed to assess self-talk frequency. The relationship of self-talk frequency to communication apprehension and public speaking anxiety.

New perspectives on music in rehabilitation of executive and attention functions

In summary, the cross-sectional or correlational studies in musicians have shed light on the potential benefit of formal musical training on EF/AP and brain changes in the prefrontal area. Furthermore, in these musician studies, the specific effects of different types of musical training on the EF/AP as well as on >>>

Dementia research in the caribbean hispanic islands: present findings and future trends

This perspective article aimed to examine the associations of genetics and socioeconomic determinants with dementia and describe the impact of dementia in the Hispanic Caribbean islands at a local and regional level. The 10/66 studies in the Caribbean have led to several publications on the prevalence and incidence of dementia >>>

Introduction to liquid crystals engineering

The separating feature of the liquid crystalline province is the inclination of the molecules to indicate along a common axis, called the manager This is in contrast to molecules in the liquid stage, which have no intrinsic order. The characteristic orientational order of the liquid crystal province is between the >>>

Kidney injury rifle classification system health and social care essay

The clinical course of AKI was first described by William Heberden in his ' Commentaries on the History and Cure of Diseases' in 1802 and the modern study of AKI truly began in 1951 by Homer W Smith, who introduced the term ARF.[1, 2]In 2004, the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative >>>

The dynamic expression of potential mediators of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 cellular entry in fetal, neonatal, and adult rhesus monkeys

Since there is lack of data of the viral susceptibility of SARS-CoV-2 in fetuses and neonates of human beings, we utilized the primate animal model of Rhesus monkeys to evaluate the expression of SARS-CoV-2-related receptors, associated proteases, and immunologic features in different developmental stages and different organs. Very interestingly, the >>>

Spectrophotometric assay for lipase activity

Lipase enzymes breakdown and mobilize lipids which are present within the cell of the organism and the breakdown of lipid is also present in the environment. This is where the chains of the enzyme are subdivided; at the bottom of the active site is where the ester bond binds to >>>

Export strategy belgian chocolate factory assignment

The main objective of this report is to build a SWOT analysis regarding the export of the company in order to propose development strategies linked to it. The country we have chosen to explore is Germany, firstly because it is one of the biggest consumers of chocolate in the world1, >>>

Measuring cognitive load in embodied learning settings

As a number of recent embodiment studies in the field of multimedia learning have revealed negative results concerning the effectiveness of body-based forms of instruction, a closer look at the cognitive mechanisms relevant to embodied learning seems warranted. The objective of this review is to present subjective, behavioral, and physiological >>>

Introduction to black literature history essay

The election meant the beginning of the expansion of apartheid in South Africa. He was convinced that the actions of the campaigners must get success, because the black people had the majority in South Africa.

The family classification and definition theology religion essay

This paper is divided as follows: the scriptural footing for the household; definition and types of household; healthy household versus a dysfunctional household; Causes of dysfunctional households, the features of the dysfunctional households; and the effects of dysfunctional households on the kids. Extended household: The drawn-out household is the household >>>

Explanation on differences between public law law constitutional administrative essay

The drafting of the Constitution of theFederation of Malaya was the first step toward the formation of a new government after Britainagreed to concede independence to Malaya in 1956. Main features: Key elements of the Malaysian Constitution Sample of good assignmentArticle 4 state that the constitution is the supreme law >>>

Ramadan fasting and patients with cancer: state-of-the-art and future prospects

The effects of Ramadan fasting on patients suffering from cancer interest physicians in that, in the nowadays globalized society, have to face with issues such as the management of cancer in Muslim patients. Comparison of the pharmacokinetics of erlotinib administered in complete fasting and 2 h after a meal in >>>

The adjective essay

With a whirl of skirts and with the brilliant sparkle still in her eyes, she fluttered out the door and down the stairs to the street.-ent e.g. Comparison of superiority is expressed by the comparative or the superlative degree of the adjective; the comparative is followed by the conjunction than: >>>

Clinical pharmacokinetics of enalapril and enalaprilat in pediatric patientsโ€”a systematic review

The safe and effective use of enalapril in pediatric patients needs a detailed evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of enalapril and its active metabolite enalaprilat in heterogeneous pediatric age groups. The C max values of enalapril were reported for hypertensive pediatric patients of all age groups and were not reported for >>>

2005 winch kelsey what do construction planners do

This shows that the percentage error of the estimate of the mean performance on the task as a ratio of the percentage error for the mean durations of all tasks in the work breakdown structure is inversely proportional to the square root of the number of tasks, for a discrete >>>

Development of lms and z score growth references for egyptian children from birth up to 5 years

Our study aimed to establish the first Egyptian Z score references to assess growth and nutritional status for Egyptian preschool children from birth up to 5 years including weight, length/height, and BMI corresponding to age, in addition to weight for length/height instead of using references of other countries. Age- and >>>

Left shifting of language related activity induced by bihemispheric tdcs in postacute aphasia following stroke

The primary endpoint was the performance at the picture naming task of the Aachener Aphasia Test at T2 compared to T0 in the verum tDCS group. Therapists and patients were blinded to the type of stimulation on behalf of a protection board between the tDCS stimulator and the therapy setting.

Hypnosis as neurophenomenology

J, Matthews, A, and Barnes, S." Hypnosis and memory: from bernheim to the present," in Handbook of Imagination and Mental Simulation, eds K.D. The use and misuse of hypnosis in court.Int.J.Clin.Exp.Hypn.

Doing business in brunei essay sample

The living conditions in Brunei are among the best and most secure in the region. The major UK investment in Brunei is Shell's stake in Brunei Shell Petroleum and Brunei LNG, which are the main producers of Brunei's oil and gas reserves.

Your chemical world essay

In time chemistry became an integral part of society, today we have used it to stretch our lives out by more then forty percent of what it would have been in the start of the century by the use of medicine. In the Bathroom we can see it by staring >>>

Psychopathology: abnormal psychology and cognitive behavioral approach assignment

Under the influence of the Church, physicians and clergy reverted to the old ways of explaining abnormality in terms of demons and witchcraft. THE MEDICAL MODEL In the latter part of the 18th century, the " illness" view that originated with Hippocrates reemerged with the rise of science.

Nintendo case study

This strategy has been highly successful with Nintendo's Wii and DS systems, In the US for example, since 2007, active users of video game systems has risen from 45% to 62%, and of that 62%, 43% are Wii and DS users, at the same time, the number of non-users and >>>

Kiwi kosmic kosmetic case study commerce essay

From the information received from the bank and the interview held with the director we come to cognize that if Kosmic kiwi Kosmetic wants to use for the loan so they are eligible for it. The chief actions which need to be maintaining in head are as following: If the >>>

International marketing busiess flashcard

Globalization is a procedure that has been traveling on for the past 5000 old ages, but it has significantly accelerated since the razing of the Soviet Union in 1991According to Friedman, globalisation is: " The grim integrating of markets, state provinces, and engineerings to a grade ne'er witnessed before- in >>>

Business plan on indoor sports complex

4 Mission The mission of Sportsvana Indoor Futsal is to provide Dhaka Ciyt residents with a state-of-the-art Futsal facility that will enable both youth and adults to enjoy the sport of Futsal year round. The length of the pitch is in the range of 38 42 m, and the width >>>

Welfare and employee benefits or facilities business essay

Communication, relationship management and influencing skills are key to this role and I have gamut of experience in this. Communication, relationship management and influencing skills are key to this role and I have gamut of experience in this.

Child and adolescent mental health practice social work essay

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines on Depression in Children and Young People outline the importance of a holistic assessment when assessing children and young people with depression, outlining that the social, educational and family contact for relationships are considered, in Jessica's case the initial questioning was not holistic >>>

Computerized library system narrative

In seeking for the books.the borrower will travel to the book shelves that are labeled by the class of the books and expression for the book one by one. The adoption of book will necessitate a library card and the book figure.

Mastering biology: chapter 10

The basic function of the light reactions of photosynthesis is the conversion of solar energy to chemical energy. The photosynthetic pigments in the alga absorbed some of the wavelengths of light, using the absorbed energy to drive the reactions of photosynthesis, including oxygen production.

Marketing plan for led lights assignment

The quality of the products of YJM Light Co, strictly controlled and the safety of the users is always kept in mind. For real estate and interior designing company, LED light is catching the market slowly, but assumed to replace the CFLs in the long run.

Beyond good and evil

It amounted to the very inversion of truth.and the denial of the PERSPECTIVE the cardinal condition of talk of Spirit and the Good as Plato radius of them; so one might a doctor: ' How did such a malady onslaught that finest merchandise of antiquity. But instead in >>>

Important factors in selection methods

It plays of import portion in the long tally success of an organisation and there are several methods which are adopted by different organisations for choice of new employees so that the long term aims of an organisation could be achieved. The choice method is the procedure of assemblage and >>>

Literature review on breast reconstructive surgery

A literature review should provide a rationale for the study, show why the study is required and how it will add to the body of knowledge already known about the phenomenon. The selection of the sample should be robust enough to identify and use the participants who can supply the >>>

Joint ventures a tool for growth during an economic downturn

KPMG view Holding back or being seen to be holding back on information can lead to a trust problem later as companies are unsure of their partner's commitment and abilities, and therefore their contribution, to the joint venture.while clear agreement on objectives ranked during negotiations as the least of the >>>

Overall layout of the mall tourism essay

A major drawback in the design of the parking area in Dubai mall is the signs, the location of the exit and the location of parking spaces. The inner design of the mall was different than the others I visited and it looked good but the narrow pedestrian areas and >>>

Composition of saturated and unsaturated soil biology essay

As it is shown in the undermentioned figureThe tallness of H2O in the tubing depend on the radius of the tubing, the value of the surface tenseness and the contact angleAt perpendicular force equilibrium: Where: is the tallness of H2O in the tubing, is the surface tenseness of H2O, is >>>

How does the writer present the themes

The 20th century society in comparison to the 21st is significantly diverse since around the beginning of the 1900's many people did not know what to believe since the technological advances were not as superior to modern society therefore the theme that aliens from Mars were invading to a modern >>>

Biological risk factors back pain health and social care essay

The reappraisal reveals assorted degrees of association between these hazard factors and lower back hurting and goes on to briefly highlight the findings and decisions of all the surveies reviewed in connexion with lower dorsum hurting. The term is merely used to depict hurting on an country of the organic >>>

Evolution of communication strategy

Luciano Benetton, Founder and Chairman1 When Life magazine makes a cover about war, it makes the cover to inform, but also to sell the magazine and to sell the advertising pages inside the magazine Chivas Regal and all the others. Actually, it's a big honor in this world Oliviero Toscani, >>>

The evolution of complex multi host life cycles biology essay

This would connote that it would be to the parasites advantage to restrict its growing when busying an intermediate host, and this is in fact good known to be the instance, and is seen in the signifier of growing apprehension of a parasite as a consequence of its making a >>>

Synthesis, recrystallization, and equation determination of an unknown coordination compound

When the level of the liquid dropped to the top of the resin, we added another 4-mL of deionized water to the 50-mL beaker that contained the crystals. From there, we divided the amount of grams of oxalate we calculated by the amount in grams of the crystals to get >>>

Surperiority of plug in hybrid electric vehicle engineering essay

Through the analysis of structure differences, the comparison of emission to environment, the drivability, the convenience and the life time, the calculation of efficiency and the performance, collection of the cost data for P-HEV and HEV, to find out the superiority of Plug-in HEV. Both of the HEV and the >>>

Huckleberry finn โ€“ college essay

Mark Twain.the writer of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.exemplifies his facets of composing wit.pragmatism.and sarcasm throughout the characters and state of affairss in his great American novel. Watson to read and larn about the of import people in The Bible.and within the first pages of the book we discover Huck >>>

The ground water of bhopal environmental sciences essay

He also concluded that main increase in the pollution load of the river is due to discharge of heavy organic waste and heavy metals in the industrial waste of tanneries in Kanpur. His research further revealed that the Ganga water has the capacity in bringing down the B.O.D.bcoz of having >>>

Hr conflict resolution assignment

Examine Different Variations of Conflict in the Workplace In order to tackle the grandiose topic that is workplace conflict, it is imperative for a manager to understand that everyone is inherently different and they will be spending one- fifth of their time acting as a peacekeeper. With all these different >>>

Psych 111 โ€“ exam 2, chapter 9 practice questions

Which of the following is an expression of the nurture side of the nature versus nurture argument? A lower-class minority child with an IQ of 95Researchers who believe that IQ is largely genetic argue that the heritability of IQ is close to80%The fact that two people taking the same test >>>

Government argumentative

NOT authors of declaration of Independence, NOT the people of a stateWhich of the following would be most threatened by the social contract theory? social contractJohn Locke is associated with this major political theory of government social contractOf the four major theories of government, only this one focuses on protecting >>>

Thomas hardy: the withered arm

This is yet another side of Hardy's authorial technique as he creates ambivalence to question what happened, it could be that the " vision" really did happen because she could " feel her antagonist's arm within her grasp" and she could also physically feel the pressure of Gertrude's weight when >>>

Kepler mission

With regard to this goal, the frequency of planets can be computed from the size and number of planets detected and from the spectral type and the number of stars that are being surveyed. The density of the planet can be computer after observing the planet in transit and using >>>

A brief history rise and reasons history essay

The word " terrorism" entered the vocabulary of the French in the form of " regime de la terreur" during the last decade of the eighteenth century[2]. The genesis of the present day insurgency can also be traced to the alleged electoral manipulation of the 1986 election in Kashmir, which >>>

The drives underlie motivation business essay

The attachment to the closed groups or union is normally can be found but it's totally right that desire and the ability to be attached to the larger and most strong unions may lead at the end that the employees may be more care and interested to the whole organization >>>

Mikes bikes report essay sample

The management plans to maintain a continual increase in SHV each year and to keep learning from all of the mistakes that our company makes, and also from the mistakes of our competition. We expected our sales revenue to increase because we increased our quality, the price of our bikes, >>>

Effect of personality on credit card misuse business

Of the eight personality traits identified in this survey we try to analyze the effects of Emotional Instability, Introversion and Materialism on recognition card abuse. In this manner, the elemental personality traits of emotional instability, Introversion and philistinism are depicted as traits that lead to recognition card abuse, and their >>>

Ageism and health care essay sample

Snyder and Miene proposed that stereotypes of the elderly act as a form of ego-protection, suggesting that the negative aspects of ageist stereotyping allows the individual using that stereotype to distance themselves from the older group which subsequently facilitates the belief that the young and middle-aged individuals in society are >>>

Xml database: an introduction and analysis essay

For comparing the XML document and RDBMS from the point of speed in loading the process in the browser following tasks were performed:- Searching of the data in the XML document is done with the help of DATA binding technique. These discussed details are presumed to be handled and the >>>

An overview of indian retail sector economics essay

With a contribution of 14 percent to the national GDP and employing 7 per cent of the total workforce in the country, the retail industry is definitely one of the pillars of the Indian economy. However, in spite of the recent developments in retailing and its immense contribution to the >>>

Fi 512 weeks 1-3 essay

Use your calculations from Part A to determine the rate of return on assets in each of the two years for the Castillo Products. Cost of Equity = 7% + x 2.

Organisational cultures essay sample

Societal culture Most of the literature on culture in education relates to organisational culture and that is also the main focus of this chapter. In celebrating the achievements of this cricketing ' hero', school managers are seeking to emphasise the centrality of sporting achievement to the ethos and culture of >>>

Behavioral cognitive case study assignment

This neglect may be due to the dominance of pharmacological treatment and the decline of psychotherapy, the severity of the disorder, or the inadequacies of previous attempts to understand and manage schizophrenia from a cognitive behavioural framework There is a growing commitment to the design of psychotherapeutic treatments that are >>>

Genetically engineered mouse models biology essay

Furthermore, one of the factors restricting the interlingual rendition of cognition from presymptomatic surveies to the clinic has been the restrictions of in vivo malignant neoplastic disease theoretical accounts. The major restrictions of these xenograft theoretical accounts are the demand for an immunocompromised host and the inability of these theoretical >>>

Explanation essay

The author reveals that the grandmother is an intruder in her son's home is an illustration of the " cause-effect-cause" relationship between the factors, which, over time, generate the dynamic behavior of the system being considered. Dubai Emirates essay Dubai Emirates, the most popular of the seven emirates of the >>>

Shawshank redemption | organizational behaviour

This is because the movie is based on prison life and how the hero adapt to the new situation which is in the prison life after been accused of murdering his wife and her lover and this is also classified as crime thriller because the storyline of this movie centered >>>

The australian economy of the food processing sector economics essay

The report focuses on identifying various areas of strength, weakness, opportunities and threat of the food processing sector in both domestic and international market and analysing the future viability of the food processing sector in Australia. The largest market for Australia's processed and unprocessed food exports is China.

Study of women entrepreneurship in north india

Contents IX Limitations and Suggestions for future research The aim of this survey is to look into adult females entrepreneurship in North India and to do recommendations to heighten adult females entrepreneurship in the state. The chief aim of the survey is to look into adult females entrepreneurship in North >>>

Jonestown and jim jones essay

Jones read in esquire magazine that the rural Redwood Valley of California was to be safe from atomic war.[ 11 ] As a consequence of Jones' case.the members left their lives in Indiana behind and the Temple moved to Redwood Valley. In his head and in the heads of the >>>

Restriction digestion and ligation plasmid vector

The digestion of the chDNA of V.fischeri allowed for fragmentation of the DNA which would be necessary for the recombination of the DNA with the selected pGEM vector. Following the formation of the AMP-protein complex, the nucleotide is moved to the 5 end of the cleaved DNA and an esterification >>>

Factors for developing an organisational structure

A business will opt for an organisation structure which is best suited to them and the way they would like to be working, and the chart they create will reflect this. The reputation of a company is important to customers, and it will be more appealing if they feel one >>>

Critical whiteness

The bookTitle: The social Construction of whiteness- white woman race matterspublished by the University of Minnesota Pressseventh printing 1999The book won the Jessie Bernard Book Award of the American Sociological Association in 1995 and praised to be an outstanding book by the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human >>>

Ctr exam-data collection (abstracting/coding)-55%

10%A group of diseases in which cells grow and spread unrestrained throughout the bodycancerCancer of the immature blood cells that grow in the bone marrow and tend to accumulate in large numbers in the bloodstreamLeukemiaThe ability of cancer cells to penetrate into lymphatic and blood vessels, circulate through the bloodstream, >>>

Logistics and supply chain education roadblocks and challenges business essay

When it comes to the field of Supply Chain Management[1] it seems to be true as it is one of the new ideas in the business and industry. Awareness of the course in the Colleges and UniversitiesWhether it is necessary for the colleges and universities to implement this discipline?

Taoism โ€“ college essay

However, given the lack of analysis of the content of the sensory input, we should probably conservatively assume they took the nave realist view that the senses simply make distinctions in the world. The closest grammatical counterpart focuses on the term, not the sentence and point to the different function >>>

Study on ubd books

2008-2009 " A Study on the Usefulness of the UBD Books to the Pre-Engineering Students of San Beda College Rizal" In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements For 3rd Quarter English Submitted to: Mr. Anselm, The Pre-Engineering Class December 17, 2008 APPROVAL SHEET This research paper entitled " A Study on >>>

Status of women entrepreneurs in india assignment

Key Words Rationale behind Women Entrepreneurship Nature of business Indian Women are into Why do women enter into Entrepreneurship Government's Policy for Women Financial Support and assistance to women Achievements of women entrepreneurs in the field of Science and Technology Profile of Women Entrepreneurs Problems faced by women Entrepreneurs So >>>