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Pidilite industries annual report 2010

Net sales of branded Adhesives and Sealants grew by 14% and contributed 49% of the total sales of the Company. In the last year? s report, the Company had highlighted the impact of the economic slowdown in India and abroad and its impact on the overall economic growth rate and >>>

The discourse of childhood in zimbabwe health and social care essay

According to the Framework for the Protection, Care and Support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Living in a World with HIV and AIDS, an orphan is a child who has lost one or both parents. To explore the effects of HIV/AIDS on Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

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Describe aidas theory of selling

The extent to which a short line policy should be pursued is governed by the amount of risk that management is willing to assume the narrower the line, the greater the risk. The decision on the number of outlets at each distribution level affects the size and nature of the >>>

Ritual in therapy for prolonged grief: a scoping review of ritual elements in evidence-informed grief interventions

Grief comprises emotional pain related to the death of a loved one, feelings of yearning and longing, and preoccupation with the deceased person or the circumstances of the death. The included 22 studies are summarized in Appendix 1 describing the name of the intervention, the reference that reported the >>>

Adaptive locomotion control of a hexapod robot via bio-inspired learning

In the work of Sun et al, the inverse kinematics of an 18-degree-of-freedom hexapod robot is calculated to control the dynamicly alternating tripod locomotion of the robot. Therefore, inspired from biological control systems, a two-layer CPG motion control system is firstly proposed in this paper to generate locomotion for the >>>

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Intracolonic mustard oil induces visceral pain in mice by trpa1-dependent and -independent mechanisms: role of tissue injury and p2x receptors

Second, we tested the effects of the purinergic antagonist TNP-ATP on the behavioral alterations induced by low and high doses of mustard oil, and compared them with those induced by the pharmacological antagonism of TRPA1 by AP18. The mice were handled in accordance with international standards, and the procedures were >>>

Sony ericsson sustainabiliy report 2011

2011 Sustainability Report About Sony Ericsson 1 About Sony Ericsson About the report Sustainability is a central part of everything we do at Sony Ericsson, both internally and externally, from the development of our handsets to the recycling initiatives in our offices. From the very beginning, with the launch of >>>

Sars-cov-2 proteins exploit host’s genetic and epigenetic mediators for the annexation of key host signaling pathways

In this study, we aimed to model the complex host-SARS-CoV-2 interactions with the associated differentially expressed genes found in the SARS-CoV-2 infection to gain insights into the probable immune escape mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2. Also, we have compared the differential gene expression profiles of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 infected cells to find >>>

Disrupted subcortical-cortical connections in a phonological but not semantic task in chinese children with dyslexia

For example, the left putamen was reported to be activated in a visual rhyming judgment task and was thought to be involved in the initiation of the phonological processing. And the left pallidus and the left caudate were found to be more activated when recognizing words with higher frequency and >>>

Ethics in the workplace assignment

The Committee was entrusted with the task of researching on the latest thinking on social responsibilities of business, existing codes of ethics in other countries and business philosophies expressed by the enlightened sectors of Philippine business and industry; and in formulating a proposed Code of Ethics based on the research. >>>

The evolution and development of peer to peer (p2p) networking essay sample

Due to some of the many features and design implementations of the Gnutella network, it is open to a wide variety of security risks. Many of the issues that arise from using the Gnutella network are due to the nature of the content that is traded within it.

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Manufacturing magic and computational creativity

As mentioned, for an automated trick design system to be built, such as that described by Williams and McOwan, it is necessary that not only are the components of the trick understood in a formal sense, but also that the system is designed in a way that enables the outputs >>>

Altered insular subregional connectivity associated with cognitions for distinguishing the spectrum of pre-clinical alzheimer’s disease

Therefore, our in-depth understanding of neuroimaging-based continual pathology across the spectrum of pre-clinical AD can help assist in the development of a new method in pre-clinical AD diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it is reasonable to hypothesize that the insula is an extremely vulnerable area, as well as a critical hub, >>>

Distinct changes occur in the human breast milk microbiome between early and established lactation in breastfeeding guatemalan mothers

Given the advancements in resolution of microbial barcoding technologies, coupled with the need to identify the factors that influence breast milk microbiota, the purpose of the study was to determine if human milk microbiota differed by maternal age, BMI, parity, breastfeeding practices and lactation stage. This was driven by Streptococcus >>>

Characterization of the leucistic texas rat snake pantherophis obsoletus

Recently, we have shown that the Lavender phenotype in corn snakes is likely caused by a mutation in LYST and impacts the formation of pterinosomes in xanthophores, reflecting platelets of guanine crystals in iridophores, and melanosomes, resulting in lighter overall coloration without affecting the geometrical elements of the color. Note >>>

Parental factors associated with child post-traumatic stress following injury: a consideration of intervention targets

Although a number of pre-, peri-, and post-trauma factors have been associated with increased risk for the development of PTSS in child trauma survivors, together these risk factors account for a relatively small percentage of the variance in subsequent PTSS symptoms. Parents or guardians of children exposed to traumatic injury >>>

Key metrics that impact selling behaviors commerce essay

The intense competition and overall planetary fiscal environment requires Purolator to alter the traditional make up of its planning and structural base from entirely operational to more of a intercrossed selling and salesoperations composing in order to accomplish sustainable concern growing. The writer has hypothesised that the absence of corporate >>>

Critical investigation into research background and sport/event sponsorship

Regardless of the title or place in the organization, in a sponsorship when a company sponsors a sports event or concert, or supports a charity with its resources, it is attempting to increase the perceived value of the sponsor's brand in the consumer's mind. One other area that is of >>>

Linguistic creativity as emerging from adolescent english language

The 2nd chapter trades with acquisition of grammar, and grammar and creativeness, whereas in the 3rd chapter the originative usage of grammar and Krashen ' s hypotheses are discussed. Harmonizing to Herschensolm, vocabulary is a aggregation of nervous webs placed both in the right and the left hemispheres.

Comparative analysis of private, public banks

The first set of applications that could benefit greatly from the use of technological advances in the computer and communications area relate to the Payment systems which form the lifeline of any banking activity. The term online became popular in the late '80s and referred to the use of a >>>

Applying classical conditioning toward the physiological detection of concealed information: beyond native responses

It is imperative that the interrogator and the examinee both agree upon the interpretation of the stimuli used during the investigation. The current approach, rather, installs and verifies a blink response contingent on statement veracity such that the outcome of the procedure would be the veracity of a given statement, >>>

The measurement of capital flight economics essay

The contribution of this study is to: estimates the size of capital flight from Mauritius for the period 1980 to 2010, using the residual method.analyzes the determinants of capital flight andanalyzes the impact of some of these determinants, in terms of their contribution to capital flight, using an autoregressive distributed >>>

Om heizer om10 ism 04 essay

4 For; t = 2, 3, 4. 00 2 21 20 1.00 1.0 1.

Health & safety issues in garments industry of bangladesh assignment

The definition reads: " Occupational health should aim at: the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations; the prevention amongst workers of departures from health caused by their working conditions; the protection of workers in their employment from risks >>>

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Purpose of the Study The purpose of the present study was to measure the implementation of inquiry by middle school teachers in Kuwait and their beliefs about teaching science as inquiry as a part of the science curriculum. The Role of the Teacher in the Inquiry Classroom Teachers are one >>>

Internship report

In order to cope with the fast changing scenario of dynamic global economy, liberalization and globalization and in the light of the directives / suggestions of the Focus group of Bangladesh Bank, the Credit Policy has been revised in October, 2005. The larger the number of correspondents and the wider >>>

Organisational structure of cbi essay

The jurisdiction of SPE was extended to all the Union Territories and the Act provided for its extension to the States with the consent of the State Government. The Central Government may extend to any area, besides Union Territories, the powers and jurisdiction of members of the CBI for investigation >>>

Industrial marketing management assignment

In this study, IT advancement measures the extent to which a firm applies the state-of-the-art technology to augment its supply chain capabilities while IT alignment reflects a firm's strategic emphasis in coordinating and integrating its own IT with that of its supply chain partners. In addition, the need of IT >>>


Specifically, the study's findings include the following: - Only 70% of all students in public high schools graduate, and only 32% of all students leave high school qualified to attend four-year colleges.- Only 51% of all black students and 52% of all Hispanic students graduate, and only 20% of all >>>

Year 9 maths revision essay

2) Express the following as powers of 2 4) Evaluate the following a) 2? b) 3? c) 2? d) 4? 2) Simplify the following a) b) c) d) e)? +?

E-commerce security issues for united kingdom industries 41462

The detailed objectives of the research are provided below: o To study the evolution of e-commerce to ascertain the reasons for rapid growth of the industry in UK in recent years o To study the types of risks having an impact on the e-commerce industry and the extent of the >>>

The changes in communication and technology english language

The inquiry of de-massification of the media and its political and societal effects may change harmonizing to the utilizations of societal networking media. It is in this context that this thesis will reply the major research inquiry: The hypothesis adopted emphasiss that Twitter is so a radical tool, but every >>>

The life history of sikh gurus theology religion

In the Sikh faith, the rubric Guru applies merely to the 10 Gurus who founded the faith, get downing with Guru Nanak Dev, A the first Guru andA Guru Gobind Singh, A the last Guru in human signifier. The Guru is indispensable in the life of a searcher to get >>>

Sex media

THE NATURE OF SEX IN THE MEDIA Types of Sexual Content Sexually oriented media may encompass a wide variety of sources. Measuring the effects of sexual content in the media: A report to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Garbage collection algorithm essay sample

Garbage collection is often portrayed as the opposite of manual memory management, which requires the programmer to specify which objects to deallocate and return to the memory system. A pointer to the beginning of the free space is maintained; allocation consists of returning the pointer and incrementing it by the >>>

Corporate social responsibility narrative

They have, in the selection of the Accounting Policies, consulted the Statutory Auditors and have applied them consistently and made judgments and estimates that are reasonable and prudent so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Company at the end of the >>>

Diploma in business studies

This business plan is also prepared as a guideline for day-to-day management of the business and for the purpose of gaining the collaboration with the suppliers. Other than that, in the meanings of colourpsychology, yellow is the colour of the mind and the intellect that is optimistic and cheerful.

Collection and transportation systems business essay

Determining the number and location of the functions is a central task in the strategic level design of reverse & closed-loop supply chains. One is to change the design of products in the forward supply chain and the other is to adapt the recovery processes in the reverse supply chain.

Dba questions essay

If UPDATE_EMP is a view, this statement will display the data from the base table ans)If UPDATE_EMP is a stored procedure, this statement will display the text of this procedure If UPDATE_EMP is a table, this statement will display the text of the CREATE TABLE statemen If UPDATE_EMP is a >>>

Strategy manager

There was a growing consensus that the water crisis facing the world was not so much one of availability of water, but rather, in the management of water, especially in the cities of the world. THE COMPANY IN 2009 In 2009, Hyflux was one of Asia's leading environmental and water >>>

Non synonymous variation of cases and controls biology essay

It is strongly believed that one of the chief hazard factors of AD and PD is age, something that connects instantly our diseases with the mitochondrial disfunction, since the reduced mitochondrial map Acts of the Apostless lending significantly to the aging procedure of the being. We will transport out statistical >>>

Seminars, trends and issues on phil education

Scientific literacy encompasses written, numerical, and digital literacy as they pertain to understanding science, its methodology, observations, and theories " scientific literacy is the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and processes required for personal decision making, participation in civic and cultural affairs, and economic productivity" According to the United >>>

An evalution of the attachment theory

The ' Social Care Institute for Excellence' was established by the Government in 2001 to improve Social Services for Adults & Children in the UK and recently stated that; "60, 300 Children are in residential care in England today." Data gathered from secondary research will be presented in a ' >>>

World war 1 – america – ptsd post traumatic stress disorder

Watching all the above mentioned events and incidents in the midst of the battle fields and among the victims of the World War1 was present Ernest Hemingway, an American Red Cross ambulance driver who witnessed and used all these war events and post-war condition of the society as a backdrop >>>

Agricultural activities in dungun terengganu sociology

Hence, the countries of agribusiness are really of import to the state in guaranting nutrient continuity and economic development of the state. In this research, the research worker focuses on how societal capital can lend to the success of fertigation undertaking in Dungun Terengganu.

Clone town high streets cultural studies essay

This will outline the waves of retail change, the debate of clone towns and home towns, the development of market towns, the gaps in research and the aims and objectives. The results and analysis of the data will be separated into the two main themes of this dissertation, participant's opinions >>>

Risk analysis investment assignment

The evaluation of project risk therefore depends, on the one hand, on our ability to identify and understand the nature of uncertainty surrounding the key project variables and on the other, on having the tools and methodology to process its risk implications on the return of the project. A risk >>>

Does bicameralism matter? essay

A legislator is pivotal if her support is necessary for the passage of new legislation giving the institutional structure of the policymaking process and the distribution of preferences. The conservative bias of the House in the 1920s is accounted for by the number of progressive Republicans in the Senate.

Conceptualizing and measuring democracy: a new approach

We end by reviewing some of the payoffs such an approach might bring to the study of democracy.n the wake of the Cold War, democracy has gained the status of a mantra. He served as a member of The National Academy of Sciences' Committee on the Evaluation of USAID Programs >>>

Supervisory function of public service commission essay sample

1 Main Objective of the study The main objective of the study is to examine the supervisory function of Public Service Commission in promotion of public servants in Tanzania.1.3. 7 Scope of the study The scope of this study will be limited to the supervisory function of the Public Service >>>

What are the different kinds of insurance business essay

The availability, price, terms and conditions of insurance policies purchased by firms engaged in offshore drilling are likely to change in the coming months as a result of the oil spill. This investigation typically includes a review of the unit design, construction materials, operating model, liquids and materials being handled, >>>

Genome-wide analyses of metal responsive genes in caenorhabditis elegans

The use of C.elegans has also facilitated identification of genes that are involved in the cellular response to Mn exposure. Many of the pathways and cellular processes affected by metals in humans are also present in C.elegans.

Macro enviroment

SWOT analysis is taken in consideration to match the company's strength to attractive opportunities in the environment, while estimating or overcoming the weakness and minimizing the threats. The growth in the market has not necessarily had a positive effect on the sales of Mars due to the inexpensive and generic >>>

Anglo american dissatation essay

However, to improve the governance in this area Anglo American could disclose the main risks to the company and the strategy it has in place to deal with these risks. The skills and knowledge of all the board members are summarised in the annual report, to give the shareholders and >>>

Placebos as a source of agency: evidence and implications

But a satisfactory understanding of the nature of the placebo effect shows that the healing comes not from the lie itself, but rather from the relationship between healer and patient, and the latter's own capacity for self-healing via symbolic and psychological approaches as well as via biological intervention" Discussions of >>>

Food tourism

The Global Report on Food Tourism, the latest in the UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai 4 UNWTO Global Report on Food Tourism The aim was to try to obtain a series of conclusions regarding some of the initiatives that are going on worldwide in Food Tourism for possible inclusion in the >>>

Branding of bangladesh, by enam, jnu. 01676004772

A mental map is a visual depictim of the different types of association linked to the brand in the minds of consumers. A brand Mantra is a short three to five- word expression of the most important aspects of a brand and its core brand association, the enduring " Brand >>>

The rise of the animated heroine

Myth and modern mythic narrative can subtly have the great power to expand and redefine the normal societal expectations of female behaviour, which is of particular interest to me, both in the narrative itself and the heroine's personal journey within the lives of the audience members watching." Modern myths wield >>>

Psychoanalytic underpinnings of socially-shared normativity

In other words, interdependent with the experience of being fed, is the creation of an " inside," and that,...showed the baby struggling for the capacity to introject and that this is a function of the skin, or rather a function of skin sensations which arouse fantasies of a containing object......the >>>


INTRODUCTION Isolation of Aspergillus niger from garden soil for the production of amylase enzyme and effect of various parameters on enzyme, production is the main aim of this study. The use of microorganisms in.biotechnology is common, however A.niger is considered to be one of the most essential of those microorganisms.A.A.niger >>>

The preventing urban runoff into lake victoria environmental sciences essay

These resulted in increase of the cost of purification and treatment, loss of potential revenue from tourists and transportation, health risks for the communities due to water borne diseases and shortage of clean water for domestic and industrial use. The main study objective was to analyse the causes and effects >>>

Effects of computer essay

English Grammar Performance of Freshman Students in the College of Arts of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines: Implications for Effective English Instruction A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the College of Languages and Linguistics Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Jasul The Problem The main objective of the >>>

Project on gulistan textile mills

In that south Asian republic which shares borders with China to the north, India to the east, and Iran and Afghanistan to the west, as well as the Arabian Sea to the southwest cotton textiles and apparel historically were the focus of the industry, mainly because of the large amount >>>

Mcdonald’s and the environmental defense fund

Relying on public relations material released by McDonald's and EDF before and during the partnership, as well as contemporaneous and subsequent news accounts, I show the variety and the variability of rhetorical strategies adopted by McDonald's in its attempt to construct itself as green in the eyes of its consumers >>>

Testout chapter 6

There are several ways to correct the problem including reducing the physical distance to the client, using a wireless amplifier, upgrading the antennas on the wireless devices or adding another WAP to the infrastructure. Which of the following is used on a wireless network to identify the network name?

Impact of merchandising on sales of luxor writing instruments flashcard

Students arguably constitute the largest and most prolific body of users of pens today, and this change made a significant difference to the pens sector within India, since it brought high growth in the volume sales of ballpoint and gel pens and of their refills. Marketing has been a neglected >>>

Anthropology: study notes (trobrianders) essay sample

The Cultural Future of Humanity * One World Culture: idea that all cultures will adopt the same ideals and will therefore ultimately be the same * Rise of multinational corporations, such as Coca Cola * Example the worldwide use of currency, such as the Trobriand currencies of armshells, bundles and >>>

Enhancing clinical competence thru scenario-based simulation assignment

Decker, Sportsman, Puetz, and Billings stated that nursing competence involves the acquisition of relevant knowledge, the development of psychomotor skills, and the ability to apply the knowledge and skills appropriately in a given context. The use of all forms of simulation will be an essential element of this change, and >>>

Indian social structure and values & ethics in business essay sample

The present popular meaning of a tribe in India is a category of people, included in the list of the scheduled tribes: Tribal populations are poor, are relatively isolated and closed groups, forming homogeneous units of production and consumption. It springs from the size, density and heterogeneity of the population, >>>

Case study and implementing diversity policies

ITEC is a key driver of change in the global knowledge economy and a key contributor to the productivity and competitiveness of the European economy. In particular we would like to thank The Royal Academy of Engineering for sponsoring the project; Professor Wendy Hall, CBE FREng, Senior Vice President of >>>

Affirmative actiontopics

President Johnson developed it and first enforced." This is the next and more profound stage of the battle for civil rights," Johnson said." We seek...not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and as a result." This is a response to the article of >>>

Bali essay

By idendfying the tuncdon of the settlement as a centre for ritual and secular Ufe of the various classes of the cidzens of the royal kingdom, and by idendfying the complex reguladon of land use, the central role of and Uvely enterprise of the market, as weU as the ordering >>>

Starbucks case study argumentative essay

The key in the original Starbucks success was the cofounder's knowledge of the product and service, and the carefully chosen location of the stores in Seattle. Although the experience was a success, Baldwin perceived it as moving into the path of a place to get a quick cup of coffee >>>

The boeing company: strategic audit essay sample

The members of the Office of the Chairman consist of the Chairman and CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief People and Administration Officer, and the Chief Technology Officer. The Office of the Chairman is responsible for the overall operation of the Company and implementing the policies set by the >>>

A comparative analysis of overstock and amazon

The financial statements and financial ratios from 2006-2008 of both Amazon and Overstock are shown in comparison with one another to offer some insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each company and to evaluate their performance, and include consolidated statements of operations and consolidated balance sheets from 2005-2008 and >>>

Operations management assignment

This if you wish to improve the system operations, try to attack such nonproductive elements in the total throughput time of the entity in the system. Cell layout In cell layout, the materials and information entering the operation are pre-selected to move to one part of the operation in which >>>

Media management manual

The author is responsible for the choice and the presentation of the facts contained in this publication and for the opinions expressed therein, which are not necessarily those of the UNESCO and do not commit the organization. To the Thomson Foundation, the British Council, the UK's Department forInternational Development, the >>>

Enhancing human resource manual of berger paints assignment

JOB ADVERTISEMENT: The P department will advertise the post in leading Newspaper through Marketing & Sales department as the purpose of advertisement is to detail system and procedures adopted and maintained by P department in order to find the right candidate from outside the company for the required position. PRE >>>

Managing to achieve results

Addition to the slogans, the company publics the price list of the tools the workers using to make them understand the value of each tools they are using, the take care of those tools, saving and using effectively.[pic] Figure 1: Ford Vietnam Symbol is an element showing the Ford VN >>>

Increasing organization capacity assignment

Project management is the coordinating effort to fulfill the goals of the project. Project management is the coordinating effort to fulfill the goals of the project.

Lovely professional university

CHAPTER IV LIST OF SIMPLE PERCENTAGE TABLES Table showing gender of the respondents Table showing marital status of the respondents Table showing the age of the respondents Table showing Education qualification of the respondents Table showing Years of experience of the respondents Table showing monthly income of the respondents Table >>>

Analyze the human resource management essay

So for improving the performance of employees it is important to provide them opportunities for growth and development and there is a need to develop and build the perception of employees that there is fairness in every aspect, this thing will lead towards increasing the level ofmotivationand employee engagement, this >>>

Biology final review

The rate of decay is expressed by the half-life, the time requires for 50% of the parent isotope to decay. The relative fitness of an individual refers to the contribution that individual makes to the gene pool of the next generation, relative to the contribution of other individuals.10.


There are three types of symbiotic relationship between the host and bacteria; commensalism, this is when the relationship is of benefit to the bacteria but has no positive or negative impact on the host organism. The haustoria grow out from and area of the fungi called the hyphae, this is >>>

Hul’s marketing strategies

In 2009, we received the highest number of patents in India and continued to focus on product and process innovations to derive improvements and better the quality of our consumers' life through our brands. Through our brands, we hope to address the issues of low awareness of hygiene and nutrition, >>>

Customer loyalty assignment

Part Six, consists of the hypothesis of the research and the lastly Part seven explains the significant of the research. By identifying the antecedents of customer loyalty and understanding the impact of these antecedents on customer loyalty, service provider can set in practices that enhance the relationship that 3 organizations >>>

Banking industry of india consists of foreign and domestic banks.

ABSTRACTThe main purpose of this thesis is to measure the market concentration of Indian banking industry after the implementation of the reforms in financial sector and also to measure the financial performance of the top five foreign banks that are operating in India. The first chapter of the dissertation is >>>

The functioning of the mind english literature essay

But, he was of a depressive nature, hence in his 30's became a pastor in the Swiss Reformed Church Evangelical in a backwater in Canton Thurgau. Carl described himself as an introverted and solitary child, saying that he was most happy when he was left alone to his thoughts, which >>>

The property of atlas magnet system biology essay

The second layer collects the largest fraction of the energy of the electromagnetic shower, and the third layer collects only the tail of the electromagnetic shower and is therefore less segmented in eta. The L1 muon trigger is based on the information in the muon trigger chambers: RPC in the >>>

It report on networking

One of the cables that comes from the main 24 port switch goes to the patch panel then a RJ-45 cable is connected from the patch panel to the switch in the cabinet. A user on a workstation which is connected to the domain can only view the internet if >>>

Introduction to the solar system environmental sciences essay

Composed chiefly of silicates and metals, the objects of the inner Solar System crowd really closely to the Sun; the radius of this full part is shorter than the distance between Jupiter and Saturn. Our investigation, the ESP begins the geographic expedition of the solar system with the 3rd planet >>>

Practice test for certified information systems auditor

Answer: A QUESTION NO: 21 A sequence of bits appended to a digital document that is used to secure an e-mail sent through the Internet is called a: A.digest signature.B.electronic signature.D.hash signature."Pass Any Exam. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 40 Which of the following is a data validation edit and >>>

Financial reporting quality: red flags and accounting warning signs

I hypothesize that financial reporting quality can improve investment efficiency by reducing information asymmetry in two ways: it reduces the information asymmetry between the firm and investors and thus lowers the firm's cost of raising funds; and it reduces information asymmetry between investors and the manager and thus lowers the >>>