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Chemistry of explosives flashcard

Dehydration of explosives is the process of removing water from the explosive compound to reduce the amount of dilution that water would add to the mixture. The incorporating process is the milling or mixing of materials during manufacture with mortars, wheels or machines.3.

David l. miller

Miller 1 Miller fits the profile of an average fraud perpetrator because he does not make massive theft in the accounting firms he is employed. He, therefore, differs in terms of the magnitude of his offenses are lack a clear direction.

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In such a way, it is always necessary to place ethics and an ethical interpration of each and every situation as the primary good towards which all following decisions can and should be defined. In such a way, it is possible to increase the level of ethical awareness that can >>>

Dc motor servomechanism

The operating point of the compensated system bears a similar damping ration as the uncompensated system. The peak times, damping ratio, as well as the settling times of the compensated system, is lower than that of the uncompensated system.

Huntsman school of business

Lastly, the customer service seminar aimed to help the participants broaden their scope and enlarge the customer base through the delivery of world-class service. Specifically, the seminar aimed to equip participants with knowledge of successful incentives and loyalty programs and how to develop a profitable relationship with the customer.

Women’s issue

The issue of gender wage gap can be addressed with much ease through observing a simple plan like the one I will outline below: First, it is crucial for the US government to enforce all organizations as well as offices to treat women 100% in pay, opportunity as well as >>>

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Traditional radio and listening to a station via a mobile app

Traditional FM radio stations that are available nationally or locally have limitations of the genre of music that one listens to; opposed to the mobile apps, such as Pandora, that allows you to choose specific genres. Clear Channel, a radio company, has had success with the merge of traditional radio >>>

Case study ionians strategic

DRY&D and technology exchange Desperate development Database Experts panel research How does Monika use networks to explore new or exploit existing capabilities for the transformation of its business? Monika uses t I network Day slung Jolt development agreement and research as a collaboration agreement on the development of new technology >>>

The fasteners essay

ML was bundling the price of the attaching machines with their fasteners price, if this is unbundled the price of the fastener will eventually come down.2. The price of the fasteners can be reduced by 20% without compromising with the quality of the products ML will still make a profit >>>


The parents are also an appropriate target as they need to control the actions of their growing children. Children have an application that is linked to the child's application thus improving coordination or cooperation between the parent and the child.

Quality culture

There will be an evaluation between the differences of quality culture and a traditional culture. Within a community it is behaving or acting in a way that has been regularly done in the past specifically in that particular part of the world.

Watch the video and express your opinion: are younger couples, say, in their 20s, likely to go such length to keep the company of ones spouse why is so

First and foremost, couples in their 20s are moreconcerned about their well-being. Hence it is clear that young couples are less reluctant to take this sacrifice because they lack the sincerity, comfort, and love in early stages of their relationship.

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Successful fashion marketing strategy assignment

His ability to make soft-feminine floras into something edgy and new has always been one of a kind. The world followed his lead and grunge became a worldwide sensation.

Bend oregon

This designation was used by the early pioneer that refers to the Deschutes River, where the town is platted. Bend also a home to the Deschutes Brewery; the largest in the city.

Assignment argumentative essay

The research may be applied to strategies designed to reduce violence in any community". One prevention strategy would be to pair schools with community-based secular or religious organizations to develop activities to reduce violent and disruptive behavior by and against youth in the schools and surrounding communities".

Example of book review on summarizing

There are three types of texture in art: physical texture that refers to the actual texture of surface and materials, visual texture, which is illusionary and invented texture, which is also based on illusion by using seemingly irrelevant shapes to create a recognizable ensemble. The creation of visual texture on >>>

Ms. shoptalk case study

Turtle should have given Ms. Turtle will continue to work with and give her meaningful feedback.Ms.

Life assignment

He stated that the world of education is rooted in economic root of fantasy growth for prosperity, but we are not growing because we re hitting limits. We only think of ourselves, and we have to realize as humans, we are the most intelligent species, so we have to think >>>

Science-based communication

What is the first way in which biology researchers present the results of their latest research? through an article published in a scientific journal A scientist wants to study the effects of morning temperatures on flower width. Which is most likely a source of error in this scientific experiment?

Diversity in the news

The main issue in the article is the racism and sexism shown by the Canadian government while appointing people of higher authority. The article demands that more diversity should be exhibited while selecting judges in the country which gives rights to Aborigines and women.

Solution development for heating, ventilation, & air conditioning replacement

The efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the electric energy consumptions of these air conditioners, are to be monitored. The project will use five air conditioners that will be left to operate for a period of five months after making the necessary adjustments.

Can technology replace teacher

Technology can never replace teachers, and I strongly support this because neither a robot nor a laptop can match the teacher's catering to the needs of a student and the discipline that follows. So, in no way, can technology replace a human being when It comes to instilling manners and >>>

Community development corporation

On the other side, am able to defend the civil rights of the people and to pressure for the quality affordable structures to the members of the community. Downsides Activists find it hard in organizing their works to meet the need and desires of the community members.

Medical ethics assignment

In every situation, healthcare providers should avoid causing harm to their patients; Justice: The fourth principle demands that you should try to be as fair as possible when offering treatments to patients and giving unusual medical resources. These and many other questions are making people more aware of the existence >>>

Sample letter of recommendation argumentative essay

Yingling was 100% reliable and always on good terms with both the facility and her students, as well.Mrs. She was a team player who could always be counted on to put in more than her share of the work.Mrs.

Database and nouns major topics assignment

The software will be watched for lifestyle and version corrections as well as keeping track of the number of users accessing the software under the constraints of the license agreement. Advance the tracking of Software Licensing and the Lifestyle of 1.

The stages of racial

Stages of Racial Conformity stage In this stage, the group will adopt the norms and values of the dominant culture or group. In this case, they develop a strong desire to be assimilated to the dominant culture and hence they have self-deprecating attitudes towards their racial group and, therefore, their >>>

Adr clause for learning team charter paper

Melvin This is the first provision as both of the parties must be mutual in this regard. The flexibility of drafting according to the author of ADR is the fact that even if a project is a continuous process that is tied to a contract, parties can utilize ADR to >>>

Yuvraj singh

He has been a member of the Indian cricket team in ODIs since 2000 and played his first Test match in 2003. He was named the Man of the Tournament in the 2011 Cricket World Cup and was one of the top performers at the 2007 World Twenty20, both of >>>

Comparing cost control strategies essay

Employer-sponsored health plans buy medical insurance from insurance companies to give to their employees as benefits. The human resource department negotiates with insurance companies and selects a group health plan to give to their employees as a basic plan.

The electronic cigarette

A comparison between e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes show a number of similarities and differences. E-cigarettes lack the authentic tobacco taste that cigarettes have and this leads to a less pleasing smoking experience.

An inspiration

She informed the class of the program and encouraged everyone to join and get involved. McClure gathered a group of girls, me included, to enter a competition against different schools across the state.Mrs.

There be known after long periods. the

There may be impatience among marketing executives about the conclusions of the research study. The reliability of marketing research is related to the collection of proper information.

Research review

Prejudice is not already prevalent in a society to give birth to discrimination. Rather, it is the pathological discrepancy between democratic ideals and discriminatory treatment of disadvantaged groups which induces people to perceive things in a particular way.

Research summary and ethical considerations essay sample

In an essay of 750-1, 000 words, summarize the study, explain the ways in which the findings might be used in nursing practice, and address any ethical considerations associated with the conduct of the study. Ethical Considerations Was the study approved by an Institutional Review Board?

The expansion of virtual classroom learning

Virtual classroom learning can never replace the traditional classroom setting but it can certainly help several students, it also makes the job of teachers much easier, for instance a teacher who decides to give an assignment to students can easily display the same on the class website on the bulletin >>>

Buwan ng wika movie

If I will be a teacher; I will be a good model teacher to the students. I will not apply the rule of a teacher and students instead a teacher to a teacher and students to a students, in general I will be like them and they will be like >>>

Revolt of the cheeseheads

Revolt of the cheeseheads On February 28, the online publication of the New York Time's " Economix" column hosted a controversial article by Nancy Folbre entitled " Revolt of the cheeseheads". Instead the article describes a rebellious uproar from protestors in Wisconsin about the proposal that would make a crash >>>

The not the twisted fact. another disgrace

Anything may happen at any moment and it is the duty of the journalist to rush to die spot and cover the event. It is a disgrace to the profession that is considered as the Fourth Estate in a democratic country.

Learning team deliverable week

With prepay payment is usually made one month at a time so the company may want to give them a free month with the expectations they had with their service and clearly state what the future agreement will be after the settlement has been taken care of. The company will >>>

Internal control, and cash

On the low risk and theft items, every cashier should be installed with a security scanning system that detects every bar code from any corner of the item. The exit monitor should be programmed in a way that it ticks out every item that has been checked out from the >>>

Monroe doctrine flashcard

The Doctrine stated that any type of intervention of European powers in the region was a threat to the safety of America. What was the main purpose of this doctorine?

My role as an officer

It is up to me to share my own knowledge of how the Army is organized and how each person fulfills a role within that framework so that every new recruit understands their function and what they are responsible for within the larger unit. For the moment, I work on >>>

Light at the edge of the world by wade davis

This book of Davis had a real point and that is the reason the story and the photographs of the book were shown on National Geographic. The main theme of the book revolves around the fact that what is the reality of life and how can wisdom help in knowing >>>

Advanced cost analysis and systems

Assignment, Finance and Accounting al affiliation Sales return process Sales processcycle Cash receipt cycle The treasury cycle This cycle ensures that all processes are maintained in accordance to the processes of the bank. Cash receipt cycle This is the process involved with customer receipts paid as a means of goods >>>

Managing change paper part 3

Management of the Facebook organization changes involves the process of planning and implementing the changes in a way that makes the employees of the organization comfortable and at the same time making sure that the cost of the organization are effective. The changes that are done to the organization have >>>

Qualities of rizal essay sample

We, as a students, should dedicate ourselves in our studies and study very well, like what Rizal did, because it does not only live up the dreams of our parents but also, I know, we are doing a lot for our country. Also a strong sense of self is when >>>

Biological and humanistic approaches to personality

1 = Disagree strongly 2 = Disagree moderately 3 = Disagree a little 4 = Neither agree nor disagree 5 = Agree a little 6 = Agree moderately 7 = Agree strongly I see myself as: ___6___ 1. TIPI scale scoring: Extraversion: 1, 6R Agreeableness: 2R, 7 Conscientiousness; 3, 8R >>>

Where compromise against the provisions of the u.p.

Where it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that a suit has been adjusted wholly or in part by any lawful agreement to compromise in writing and signed by the parties, or where the defendant satisfies the plaintiff in respect of the whole or any part of the >>>

Defining race and ethnicity assignment

Race is based on the premise of biological and physical differences.the concept of ' race' included any essential zing of groups of people which held them to display inherent, heritable, persistent or predictive characteristics, and which thus had a biological or quasi-biological basis. Racial and ethnic categories are fluid and >>>

Brief business strategy assignment

Aim of the assignment This assignment satisfies the following learning outcomes: LOL Understand the process of strategic planning 1. Question 1 produces evidence for assessment characterization are the steps and issues/factors of strategic planning?

Education matters

The level of education that a person has will have a great impact on what options they will have later on in life. An individual with an education and a degree will have more options for a better job as opposed to one who has only attained a high school >>>


One of my earliest memories is when I was in my preparatory level in school. This memory is so vivid because I can still remember the face of my classmate.

Sociology of cultural differences

I believe that success is not measured by the physical appearance of individuals. In as much as the market does not favour her, she struggles to make her career in the modelling world.

The island of bohol: heaven on earth

More so, the sizzling ray of the sun, the hypnotic sound of the sea and warm smile of the natives of Bohol greeted me as I entered nature's hidden treasure. The undulating movements of the waves took me to a place that highlighted my contentment andhappiness.

Weekly inventory practice

Unit of Weekly inventory practice In the calculation of the inventories of different transactions there is a need to learn more on the best ways of doing the tasks. The following are the solutions of the problem in the weekly inventory exercise.

Joining an aerobic class essay

A person's self-image is the mental picture, generally of a kind that is quite resistant to change, that depicts not only details that are potentially available to objective investigation by others. One of them is, it helps to strengthen our heart.

And then there were none chapter 3-4

What hangs above the mantelpiece in each of the bedrooms in the island mansion? What conclusion does Wargrave come to about the owner of the house?

The scientific approach, the interpretive approach makes

The approacha researcher uses for his research has a direct influence on the way thediscussion and conclusion of the research paper is written. This section aims to analyse how the scientific approach ofEngelen, Brettel and Wiest differs from Leonardi's interpretiveapproach in the way the study's conclusion and discussion are written.

Personal journal

Sure, we have all seen the movie and know his vision was to bring the whole " social experience" of school campus online but it is amazing how it has brought both good and bad aspects of human psyche as well. It seems that Facebook in a way is a >>>

1 page summary of the article

Five sources of ethical standards that can be used to identify and analyze ethics are: the utilitarian approach, rights approach, fairness or justice approach, common good approach, and the virtue approach. The utilitarian approach deals with bringing the greatest good to the maximum amount of people.

College skills 2

Techniques to use before you take a test include all of the following except ________________________. When taking a test the best way to begin is to _______________________.

Tunis tunisian admiral above the authorities aural

In a annual on weekday, Tunisia's carrying admiral assume the " resumption of Emirates flights to Tunisia" after the " lifting of measures abut Tunisian women". In a annual on weekday, Tunisia's carrying admiral assume the " resumption of Emirates flights to Tunisia" after the " lifting of measures abut >>>


Like personally if you want to give up smoking, less your weight, learn some language and skills, cognitive and educational psychology stimulate you to do the task properly. Like for enhancing your interest in the task you have to dig out the new features of the research and make it >>>

The be effectively used in issues or problems

The statistical method is of great help in some cases in order to disclose the relationship be tween different aspects of social phenomena. Useful information can be obtained by the application of this method in studies pertain ing to migration, economic conditions, standard of living, human ecology, public opinion, and >>>


If a race of people did not have enough land to provide for their own tribe, it was then logical to attack the closest neighbor that could offer vast resources and land. Because there were no international bodies to mediate in conflicts between two groups, it was often the people >>>

Six principles of idea

The principle ensures that the public education system effectively meets the needs and aspiration of students individually. Appropriate aspect of the principle considered the individual differences among the students with disabilities, and illustrates effective measures for giving them quality education.

Samplea vision of students today essay

The film " A Vision of Students Today", give us an opportunity to glimpse into the mind of today's students and share some of their thoughts, both good and bad. The film lets us know that all of the information learned in a classroom is not relevant to everyone.

Immigration controls

Immigration Controls The reading presents a global perspective on the issue of illegal immigrations in America and the quest for control that addressed cross-border movements in America. Indeed, the reading defines the meaning and purpose of the quest for control in America.


The height of a beam is inversely proportional to the deflection of the beam; the longer the height, the smaller the defection. Thus, the deflection of the flat beam is highest because its height is lower compared to the RHS beam.

Information systems practice test

Systems thinking is a way of monitoring ________________.the entire system Steve Jobs and Apple created a big advantage in the technology industry with the introduction of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Which of the following was the original design for the Internet?

Features of health plans essay

Some of the similarities between the major health care options between the HMO organization and the POS organization are that both of these organizations require that a primary care physician manages the care. While the deductibles are higher, the premiums are lower and it has a special savings account that >>>

Marketing assignment

The promotion is part of McCain Foods over-arching sharing strategy which aims to drive category growth by encouraging new sharing occasions for wedges, such as movie nights and barbecues. The on-pack code mechanic will also ensure incremental sales and repeat purchase as consumers look to take advantage of a high >>>

The the sunnis no specific form is

In the words of Fyzee, " In the case of khul, the wife begs to be released and the husband agrees for a certain consideration, which is usually a part or the whole of the mahr, while in mubaraa apparently both are happy at the prospect of being rid of >>>


The argument of Veatch is backed by the physician's incapacity to grasp what is best not just for the patient but for the other parties affected. I strongly agree with Veatch's argument for abandoning informed consent believing that the best thing that a physician can do is to ask his >>>

About myself

Current Nuclear Power plants require the the use of the rare Uranium isotope U-235 and consequently only use one fifth of the total energy content. The waste of nuclear reactors is highly radioactive and long lived, and as a consequence must be isolated from humans for around 100, 000 years.

You have to discuss 2 things: you and net-etiquette

When people sit in front of the computer, they should always bear in mind that what they write are meant for people and not the computer so that what one expects from a face to face encounter, the same should be expected from whatever communications made through the internet. As >>>

The american economy: the struggle for supremacy in the 21st century

The federal government seizes all the essential initiatives to guarantee the development and firmness of the United States. For the majority, the US Federal Government as well controls the process of private business involvements so as to avoid monopolies.

Server-side and client-side

Developers now understand how to produce software applications that use JavaScript to accomplish functions and interactivity either user JavaScript code residing on a server or a client. Application developers use client-side JavaScript to achieve behaviors such as form validation and math functions on the client side such as a browser.

The importance of the space race assignment

S history because of the significance of the battle between democratic society and totalitarian communism, because it brought an end to the Cold War, and because it led into further joint ventures between the United States and the Soviet Union, including the first space station. Since the United States reached >>>

The business aspect of the firm

The Firm Affiliation: The struggle by Amalgamated Manufacturing to make profit shows that the business aspect of the firm is not doing well. In expounding the business aspect, the firm may need to conduct consumer research in a bid to identify the loopholes characteristic of its products in the market.

Starting a business

In this scenario a colleague and I want to start a new business in the same industry as my current job. A second stakeholder group that I may want to steal away from my current employer is the customers.


As a student in culinary art, I highly understand how essential communication is in the profession. The importance of effective communication in culinary art can be seen in work especially when working in a restaurant.

The new way of scientific and technological developments

The need is to understand where to draw the line and that too for the betterment of everyone. The natural world has changed, and that too by a mile which is something that hurts the cause of the society and brings more degradation than was to be seen in the >>>

Discussion topic

It can be said that the decision of Professional Golfers is a contravention of the laws which limits discrimination of persons on the basis of disability. Thus, it would be justified to say that Casey Martin should have been allowed to use the cart in the PGA tours but justice >>>

Solution college essay

If the pressing operation is modified so that the solids content of the paper entering the drying operation is increased from 45% to 50% the total efficiency of the paper making process will increase by such a part that equals 5% of 45%, that is by 5/45, or approximately by >>>

Fruit battery

Take one of the exposed wires and wrap it around the galvanized nail. Wrap the other end of the wire around the copper nail.

Massachusetts bay colony

It was able to be partly theocratic because of the doctrine of the covenant, which stated that the whole purpose of government was to enforce God's laws. The last reason it was partially theocratic was one of the main governors, John Winthrop, believed he had a " calling" from God >>>

Taskin ahmed

In fact, many of the features of the current wave of globalization are similar to those prevailing before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.r Is it the integration of economic, political, and cultural systems across the globe? Or is it a force for environmental devastation, exploitation of >>>

Dramatic romeo and juliet and oedipus all

William Shakespeare uses death as anelement of the creation of tension in Romeo and Juliet to the audience. This aspect issignificant in a play as it makes it more interesting to the audience.

Hesiods theogony

We can, therefore, conclude that the cosmogony, as well as the theogony, is a representation of the universality of the world. As a whole, humans are the center of balance and harmony in the real world.

Business and ethnical issues

Business and Ethnical Issues National Calcium has engaged in an ethical practice in business by reducing the order s weight by 10% but still charge customer for the original price. The manager is aware of and encourages the ethical practice only for the company s own profit.

Explain briefly what and how local community justice panel work

Local Community Justice Panel or LCJP is primarily a community based justice system comprising of victims, offenders and members of the public or community that seeks to resolve the dispute after party/parties admit to partial or wholly to the culpability of the crime. The most distinct feature of the community >>>

Health policy week

The healthcare law could help reduce obesity among low-income Americans if the uninsured sign up for coverage and take advantage of the free obesity screening and counseling that most insurance companies are required to provide under the law.Ill. Obesity and theHealthPolicy A.) Many health officials are offering nutrition advice for >>>

Effective speaking critique discussions

He also had a conclusion wrapping up the speech.c) In this speech he used many communication techniques. He used personal references when he told the three stories from is own life.