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Papers collected: 1656

The if we do not essay

The poem is framed by this recurring motif of the pomegranate, forming the backdrop to the poem as Laura is seduced by the calls of the Goblins and the market place. Rossetti conveys the idea that the ' dark side' has the capability to consume the individual, as Laura becomes >>>

Study guide: the world history of islam assignment

Mecca: The city where the Ka'ba was located; considered to be a Holy City for the Islamic faith; the rulers of the city tried to have Muhammad and his followers killed because they needed the Ka'ba and the polytheistic religions in the area in order to keep the area urrounding >>>

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Personal finance management assignment

I have learned so much from this course pertaining to finance that I can use on my journey In rebuilding my credit and making a healthier financial situation for myself. I know that I have to wait two years to purchase a home and that is one of my desired >>>

Toni morrison the bluest eye

Pecola? s acquiesce to the world? s judgment about the ideal beauty, the fact that she responds in silence to all the repugnance and rejections directed towards her, is another distinguishing factor from her and Claudia. It is clear of how different Pecola and Claudia responds to the society? s >>>

Business ethics a contemporary approach | book review

Gael McDonald is the author of Business Ethics: A Contemporary Approach and is the co-author Postgraduate Business Research: Surviving and Thriving and Organizing an Academic Conference: Guidelines for Scholarly and Academic Success. Like McDonald book, this study included ethics and the role of leadership.

Amanda poseidon. in regards to guests, or uninvited

Through the traditional Greek custom of xenia, Homer shows how one's decorum and hospitality is a prominent aspect of the story as it ultimately determines Odysseus's path on his journey back home and the wellbeing of his family. Eumaeus and the Phaeacians help Odysseus in obedience to the concept of >>>

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Reckless by nature

This was just the very beginning of the reunion of Gatsby and Daisy that was soon to come. Fitzgerald seems to say that Daisy is the source of Gatsby's doom.."..

Madoff securities

In this paper we determine the regulatory oversight that was in place while the Ponzi scheme was operating, and speculate on the main reasons why they did not discover the scheme, we will look at investing in Madoff Securities and how to expose the potential fraud. The fundamental audit procedures >>>

Summary conclusion implications recommendations health essay

To assess the pre test and post test level of knowledge and attitude regarding the ill effects of tobacco among tobacco users. To assess the effectiveness of community awareness programme on knowledge and attitude regarding the ill effects of tobacco among tobacco users.

Assess the impact of thatcherism on british society

Some of the key points and policies that were adopted by the successive Conservative governments will be discussed, thus giving a broader viewpoint over topics such as, the reform within the welfare state, the divergence with the 'Trade Unions', the consecutive public sector privatisations and the handling of the 'Education >>>

The cold war became a dominant influenc assignment

While it old not be accurate to say the civil rights movement happened because of the Cold War, the backdrop of the Cold War helped people to realize that aspects of American society were in contrast to the values we were professing to stand for and changes were needed. Both >>>

Understanding the communication process in the workplace

Encoder is the shape and format of the message that the initiator wants to communicate. A hand-shake can mean the other party is happy to see us and will help the oral communication to flow.

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China’s economic development since the 1950s

To understand the essence and the implications of the Chinese economic development means to understand the way the country was able to embrace the benefits of the communist system and the best features of the market economy; and China's " putting people first" is the best and the most appropriate >>>

Accounting: depreciation and marks assignment

To start the business on 1 April 2014, he deposited $1, 000 into a new bank account opened in the name of the business. Depreciation expense of $6, 000 for the year has not yet been charged to the accounts.1.

The amend and codify the entire law of

The Committee after studying the existing rules of Hindu Succession suggested some revolutionary changes in the system in order to remove inequalities and injustices to women folk amongst Hindus and accordingly recommended for the codification of the law relating to Succession. Another disqualification stated in the Act relates to a >>>

Editorial: leptin resistance in metabolic disorders: possible mechanisms and treatments

A seminal finding to the understanding of the mechanisms leading to body weight dysregulation and the onset of obesity was the discovery of leptin, from the Greek term leptos, identified by Friedman and collaborators at The Rockefeller University in 1994. Science 7: 856 8.doi: 10.

Introduction students in public schools may perform

These two types of schools are also similar in that most of the subjects taught in public schools and home schools are the same. There are laws that govern both public schools and home schooling, and they need to be adhered to in terms of the learning content.

Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees

Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees Financial crisis impacts on progress of employees Introduction The world has experienced a number of financial crisis and to name a few; the recent American financial crisis also popularly known as global financial crisis, which happened in the year 2008. Second the United >>>

Secrets – creative writing

The familiar sound of a bell ringing on the shop door alarmed Bill, as he was busy in the storeroom. Anyway, to get to the point" he added." We believe that she was a colleague and a friend of yours"".

De mar’s product strategy

The OM should strive for a superior product that would live up to the 1 year guarantee and service excellence on the part of the service person. Repair of Plumbing and heating/cooling is critical to the customer and therefore should be important that the company satisfy the customers need in >>>

Francis bacon assignment

In 1617, Francis Bacon was made the new Keeper of The Seal, and was made lord chancellor the next year and received the title of Baron Verulam. The next he called The Idols of the Cave, which are in the minds of each individual and are based on the individual >>>

Creating a peaceful world

From the First World War to the creation of the now defunct League of Nations, its demise, World War 2 and the creation of the United Nations, the Cold War, the Gulf War and the over one hundred ongoing conflicts in different parts of the globe, greenhouse gases and global >>>

Episode eighteen: the female perspective in joyce’s ulysses

In addition to the irregular style and methods Joyce uses throughout Episode Eighteen, the choice to employ this technique from the perspective of a female character is significant. As the finale to James Joyce's Ulysses, Episode Eighteen encompasses a number of themes and ideas while also exploring unconventional literary techniques.

economic environment essay sample

My business will respond to these impacts of government spending in the same way, this would be to increase prices as they know the demand would be there for certain prices, and this increase in prices for these specific products almost guarantees Apple will have a raise in sales and >>>

Hamlets view on death essay

The line Doomd for a certain term to walk the night, and for the day confined to fast in fires shows Hamlet that his father is neither in hell nor heaven, but in some kind of middle world, but still on the earth at night, maybe in hell in the >>>

The history of the american pitbull terrier

This is a breed that has literally descended from a canine ambassador of our country to the black sheep of the dog world. In 1920, an APBT breeder by the name of Dave Wilson decided to take the breed in to a new direction.

Analizing mass media assignment

After analyzing the content of this image, nothing that is going on in the picture or text is related to the product Jose Curve. Though the couple In the background already Implied that the product would bring them happiness, the text In the middle of the ad reinforces that your >>>

Alcohol and driving while intoxicated

It is not good to drink and drive when you are in a good mood, but your driving is also influenced by your mood. The only real way to measure the amount of alcohol in your body is with a breathalyzer.

Depressed industries and regions and methods of improvement

There are several strategies that government can do to reduce this type of unemployment by providing government training programs to the structurally unemployment to develop their skills which is marketable to current job needs and also incentives for those unemployed to join the training scheme. This type of unemployment usually >>>

The neuropharmacology of the age-old sedative/hypnotic, ethanol

A commentary on Ethanol activation of protein kinase A regulates GABA A receptor subunit expression in the cerebral cortex and contributes to ethanol-induced hypnosis by Kumar, S, Ren, Q, Beckley, J. Ethanol activation of protein kinase A regulates GABA receptor subunit expression in the cerebral cortex and contributes to ethanol-induced >>>

Introduction intervention (rti) response to intervention is

However, the gradual increase in the number of individuals with learning disabilities led to the disapproval of this method. As a result of this separation and early identification school performances tend to improve and the number of children with learning disabilities is minimized making this programme to be a successful >>>

Boy cry

The most important aspect of young male development to the author is the context in which a boy is raised. Though it might seem like a small thing on the surface, the author makes sure to mention that one of the biggest developmental problems facing boys in American society is >>>

Benefits of telemedicine

Telemedicine can be defined as " The delivery of health care services, where distance is a critical factor, by all health care professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing >>>

Rcg final

I, Raid Stirs Dispute Over Influx of of ImmigrantsBruce Lambert - Farmingville raid evicts many mexican immigrants living in dangerous houses but leaves them with no place to live Immigration AftermathAlejandro Portes - If United States wants to keep bringing in cheap workers, it needs to understand aftermath, especially the >>>

Patria’s eternal courage

As the oldest of the Mirabel sisters, she uses her experience and religious beliefs to aid her in surviving. Patria feels confused and questions her own religious beliefs because she comes to the realization that it may not be a necessity to her life.

Legal and ethical leadership in management flashcard

The conduct of the company did not contribute to the improvement of intelligence, wisdom, and self-restraint. Being that the articles are practically identical, there can be some confusion on the part of the consumer as to who the designer is.

Case study research paper on peer influences

Her plan was to wait for the bell to ring and then rush to the front of the classroom and, with the help of another student, stab herteacherto death. Hence, there will be an experimental group, which will experience a change in the independent variable, and a control group, which >>>

Tesla motors, inc. fundamental company report essay sample

In the part that describes Tesla Motors, Inc.competitors and the industry in whole, the information about company's financial ratios is compared to those of its competitors and to the industry. The Tesla Roadster Tesla Motors, Inc.

Transition of purchasing from a tactical to a strategic activity

Because of the need to curb the costs involved in this crucial supply chain channel, companies have began to consider purchasing as a strategic rather than a tactical function in the overall supply chain." Strategic purchasing" aims to reduce the cost of materials that are consumed in production by a >>>

Ellen olenska: commodified innocence

This realization, turns the attention of the readers to Ellen, and to the ironic fact that in contrast to what New York society thinks it was she that was the innocent one. In the beginning of the story, it is immediately made clear that Archer is somewhat different from New >>>

What are the key differences between positivism and classicist approaches to crime control

An analysis of the two leading theories in this field, the positivist and the classicist, focusing on the key differences between the two approaches will assist in concluding on which of the two approaches will succeed in becoming the focus on crime prevention policies. The major shortcomings of Lambrosian theory >>>

Informations technology

TTS has said that It Is expecting to beat the forecasts of 11-14% growth In revenues set by MASCOT for IFFY. But by failing to meet expectations in 3 of the 5 recent quarters, it has lost its status as the industry bellwether.

Image of augustus as potrayed in res gestae history essay

He took the name Augustus in 27 BC when he founded the principate, which is the system of monarchy headed by an emperor holding power for his life and his powers were based on constitutional forms.[1]Thus Augustus was one of the most influential leader in the history of Rome as >>>

Week 1 assignment

000 February 1.67 1.8 -0.13 0. 000 February 1.67 1.8 -0.13 0.

The growing up of famous people

The Holly represent people who have the bravery to admit their mistakes and tell the truth to other people. If we want to the children become the people who have the good personalities, we should set the good example for the children.

Book review on the book virgin birth

In the book under consideration, that is Virgin Birth: The Real Story of Mary and Her Son Jesus, the author has discussed some of the previous stories of Christmas that are present in the New Testament, reforms the traditions that have been used in them and then moves on to >>>

Effectiveness of artificial insemination in beef cattle

Initial Research Report Understanding Why Artificial Insemination in Beef Cattle is a Smart and Effective Tool Understanding Why Artificial Insemination in Beef Cattle is a Smart and Effective Tool Artificial insemination is the process of collecting semen from a bull and impregnating a cow or heifer with the sperm cells. >>>

Stereotypes in society and how to stop it

If someone were to ask what is a women supposed to do when they grow up, is the typical response still to get married, be a stay at home wife and mother, while the father figure of thefamilygoes to work to support the family? Stereotypes are present in everyday life, >>>

Belbin roles essay sample

They are often excellent listeners and they are naturally able to recognize the value that each team members brings to the table. Plants are often introverted and prefer to work apart from the team.

Editorial: animal transport and related management

In Canada, Rioja-Lang et al.reviewed available scientific literature related to the welfare of pigs during transportation as part of the update of the codes of practice. In their perspective paper, Edwards-Callaway et al.describe the process of sending dairy cows to slaughter in the US, including discussion of animal welfare and >>>

Case study: nestle

Case Study Report Nestle Introduction: The case study on the multinational company Nestle, which happens to be a FMCG global giant reveals the strategies and the well designed plans of the company wherein it tries to shift its image from a food company to that of a nutrition health and >>>

Financial markets assignment

The video was particularly about the field of finance that includes opportunities we can grab after few years of education and training about financial management and the reality behind It when working In the finance Industry. And the last topic was all about bonds which tackle its importance and impact >>>

Good example of three question test essay

He comes to this conclusion based on the fact that most of his clearest dreams are indistinguishable from waking experience and thus argues that it is possible that everything that he sees in the world is only a figment of his imagination. He first established the claims of empiricism that >>>

Periodontal therapy evaluation

Therefore, the reduction of bacterial deposits and calculus on tooth surface is one of the objectives of periodontal therapy. Studies assessing variations in the magnitude of root surface changes created by hand, sonic, and ultrasonic instruments are lacking.

Popular mechanics – raymond carver

The wife does the same thing, and the husband grabs the child by the top of his arm underneath the shoulder. As the couple pulled on the child from its arms, it is apparent that they harmed the baby in some way, hence the last line of the story: " >>>

The turning point: john updike’s a and p essay

Through the events that take place in the store, you are able to compare the state of mind and maturity level that Sammy possesses from the beginning of the story to the end. This is the moment when Sammy truly takes his first steps towards becoming free and the person >>>

Editorial: colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals: synthesis, properties, and applications

In this Research Topic we present a collection of original research and review articles touching upon different aspects of semiconductor nanocrystals, including their synthesis in liquid media and in solid state via laser patterning, integration into polymer matrices, applications in photocatalysis, and infrared photodetectors. The Research Topic provides interesting insights >>>

Fashion marketing essay

They need to know what the needs and requirements of the specific target customers are and what they need to do to be more customer focused. This will also give the customers and public a good impression about the brand, Segmentation: Market segmentation is the process of dividing a >>>

Blondes vs brunettes: the battle of the brains

There is no point in exaggerating the obvious; the stereotype that blondes are dumb is alive and well. To further reinforce the negative stereotype, the image of the dumb blonde is a popular role to play.

Impact on businesses

After struggling for a few years, he got a job at a restaurant as a cook's helper before being promoted to the post of a manager. Kazi bought a deteriorating KFC restaurant with the help of a few loans, and fixed and cleaned the interior and exterior and improved the >>>

Eternality of war

What the three men allude to is the idea that perhaps the true brutes are not the ones on the defense, but the offense, and that the disease of imperialism and the contagion of power are what turns men into savages in the end. His short captions are paired with >>>

Harriet beecher stowe biography

Stowe started off not as successful as her siblings, but she stuck to her gut feeling and eventually created some of the greatest pieces of writings that opened the public's eyes towards slavery. Another huge influence was her attitude towards slavery and the wrong doings that she could not speak >>>

Implications both economically and militarily. security dilemma:

Power is the mostimportant concept of realism: It is not the difference in the importance of the concept offorce in the theory of realism, as it is the most realistic conceptions ofrealism. The structure of Georgia is very weak economically, politically and socially as compared to Russia.

Transport fundamentals essay

This can be substantiated in light of the fact that the execution of transportation operations occurs as a result of the combined operation of technology based instruments and the utilization of labor. As these processes occur, the transportation department causes implications to be subjected upon the environment around the scenario, >>>

Ezra pound’s material girl

Through brilliant use of extended metaphor, Pound presents the reader with the lady's ephemeral character; as his femme figuratively embodies the intellectual bric-a-brac of civilization, she thus personifies a static basin for the social currents of the modern world. As the speaker addresses the lady primarily with regard to her >>>

Language and power essay sample

Due to the nature of the piece being an advertisement trying to persuade the audience to do as they wish, influential power is being put upon the audience here to make them do as they wish. As the law is seen as a very serious matter by everyone, the use >>>

Social media for pr: implications and opportunities

Mandy Soh The Role and Implications of New Media for PR With the introduction of the internet comes new media, which in recent years have seen PR practitioners having to adapt and change their approach to cater to the online community. Because of the fast transfer of information in the >>>

Positive and negative advances in biotechnology

It is not only the medical field or improving human life that biotechnology is greatly appreciated for, but also in the use of crime solving and forensic work. Birth is a natural process and should not be altered in any means except if it is to treat the child for >>>

Cultural retention, renewal and erasure essay sample

Culture can be defined as the way of the life of a people, with regards to both the material and non-material aspects. However, as a result of a developing and maturing society, in addition to the birth of various generations and external influences, these " ways of life" can be >>>

2,2,7,7-tetramethyloctane c12h26 structure

3 cm 3 Polarizability 22.8 0. 0 C at 760 mmHg Vapour Pressure: 1.0 0.

Fractured humerus

Assessment and Treatment At the hospital Karen was seen by the doctor on duty and the initial assessment was with much concern since at the time she was in such pain the doctor chose to apply a weighted cast and have her return in two days for a follow up. >>>

Discuss the impact of new technology on the organisation of work

This investment has lead to the introduction of computers and robots and the like to the production process and the workplace. Here, the implementation of new technology is the introduction of computes to the office - along with networks and access to the internet.

Arthropod-borne viruses: japanese encephalitis virus

Retrieved May 3, 2019, from term= The Neglect and Fast Spread of Some Arboviruse Saxena, S. Retrieved May 5, 2019, from Simon, L.V.

Environmental and industry analysis

Good-to-Go customers place orders with the business via telephone or company website, and then the company collects the requests and consequently delivers them to the customer. The inherent strengths of the company involve its comprehensive techniques, ideas, skills, and knowledge relating to the varied requirements for vehicle registration at the >>>

The homeless and elderly population

Our goal for those in the Human Services field is to promote awareness and compassion about homelessness in our society and the rest for the world by providing the real facts. It is heartless to remain in a cage of selfishness while our fellow human beings endure the pain of >>>

The online booking in the hospitality industry tourism essay

In fact, the industry has realized that during those early forays into cyberspace, the industry did not view e-booking strategically, and handed over too much control of inventory and pricing to those third party online travel agencies, and now the industry is in the unenviable position of trying to take >>>

Women in psychology paper

The mention of women in the early development of psychology usually refers to them as minor contributors to a field that at one time was predominantly dominated by men." Women of the time were subject to gender and martial prejudice". The other field of psychology Leta Hollingworth was a great >>>

Freshmen: the logic behind the stereotype

None of the kids your age will really like you because you are ' no fun' and you will not find your older friends yet because you are still a freshman. That's not ok, if you want us to treat you like people then you have to earn it.

Data communication and network engineering essay

9 mmDust capsFig1-single modeFig 2-Duplex modeA push-on, pull-off type of multimode or single mode connector with a ceramic ferrule and an SFF design a simplex or a duplex plastic housing, often used for LANs and data communication. Figure 3Technical data: Housing material: Metal, Nickel platedFerrule: CeramicTemperature range: -40 C to >>>

Review amongst pupils over the diploma to

For students who identify as members of the minority population, the context and climate of a campus may have more to do with their identity development than it does for those who are members of the dominant groups on campus, whether religiously, racially, or ethnically. In a similar exploration of >>>

Dear america: letters home from vietnam essay sample

I pray that none of you will of all time hold to set on a uniform for hostile grounds." The writer.himself a veteran of Vietnam.forewords each chapter by depicting facts of the war.and how many of the work forces may hold felt at that phase of their circuit.but it is >>>

Concepts of ageing and disability

The difference is that impairment is the irregularity in structure of function of the body, the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness such as dysomia- impairment of the sense of smell while disability is the restriction of be short of of ability >>>

Analysis and interpretation

The Impressionist painted in the open air and used a palette of pure colors. Explanation Nature painted in the terms of light and color were a style of Impressionism.

Dark tourism

2 Scope The report includes a definition of dark tourism, the history, a description of its target markets with its marketing implications, the push and pull factors and the various impacts caused and the challenges faced. 4 Trends of Dark Tourism The main reason for visiting dark sites is because >>>

Editorial: advanced corrosion wear resistant alloys and their characterization for high-temperature applications

Editorial on the Research Topic Advanced Corrosion Wear Resistant Alloys and their Characterization for High-Temperature Applications Wear is one of the failure modes of material damage, and it is of importance to the study of mechanical equipment destruction. This Research Topic focuses on the design, control, and characterization of wear-resistant >>>

Stop this train by john mayer

The album takes maturity as a theme throughout, with songs ranging from the politically charged " Waiting for the World to Change" to the heartbreaking and sultry sound of " Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. In attempt to fully transport the listener to the scene, the song begins with >>>

A short formal report looking into setting up a chemical plant essay

Firstly the company will have to pay for the land that the plant will be built on, as well as all of the construction costs, including the building materials and the labour, the human effort, to build the plant. They will also have to pay for the land, which is >>>

Older people and driving

It may also force them to use public transport, which in many countries like the USA is unavailable, and in countries where it is available it is not the best as many of the occupants' tend to be secondary school kids. This source is very reliable because it comes from >>>

Somthing that annoys you

When cigarette butts are discarded on the ground, many of the toxic chemicals will leach out of the cigarette and will run in to the lakes and oceans. Chemicals in cigarette butts easily leach out of the butts, and are deadly to small but important animals that live in most >>>

An users apparently do not have a means

Although the electronic cigarette has been associated with various benefits on the side of the smoker, this innovation poses certain hidden adverse effects to the smoker and the general public. Few studies have been undertaken to establish the health implication of the e-cigarettes.

Book review: self and social identity in educational contexts

While the above is, undoubtedly, a non-exhaustive list of those currently working within the area of " self" and " social identity," Mavor, Platow, and Bizumic's book " Self and Social Identity in Educational Contexts " utilizes social identity theory combined with self-categorization, referred throughout as the " social identity >>>

Critical analysis of a published article essay

It is evident that the reporter has researched the subject well, for example he starts the article with and interview of a 40 year old web designer, he gives us various statistics and also an overview of what has been happening in the last few decades all over Latin America. >>>

Counterculture paper: hackers

Whether they are a group of Hippies or the Russian Mafia, they are still considered to be a counterculture which rejects the pre-established norms of the larger cultures and replace them with their own values and practices. With no specific agenda, Anonymous aims to call attention to censorship, government control >>>

Bharat engineering works : case study

The controlling mechanism is not well in place as it is the lack of the proper control that is the root cause of the problems face by the company. The production department of the company is facing the problem of high production cost and poor quality products due to the >>>