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Papers collected: 1666

Editorial: metabolic disturbances in mental illness: neuropathogenetic mechanisms and therapeutic implications

They also proposed a model to explain the potential central and peripheral signaling pathways and molecules linking the pathophysiology of schizophrenia and development of metabolic dysfunction, and antipsychotic-induced exacerbation of the pre-existing metabolic problems. In summary, studies published in this Research Topic provided a picture of complex bidirectional interactions between >>>

General agreement on tariffs and trade and rwanda

Rwanda states that the actions taken by Australia through the Gorilla and Forest Preservation Act 2005 to prevent the entry of coffee and timber exported by Rwanda contravenes the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Because of the fact that both export goods of Rwanda are considered to be like >>>

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Psychology and its branches sociology essay

The sole purpose of psychology is to unravel the mystery of ' why' and individual acts a certain way. The branch of psychology that specifically affected Picktons mentality was his development as a child and the environment he grew up in, in other words development psychology.

What did gorbachev fail to forsee

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev vaulted onto the world scene from relative obscurity as the General Secretary of the Soviet Union in March of 1985, bringing with him the promise of positive change and the revamping of the Soviet society. How could the policies of restructuring and reforming the economic, political, and >>>

Intimate partner violence

This topic is important to study in order to reduce the prevalence of IPV and to be able to better help victims of IPV. In a 2004 study, Henning and Feder compared the demographic characteristics, severity of intimate partner violence and criminal histories of men and women arrested for assaulting >>>

Definitions of forced or unfree labor

This paper aims to critically evaluate the growth and related governance of the unfree labor market in the modern global economy. However, in contrast to governments, NGOs have pushed the idea of Rights and suffering as the basis of the fight against this type of labor.

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Differentiation education essay sample

According to Deane and Tumber, ' Differentiation is a planned action on the part of the teacher at every stage of the process of teaching and learning, from the inception of a scheme of work to the production of language by pupils'. In order to allow for a variation in >>>

How close are we to artificial general intelligence?

It will discuss the advances in the study of Artificial General Intelligence including the pathways one might took to create AGI, the dangers that may arise from one, how such dangers might be mitigated, how AGI is closer to completion than ever before, and how there is a scepticism about >>>

Commentary: fungal lifestyle reflected in serine protease repertoire

From the perspective of the secreted enzyme repertoire, a recent noteworthy article titled " Fungal lifestyle reflected in serine protease repertoire" exhibited a phylogenetic distribution of serine peptidases represented in the fungal kingdom. The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the presence of the different serine peptidases families in a >>>

Women oppression in hedda gabler

It is fitting that the title of the play is Hedda's maiden name, Hedda Gabler, for the play largely draws upon the idea that Hedda views herself as her father's daughter rather then her husband's wife. Hedda is a strong, bold, and independent woman for her time, yet she is >>>

Editorial: mechanisms by which acute and chronic exercise promote cardiometabolic health

Editorial on the Research Topic Mechanisms by Which Acute and Chronic Exercise Promote Cardiometabolic Health Exercise promotes cardiometabolic wellness and is effective in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity-related conditions. We begin our compilation with a comprehensive review of the cardiovascular effects and benefits of exercise >>>

Concept of transit oriented development construction essay

Transit-oriented development refers to a design of the country to maximise the entree to so as the usage of public conveyance to accomplish sustainable transit, and the sustainable transit can assist accomplish sustainable society as a whole. But TOD is suited in Hong Kong, given the high denseness of population, >>>

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A solution to factory farming ethics

This has become evident in factory farming because man is mistreating the animals in order to produce the cheapest and most productive system for vast amounts of meat no matter the moral standing to animals and the land. They are trying to convert as many people as possible to vegetarianism >>>

Student attrition has been concern of higher education education essay

Harmonizing to the three documents, I would wish to sum up and raise treatment on points sing the challenging of interaction during the first twelvemonth, designation and support of first twelvemonth university pupil at hazard of abrasion and serious idea about dropping out in first twelvemonth, tendencies, forms and deductions >>>

Violence in schools: causes, effects and prevention

Therefore, this research paper, with the aim at reducing violence in schools and creating friendly and safe educational environment for students, discusses about three questions of why this issue is becoming more and more serious, what the consequences are and what should be done to solve this problem. It is >>>

Awakening: the role model

Edna wants to be free and is happy to relieved by the fact that Reisz is there to help her. Even though Edna is a free and independent woman by following the lifestyle of her counterpart, Mademoiselle Reisz, Edna struggles to be completely free.

Human resources challenges faced in china commerce essay

The complexnesss involved in operating in a concern outside Australia for the ABC Company, will raise the issue of distinction in the modes encountered in the acquisition of assorted classs of employees. Motivational orientation will be influenced by the gender of the workers and this creates a batch of challenges >>>

Analysis on tristram shandy’s paradox

Therefore, the key aspect of Russell's argument is the capability of an immortal Tristram Shandy finishing his autobiography, since the number of days in his life is equivalent to the number of days required to write about his life as they are both infinite. Granted that Tristram Shandy wrote one >>>

Review of paolo gerbaudo’s: ‘tweets and the streets’

Furthermore, the author claims that and that these two features are commonly conflated, which results in a one-dimensional, stale analysis of social media.' Tweets and the Streets' attempts to negotiate between the idealistic and the cynical widespread beliefs regarding the Internet as a device for social change and assembly. The >>>

Do we live in a sustainable society

There are many ways to define sustainability and to answer the question of whether we live in a sustainable society you should first define the question. The reality of what we are faced with here is not a change that everyone does not want to make; it is more of >>>

Improving organization retention essay

When an individual is hired by an organization to do a specific Job that individual expects, they will do their Job to the best of his or her ability and in return he or she expects to be treated fairly by the organization and other employees. Two-Factor theory The two >>>

The placement of fibre post health and social care essay

To let the visible radiation to perforate in the internal facet of the root, glass fiber stations and quartz fiber stations are used as they allow the transmittal of visible radiation to the deepness of the root canal therefore leting the rosin cements to polymerise deep in the canal. Some >>>

What are the causes of world hunger?

During most conflicts and wars the soldiers and fighters kill the animal and take control of the farm in order for the victims to listen to them and go by their terms. What Are the Causes of Hunger in the World,

Pros and cons of outpatient commitment for sex offenders

Pros and cons of mandatory outpatient commitment laws Civil commitment is the legal process through which a mentally ill person is instructed by a court into treatment. Impact of outpatient commitment on therapeutic relationships The enforcement of outpatient commitments may have a negative impact on the therapeutic relationship of those >>>

Mr. jim wormold, the unlikely optimist in our man in havana

According to the online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, " faith is the allegiance to duty or a person: loyalty: fidelity to one's promises: sincerity of intentions."# The concept of faith can cleverly be disguised as a purely religious byproduct; possessed primarily by the followers of a religious belief system >>>

The respects the value of diversity ,

The role of the Instructors is very important to shape the next generation's mind, to make sure that the world in the future is going to be a better place by making the students understand what was wrong in the past and learning for mistakes. The aims of the teachers >>>

Good research paper on geography information

Despite the fact that the economy of Brazil is growing at such a faster pace, poverty and crime are reportedly increasing in the country. The article unveils the fact that the government rejoices in auctioning of two of the Brazil's largest airports while the economy of the country continues to >>>

Under what circumstances might governments wish to regulate markets, and how might this best be done?

Under a monopoly a firm will operate at the price taking level, MC= MR at this profit maximising level the firm will not operate at the socially optimal level, a level at which the consumer benefits." The deadweight loss is a waste in social surplus, by increasing the level of >>>

A reply to an erring customer

Everyone in the apartment building is dancing by their window to " All Right Now." A super appears on the screen: " Are you on the right wavelength? " Questions: 1. He tried to convince the Fuma project manager that his (Arvind company had the bast reputation for doing construction >>>

Beckett’s novel achievement: absurdist comedy in waiting for godot

In Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, the playwright bestows upon his work the veneer of comedy, but invests the heart of it with the " absurd", the tragic. He employs the gags and the routines, the circus comedy and the songs of the " lowbrow" arts, to underline and to >>>

Concentration of a limewater solution

Introduction A titration method will be used to work out the concentration of the limewater But before the concentration of the limewater can be worked out, the correct concentration of HCL must be worked out and an ideal indicator used in the titration method must be chosen. HCL Concentration The >>>

The consumer

First of all, I would like to outline the background of the food origin in order to support my idea for the benefit package and to carry out the analysis of the most acceptable type of benefits packages to chose. In order to get more information and understand the human >>>

Impact of parental overaspiration

To address this question, the study defines parental aspiration, parental expectation, and parental overaspiration as the desires or goals that the parents have for the student's future, the realistic beliefs that the parents have for the child's future, and the extent by which parental aspiration surpasses parental expectation, respectively. It >>>

Medication: pharmacology and medicines act essay sample

Person responsible for medication needs to have a training and have a knowledge about the legislations and policies, needs to been able to contact a Doctor and Pharmacy and order or to know how to dispose medication, etc. A person prescribing them, in this case that will be a Doctor >>>

Editorial: exploring volcanic paroxysmal explosive activity from magma source to ground and atmosphere

The first paper of the collection gives an overview of the long-term dynamics of the volcanic paroxysmal activity at andesitic and dacitic volcanoes during 1960 2010. As a specific case of volcano producing frequent explosive eruptions with low VEI, the second paper of this Research Topic considers the Etna eruptive >>>

Would it be economically beneficial to britain to introduce

Before we talk about the logistics of such a tax it needs to be stated that some fat is important to the human diet and therefore the tax would be on the overconsumption of fat not fat itself. The use of indirect taxation may not be viable due to the >>>

Iodine: properties, uses and dangers

One of the most notable features of iodine as an antiseptic is the lack of selection of resistant strains. Wijs reagent, a solution of iodine monochloride in acetic acid and can be prepared from a mixture of iodine and iodine trichloride, is used for the estimation of the iodine value >>>

Ethics exam assignment

50 % 2) The professor gave the student above a zero on the paper but the student was able to get a passing grade in the course. An expert in the agency recognizes the work you " prepared" the night before the interview and asks some very pointed questions to >>>

How did the dinosaurs die and will it affect humans essay

Yet, in the late Mesozoic Era that corresponds with the extinction of the dinosaurs, evidence shows that the planet slowly became cooler. In 1956, Russian astronomer Joseph Shklovsky became the first scientist to consider the extinction was due to a single catastrophic event when he theorized that a supernova showered >>>

Analysing the cause and effect of urban riots

Government commissions that were formed to seek the cause of the riots indicated that majority of riots in the 1960's and early 1970's were due to racial grievances and deprivation. In conclusion, riots have continued to wreck havoc on the society and the general order of things.

Computer interaction and design: user interface assignment

The phone is very user-friendly and the interaction that it is endowed with is somewhat stimulating for the mind. Of course we all know that the fact that the phone is wireless it creates other issues like the security of it, but that is another topic.

Cyber law in india

Cyber law India is an organization that is dedicated to the passing of relevant and dynamic Cyber laws in India. Cyber Law Association is the common meeting point of legal professionals, scholars, jurists and other stakeholders who all are committed to the growth of cyber law and cyber legal jurisprudence.

Expatriate selection process relation to success and failure business essay

With more houses traveling planetary in hunt of competitory advantage, the success of the exile is built-in to the company. The ground for exile failures in these MNCs is that there is a deficiency of a proper standard for the choice of the exile.

How has technology contributed to globalisation?

Sharing of the sources of production from different geographical locations for levaraging the quality and cost of the goods and services produces is the idea behind the products' globalisation. In the 1960's the US dominated the globe's economy and the international trade picture and it also led the front when >>>

Conflict in the workplace

It was my nurse asking me where I was, because I was on the schedule and supposes to be at work. While the phone was ringing I could hear my nurse come back to the phone, she told me that I was right and that the scheduler just didn? t >>>

Christopher columbus

At the time in Europe it was a common belief of the educated that the world was round, but this theory was never successfully tested by the Europeans by sailing around the world. Christopher Columbus deserves his status as a prominent historical figure worthy of his own holiday because he >>>

Question and answer

0 vs Ho? d = 0 Df = n 1 n= 25 = 25 1 = 24 SE of the differences = s/vn = 4/v25 = 4/5 t = /SE = / 4/5 = 1 Critical t- score for? = 0. 0 vs Ho? d = 0 Df = n >>>

Commentary: mating preferences of selfish sex chromosomes

Yet the selfish sex chromosome hypothesis fails to address the critical issue of why male traits are showy, as is apparent from the accompanying commentary where Kirkpatrick says that the selfish sex chromosome theory is unlikely to explain the illustrated phenomenon of bright male coloration. A particular type of trait >>>

Editorial: nad metabolism and signaling in plants

The first review by Ishikawa and Kawai-Yamada examined the roles of the enzyme in cyanobacteria the evolutionary ancestor of land plant chloroplasts which has a far simpler level of compartmentation, in the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway, the glycolysis, and the pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase proton translocation system. The role of NAD >>>

Field trip

Enlists the values of field trip Field trip Introduction The field trip was introduced early in as audio visual media In education because it brings the student into direct contact with a life situation in which the elements can be studied as they actually exists and because it is the >>>

Chinas internet use growth projection marketing essay

The second important force of the Porter's Five Forces Model is the bargaining power of the suppliers which encompasses the switching costs of the firms in the Industry as well as the influence of the inputs on the cost or differentiation. The Industry has a higher bargaining power of the >>>

Wilms tumor treatment in countries with delayed referral

There was a significant difference in the incidence of intraoperative rupture of the tumor between both groups of treatment. The percentage of our patients who received radiotherapy in group was 33.

Recombinant protein expression in microbial systems

Even though IB formation is mainly regarded as a nuance in the production of recombinant proteins, Ramon and coworkers make the case that this is not always true and focus on the positive side of IBs, highlighting the advantages of producing recombinant proteins as IBs for basic and applied research. >>>

Health professionals of prevention in italy: the value of expertise during covid-19 pandemic

The Health Care Professions of Prevention includes two degree courses to train professionals able to use prevention methodologies for the community or the individual health: Health Assistants and Prevention technicians in the environment and in the workplace. Covid-19 and the power of public health.

Response: commentary: a construct divided: prosocial behavior as helping, sharing, and comforting subtypes

Children readily distinguish between a person's proximate and ultimate goals, indicating they are attuned to the root of a problem. Emotional cues also communicate the intensity of a negative state, which may support children's decisions about when and how to respond.

Quantum dots essay

In point of fact, the size of a quantum dot is dependent on the number of atoms that it is composed of [4]. The following is a summary of the advantages of quantum dots when applied as solar cell semiconductors: The first advantage of quantum dots is their tunable bandgap.

The criminal justice system assignment

The patrol unit is tasked with maintaining law and order; the basic duty of the police. It is a basic manual that identifies and outlines the boundaries of the officers on and out of duty.

Linguistics and children

Linguistic competence refers to the knowledge of the language system which will enable the speaker to distinguish the utterances that are grammatical in the language from those that are not. With regards to ' imitation' the role of the caregiver much research has been done in this area whereby the >>>

American economy of the 20th century

The growth of industry in the last half of the 19th century laid the foundation for American economy of the 20th century [1]. Their example and the fact that most Americans - living in a society with a more fluid class structure - embraced the idea of moneymaking with enthusiasm >>>

Principle of proximity in the order of attributive adjectives

Principle of Proximity in the Order of Attributive Adjectives Among the most commonly used adjectives are attributive adjectives, which describe an inherent characteristic in a noun. The principle of proximity stipulates that the more objective the adjective, the closer it is syntactically to the noun.

What is good english?

To be effective, and thus to achieve the writer's or speaker's purpose, the language he uses must be appropriate to the material he wants to communicate, to the time and place, to the audience aimed at, and to the impression of himself he wants to give. They admire the foreigners' >>>

Editorial: behavioral and physiological bases of attentional biases: paradigms, participants, and stimuli

The research articles appearing in the E-book Behavioral and physiological bases of attentional biases: paradigms, participants, and stimuli cover these topics and give a comprehensive overview on current directions and challenges in attentional bias research. Sass et al.examined subclinical samples, utilizing word stimuli, and found evidence of differential attentional biases >>>

Franz kafka life and style

The stories included in my analysis are " The Judgment " The Metamorphosis and " The Trial. After Georg tells the story of his friend's move to Russia, his father declares that he does indeed remember the friend.

Social and health inequalities in new zealand

Assess and discuss the impact the following environmental and attitudinal determinants have on health in terms of planning, implementation, and the evaluation of health interventions: A. There are a lot of factors in the society that determines the health of the people.

Causes of the population decline in china

Consequently, China has an insufficient number of the new generation to replace the older generation, and it will lead to a series of negative consequences and effects in the future. Therefore, the main purpose of this essay is to investigate the reason behind the population decline issue, thus discover several >>>

Vertical coordination essay

In that way the agriculture sector and the food sector were faced with the process of privatization, by somehow removing the control of the state over these sectors. In communist countries, the effects of globalization were in the form of liberalization of the economy, such as the liberalization of the >>>

Impact of the islamic invasion on spain

However, the aim of this essay is to analyse the impact of the Islamic invasion on Spain, as the Muslims has had a considerable effect on the country up to the present day. Architecture, philosophy, mathematics and other sciences also prospered under the ruling of the Umayyad dynasty due to >>>

English essays – house of mirth

Is not it fairer to look at them both as opportunities, which may be used either stupidly or intelligently, according to the capacity of the user?" That is certainly the sane view; but the queer thing about society is that the people who regard it as an end are those >>>

Divinity of rama in ramayana

The Ramayana is as old and mysterious a poem just as the controversial divinity of Rama, the protagonist. In Jainism Rama is accepted as one of the greatest figures[13].

What twenty – four weeks it takes

The moment the sperm and egg meet, or the twenty four weeks it takes for a fetus to be developed inside the woman's womb? As for the sake of the essay, it is for the legalization of abortions.

Understanding fragrance allergies and the common symptoms

The situation becomes worse if it accidentally reaches conspicuous parts of the skin such as the face, where it can make the user unsightly markings that are hard to remove. The substance can also be found in liquor since it's quite edible, on the other hand Perfumer's Alcohol is specially >>>

Economic development (fiscal policy, taxes) essay

The most advanced and least developed lands of today, were either very similar to each other in terms of prosperity for people, or had their roles reversed in terms of wealth, until the start of the 19th century. One may safely conclude that economic policies can be effective in changing >>>

Youth aging out of the foster care system

This usually results in an unsuccessful adulthood because of the following; youth living at home with their parents have the extended supports that youth in care do not, foster youth lack the skills that are needed in order to achieve success in the transition into adulthood, and finally youth in >>>

Road to perdition: the ultimate father-son bonding experience essay sample

In order for a movie to be called a bonding film there is certain aspects that must be present in the screenplay and through the way the actors present the material on the screen. They are sometimes able to in a way become one with the character that is being >>>

Review of the book meridian by alice walker

The love for the cause needs to be on similar lines comparable to the struggle of the ocean to reach the moon. The hide and seek approach as for the inner lives of the characters, the method of depicting the same is the prerogative of the author.

Editorial: arterial aging and age-associated arterial diseases

The inflammatory regulatory cascades are the key signaling that drives the cellular changes involved in the adverse arterial wall remodeling thus facilitating the exponential increase in mortality and morbidity related to hypertension and atherosclerosis. Aging increases the deposits of the advanced glycation end-products, the long-lived molecules of advanced glycation of >>>

Pastoral imagery and its importance in spenser’s “the faerie queene” and “epithalamion”

Although both " The Faerie Queene" and " Epithalamion" focus on beautiful landscapes and the character's relation to nature, only " The Faerie Queene" represents nature in a negative tone with the adventures of Redcrosse Knight and his progression throughout the poem's six books; the knight ultimately suffers due to >>>

The post operative management health and social care essay

The purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate the results of ender nailing of the bones of the lower extremities in children and adolescents patients with OI. All efforts were made to place the rod in the medullary cavity in a central position and to place the T piece >>>

Frankfurt’s counter examples of the principle of alternate possibilities

Frankfurt calls this the ' principle of alternative possibilities.' To clarify this is the view that an agent's decision is free in the sense of freedom required for moral responsibility only if: It is not causally determined, and In the circumstance the agent made that decision, he could have avoided >>>

Social of the play. in the letter to

Unlike the other characters, Horatio marks the pivotal moments of the play; he attempts to converse with the ghost, relays the ghost's appearance to Hamlet, helps Hamlet decipher Claudius's expressions during The Mousetrap, receives the letter about Hamlet's kidnap and return, and he is a mindful lookout for Hamlet's wellbeing. >>>

Ethical legal decision-making dilemma for the nurse practitioner

As a hospice nurse, and soon to be hospice provider I am aware of this request and the ethical and legal ramifications that can become unleashed due to this request. Violation of ethical principle and law The legal ramifications and violation of law for practicing PAD are as followed; FNP's >>>

The evolution of concepts designed to optimize system assignment

Arguments can be made to support the importance of any one of these concepts over one another, however, the use of cache memory or " caching" has been one of the most efficient and effective methods to increase system performance. The larger the size of the memory, the longer it >>>

A comparison between the works of piaget and bruner

The key concept to this was he gave them open ended questions, he believed that non structured and non standard questions was a better way to find out how the children were thinking, this would enable him to follow ideas and concepts of the children's understandings which gave him a >>>

The corporate social responsibility of nissan

Business leaders strive to iron out the desires of the government, well being of the society, the consumer desires, and how to improve their community. According to the Toshiyuki Shiga, the Chief Operating Officer of Nissan, he describes their approach to CSR as supplying in the most positive manner to >>>

Film critique paper: and the band played on assignment

A scene in the movie depicting this was when the word homosexual was crossed out of the newsletter when it discussed the disease. It showed in the movie that the gay community was scared of this disease.

Belonging: the simple gift and my sisters keeper essay

The connection between the two texts, The Simple Gift and My Sisters Keeper is evident as the characters search for a way to eliminate their feelings of alienation and finally discover a sense of belonging. For Anna's mother, the fear of the loss of Kate and the sense of failure >>>

Dubai as an import hub economics essay

Lot of times, the ships are not available for longer routes and thus, a port like Dubai steps in to import and then re-export the same goods at a profit. Re exports bring in a lot of business for the ports and transport and shipment industry in Dubai.

The negative impacts of cruise tourism tourism essay

Furthermore the cruise industry requires a convenient super- and infrastructure at their destinations which often overwhelms the financial capability of the regions and causes a dependency to the cruise tourism. Potential Reasons, as the fact that one of the most important subareas of cruise industry, the Caribbean, cannot comply the >>>

Graves disease graphical abstract biology essay

Graves disease is a organ specific autoimmunity disorder.the self antibodies against the TSH is responsible for the high production of thyroid hormone. The advantage and the drawbacks of the therapy states what treatment is effective.

Report on developing skills

Developing skills in a large organisation through training and development A National Grid case study Page 1: Introduction National Grid is one of the world's largest utilities. National Grid I Developing skills in a large organisation through training and development Page 4 Off-the-Job training This is any form of training >>>

Prince2 scenario 1

Prime objective of this department is to enrich the life of the people of Queensland by involving them in a lifelong learning process by the means of education and training. The decision depends on whether it is a change to a configuration item that has already been baselined and if >>>

A synopsis of the movie shadow of a doubt essay sample

These characters will be referred to as the " doubtless." It is their lack of doubt that further emphasizes and confuses the doubts of the " doubt-errs" as will be demonstrated with young Charlie later on. Section four of the film is the last stage of doubt, distinct and unrelated >>>