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Food bacteria: impacts and causes

The high level of bacterial growth on the nutrient agar is not necessarily as much of a health concern, as many of these bacteria are likely to be non-pathogenic spoilage bacteria commonly found on vegetables and fruit, such as species of Pseudomonas, Corynebacterium and Streptomyces. One of these is the >>>

Relationship between life expectancy and various factors

Our aim in this paper is to examine the effects of genders, per capita income and geographical location on life expectancy. In this paper we examine the effects of geographical location on life expectancy, controlling for gender and per capita income.

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How do you explain the relatively low number of women in parliamentswhat measures might be taken to improve the level women’s presence in legislatures?

The first of the Russian political figures, who intuitively began to introduce women's equality, to involve women in social life was Peter I, who told women to leave the towers and come to the court actions. That is why the promotion of women in power is now being considered as >>>

Youth unemployment in india

A big portion of the world's total youth population lives in India, which has 540 million people under the age of 25 and nearly 200 million between 15-25 years of age.[5]The facts made by different agencies such as the Office of the Registrar General on behalf of the Planning Commission >>>

The baobab, adansonia digitata

The biggest baobab in South Africa is only 22 metres in height, but has a trunk that is 10. This ancient tree stands in the city of Pretoria and a whole suburb is named after it.

Frankenstein and real monster

What he has done reveals that how kind he is, he helps the poor and blind's man's family without telling him that he is the one helping them. This quote shows that how bad the cruel villagers treated the innocent, pure-hearted him and how he reacts that though he has >>>

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Golden age essay

This term is used to identify crime fiction of the early part of the 20th Century, when the genre was dominated by British authors, and directed to the more literate middle and upper classes of the period. Though " Silver Blaze" is a short story, one can see that the >>>

Spectrometry types and applications

Spectrophotometer makes use of the transmission of light through a solution to determine the concentration of a solute within the solution. To determine the molecular structure To estimate the energy levels of the ions and complexes in a chemical system along with the compositions.

Theories of innovation | netflix case study

The principle of the safety brake provided assurance to the use of elevators, but the need to apply the knowledge for the safety brake was informed by the inherent flaws of the technology. Secondly, from falsifying the possibility of technology to ascertaining it in R&D.

Policy analysis paper: caregiver relief act

Costs and Benefits The costs of the Caregiver Relief Act would be no different than the costs the Family Medical Leave Act has already implemented. The leave granted under the relief act will be taken in the same manner, and under the same conditions, and restrictions the use of leave >>>

Allelopathic effect of s. macrophylla on the growth of v. radiata seedlings

Results also indicate that distance of the seedlings from the S.macrophylla has no effect on the intensity of inhibition of the growth of the V.radiata. Is there a significant difference between the survival rate of the seedlings within the proximity of the mahogany to that of seedlings within the proximity >>>

Probability density function for qpsk health and social care essay

References: The sources are listed in numbered accordingly, as in the following article.[9] it is shown the conditional probability distribution function of when was transmitted [9]. References: The sources are listed in numbered accordingly, as in the following article.[9] 02 when is transmittedBelow it is shown the conditional >>>

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Temperature and thermometers

Temperature and Thermometers The Temperature of an object is a measure of the hotness or coldness of that object. An alternative way to think of temperature is to say that " the temperature of an object is a number on some manmade scale that indicates the hotness of the object".' >>>

Creativity in management

Creativity is typically used to refer to the act of producing new ideas, approaches or actions, while innovation is the process of both generating and applying such creative ideas in some specific context. In the context of an organization, therefore, the term innovation is often used to refer to the >>>

Arts and sculptures

As a matter of fact, the most famous of all the works, the Simuwu Quadripod, was one of the most costly creations during the Shang dynasty. The Role of the Shang Dynasty in Trade One of the key aspects of the Shang dynasty was its economic theory that had an >>>

Sas institute case analysis

With a strong leadership spearheaded by CEO Jim Goodnight, coupled with a strong brand, SAS is able to recruit and retain the key talent it requires to execute its business model. It is not fair to say that the model is perfectly in balance as a firm's model is largely >>>


However many people are of the thought that the customs and traditions affiliated with the festival of Christmas pre-date the birth of Christ. The Christmas history mistletoe sheds light on the fact that the early church stalwarts were against the use of mistletoe in the Christmas festivities.

Improvement of the college library education essay

The objectives of the study were: To identify what do the students more frequently use for searching information; To determine how often do the students visit or use the library facilities; To check if students get the information they need from the college library; To find out if students believe >>>

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day essay sample

Not only is it important for everyone to eat breakfast, but unquestionably essential for adolescents to eat breakfast and break the habit of skipping breakfast. Therefore, eating breakfast is a great way to give the body the refueling it needs, and adolescents who eat breakfast tend to eat healthier overall >>>

Is the monkey’s paw an effective horror story? essay sample

There are a number of methods the author uses to make the paw seem as mystical, and therefore more horrific, as possible; firstly, the paw is introduced under unusual circumstances: The owner of the paw, Sergeant-Major Morris is introduced as being ' beady of eye and rubicund of visage'. Irony >>>

The human vessel to the new business frontier

However, before they are willing to go through the growing pains of organizational changes, employees want to and must see that the leader is willing to " walk the talk! " The path of a leader is one of a trailblazer. Tomorrow" s leaders of change rise to the occasion >>>

Insight of plato’s gorgias

The difference between Callicles and Socrates on pleasure and the good is that Callicles thinks the structures of the pleasures one pursues or the pains one avoids is futile whereas Socrates puts extra attention to these structures. Socrates' no doubt tries to prove Callicles wrong and in this case, he >>>

Battle of gettysburg and union

The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the AmericanCivil War. The following events occured on day two: Little Round Top, Devil's Den, Battle of the Wheatfield, Battle of the Peach Orchard, and the Battle of Cemetery Hill.

Difference between love and sex theology religion essay

So, the question as to the combination of lust and love, one cannot say that which is more dominating but one can say is that crude form of sex is generated after divorcing love from sex. What Bertocci has explained about love is that through sex with love one gives >>>

Free sherlock holmes of the conan doyle and of the 21st century critical thinking sample

In the prior works of Conan, the Sherlock Holmes were written in texts and so the audience were to read and analyze the styles used, themes passed, and the character. The cameras become the narrators and assist the audience in understanding the scene and the characters.

Behaviour of shrinking cities tourism essay

The purpose of literature review for a research of shrinking cities is to understand the history of such cities, reasons and results of an urban shrinkage, acknowledge the implementation of cultural and other methods of planning and finally will help to give some valid recommendation for successful policies. IN REFERENCE >>>

Fatigue and pain

On the systematic assessment of the data that is available for the validation data to measure the fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis. There is also the CFI which was developed from the interviews of the patients with rheumatoid arthritis and also the chronic diseases.

Perception vs. insight-literature analysis of american immigration essay

He takes what his parents think of America and the experience he has to influence the knowledge he gains while in America. He writes about a character that hates the experience he is having in America and wishes to return home.

Case study of stickley furniture in the fluctuating market

The skilled workers handle the computerised saw, the curving and drilling of the holes which forms the basis of the design shapes and marketing of the product. The management does this to increase the quality of their production, by keeping track of the status and location of the completed and >>>

Edstmidterm assignment

According to Erickson, id a child fails to resolve a crisis at an early stage, the child is apt to Encounter problems with resolution of crises Forget the crisis and progress normally Remain at the unresolved stage until the crisis is resolved Resolve the crisis at a later stage 18. >>>

Commentary: systemic, local, and imaging biomarkers of brain injury: more needed, and better use of those already established?

Some authors have described cerebral metabolic crisis that is related to alterations in the use of glucose for energy synthesis, traumatic brain injury, and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Cerebral microdialysis in traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid hemorrhage: state of the art.

Editorial: immune-epithelial crosstalk in inflammatory bowel diseases and mucosal wound healing

In the wake of this " microbiome era," it is of utmost importance to elucidate mechanisms, of how immune cells and epithelial cells, on the one hand, react to and, on the other hand, actively shape the intestinal microflora. In this part of the series, Konjar et al.discuss the contribution >>>

The art of torture analysis

By looking at sociopolitical platforms and moral messages behind the ' torture porn' subgenre, it is apparent that this style of film is in fact art and has a prominent spot in the history of film, because it is expressive and forces people to come to terms with difficult truths >>>

On philosophy

One can observe that throughout the stretch of the time that encompassed the early stages of philosophy up to the time of the industrial revolution and the onset of the age ofglobalization, men have dominated the field of philosophy. Thisobservationleads us to the assumption that, because of these deterring factors >>>

Sustainable energy production in australia

Since the birth of industrial age, the aptitude to harness and use assorted energy has positively charmed the lives of billions of people around the globe, empowering them to enjoy comfort and mobility. The growth of the mining sector is one of the most remarkable sectoral trend in the economy >>>

Texting in teenager life essay

However, while teens feel comfortable and familiar with texting, the parents, psychologists and educators feel worried about the negative impacts of texting on health, lives and the development of teenagers. It's fairly easy to hide a cell phone to hide and text, and texting teenagers are not focusing on the >>>

A young lady with feet swelling health and social care essay

The everyday microscopy of piss was positive for ruddy blood cell, ruddy cell dramatis personae, and was negative for white blood cell. Control of blood force per unit area was similar in the two groups.

Diagnosis and management of bronchopleural fistula

Diagnosis and localization of BPF may require multiple chest computed tomography imaging and bronchoscopies.[4] A BPF is usually a manifestation of the underlying lung disease, therefore, measures to reduce the air leak are generally unsuccessful until the patient's underlying lung disease has improved. Conservative management: The primary goals of BPF >>>

Particle agglutination test

In a test using ELISA detects the presence of an antibody or antigen by affixing an undetermined amount of antigen to a test surface which in turn is washed by a specific antibody in order to attach it to the antigen. The antigen is immobilized either by adsorption; the adhesion >>>

Globalization in oreo renault assignment

It took 3 years for Kraft to corner 5% of the market in China whereas it took it only 1 year to do the same in India- thus demonstrating the advantages of the mentioned acquisition. Kraft has also compensated for the lack of Classical Conditioning for Ore among Indian Consumers >>>

Lars eighner’s “on dumpster diving” | review

Pathos is not conveyed by the nature of the situation, in and of itself; Pathos is conveyed by the language of the writer. This is evident in the first paragraph of the essay, which begins with an account of how Eighner researched the origin of the word " Dumpster" by >>>

Collaborative learning

Students would take up the responsibility for their learning; though the teacher monitors the progress and acts as a facilitator, it is the group which decides upon the end product to be presented and the presentation mode. Unequal contribution of the different members of a group can represent a major >>>

Act one scene two of “yerma” essay sample

As this scene initially occurs in the morning I think it important to mimic the atmosphere of such a morning, from Lorca's stage directions I get the impression that the morning is well matured and possibly closing in on the afternoon. She could hobble, rather than walk to the foot >>>

Review of literature related to composite materials

The usage of glass in India is besides really high and is used largely in every edifice and with the addition in the commercial edifices like promenades and office edifices, the demand of glass increased manifolds. It is besides used as an infill in the doors and the Windowss.

Does socialism really differ that much from liberalism politics essay

Socialism is the political ideology that promotes the abolishment of classes within a society attempting the recognition of the community and the development of the country as a whole whilst liberalism is aiming to construct a hierarchical society in which every individual has the right to a profit of its >>>

The industrial training process management essay

Chin and Jen also perceive that the higher the level of students satisfaction on industrial training programme, the greater the possibility of students returning to the industry after their graduation. Practical experience and exposure gained during the industrial training programme are found to be helpful in improving career decision making >>>

World wide yin and yang essay sample

The aspects of the yin-yang principal are the basis of the three major Chinese religions: Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. Each of the three; Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism believe in the Dao, which are one yin and one yang.

Marks and spencer strategy evaluation

Had structured formula for all its stores whereby a set of principles were held as core to the organisation The value chain was well managed suppliers been local and control could be exercised over suppliers and the manner in which the supply to the customers was dealt with in a >>>

Attitudes towards accents: the scouse accent

A famous linguist, Fritz Spiel, once described the accent as ' one-third Irish, one-third welsh, and one-third catarrh' The accent is widely known for its negative stereotypes and the reason for this study is to investigate the hypothesis that Students at the University of Wales, Bangor have a positive attitude >>>

What is lacking in our present education system

I could not trace the link of the origninal article " As a Parent" by Wipro Chairman Azim Premji but his words are worth repeating:" The primary purpose of a school is to guide the child's discovery of herself and her world and to identify and mature the child's talents. >>>

Study on the balfour declaration history essay

It was the name of a Roman state, and in the 10th century, Arab geographers referred to " Filastin " as one of the states of Syria. Zionism aimed to make a Judaic fatherland in Palestine, and hence of its nature was unable to suit the demands and aspirations of >>>

The impact of the treaty of versailles

The Treaty of Versailles and Its Effects During World War I, The main battlefields for the conflict between the Allies and the Axis Powers were the east front of France and the western front of Germany, the western front border lining the Balkan nations and Russia The two fronts were >>>

Introduction to management informantion system business essay

A Multi-Million dollar entity and a listed company on BSE, Country Club India Ltd is a pioneer in the concept of family clubbing in the country. A unique benefit to members joining the Country Club is the facility of transferability of membership from one city to another, paying the differential >>>

Batteries: an important piece in the puzzle of renewable energies for a better world

In this context, the US department of energy has set goals of specific energy of 40 kWh, 1000 cycle life in 10 years of life, and system price of $6000 for batteries in EVs. A new look at the stability of dimethyl sulfoxide and acetonitrile in Li-O 2 batteries.

Submissive women protagonists in literature

STORY SUMMARY In the literature ' The Yellow Wallpaper', symbolism is used in the actions and words of our narrator. In the story, we are introduced to our narrator and her family through a series of journal entries made by the wife which is the narrator of the story.

The concept of freedom theology religion essay

Although the definition appears to be quite intuitive, it might be worthwhile to explore the evolution of the concept of liberty through the ages. The idea of religious freedom materialized in the form of freedom of the individual.

Narration is the art of storytelling essay

Narration is the Art of Storytelling A written or oral narration is the art of retelling a story or information with the use of one's own words. It goes to say that whether in written or oral, the art of narration is beyond the recitation of journal and information and >>>

The combination of water and oil biology essay

Two other characteristics of the H2O molecule are besides of import for its belongingss: the little size of the molecule and that the molecule is strongly dipolar. This happens because the oil and H2O bonds formed by the oil organizing a bed on the surface of the H2O are stronger >>>

Poverty and pollution

The first argument states that the businesses that are polluting in the third world countries place more value on profit than the place on human life, therefore, they ignore pollution standards and take away the right to a livable environment to the people of those regions. Statistics such as these >>>

Organization structure of maruti suzuki business

In production stores the criterion operating processs are displayed on the workstations and are known as Maruti Operations criterions. As the Maruti have functional construction and division of labor so there is high grade of specialisation.

The fall of man in pastoral paradises

In using this motif of the fall of man, Blake both critiques the way in which people limit themselves based on different aspects of life that are an effect of the Fall, and praises the independence that people have based on the Fall and the consequent independence from God. In >>>

Dancehall music assignment

This genre was the most appropriate medium for me to fully express the changes in the life of the main character. The intended audiences are the Jamaican adolescents, ages 14-17 that are exposed to this type of music to remind them to never forget who they are as well as >>>

Clients with memory loss, isolation and communication issues

Margaret was a loving caring women you would never go into the house and not get a cup of tea if you said that you did not want it she would say what's wrong with you, she loved her grandchildren so much and they all loved her because she had >>>

Factors that influence the demand for mobile phones

Function of price in market economy A market economy or free market economy is an economy in which the allocation for resources is determined only by their supply and the demand for them. The command economy is Hierarchy from top to down, and centrally planned economy of socialism The market >>>

How the hashatg trend changes tv

Furthermore, television networks have been quick to notice the power of the washrag by displaying it in the bottom corner of the screen during a show or putting it in the end of a commercial. The fans picked up the washrag quickly and as NBC noticed the trending washrag and >>>

Intersectional feminism’s definition of privilege

By limiting privilege to only a set of individuals, the hierarchy of power is established between those who belong to the privileged group and those who belong outside of it. Men were in the positions of power both in the academic institution and in the media, and the privilege of >>>

Genealogy of programming languages

Genealogy of Programming Languages Pre-computer era Analytical engine The analytical engine, an important step in the history of computers, was the design of a mechanical general- purpose computer by the British mathematician Charles Babbage. It is one of the most popular languages in the area of high-performance computing and is >>>

Sustainable forest management concepts

Seven main elements of SFM which act as a reference framework for sustainable forest management are the extent of forest resources; forest biological diversity; forest health and vitality; productive functions of forest resources; protective functions of forest resources; socio-economic functions of forests; and the legal, policy and institutional framework. A >>>

Has technology helped us assignment

We will review the pros and cons of technology from the beginning of computers until today and why it is a good thing that technology exist, why were better with it then without it. The first thing that I can think of is the car that was developed in 1672, >>>

Issues of tobacco advertising for youth assignment

A lot of magazines and movie directors would be willing to eliminate the use of tobacco and tobacco ads. The problem with this solution is to get the companies to eliminate the use of tobacco ads and use.

Editorial: representational states in memory: where do we stand?

In addition to presumably being a precedent of a computational neural model distinguishing the layers/states of memory, this account provides a reconciliation of some of the discrepancies observed in recent neural findings and those of traditionally held views of short-term memory and long-term memory. Dissociable contributions of prefrontal cortex and >>>

The principles of green design in architecture

According to Yeang and Spector, green design is based on four principles, the green principle, the grey principle, the blue principle and the red principle, which aim to reduce contamination to the environment, recycle waste and reuse energy. The particular examples below cover the application of the four fundamental principles >>>

Analysis of dubai development model with relevance to india

References To: The Leaders of the Business Association of India From: Hull Consultancy Group Date: Reason: Analysis of Dubbed Development Model and relevance to India Dubbed Is one of the most flourishing clues In the world attracting people from all over the world with a strong economy. Policies which India >>>

The concept of disembodied existence is meaningless essay sample

Disembodied existence can be defined as the continuance of the soul in separation of the body, in dictionary terms " to free from the body" This theory is based around that of dualism, which states that two substances can exist independently but also have the ability to form a partnership. >>>

Investigation into plants essay

This is due to the chemical found in the chloroplasts of a palisade leaf cell, known as ' chlorophyll.' The chlorophyll captures and takes in the sunlight until the chloroplasts are full, and then the leaves use the light energy to react the carbon dioxide and water together, along with >>>

Voice in the poisonwood bible

Kingsolver's use and exploration of the technique of voice in The Poisonwood Bible enables her to create a complex novel with many layers, as her characters and their voices evolve throughout their time in the Congo and beyond. Leah is also the only one of the Price family members who >>>

Commentary: evidence for human transmission of amyloid-β pathology and cerebral amyloid angiopathy

However, the authors cannot exclude the possibility of a stimulation of endogenous A production by the prion protein, since other studies with larger cohorts found considerable amyloidopathy in the brain of sporadic CJD patients. Although A is a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, no tau pathology was found in the brain >>>

Case study of absoulte vodka

As there has been a monopoly phenomenon occurred in the rest of the world, Sunroof leading the rest of the market in 2011. Further, with a common perception of flavored alcohols are contain of artificial coloring and sugar, AC might not have advantages to reliance in the global market.

Commentary: atypical self-focus effect on interoceptive accuracy in anorexia nervosa

10: 484.doi: 10. There is a large body of literature documenting the key role of interoception in a wide range of self-related processes, from regulation of primitive bodily needs to self-awareness, through both behavioral and emotional regulation.

Dante’s inferno, a political commentary essay

Those who had lustful designes on the earth are punished in the second circle of Hell, gluttons are forced in the third circle to be guided by Cerberus, people of materialistic designs got a place in fourth circle, In the fifth circle, Dante found Black Guelph, Filippo Argenti, sixth circle >>>

Image segmentation: theories and technology

The next category of image segmentation method is based on the properties of the images to be segmented. The segmentation technique which is based on the information of the structure of required portion of the image is known as structural segmentation.

Educational and dark tourism

Nowadays, teachers do not have the time to organise trips, it is now impossible to accomplish, there are to many paper to fill in, they have to teach the children with lessons that takes time to put in place, give them the work, compulsory coursework and make correction, and for >>>

Tata’s acquisition of corus

In our case, the acquiring company is Tata Steel Makers founded in 1907 and it is Asia's first and India's largest private sector company and the acquired company is the Corus-the Erstwhile British Steel Major which was found on October 6, 1999, with the merger of Dutch group Koninklijke Hoogovens >>>

How eukaryotic organisms came into existence

The relationship of algae and fungi in lichens and of bacteria living in the intestines or on the skin of animals are forms of symbiosis. Unlike the DNA in the nucleus, mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA's are exposed and circular similar to that of a prokaryotic cells DNA.

Econometrics assignment

Culture Rick and Jill remain at the head of the business and, with no external shareholders, retain a strong, personal position in terms of the culture and development of the business. With the expansion of the business, it has been prudent to consider the development of some policies in order >>>

Commentary: the attraction effect in decision making: superior performance by older adults

To conclude, the proposed explanation of lifetime changes in susceptibility to the attraction effect refers to cognitive and motivational changes in late adulthood and to dual system theories. Testing the Strength and Robustness of the Attraction Effect in Consumer Decision Making.

Shakespeare’s ‘the merchant of venice? essay sample

The main characteristic that ' The Merchant of Venice' contains is that of the number three being used throughout the duration of the play. There are a lot of examples of '" three" in the Merchant of Venice, similar to that of the aforementioned fairytale.

Festival and events essay sample

Here is the general outline of the purpose of the sports charity event concept: The purpose of this concept is so that once completed, evaluations can be done to see if the event can be delivered successfully within the available timeframe and resources. The key target of the event The >>>

The dynamics of fantasy and reality in madame bovary

Though the novel is often considered to be a commentary on the corruptible French Bourgeois, the story centers around the selfish machinations of Emma Bovary, a stifled housewife unsatisfied with the life she is leading. Emma is never able to see the magnificence in relationships and love; she is swept >>>

How did stalemate develop on western fornt essay sample

The main priority of this plan was to deliver a massive knock out on France to quickly get them out of the war and then to transport the soldiers back to Germany to protect the country form Russia's war power. This in effect had lead to the stop of the >>>

The application of new ideas to the products

It will so describe on my chosen invention.and be applied to the related instance survey '.' It so will discourse and reflect on the relationship between both the thoughts in the literature consulted and the instance survey. There are a figure of definitions and readings of what the survey of >>>

With the internal industries or other tools which

Free market entails allowing markets rule themselves by allowing the free flow of goods and services, but in the past the government has had to regulate the market either by introducing trade tariffs, which seek to protect the internal industries or other tools which seek to set the market in >>>

Mindful creativity: the influence of mindfulness meditation on creative thinking

A commentary on Meditate to create: the impact of focused-attention and open-monitoring training on convergent and divergent thinking by Colzato, L. 00116 Recently the interest in the neurocognitive and psychological effects of meditation, and in particular mindfulness-meditation, has largely grown.

The death of the signal man

The time was flying by when I released what the time was so I was about to leave and the signalman asked me to come back tomorrow. The next day when I returned to the track where the box was, he was already waiting for me at the bottom of >>>

An exploration into play, provision and pedagogy

The setting provide a set period of time when the children are able to access whatever resources they wish, including the outdoors, and they are able to develop their play and learning in this time, in their own way. During role play, children are able to express their emotions and >>>