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Effects of non-pharmacological or pharmacological interventions on cognition and brain plasticity of aging individuals

These technical advancements, along with the notion that the aging brain retains the capacity to reorganize its morphological and functional architecture, have promoted strong interest and leaps forward in the knowledge of the physiology of the aging brain and aging-related cognitive processes as well as in the exploration of strategies >>>

Experimental research on dreaming: state of the art and neuropsychoanalytic perspectives

According to psychological studies, visual imagery occurs more frequently in dreams than imagery of other senses; the dream drama is mostly lived by the dreamer from a first-person perspective; some elements of real-life events previously experienced by the dreamer often contribute to the scene of the dream; most often, the >>>

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Context as relevance-driven abduction and charitable satisficing

As we will see in the present paper, most of the history of the research on context has consisted, roughly speaking, of focusing our gaze in the general direction of the object glanced at in peripheral vision and then trying to describe or enumerate the salient features of what is >>>

Oxidative imbalance in candida tropicalis biofilms and its relation with persister cells

To our knowledge, this is the first study that has attempted to correlate PCs of Candida biofilms with alterations in the prooxidant-antioxidant balance and the architecture of the biofilms. Biofilm 1 was formed from planktonic culture and exposed to Amphotericin B, and biofilm 2 was formed from the PCs1 population >>>

Navigating the feminine in massively multiplayer online games: gender in world of warcraft

This includes gender stereotyping, how female gamers are treated, how female characters in games are displayed and created, what can be done to make the online gaming experience more inclusive and how the topic of gender harassment might be related to cyberbullying. Unwillingness on the part of both male and >>>

Annihilation of caste

The accompanying pages contain the text of that address.[4:] The public will be curious to know what led to the cancellation of my appointment as the President of the Conference. I was then convinced that in getting the address printed in Lahore, the main object of the Mandal was not >>>

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Role of metabotropic glutamate receptors in neurological disorders

Modifications to the expression and activity of the cysteine glutamate antiporter may influence the function of mGluR2 and mGluR3 in brain areas involved in drug dependence. Moreover, the extravasation of immune cells and molecules towards the inflamed area a process that is necessary for the activation of complement cascades and >>>

Corporate finance assignment

5 EBT = $8, 308 Now we can calculate: EBIT = EBT + Interest EBIT = $8, 308 + 1, 600 EBIT = $9, 908 The last step is to use: EBIT = Sales? Change in NWC = Net capital spending = Net new equity = 0.

Why we need to conserve the heritage construction essay

Those heritages bear the weight of the collective memory of our city and the past generation which are one of the important elements of our city. With regards to the past experience of revitalization in Hong Kong and other countries, revitalization scheme of some historical relics are complained by the >>>

Stroke cerebro vascular accident health and social care essay

Stroke incidence and prevalence are essential for calculating the burden of disease and for planning the prevention and treatment of stroke patients. Determine the effectiveness of Selected Nursing Interventions on Swallowing and Feeding Performance in patients with Post Stroke Dysphagia.

Levels of social sharing and clinical implications for severe social withdrawal in patients with personality disorders

In order to arrive at a comprehensive definition of the social sharing concept, keeping in mind these diverse areas of research, we must take into account the various constituent elements of this kind of social interaction: the motivational element, or the impulse which induces human beings in early ontogeny to >>>

Functions of music making under lockdown: a trans-historical perspective across two pandemics

In the shock of novelty and uncertainty, of having nothing quite like the current situation in our collective memories, we have exhumed narratives of past medical calamities the 1918 Flu pandemic, for example, or the three pandemics of plague in search of cultural signposts for the present. This paper will >>>

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Herbert spencer, sociological theory, and the professions

In the interests of clarity, however, it is necessary to cover very briefly again a little of what was covered in more detail in the earlier article, chiefly in relation to what Spencer meant by the " social organism" and the place in societies of the spontaneous cooperation of social >>>

Why language really is not a communication system: a cognitive view of language evolution

Another line of thought was opened by Krebs and Dawkins, who claim that the root of the evolution of animal communication lies in manipulation, linking the sending of a signal to a response advantageous to the signaler. In other words, the evolution of communication is not the evolution of the >>>

We can work it out: an enactive look at cooperation

Cooperation has been described as the " coordinated, synchronous activity that is the result of a continued attempt to construct and maintain a shared conception of a problem" or, more basically, as consisting in " acting or working together and a common or the same end or purpose". Thanks to >>>

Cross-docking: state of the art

For instance, to coordinate the inbound and outbound trucks to the appropriate docks, the arriving time and the destination of the freight need to be known before the physical arrival of the goods ). For the papers included in the literature review, the characteristics of the considered cross-docks will be >>>

India boom in the it social work essay

To explain night shift schedule, it can be defined as work schedule that is full time, extending after midnight with atleast 8hours and 5 days work, which means that the employees are expected to work in the dark and sleep during the day, bringing in major alterations to their life >>>

“whatever did ever happen to the likely lads”? social change, mobility, class, and identity in the uk 1969–2019.

Although It can also be argued that social improvement had increased across the board between 1945 and 1969 but it was only those in certain industries and parts of the country who were able to withstand the economic pressure of the 1970's after the 1973 Oil crisis, the coming of >>>

NASA Technical Paper

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Uae coping up with its sustainability construction essay

Environmental Sustainability: Environmental sustainability is the one which is achieved by making practices in such a way so as to make use the natural resources in prioritise basis and at the same time to reduce the pollution by controlling the emissions of CO2 gases and constructional or any other wastes >>>

Pooled panel data set from nine finance essay

In terms of the macroeconomic determinants of stock market development, the results support those of Garcia and Liu, in that we found the indicator of banking sector development, to be an important determinant of stock market development. A new path of research came into the literature of financial development and >>>

Ticks and tick-borne pathogens at the cutaneous interface: host defenses, tick countermeasures, and a suitable environment for pathogen establishment

Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Kopecky, J, and Kuthejlova, M. Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text Nuttall, P, and Labuda, M." Saliva-assisted transmission of tick-borne pathogens," in Ticks: Biology, Disease and Control, eds A.S.

The crucible

Today it bears the harmless-sounding name of the McCarthy Hearings on Un-American Activities, but for the people who got caught up in it some of them our parents and grandparents this witch-hunt was anything but fact, to the playwright Arthur Miller, the McCarthy Hearings bore an alarming resemblance to >>>

What really changed? environments, instruction, and 21st century tools in emergency online english language arts teaching in united states schools during the first pandemic response

The authors turned to the rhetorical question of audience and determined that it was helpful to think of their research as " for" the student teachers and new teachers who were experiencing the pandemic and its aftermath without a repertoire of strategies that could be adapted. They realized that the >>>

House on mango street

She tells you that her mother is very important to her and very crucial to the family by devoting a whole paragraph to her. Esperanza's neighborhood, a low-income area, is "getting bad" means that the people moving in are what are making the neighborhood so bad."Then as if she forgot >>>

Morphology and physiological functions of plants biology essay

Although switchgrass has the ability to grow in a variety of environmental conditions and lower soil fertility, selection of cultivars is an important factor for successful establishment and production in specific environments. The consequences of monoculture in maize and switchgrass are very different in terms of management practices and productivity.

How to

I want you to finish this book feeling that you have got a better understanding of women, that you have learned exactly how to make her feel fantastic in bed, and, most importantly, that you are so charged up with new ideas that you just cannot wait to try them >>>

Chapter 1

In some other systems, di erent units are used for thermal and mechanical energy: in the English system a BTU is the unit of thermal energy and a ft-lbf is the unit of mechanical energy. The unit of force is the "pound force , the unit of mass is the >>>

Essay on the republic

And if he is compelled to look straight at the light, will he not have a pain in his eyes which will make him turn away to take and take in the objects of vision which he can see, and which he will conceive to be in reality clearer than >>>