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Drug use in assisted suicide and euthanasia

Being a summary of the history of the Right to die movement, the book is insightfully written. Derek Humphrey is the founder of the Hemlock Society, is well qualified to write about the various cases and aspects of the movement.

Wireless and new technology

In the study, Islam and Doyle focused on the advantages brought about by the use of wireless technology specifically the mobile SMS in communication among the developing countries, specifically one of the poorest countries which are Bangladesh. The results of the article contributed in the determination that the applications of >>>

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Television and very young children

The authors of this study are professors in the School of Health and Social Studies at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Polman is a well-published scholar in the area of childhood and adolescent development, with multiple studies being published worldwide.

The history of italian mafia

The book is good in learning and understanding of the Mafia in the Italian society and culture. Zapata-Kraj, M." Mafia - the History with Mario Puzo's Godfather in Background: The Development of Italian Mafia in America in Context of Both Literature and Movie".

Economics: annotated bibliography

The anonymity axiom is used to evaluate the income distribution between the rich and the poor. Nothing else is measured in this part of the analysis to see how income is distributed among the population.

Mass incarceration, the new jim crow law

Martin elaborates on the genesis and etiology of racial segregation in the college and competitive college sports. Levy analyzes the history of racial discrimination in sports and the eventual acceptance of colored people in its participation Tischauser, Leslie Vincent.

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Annotated bibliography on enhanced oil recovery

CO2 of required quantity is injected in the fractures made in the reservoir which will prompt increment in the permeability of Oil and the oil will achieve the surface. Sometimes CO2 and Water are alternately injected in a cyclic process for periods of time and this process is known as >>>

Thomas jefferson and the declaration of independence

Historians debate the similarities and differences between " The Declaration of Independence" and " The Constitution of the United States of America" and the role of Jefferson in the composition of both. Therefore it is necessary to consult this document to compare and contrast " The Declaration of Independence" and >>>

Annotated bibliography: thermal efficiency of cogeneration

INTRODUCTION According to Feng et al, the formula to calculate the Energy Utilization Factor can be stated as: EUF =/ F Where W is the work produced from the cogeneration plant; Q U is the useful heat rejected from the cogeneration plant at a temperature T U higher than T >>>

Classical vs modern globalization

Natalie Radovanovic in an article on " International Finance in the period of globalization: current trends" discussed the current practices of financial institutions including IMF and World Bank. Truman presented his views on " Globalization and the International Financial System.

An accidental soldier’s account of the war in iraq

This book examines the consequences of censorship in Apartheid South Africa. Detective Fiction and the Rise of Forensic Science.

Find three additional background sources to further enhance your understanding of the topic. in this post, you will create a mini- : provide the apa citation for your sources. for help, refer to the diana hacker website (

The Role of Cooperative Extension in Food Safety. The article provides a holistic overview of the various kinds of food-borne diseases, the target groups, and the effectiveness of extension programs in those cases.

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So mexicans are taking jobs from americans

In respect to developing the argumentative essay, Gutierrez and Meier's book is instrumental in supplementing historical information on experience of Mexican immigrants in the US. The Take Our Jobs: And 20 other Myths about Immigration.

Apa citations and references

In John E.B. Contemporary Pediatrics August 2001 v18 p65 APA CODE: Green, M, Sullivan, Paula D.and Eichberg, Carolyn G.

Remissions and economic development

The researchers in this publication analyzed the macroeconomic determinants of the US immigrants' remittance in the Latin America and the Caribbean. The Determinants of Remittances in Latin America and the, 2007.Web.

Annotated bibliography: portrayal of women in the media

New Zealand while on top of the world in terms of women's political resources are represented as instances of the trivialisation and condemnation, and continue to occur, in some cases, trivial media portrayals of women employed by the public relations strategies for political gain. To the extent that these are >>>

Annotated bibliography: acquisition of french as a second language

On the role of input in second language acquisition: The case of French pronouns. The article is important to the research as it provides a basis for further research on how proficiency in acquisition of French as a second language other than input and explicit instruction.

Standardized reading assessments

The CAT/5, or California Achievement Test 5th Edition, is a nationally acknowledged standardized test that is applicable, not just for the grades K-6, but all the way up to the 12th grade. STAR Reading assessment testing, as presented by the Renaissance Learning site, is a program of testing that claims >>>

Mindfulness and mental health

The material I will use from this book is on the benefit of mindfulness to medicine. The author notes on the application of mindfulness in various conditions.

Linguistic examples of hypercorrection

Linguistic examples of hypercorrection of Linguistic examples of hypercorrection The two websites I have searched out on the Internet that are related to my topic are WiseGeek and Interesting Thing of the Day. Along with the grammatical error, which cause to hypercorrection, the use of personal pronoun and the occurrence >>>

China’s universal cultural systems: marriage and family

In the article, there is also mention of some of the wedding rituals. In this article, there is a description of the marriage ceremony just like the other article.

Annotated bibliography: psychology of adult partner preferences

The main reason to explain the limited data is the lack of proper design that would accomplish the study. Predictive validity and adjustment of ideal partner preferences across the transition into romantic relationships.

Aannotated bibliography example

The chapter commences by providing a deeper assessment of the history of the Boehm's curve that provides a vertical scale representation ratio for the statistical section of software engineering. The research provides a deeper assessment of the possible changes, amendments, and alterations that are important in software engineering.

Uncertainty reduction theory annotated bibliography

How does age coincide with computer mediated communication? -Are different styles of computer mediated communication dependent on geographical location? * Key Terms: Uncertainty Reduction, Asynchronous Communication, Interrogative Strategies, Question Typologies, Content Analysis * Thesis: Results suggest that the interrogative strategies we engage in to achieve interpersonal connectedness are sometimes different >>>

Science and faith annotated bibliography

The Frontiers of Science and Faith: Examining Questions from the Big Bang to the End of the Universe. Science and the Study of God: A Mutuality Model for Theology and Science, Wm.B.

Food insecurity annotated bibliography

2016, pp. 2, 2016, pp.

Annotated bibliography

Unrequited Love and Lust University of Kentucky Forster, J, Ozelsel, A, & Epstude, K. How love and lust change people's perception of relationship partners.

Standards for the practice of webcounseling

However, he states that the growth of the industry further inhibited by the limited amount of information on counseling. This journal discusses the obstacles that the middle-aged kids and their families in their efforts to support their children in the development and achievements of their academic goals.

Annotated bibliography on the stonewall riots

The source that i have choosen provides information on the topic that i have choosen describes and tells what the Stonewall Riot was and how it began, as well as the affect that it had on the gay community. Something else that was interesting was how the movment was viewed >>>

Annotated bibliography on gender roles and religion

Narrative enquiry used in the primary research to capture the subtle differences of how the participants understand providing and caring roles in a household. Globalization, Gender and Religion: The Politics of Women's Rights in Catholic and Muslim Contexts.

Light in interior architecture: annotated bibliography

Architecture and space are always defined by light." Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in the light and our eyes are made to see forms in light", said Le Corbusier.light become more important part of the interior architecture. The Church of the Light clearly >>>

Gastronomic ideas and experiences of hindus

Yoon's article, it has been written in a special manner that brings out clearly the understanding and experiences of different cultures in different regions as it pertains to food. In this article, the author discusses different aspects in relation to food and dress.

The impect of sox and its implications in the financial sector

Ettredge, Chan Li, and Lili Sun The Impact of SOX Section 404 Internal Control Quality Assessment on Audit Delay in the SOX Era. Summary: Covering another aspect of the internal control of audit and accrual quality, this study provides us with facts that deficiencies and weaknesses in internal control have >>>

Nutrition during pregnancy | annotated bibliography

In this study they assessed associations of diet and physical activity with excessive GWG among 1388 women. Survey was conducted in a tertiary care diabetes and pregnancy clinic to compare the associated costs of actual food choices versus the cost of a constructed recommended diet.

Hipaa and security breaches

HIPAA and Security Breaches HIPAA and Security Breaches Boston-area hospital to pay 5 million to settle HIPAA violation paver security breach The author states that a Boston area hospital was made to pay an equivalent amount of$1. To show how this venture is the OCR is imposing penalties in the >>>

Annotated bibliography on emergency preparedness in higher education

The focus of this annotated bibliography is on planning, warnings, crisis management, and activities that are designed to minimize the effects of disasters at higher education institutions. This book supports the need for all institutions of higher education to have a practiced emergency preparedness plan.

Protected classes: an annotated bibliography

Although there are other protected classes, the issue of race is an important area of study because of the way it shaped American history and how the significance of race and racism is decreasing in contemporary times. The authors argue that diversity and equality are becoming integral parts of the >>>

Annotated bibliography on sex estimation strategies

Overall, there are several ways to determine the sex of unknown remains in the field of forensic anthropology and depending on the specific case and funds available, a forensic anthropologist can choose their preferred method with regards to credibility. Throughout this study, the mean of the pubic angle, length of >>>

Interstate agencies: the port authoritys birth and operation

The New York port authority: An interstate agency to develop the facilities of the greatest harbor in the world. In this book, Galvin seeks to outline the impact of the constitutional provision on business and economic environment in the United States, especially in New York.

Annette lareau: annotated bibliography

It discusses vital issues like the role of class system in middle class, working class and poor families in raising their children, their daily lives, varying parenting styles and their role in children's present and future prospects. Annette Lareau's book ' Unequal Childhoods with an update a decade later' is >>>

Adolescent peer relationships

1080/02680510307409 This research looked into the wellness needs of online and distance learners in a college setting. This study shows that even if most of the dimensions of wellness are met, failing in just one area can affect overall health in a significant way.

The global burden of diabetes

The researchers from the University of Sheffield appreciate the importance of diabetes prevention in reducing morbidity and mortality, and in this study, they collect data from national policy documents in the UK to determine the persons charged with preventing diabetes. The findings ascertain the effectiveness of physical activity in preventing >>>

Annotated bibliography on police officer mental health

A in depth five year study of 359 police officers involved in the Buffalo Cardio-Metabolic Occupational Stress Study to determine the if the frequency, type, recency of specific types of stressors encountered and associated with police officers were associated with PTSD symptoms. Jeffrey Mitchell created the original CISD in 1974 >>>

Professional school counseling

The second article is about the ways school counsellors can help victims of child abuse and neglect. This article is interesting for people who would like to be professional counsellors because they may have to help victims in the future since child abuse and neglect is a big part of >>>

Annotated bibliography

The results of the survey concluded with four main points, one of them being student attendance is better when parents are engaged in school activities and function, which results in the student being more connected to the school and school community. The results of a study done in Romania support >>>

Why did the japanese army carry out the pearl harbor attack

The main reason for the Pearl Harbor attack was to neutralize the U.S. As Merriam observes, long before the Japanese attack on the the Pearl Harbor the two had been in the continuous rivalry.

Annotated bibliography on asd and employment

This paper presented the preliminary results of a randomized clinical trial of Project SEARCH plus ASD Supports on the employment outcomes for youth with ASD between the ages of 18 21 years of age. In this study 33 young adults were placed in a supported employment program and by the >>>

Annotated bibliography: nursing care of patient with stroke

Demonstrating an understanding of the chosen articles with the use of additional literatures to analyse identify and explore learning and how it will influence the nursing care of patient with stroke. Nursing Standard, 26, 42-46 The aim of the article was to encourage nurses to identify the frequency and causes >>>

Docosahexaenoic acid and periodontitis in adults

The strengths of the study included verified adherence, consistency in outcomes and control procedures which were predominant throughout the study. The purpose of the study was to provide another option for treating periodontitis.

Annotated bibliography: risk assessments in gmo foods

After Paul's experiment, scientist started the study of genetically modification animals in 1974, first genetically modified human insulin produced in 1978 and genetically modified food are introduced to the market in 1994. Communicating about the Risks and Benefits of Genetically Modified Foods: The Mediating Role of Trust.

Anxiety in medically ill children

The focus of the article is on anxiety which is a common reaction but targets medically ill children as the scope of the research. The impact of sickness and its contribution to Anxiety disorder is the subject of the article.

Annotated bibliography on tacrine

The developed method was sensitive enough for the determination of tacrine and its metabolites after Cognex was administered orally to normal volunteers. The developed method was found to be simple, sensitive and reproducible procedure for the estimation of Tacrine and its metabolites in rats after oral administration.

Technology management in education

This paper was important to my study of management of technology in education as it enabled me to have a clear picture of the concerns that accompany its use and the types of technological tools that can presently be found in many classrooms. In using this paper for my research, >>>

Background and history of unions in the united states

The author blames the government policies of intervention for magnifying the time, breadth, time, and the intensity of the depression. He explains the government's way of manipulation of cash supply that sets the stage for the clear bust of the boom of the modern market.

Innovation and strategic management

Moreover, though the study of the role of innovation in the strategic management, the article tries to emancipate the people regarding the need to embrace innovations in a bid to boost the business and at the same time reduce the ease of carrying out business with the aid of information >>>

Annotated bibliography on library final project

I want to find out the culture of the tea and how tea becomes more popular in United States. The location of the book is in Book Stacks, and CALL NO.

Percutanous endoscopy gastrostomy tube placement as a means of life support annotated bibliography

She ensured that the focus of the paper were not lost but ensured that the importance of quality as regards to administration of the palliative measures was fully considered. The patients' selection factors and acceptance were also considered by the author as main consideration in the guideline for management of >>>

Strategic planning and decision making

Moreover, the manager is able to identify the weakness in order to focus on improving and strengths to utilize them for a competitive advantage. On the other hand, there is a need to identify the opportunities in the business environment, in this way the managers can utilize these opportunities at >>>

Annotated bibliography: marketing ethics

Retrieved April 22, 2007, from Promotion Marketing Association Web site: article is a simple list of the PMA's code of ethics as it pertains to promotions, but it is a code of ethics that every marketing professional should follow. This article is a good example of proper practices to >>>

Annotated bibliography on marketing – customer communications

This article is very helpful in specifying a new type of marketing communication strategy based on a specific aspect of the Internet; the online consumer review's importance is successfully emphasized, and is proven to be a vital component to a company's marketing strategy. Mohr & Nevin study the importance of >>>

The main issues involved in iranians

In a novel format, this work is a combination of essays, interviews, and photographs of the Iranian immigrants in Southern California. In this article, Satrapi says that she wanted to change the popular image of Iran as a haven of fundamentalism, fanaticism, and terrorism.

Of 5 different online sources

With no much maturity difference between 18 and 21, lowering the legal drinking age would expose students to responsible drinking at a younger age such that they would not freak out in college and engage in irresponsible drinking habits that has seen a culture of clandestine, dangerous binge-drinking on the >>>

For analyzing a concept paper

This is a plus for the book as many other books or literatures on this topic do not explore real time analysis as this one, in fact, most of them only explore the relationship between PTSD and the patterns of texts in archived documents. The target audience is wide as >>>

Computer forensics: admissibility of evidence in criminal cases

Newman also seeks to inform that Admissibility of a Court of law is established by evidence rules which demand that the accuracy of methods of evidence collection is known and the evidence is not ruined in the analysis process. The book Computer Forensics: Evidence Collection and Management is therefore valid >>>

Grades inflation in the us

The article tries to analyze what might be the reason to the inflation of grades. The article tries to discuss in deep the causes of this of this inflation in the systems of higher learning.

Why it is safer for mentally ill prisoners to be housed in solitary confinment, rather than in the general population

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's, most of the prisoners put in solitary confinement are those that are deemed as a security threat to the wider prison population. Most of the mentally ill prisoners were removed from solitary confinement to bolster their chances in recovering.

Example of issues regarding special education annotated bibliography

Diversity in teacher education and specialeducation: the issues that divide. Education for all: Critical Issues in the Education ofChildren and Youth with Disabilities.

Annotated bibliography on adobe flash

The book also has information about the capabilities and the uses of Adobe flash. This book gives an insight overview on the use of Adobe Flash and how the software tool can be developed to enhance user experience.

Annotated bibliography garrison, jr. , joseph m

Joseph Garrison created a fairly accurate interpretation of the perceptions presented in the story of "That Evening Sun." He clearly presented his explanations and arguments for why he believed that the story is written more from the boy Quentin's point of view rather than that of the older Quentin that >>>

Non infectious diarrhea or hemorroids

The article evaluates the effectiveness of the Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialization as a surgical procedure for treating hemorrhoids. The patients underwent the Distal Doppler-guided dearterization with an enema and anesthetic with propofol given as a painkiller in every patient before the procedure.

The nursing shortage and the quality of patient care

Some of the implications of competing shortage are not relevant to the shortage of nursing and the quality of patient care. It has been debated that the lesser the nurse educators, the greater the future problem of the nursing shortage and the poorer quality of patient care.

Internet technology as a tool in sales force automation, marketing, customer service and support, analytics, social media, small businesses, and appointments

Clients relationship management entails the application of technology to help in the organization, automation and the synchronization of aspects in sales, marketing, service that is channeled towards the customer and the technical support. Some companies can attribute their success to the internet and changes in technology.

Information systems education and internet safety

The main purpose of the author in this article is to give the reader a conceptual framework of how internet safety has been excessively used on teenagers hence deterred many benefits that come along with it. The article is quite precise and direct and directly gives the steps that can >>>

Annotated bibliography: portrayal of women

Annotated Bibliography: Portrayal of Women In the novel A Tale of Two Cities written by Charles Darney, Madame Defarge and Lucie Manette resemble major characters as a result of the portrayal of women. In the following article by Teresa Mangum, the author explains the evil role that Madame Defarge portrays >>>

Annotated bibliography on victim assistance program

The book discusses different aspects of the victim assistance program and analyses the results of the applied methods to improve the situation.D.A. The report deals with the victim assistance program and examines the ratio of victim's participation and sentence in the crimes related to the victims.

Digital education replace face to face education annotated bibliography example

The opportunities include the ability to access more digital content, incorporation of technology and mobile computing, and the expansion of social networking within the school curriculum. Importantly, the paper concentrates in discussing the ways in which continued use of digital lessons and libraries transforms current educational policies and learning atmospheres.

Reconsidering south african indian fiction post-apartheid, the return of african americans to racial identity, the problems of gender and race in writer’s mind

From postapartheid writing, the author says that the researcher can get a glimpse of the unique aspects of the South African and Indian cultures and begin to understand the dynamics of nationalism, migration and gender. And by trying to understand that background of the writer, Frenkel says that one can >>>

Annotated bibliography

In his article House of Mirrors: Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher," John Timmerman suggests that Poe's destructive theories are but a result of a disrupted balance between romanticism and enlightenment. Timmerman explains the importance and implication of mirrors within "The Fall of the House of >>>

Free annotated bibliography on examining women higher education in india

The author researches on the way women are graded in the field of higher education in India hence assist this paper on the contents that were done on the nature of how the situation of women education is in India. Prospects of higher education of the challenged women in India.

Annotated bibliography on an analysis and description of voter manipulation

Where n represents the voters, Z is the set of alternatives, Pi the orderings of Z for each voter iManipulation of the voting scheme results when one misrepresents his/her preferences and secures an outcome preferred to the "honest outcome". Let X be the set of possible outcomes, n the number >>>

The transformation of the world by the automobile revolution

Introduction In the history of invention, the automobiles are one of the greatest. The Rise of the Automobile, 20036.

Example of working with a woman in pregnancy annotated bibliography

After the procedure, I explained to Lisa and her mother that I was a midwife student, and I was interested in supporting and observing her closely through her gestation, labor and postnatal periods. I came back and informed them that we needed to be there for Lisa and the baby >>>

Smoking annotated bibliography sample

Gometz highlights the negative effects of smoking and the benefits of quitting. The article further highlights the areas of the body that are damaged by smoking and the effects of the damages.

Annotated bibliography classroom management

Of the three, he recommends student teachers aim to develop legal/rational authority as it is based on values, rules and procedures and is most conducive to modern views of learning. Pellegrino suggests classroom management is of paramount concern to most student teachers and the effective application of concepts, methodologies and >>>

Example of the evolution of contempory jazz annotated bibliography

Jazz is a genre of music that begun in the 20th century as result of a mixture of African and American music culture. Provides a detailed overview of the jazz music and related it to the "young lions" jazz movement of the New Orleans.

What we talk when we talk about love?

Campbell does a good job of summarizing the story as he talks about the several varieties of emotion, existing under the single rubric of love, that enter into the conversation either in passing or at length "spiritual love, carnal love, chivalric love, idealized devotion, and even the sort of complex >>>

Example of air pollution annotated bibliography

Covers the problems of air pollution and provides ideas of how to clean up the air. It is a book worth reading to understand the detailed and analytical causes of air and environmental pollution.

The relationship between our daily life and military technology development

He claims that the intensity of research and development in the military has increased substantially due to the rise in the use of new technology in war. The material is suitable for use in this project as it will aid in the provision of information on the escalation of research >>>

Immigration and settlement

The issue of illegal immigration is studied in the light of multiculturalism and the challenge faced when promoting the idea in the midst of illegal behaviors. The book is relevant for the research as it reflects the views of existing Canadian citizens on the subject of illegal immigration and settlement >>>

Carley moore

This article can easily be compared to "Prenatal Representations of Family in Parents and Coparental Interactions as Predictors of Triadic Interactions during Infancy, because it discusses the relativeness between separation of parents and children and family togetherness and happiness. This article directly relates to "Family Communication across the Military Deployment >>>

Annotated bibliography example

The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. The summary and general discussion provided a useful overview of the conclusions drawn by the authors and could be used in the research paper to support a conclusion.