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The the places of worship and sacrifice or

Secondly, the property, to which the law of primogeniture applies, cannot be divided, e.g, a Raj. The ornaments and the dress materials given to the wives of the coparceners.8.

Iii. the real sufferer of tied aid

Disadvantages of Tied Aid: The real sufferer of tied aid is the aid-recipient country. The aid-giver country may exploit its position of strength even for political objectives.

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The public needs to know

Generally, the sequence is: Define the requirement; Advertise the need for a product that can satisfy the requirement; Accept bids from potential suppliers; Review proposals and select one or more suppliers, Order the product; Monitor progress; Accept the finished product; Review project documentation and pay for the product. In such >>>

Cell phones in china

Running Head: Cell Phones in China Insert His/her China is one of the four oldest civilizations of the world. The past 10 years are the era of massive technological development in China and now China is among one of the most developed nations of the world.

Senior portfolio !

This song basically is saying that Jesus is in my corner to see me through it all, and that he hears me every time I call and that he will be there to catch me when I fall. I appreciate that you took time to review my goals and my >>>

Reaction paper on les miserables movie (2013) essay sample

A few weeks ago, I was given the chance to watch the recent Les Miserables musical in the movies and I enjoyed it. And because of that, I think that Les Miserables the musical is a well-built show that deserves to be commended for its brilliance.

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Logistics: supply chain management and materials

Discuss five of these activities and why they are important of the logistics system. Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose >>>

Kindergarten duties and work place

It is a lovely room plentifulness of playthings and books. The foundling hospital has besides a changing office.a kitchen and a big out-of-door garden.

Missing by gecko theatre assignment

Another scene was in which Lily's parents spoke one sentence to the younger puppet of Lily, and were constantly re-winded to repeat the sentence. As an audience we could already empathic with her at this point, as we were aware of her blatant emotional instability, but were not 100% sure >>>


In this stage, the antibody " bumps" into the red blood cell at the corresponding site of the antigen. On the other hand, the chemical forces include the unlike ions that the antigen and the antibody possess.

Case study on queuing theory

Queuing theory is the branch of probability theory, which is aimed to research the rational choice of the structure and system of service on the basis of the streams of demands for service, the type and the length of a queue. The student is asked to analyze the cause >>>

Jim poss case study

This was interesting to enhance the quality of its machine and was also ideas generator for upcoming compactors. Trash industry attractiveness: Jim went then to concentrate on trash industry and he rapidly observed huge waste compactors, Jims team had still no experience and the lead time was short as the >>>

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Difference between listening and hearing

The difference between listening and hearing, is that hearing is one of the senses of a human and it has the ability to perceive sounds by detecting vibrations sourced from the environment surrounding us through our ears. However, listening is somehow more advanced than hearing since it involves the brain >>>

Price bubble

Price in the third laboratory market also tended to be intrinsic more accurately that sought to have a common price expectation with an asset share. An interesting result of the experiment An interesting outcome of the experiment was the approximation of risk-neutral expectation market equilibrium, which was due to that >>>

Why we use stereotypes

The effect that stereotypes take is that it eliminates the challenges of us getting to know and understand people who are different from us. They give us a general overview of whole groups of people so we know what to expect and how to act when they are seen.

Outline and illustrate the view that virtue is its own reward

By being moral we are benefitted in one way or another, whether that be due to happiness or the result that the action of morality leads to, such as some form of recognition, which in turn usually leads to happiness. Using this argument it is clear that virtue has its >>>

1 dr.n.g.p. institute of technology/ anna university, india

Tech EmbeddedSystems Scholar, Dept.of Electronics and Communication Engineering SahrdayaCollege of Engineering and Technology, Kodakara, Kerala, India3 Robotic Wheelchair Using Eye Blink Sensors and Accelerometer Provided with HomeAppliance Control, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, Colleen Nelson, Nikitha S Badas, Saritha I G, Thejaswini S, Student, Departmentof Telecommunication, BMS Institute >>>

Democracy vs autocracy assignment

Although today, the theoretical to realistic translation of democracy Is questionable, It t least firmly opinionated leaders, have to place their proposals In front of a forum, where unlike autocracy, opposition does exist and have a say. With growing education and public access to resources, citizens want a greater presentation >>>

Magna carta essay sample

During the 100 Years War, King John lost many battles, and as the result of the lose, King John brought the economy England to the bottom. King John ignored the importance of his supporters and took their wealth away from them.

In book 9 of the odyssey, odysseus

In book 9 of The Odyssey, Odysseus and his men come across the Cyclops island when Odysseus and his men go inside of a cave Polyphemus provides them with food and shelter. Some things that could have reduced problems are that Odysseus does not say out loud that he is >>>

The red dress overview

Womanhood o the mother as a failure of a woman in contrast to the narrator's construction of woman as sexually attractive.o Her desire for consumerism associated with womanhood: " l had worn these clothes with docility, even pleasure, in the days when I was unaware of the world's opinion. She >>>

Hrm week college essay

Then if they do meet their goals I would give them positive feedback and we would adjust the goals in order to keep the employee in top performance. I would like to hear the feedback of the employee on if they agree with the goals or feel they can be >>>

Do you think there are groups of people whose potential contributions have not yet been fully realized or appreciated what is s

The reason that people from Cambodia today are in the third tier of the hierarchy in the United States is because they did not have many reasons to immigrate away from their home until 1975 when the Khmer Rouge gained political power and embarked to commit genocide as a means >>>

How i see the purpose of education

Education in the right sense of the word does not mean only the acquiring of knowledge and skills that prepares us for the future, but education is much more than that! These invaluable experiences come as part and parcel of the education system, and are something that is indispensable to >>>

Character analysis essay in the book thief

His name is Max, and when he falls ill, Liesel is there to put hope in this dark situation. And Liesel is able to see this in Max and she feels the same way only about different things.

Preparing to participate in groups

4 July With reference to Chapter 7 " Leading Small Groups: Theoretical Perspectives", my advice toa prospective member of a problem-solving or decision-making group would be that once they are designated as a leader for the group, they should work collaboratively with other team members so that each member of >>>

Psychology of aging

One's personality change may also be attributed to his or her coping skills and adaptability. An individual might also be on an ongoing relationship and this experience might be affective of his other personality in one way or another.

In the silence essay

Shivams Discuss the conflicts faced by the protagonist in the short story 16/01/2011 " In the Silence". Another conflict the protagonist Jimmy has to deal with is man vs.nature.

Better late than never

He thought that the tortoise can never win the race and since it was out of his sight, he decided to take a nap. It is also important to note that if an individual starts doing a work, today or tomorrow he or she is bound to finish the work >>>

Muhsin al musawi and marin alsop in one thousand and one nights

Muhsin Al Musawi and Marin Alsop in One thousand and one Nights Muhsin Al Musawi has written many books on the ic Arabian book, The Thousand And One Nights and is a professor of Arabic literature in Columbia University. This video also has presented the tale, One Thousand And One >>>

Staffing and remuneration

Strategic human resource planning means the alignment between the human resource architecture and performance of a firm. Another common impact is the role of an effective and responsive human resource planning to meet the number of workers with the desire skills when needed by the organisation.

History of religious categories

The modern meaning of the phrase " world religion", putting non-Christians at the same, living level as Christians, began with the 1893Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago, Illinois. Suzuki, and Alan Watts, who greatly influenced the public conception of world religions.

Why young people should be encouraging to develop a personal action plan

The duty of care could conflict with children's rights to have experiences which facilitate their development and learning. When a practitioner seeks to ' wrap the children in cotton wool' that is not letting them discover and taking risks with a limit, then the practitioner is carrying her duty of >>>

Chinese communism dbq assignment

The Communist Party in China also assisted the peasants greatly in the war gag mains the Japanese. The communists real zed and responded to the fact that the peasants were most important in the war by commanding local party officials to assist, support, and improve the living conditions of the >>>

Mesopotamia vs. egypt assignment

A similarity between the Mesopotamians and Egyptians is they both had their own writing system. Another similarity is both the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians were polytheistic, meaning that they believed in many gods.

Ikea case (q&a) essay

The core competencies of IKEA, these are the things where IKEA is good at, are producing low-cost products and still adapting to the local circumstances. For instance, in some countries IKEA is still found to be for the upper-class of the society.

Failure not exceeding to die with his love.

It is shown in three ways throughout the story: Ethan's marriage, him not being able to stand up to Zeena, and his involvement in the smash up. Ethan could not find the right things to say, and it was because of his failure of not being able to stand up >>>

Crime investigation

The following items were obtained from the truck; 38 calibers blue steel revolver having a serial number of 78695, a 4-inch barrel, black rubber grips, Green money bag, top zipper of First National Bank of New York, a Blue ski cap having eye holes cut within the fabric, a pair >>>

The story of tom brennan

This is shown through the concept? into the world? which helps young people to grow up, mature and move on, as it refers to the way that a person? s attitude and beliefs affect how they see life. But towards the end of the novel Tom Also takes us to >>>

Pablo picasso

Pablo Uric y Picasso was a famous Spanish painter during the early sass's. The second period was that of the pink period.

Computer shop assignment

Kind of Business The proposed name of the firm is " Limbless and Handballs Computer Shop". Year ago they decided to build up a partnership and start to save money for the capital of the business.

Monetization & sponsorship

The Sponsorship page access on the OATA site is located at the bottom of the main page, on the Public Resources page, and through the Site Map. There is a link to " become a member of the OATA" that only leads to a page of information about the job >>>

Misuse of morden technology

Because of these, some people sand think that the technology Is responsible and It is not good for society. As a tool, technology do not do anything to threatened society, it is the misuse of it that threatens society.

Case study on scientific management

Frederic Taylor is the founder of the theory of scientific management and he introduced all the principles and the meaning of the process for the general public. With the help of scientific management it is possible to organize the work of the company wisely introducing the latest modern machinery which >>>

Capital projects recommendation 2

Cost of capital evaluates the cost of borrowing to pay for the project. Hence, if IRR is higher than the cost of capital, the project is making money.

Should teens watch r-rated movies?

Teenagers under 17 are preparing for being adult so they should be allowed in R rated movies. Some might argue that R rated movies show something very new to teenagers and it also can be hard to accept for teens.

Ecosystem services

The preservation of biodiversity and the production of ecosystem goods largely depend on these services. While the importance of the fundamental life-support services provided by the ecosystem may seem obvious from the definition above, the nature and value of placed on these systems have largely been ignored by the human >>>

Online marketing and reservation management system assignment

Opinions and ratings from the hotels and their services In this way it is easier for the client to choose the right hotel. Before, people entered directly on the hotels websites to book a room, but today, influenced by the crisis, travelers are more sensitive to prices and they prefer >>>

Hypothesis identification article analysis

Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis: The Debt March This paper will be analyzing the hypothesis made by the article " The Debt March" written by Kara McGuire. In discussing debt, McGuire's hypothesis at the beginning of the article is that " no matter which generation you belong to, chances are you >>>

Classical social theory

The first " modern" social theories that begin to resemble the analytic social theory of today developed almost simultaneously with the birth of the science of sociology. In the 19th century three great classical theories of social and historical change emerged: the social evolutionism theory, the social cycle theory and >>>

The or combination of triangles, this design is

The first trusses were made of wood and used for building homes and roofs. Two types of trusses arethe Howe and Warren trusses, Warren trusses are more efficient than Howe trussesin carrying a load considering the weight of material used in the constructionof the truss.

Benefit of technology essay

With the invention of the printing press and the first book in print came the birth of the information age. With the birth of the twentieth century we have seen a drastic growth in the way we communicate with each other.

The system stability. and if it decreases it

At the sametime if the value of line reactance is increased it can be seenfrom Fig.8.that the eigenvalues become more negative andthus help to improve system stability. Inertia is one of the crucial parameters for stable operationof power system.

Advanteges of hybrid cars

However, the hybrid car is the type of car that is environmental friendly as the car has less emission of toxic and less gasoline burned. This is because when the hybrid ar needs to accelerate, the gasoline engine pumps only the required gas and then the car will be in >>>

Robotics technology essay

Robotics: the technology dealing with the design, construction, and operation of robots in automation? Applications of Robotics In America, robots are used for many different things.

Lab report behavior of gases

According to Charles Law, if the pressure of a gas is held constant, as the gas is heated, its volume will increase and that cooling the gas will cause the volume to decrease. The law states that at a constant pressure, the volume of the given mass of the ideal >>>

Case study on taking initiative

Taking initiativeis the act of becoming the active member of the certain process being the creator of the structure and order of the process. Initiative is closely connected with the human psychology and depends on the strength and type of the human character, the circumstances and the responsibility.

What makes a classic a classic

Some of these books have been able to withstand the test of time and convey a universal theme to many because of their immense popularity, these are called classics. Books like Tom Sawyer are called a classic not only for its plot, but for its themes and being able to >>>

The doctrine of respondeat superior

When the employee is charged with conducting the business of the employer under situations or directions not prior agreed upon with the employer or simply disallowed by the employer, the precedent is set for the master to excuse themselves from the omissions of their staff. Thornton advises that the track >>>

Social contract theory

Chapter One highlights the Subject Of The Book, Chapter Two talks about the First Societies and Chapter Three puts forth the idea of the Right Of The Strongest. Therefore, the formation fo a society is attributed to the voluntary surrender of the individual will of the free man, to lead >>>

Why do people fail to mature

If you rush ahead in knowing things, you must not know, and hastening the chances of being an adult immediately will get you stacked in an adolescent body with a child's mind. You are not yet ready.

Asymmetric encryption

So we use encryption to encode the ATA so that It requires a special key to be read that way you can protect your data. The only disadvantage of symmetric encryption is that while it's fast it's not as safe as asymmetric encryption because someone could intercept the key and >>>

Marketing plan

When it comes to Pizza Restaurant, its goods, that are pizza-and other food items, may be with different quality, and services are almost similar in nature and therefore a mass-marketing strategy of segmentation will be more appropriate. Answer to Question 3 Customer relationship management is a marketing strategy that places >>>

Using the plot design element in a fami

This is an interesting beginning which has a double meaning: iris is Just to introduce hoe to deal the Fug when prepare to eat it; secondly, it use the dangers of Fug in order to interpret how and why the Fug is so significant to the son. At the first >>>


Goal 1 The primary goal of MedCare is to increase awareness about cancer and to create a perception of looking at life, beyond the disease, while also providing quality treatment for the disease at a low cost. Objective Process/Administration: The laboratories are open to research scholars and the big names >>>

Nike: the sweathop debate essay

What labor standards regarding safety, working conditions, overtime, and the like, should Nike hold foreign factories to: those prevailing in that country or those prevailing in the United States? Should Nike make changes even if they hinder the ability of the company to compete in the marketplace?

Gilgamesh and iliad

He was determined to avenge the death of his beloved Petroleum. Peg 13 He questioned his own mortality and wanted to know the outcome of death.

Ikea global strategy case study

Step 3: Name your Business Venture and define the following: The Vision of your Organization The Mission of your Organization The Objectives of your Organization. The description of product/service your are offering c.

My wood anaylsis essay

Forester correspondingly alludes to the scriptural verse, Matthew 19: 24 " It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Forester describes to the reader in a sense that a camel can get into >>>

Creating an evaluation plan: pt 1: logic model & development of questions

As a Public Health evaluation analyst for the county of Bowe, my main duties include directing data evaluation and statistical analysis tasks as demanded from the manager. I would recommend that, to evaluate the immunization impact on adults in Bowe County, the type of data collected should be accurate and >>>

Case study on delegation of authority

Delegation of authorityis the process of transfer of the authority and opportunities of the manager to the subordinate representatives of the organization. In addition a free sample case study on delegation of authority can teach students to analyze the topic reasonably and use the best methods and techniques.

Case study on bad customer service

Generally, bad customer service is connected with the careless and unprofessional work of the staff of a company who failed to satisfy the needs of the client properly. In order to demonstrate the student's professional skills he will need to take advantage of a good free example case study on >>>

Case study on cafe coffee day

The company is considered to be the largest and the most successful producer of coffee in the country and their success depends on many factors. One is supposed to investigate the history of Cafe Coffee Day, explore the structure of the chain of the restaurants and understand the methods of >>>

To write like a transcendentalist

I started this essay feeling envy toward Emerson's, Thoreau's, and Whitman's capacity for original, inventive, and insightful work and in my effort to write in their style, I had nothing to show but a blank page and a feeling of defeat. The answer is simple: if I truly wanted to >>>


This could help reduce the amount of time a nurse must spend with the patient just to collect background information, and therefore moves the patient to the doctor sooner for treatment or discharge. A possible solution to the obvious privacy issues this would bring would be to have the patient >>>

Accounting: costs and multiple choice flashcard

A variable cost is a cost whose cost per unit varies as the activity level rises and falls.A. Conversion cost consists of which of the following? A.

Personality assessment and theories

The purpose of this interview is to gain information from the interviewee. The third way of assessing personality is objective tests.

It examination results, admission forms and so

This mode of communication is useful when the information to be conveyed is short, the number of subordinate's small, the geographical distance between the sender and the receiver is short or the time available for communication is short. When the receivers are placed distantly from the sender or where the >>>

Nestle and unilever, ice cream market

Unilever's main strengths are: local brand image through local ice cream brands acquisitions that allows Unilever to profit from different regional market shares; development of well positioned and profitable products such as Magnum and Cornetto; large market share that allows the company to explore economies of scale and strong distribution >>>

Reaction to, “my name is margaret”

Cullinan attempts to call her Mary, Miss Glory asks, " WHO?...this is funny to me because she is trying to defend Margaret and express as much sympathetic dislike for the name change. She will be working in the upper class homes for employment and will have to serve a Lady >>>

Love without boundaries

In the first chapter, the game is not finished which symbolizes the continuity of love that blossoms in the entire story. The short story though centered in vengeance depicts love with no boundary." Act of Vengeance" is a story about the daughter of a prominent congressman in the South American >>>

Is there a difference between my perception of reality and reality itself

" Is There A Difference Between My Perception Of Reality And Reality Itself?" Perception is the way in which people view life and all activities that occur. However, it is not always right for one's perception to be influenced since the manner in which one perceives things is the same >>>

Ions battle of beowulf and grendel could

The reasons for this were Beowulf new he would look better if he beat Grendel with his bare hands and on top of that he had his men watch instead of help so the great battle of Beowulf and Grendel could be told to everyone. Now the outcome of this >>>

Clean, green and beautification of dhaka university

Also the team can plant new trees in the campus area with the help of the students to make the campus area green. Also the team can launch several campaigns to create awareness among the teachers, students, residence and to the outside people of the campus.

American nurses association

It believes that health care is a right of every citizen and a restructured development and implementation of health policies is needed. It aims to protect the rights of patients and provide them access to a better health care system.

Guilt and innocence as illustrated by sophocles in his oedipus at colonus

In Oedipus at Colonus however in separate instances Oedipus claims to be innocent of his wrong doings as in his fight against Laius he acted in self-defense, and he also insists he was ignorant of his sins so he cannot be punished for committing them," I bore most evil things, >>>

Essay about memo review

The use of information must be explained to the company officers so it should be considered that they are not aware of the jargon used by accountants. In this case the memo in question is concerning the FIFO and LIFO methods and the effects of the methods on the company.

Regulation of binary options in the united states

That said, the USA is very protective when it comes to its market " even for the most reputable of the offshore brokers it s next to impossible to get a license there. And because there s little to no competition on the internal market, not many of the US >>>

Basic attributes of organizations

25 January 2007 Basic Attributes of Organization One of the most surprising features of the relief operation after the catastrophe brought about by the hurricane Katrina is the aggressive response of religious organizations in raising funds for the victims. One of the denominational groups which showed considerable effort in helping >>>

Case study on turnaround strategy

If the student wants to become an expert in the question of the turnaround strategy, he can prepare a case study about the problem and improve his knowledge. With the help of a free example case study on turnaround strategy of Air India one can learn to choose the best >>>

Speech on self actualization essay sample

Our need is not only about the food we eat, the place we sleep in, or the clothes we wear. Sometimes, we are not really care or maybe, because of lack of the information that makes our community not really care about this need, when actually this need is one >>>

How this startup aims to become the google for enterprise solutions

When MNC meets small technology companies and startupsIt takes enormous amount of time and resources for startups, who generally have limited amount of resources, to reach out to large corporate houses for a possible collaboration. People sitting at universities, startups and freelancers are capable of carrying out the same task >>>

Best toys for infants development

According to Sigmund Freud theory of cognitive behavior, the activities or events they undergo during their childhood are useful for their mental and emotional growth. What are the roles of mothers on attachment with their babies?

How a friend change my life

The girls eventually dropped out of school and I was left trying to find people that would accept me. By becoming friends with someone I thought was on the right path, I, myself, can see a bright future ahead of me.

Scary story essay

Then he looked around and saw a closet and a dresser nothing to out of the ordinary but then he saw it. He appeared not to be there so he looked around and he was not there so he looked down and saw man's body with the head chopped off.