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Bonus #3

Bally was extremely concerned that Trump's further encroachment into their company's pool of stock would threaten the company at-large, and their positions in the leadership. Overall, Donald Trump was a good influence on Bally Manufacturing, but in the short-term it did come at an expense to that firm.

Devil in the grove

The case was held in Florida and was more significant to the people of Florida because the enforcement of the court order begun in the region. Question Four In the case, the defence team managed to change the rape case to a broader consideration of prejudice, discrimination and race in >>>

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How to convert decimal fractions to binary in a more attractive way essay sample

One way of converting a decimal fraction to binary fraction is to first multiply it by a power of 2 so that it becomes an integral number, then convert to binary and then divide by the same power of 2. 435 to binary 165650 = 101000011100010010 Multiply.

A compassion of, stop all the clocks, cut the telephone and remeber essay sample

The poem " stop all the clocks." is about The speaker in the poem he has lost love in his life, and believes his life is meaningless without out that person who has died. The information given about the person " remember" is just " remember me when I am >>>

Final growth report

During this short time on the long road of my growing and flourishing process as a person, I feel I have made some important growth in many of my abilities, and have also discovered some weaknesses in other areas that I wish to be able to over come and learn >>>

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Emily dickinson a unique voice

The bee is " kinsman" to the grass, and all the things of the world are " sweet litigants for life". The Gardens of Emily Dickinson.

Health care management learning team charter assignment

FRR- Some basic expectations for all team members are to communicate effectively, make sure that everyone understands the assignment, ask questions when necessary, and to come together to get the work done in a timely manner. The team members will agree to be open and honest when completing the work >>>

Symbolisms in the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger

Essentially, " The Catcher in the Rye" is known for three symbolisms the wise use of the word " phony", the red hunting hat, and the ducks in the lagoon at Central Park. To do this, Salinger meaningfully allows Holden to confess important events of his life by using the >>>

Discussion 1 week 2 sarbanes-oxley act (sox)

Running Head: assignment Sarbanes-Oxley Act of the of the of the The Sarbanes-Oxley ActRecommend how the SOX framework can ensure reliable and complete financial information and how accounting professionals have benefitted from its use. Inspired by the shocking case of Enron, Tyco and many more, SOX has been able to >>>

The renaissance and its humanistic principles

The translations of the bible, Erasmus's writings and protestants rejection of the catholic church's domination civil society are examples of how humanism infused religion and resulted in the formation of several denominations of Christianity, many of which are still practiced. This empowered the individual and weakened the church because many >>>

International trade and united states assignment

Question 5 If the European Euro were to decline in value in the foreign exchange market, would it be easier or harder for the French to sell their wine in the United States? Therefore, they do not need as many dollars to pay the Euro price Of a bottle Of >>>

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Literary response 1

Closely related with the voice of death is the tone of morbidity that one can sense in Dickinson's poetry. The intensity and deepness around the themes of death, morbidity and God are three prominent themes in the poetry of Emily Dickinson that make her a unique poet.


Conversely, Woodrow's point on the League of Nations argued that the influence of the League of Nation would unite the countries of the world and deter the incident of another war. Notably, Woodrow's points 1-13 were not encompassed in the treaty in order to give leeway for the incorporation of >>>

The levacor heart pump

What are the problem areas the company might face at the time of launch At the time of the case, what are the uncertainties that still exist What could the company do now to manage these uncertainties Based on the description of this case, the new products process of Word >>>

Institutional review board guidelines

With this knowledge, I will be equipped with the necessary data so as to protect the welfare of my subjects and the integrity of the research. Researchers and scientists must be completely honest with the participating subjects in order for the subjects to be aware and also to be ready >>>

10 cannabis startups you need to watch

Dreadlocks meet Dolce & Gabbana in the new cannabis economy, and that's because the business of cannabis is not just the business of seeds, soil and water. They are a representation of the industry developments that exist and a mere glimpse of those to come.

Commercial critique

Prilosec is more likely than the other PPIs to reduce the breakdown of drugs by the liver and may increase the concentration in the blood of Valium, Coumadin and Dilantin. The Prilosec OTC ad had a lot of information regarding heartburn and GERD, and information on healthy f s and >>>

The role of women in today society versus their traditional role

Twain compares the beauty of the river with the charm of a beautiful woman. However, with the passage of time, the writer forgot about the beauty the river exuded and instead concentrated only on thoughts of the usefulness the river in helping the author to safely row his steamboat.

Westward expansion in united state economical growth

The expansion of westward in the United State, so the size in geographical raises from the triple size to more than a million square miles, also the population shifted from seven percent to sixty percent where there was the improvement of productivity, technologies and transportation infrastructures, all this have lead >>>

Huck finn thesis paper 2 pager

One is a vendetta between the two only neighbors you learn about in the area and the other is the grangerfords insisting upon Huck coming to church with them, he probably would slip away, except they all have guns and he does not think it would be that smart. So >>>

Exam 3: true and false

Older versions of software like the kind shown in the accompanying figure, typically will support new HTML features, so upgrading browsers to the latest version is not essential or recommended TFFalse 5. Netiquette is online jargon for Internet etiquette TFTrue An active x control is a full fledged program, which >>>

Who participates in movement

McAdam disregards strict definitions of recruitment, movement, and activism, and instead focuses on the process of an individual's participation in activism. The leaders of protest movements can use the McAdams and Polletta discussions of recruitment motivation to increase the number of individuals participating in activism and to increase the risk-taking >>>

Innovation and risk

The Challenges of Managing Uncertainty and Risk Keeping up with the market is a major challenge to the managers since the market is continuous and unpredictable. Competition is a challenge to every business, finding the strategies to cope with the competition is crucial.

Theme of escape in the glass menagerie

The mother Amanda, brother Tom and sister Laura all have their own unique way of accomplishing this one into a glorious vision of the future based on the past, one into a future away from the present and one into the comforts of the past as a means of hiding >>>

The catholic reformation

The Catholic Reformation The reformation events arose as a result of the criticism the Catholic Church received from Martin Luther, a at the Wittenberg University. The translations of the bible, especially the New Testament into other languages that people could understand and the following of the older testament's Judaism by >>>

Black slaves

According to the historian, slave trade began in the Neolithic revolution following the realization of agriculture. The end of the 15th century marked the peak of European black slavery trade; England was the largest protectorate to trade in salve trade.

Baby formula

The extent of their advertising campaign and hunger for profit undermines the capacity of the population to conductcritical thinkingdue to the extent of trust and reliability they impose as their general image. Lastly, it is the responsibility of the mothers to take in charge of how they would like their >>>

Definition of democracy assignment

According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people. In conclusion, democracy is a principle of freedom meant to improve the citizen lives and the cities.

Antoni gaudi – essay

It was also during his early years studying with the Escolapius Fathers that Gaudi recognized the " value of the divine history of the salvation of man through Christ incarnate, given to the world by the Virgin Mary." He later incorporated such beliefs into his greatest work, The Sagrada Familia. >>>

Good citizen

The Results of Raising a Child as a Good Citizen As parents, we all would like our youths to cultivate to be accountable citizens and moral people. Once characteristics such asrespect, responsibility, and resourcefulness has been instilled into children y parents they will cultivate to be good citizens and will >>>

Destination alliances

DMO/CVBs A destination marketing organization or convention and visitors bureau is an organization that supports a town, city, region or country with the aim of increasing the number of visitors. The PHLCVB is a private non-profit membership co-operation, it the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia and >>>

The red scare and “the crucible”

The Crucible" and The Red Scare had many similarities due to the fact that the author of " The Crucible" wrote the play to compare the Salem Witch Trials to the Red Scare. First of all, the Red Scare was a hunt for communists and " The Crucible" was written >>>


Phosphocreatine is a creatine molecule which is phosphorylated that rapidly mobilizes reserved phosphate of high energy that is found in the brain and skeleton muscles. In absence of oxygen the phosphocreatine is able to donate a phosphate molecule to ADP energy in order to transform it to high energy molecule >>>

Introduction women are able to access this service.

The movie generally favor the argument that in cases of normal births without complications, midwives can conduct home deliveries and this is seen to be better as compared to hospital births that are normally conducted by medical officers." This movie is however strong on sound bites, emotional appeals, and superficial >>>

Character analysis of prot in k-pax essay sample

Which I guess could be true but you have to have a little faith that Prot healed him, because he was the one that gave Ernie the tasks which gave him the strength to overcome his disorder. They also had the files from were Prot was before, and it said >>>

Education and life

As noted by Honour & Fleming, art is the only uncompromised and interesting way of studying history of the world and that of mankind as a whole. A History of Art Education: Intellectual and Social Currents in Teaching the Visual Arts.

Fm facilitates

Do you think it's a good idea to have a president for the IIS division and for the international divisions? If the two do not have the organization and the coordination can lower the standards of Cataracts.3.


Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to discuss the elements, images, and style of the director and creators of the whole movie as it discusses the style and industrial issues that emerged in the story. In the beginning of the story, many young men were challenge by their culture >>>

Culturally relevant teaching in the american educational system

Culturally Relevant Teaching in the American Educational System The documentary Beyond the Bricks offers a very candid snapshot of the systemic failures of the American educational system in regards to relating to African American students. Beyond the Bricks was released in early 2009; it focused on the goal of >>>

A quit smoking education program for parents

Similarly, the adult population of Bestville requires the necessary assistance to ensure a " Healthy School" as well as prevent negative health consequences of tobacco use. The instructors should equip themselves for the challenge, without continuous training ensured to equip them with the necessary skills; both in helping the users >>>

Don’t look behind you

TedWhat is the name of the boy that April meets in FL? Antiques from around the world that Lorelei and her grandfather had collectedWhat envelope did April put the letter to Steve in?

Faith in humanity essay

This belief was used against the Jews, as well as the public, in the time of the Holocaust for Hitler's benefit to pull a blind over their eyes in early stages of the Holocaust. As well as Liesel, the main character in The Book Thief, and the Germans in the >>>


There's a scene where a Janitor comes out and Just tanks in place not knowing what to do because apparently the floor of the building is so clean that there's nothing else to clean. For example as Hullo is waiting in a four glass room for the person he may >>>

Susan steward essay

Susan McKinney Steward was the first African-American physician in the state of New York and the third in the entire nation. 18 Nov.2012.

They play like adults and read like fifth graders.

The lowest score on that part of the test is 200, and the national average is in the 500s. This is not fair for students who do not play sports because they have to pay to go to school, while the players get a scholarship and do not have to >>>

God as redeemer

To convince the student to rely on the bible and appreciate it as the word of God the students need to develop that interest to learn. Christians believe in the bible, the bible is holy it is a weapon to the faith of Christianity.

Market competition: the shek tong tsui fish market

The results from the research of the prices paid by individual buyers at the Shek Tong Tsui fish market in Hong Kong. The high level of product differentiation in the fish market can lead to patterns of behavior that suggest a market that is close to perfect competition.

Civil rights movement- the book march: book one

The American dream speech by Luther love and the integration of the different races in America and included the need to evaluated the people in the basis of their principles and not the color of their skin. The book addresses the action and role of Lewis in the non-violent confrontations >>>

Reflection on reconstruction

The article by Douglass strives to address the state of congress's efforts in addressing the impending gaps found of the nation in terms of developmental strategies. These are in the form of the procedures entailed in the actualisation of critical amendment of relevant legislations all in a bid to address >>>

Cynthia waters

A peace way to a calmer way is to use meditation. The meditation is away for the mind to open up.

An evaluation of the macbook pro

Its popularity among aficionados of top-of-the-line laptops begs the question " why? " The aim of this paper is to evaluate the claim that the MacBook Pro is one of the best laptop in the market. The graphics configuration of the MacBook Pro consists of one the fastest graphics hardware >>>

George august escoffier essay

Escoffier and his wife would spend their winters in Monte Carlo, where he served as Director of Cuisine at the Grand Hotel. In 1920, at the age of 73, Escoffier moved back to Monte Carlo with his wife.

Multiple performance measurement standards

Here's a great, straightforward meaning of a performance measure: A Performance Measure Is the particular quantitative presentation of a limit, process, or result esteemed pertinent to the appraisal of performance. Performance Standard A Performance Standard is a for the most part acknowledged, objective standard of measurement for example a tenet >>>

Anti trust claims

Microsoft was not really making any profits from Internet Explorer, and its marriage with the operating system was due to consumer expectation to have a browser bundled with the operating system. According to Microsoft the merger of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer was the result of innovation and competition.

The fallacy of the american dream. the reservation cab driver and mexicans begin jogging

The Fallacy of the American Dream: The notion of the American Dream, whereby through hard work and earnest enterprise a citizen could rise to a comfortable standard of living is an exaggeration. As the two poems The Reservation Cab Driver and Mexicans Begin Jogging illustrate, the achievement of the American >>>

Term paper on how performance enhancing drugs in sports affect the academia community

With the rising case in the use of performance, enhancing drugs by athletes all over the world members of the academia community find themselves under constant temptation to partake in the performance enhancing drugs. Increased use of performance enhancing drugs in sports and the resultant increase in the use of >>>

Culture wear

The only misconception that the westerners and probably some of the Muslims are also carrying is that the covering of hair is not related to the culture aspects. Therefore, I disagree to the statement that forgetting the cultural and religious values will stop a person in assimilating with the new >>>

Shortbus essay sample

Kicking off with the tag line " Voyeurism is Participation", writer and director John Cameron Mitchell follows up his 2001 cult classic " Hedwig and the Angry Inch" with this 2006 Cannes Film Festival release, once again with sex, tragedy, and the human spirit as central theme. At the same >>>

Some of the best presents are those that cost the least

According to Corbett, presents or gifts are defined as " objects given from one person to another person, with regards to increasing the amount of happiness in their life, or just decreasing the amount of sadness". The true value of gifts is not shown in the price tags for the >>>

The absurd

The Absurd Thomas Nagel is a well known philosopher and extremely popular for this exceptional evaluation on the reductionist description of the mind. Nagel in his essay of the absurd criticized the Camus's perspective of the absurd.

Systems design

It is the ease of cooperation between the tool and the user that defines the tools usability. It was decided to use a traditional computer screen, keyboard and mouse because it was agreed that this would be the system our users would be most familiar with and therefore it would >>>

Taking responsibility for your actions

I have to be careful when making any action because at the end of the day I have to account for my actions. I am therefore, ready to make a change and be ready to take up responsibility of my actions every time.

Eng/221 week 4

There are also technical terms in the words but the manual is explains what the technical terms means and how to use them, Overall, this manual is great for audiences but it is a very long manual making it great for if you want to know how to do individual >>>

Honor society

With the money he earns, he wants to pay to take the SAT to later get a really good score so then he can go to a really good collage with a scholarship. He show it really well by how hard the narrator works in order to change his future >>>


In a beaker containing both hot and cold water, the hot water rises by convection to the top and the cold water sinks to the bottom.2. A radiator distributes most of its heat by being close to the floor allowing warm air to rise up from it, then a convection >>>


Beyond the Big Bang" is an excellent source about the ramifications of the journey to the Big Bang Theory and how this theory came into existence. Despite religious interference, the sun was proven to be the center of the universe.

A lesson before dying: the theme of education essay

Vivian is also the only reason Grant remained commited to making Jefferson a man before he goes. Reverend Ambrose tried to do what he thought was best for Jefferson and the people in the quarter.

Persuasive essay – war with iraq essay sample

The United States decided to present their own intelligence report before the Security Council, in order to convince the public opinion in America and worldwide that the war is now inevitable, but there are a lot of reasons that explain why the United States should not invade the Iraq. Nearly >>>

War photographer essay

In the first verse the reader has to wait until the end of the fifth line to take a breath. This is another example of Duffy dictating the flow and the rhythm of the poem.

The life of anne frank

The Gestapo is treatiang them very roughly and transporting them in cattle cars to Westerbork, the big camp in Drenthe to which they are sending all the Jews. Anne Frank then began to rewrite her diary with the intention of having it published after the war.

Location layout and geography of the gulag camps

In the south-eastern parts of the Soviet Union, there were vast and sparsely inhabited regions where the only roads were built by the inmates of specialized railroad camps. For example, the area along the Indigirka river was known as the Gulag inside the Gulag.

Ellen’s analysis speech

The effect of these experiences manifested in the attention and interest of the audience. The effect was to capture and retain the attention of the audience.

Reaction paper to what about bob

This caused Bob to seek constant attention from his psychiatrist, including lying to the operator saying that he was a detective to obtain his psychiatrist's address. Toward the end of the film Bob had a break through while his life was threatened.

Taxi business

As qualified environmentalists, we have effectively addressed the waste management problems faced by local communities within our jurisdiction The market for this business is attracting quite a number of firms due to the available expansion opportunities. The remaining $ 13, 750, 000 will be met by the loan which the >>>

Fba reflection assignment

The first and most important in my opinion is the length of time that is needed to complete the process. If a student does not currently have an PIPE the ABA/PIP can provide excellent data to begin the process.

Effects of student government to academics

Effect of Student Government to Academics The Idea of putting leadership related organizations In every high school has establish a great array of opportunity for young and aspiring students to become a good leader of their generation. In spite of the stress and dark times, ASS has been great in >>>

Working mothers persuasive essay

Working mothers are usually less depressed and their morale higher than that of stay-at-home mothers, which of course affects the children in a positive way. The mothers are usually less stressed, less depressed, and their morale is very high which affects them and their children in a positive way.

Five stages of international development

The third phase of international business development is that of Primarily Domestic Company with International Divisions. This is while trying to clarify the process of international business development.

Othello, the moor of venice

Knowing that Othello's weak spot is his love for Desdemona, he uses that knowledge to bring about Othello's downfall. Until Iago skews the balance, Othello's love for Desdemona is stable and grateful.

Describing a situation where leadership was properly exemplified or not

One of the recent incidents provides a clear piece of information about the implementation of the leadership strategies and plan of actions to contribute in the declination to the war on terrorism that is the ' assassination of the mastermind of terror, Osama Bin Laden'. The killing of Osama Bin >>>


The main step in this web based business implementation is the analysis of the market place for the new web based business development and implementation. In this phase of the web based business analysis we will assess the market trends and business activities.

Research manuscript critique part 2

Apart from the topic and the type of study, other notable aspects of the research article include a clear discussion of the sample size, which includes 11 participants. The have also clearly identified the population, the demographic variables, the recruitment and the location of the study.

Organizational restructuring case study

Although the business will have to pay redundancy packages to those workers who are losing their Jobs, in the long term it will be cost beneficial to the business as they will no longer be required to pay those workers' wages. This will be greatly beneficial to the business as >>>

How adultery is permissible

If the couple mutually agrees that those actions would be the best for each one of them and even the best for their immediatefamilythen I believe that adultery is morally permissible in this instance. However, if the reason a spouse commits adultery is to make the other spouse jealous or >>>


In other words, the segregation of citizens in the bus, restrooms, and schools based on colour reduced in the US due the deviant behaviours and beliefs of these icons. In addition, the bombing of the US in September 11 attacks of 2001 led to the coming together of Americans and >>>

Proposal for martin college

This course is purely based on arts and it may also provide opportunities of recreational activities for the students. This course is purely based on arts and it may also provide opportunities of recreational activities for the students.

Outline how to prepare for winter

How to dress in the Winter a)Make sure you have a coat or a heavy jacket b)Make sure you have a hat and gloves.c)Make sure you have waterproof boots so that your feet stay dry.{Transition: Now that you know how to dress for the winter, let's move on to preparing >>>

This in the short-term memory model originally

The first part of the article goes into the workingmemory model and why it was initially proposed to begin with. The episodic buffer is controlled by the centralexecutive and serves as an interface between systems that allows the workingmemory to retrieve information from long-term memory.

Student observations

Student # 6This researcher appears to have a great deal of understanding of how research works; however, it is interesting that the annotated bibliography was of little use because the researcher had not investigated the possibility of his or her topic having been duplicated. It is also of interest to >>>

Summary of us vs morris 928 f .2d 504 (2d cir 1991)

On the facts of the case, the appellant used his authorized access to test the effectiveness of a computer worm that he had invented. He used that authorized access to gain access to a network of computers in federal buildings that were connected to the network that he was authorized >>>

Strategic leadership and future leaders (db)

Spiritual Leadership The concept of spiritual leadership is based on how to link spiritual healing with work culture. Conclusion The spirit of leadership, with special regards to the spiritual concept, is far more effective and enlightening.

Careers and training in forensic psychology

While the basis for becoming a forensic psychologist is often predicated upon having an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master's degree in forensic or clinical psychology, most professionals are required to undergo further training in law, workings and expectations of the court, investigative and psychological assessment, and criminal profiling. >>>

Personal behavioral conditioning

Personal Behavioral Conditioning: The Role of Conditioning in the Acquisition of Manners, Punctuality, and the Fear of Reptiles Here Your Affiliation Here Behavioral conditioning can be attributed to several behaviors acquired in early childhood and adolescence. I owe these qualities to the classical and operant conditioning of my youth.

Drunk drivers

Individuals who drive under influence including individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol are those individuals who have consumed alcohol more than the legal limit of alcohol that an individual should have in their blood at the time when they are driving any particular motor vehicle. They state that >>>