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Summarize taylor

The principles of scientific management. Bulletin of the Taylor Society.pp.

Editorial: electrocatalysis on shape-controlled nanoparticles

Editorial on the Research Topic Electrocatalysis on Shape-Controlled Nanoparticles The incorporation of shape-controlled metal nanoparticles in electrocatalysis is improving the activity, selectivity, and stability of many different electrocatalytic reactions of interest. The modification of the surface of the shaped nanoparticles with some adatoms is also an interesting approach to enhance >>>

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History of correction in america

Almshouse Department was replaced by the New York City Department of Public Charities and Correction in 1851. New York City was authorized by the State Legislature to separate the Department of Public Charity and Correction in 1873.

Destination alliances

DMO/CVBs A destination marketing organization or convention and visitors bureau is an organization that supports a town, city, region or country with the aim of increasing the number of visitors. The PHLCVB is a private non-profit membership co-operation, it the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia and >>>

Differences in character between americans and germans

However, the cautious character in Germans is admirable since it represents practicality in life although Americans associate it as with a lack of creativity amongst the Germans. It is evident from the foregoing discussion that Americans and other nationalities may view some characters in Germans stereotypically.

The issues of apples article business essay

By increase rate of employees, company should increase employees salary or bonusaa, to attain them In order to protect the image and reputation of the company, manager should have best practise for managing and protecting reputation business. Company should take this chance to improve the relationships of customers.

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You should evaluate the lesson we did what went well, and what didnt. what would you change if you taught the lesson again

Another success of this lesson plan was that it aimed at sparking interest in students; for example, they were asking to write central ideas and details about their favorite vacation spots in activity 2, leading to the main discussion of the topic. Students must be asked what they learned or >>>

Particle agglutination test

In a test using ELISA detects the presence of an antibody or antigen by affixing an undetermined amount of antigen to a test surface which in turn is washed by a specific antibody in order to attach it to the antigen. The antigen is immobilized either by adsorption; the adhesion >>>

Home work 1

The study included observations of sales in the last quarter, how many phones were sold globally and the expectations that are a part of 2011 for sales of both of the leading companies for Smartphones. The research that was used was based on observations of the financial means that were >>>

A primer on policy analysis: metropolitics and regionalism

In A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving, Bardach recommends the process of policy analysis through defining the issues first, gathering enough evidence that will validate the issue, looking for options, coming up with the best criteria to handle the issue, projecting the >>>

Existential psychololgy- rollo may

Kiser touches upon the application of May's theory to psychotherapy stating that the goal of a therapeutic session is the appreciation of a client's existence. Article 3 The article by Merwin is a representation of the life of Abraham Lincoln within the context of Rollo May's conceptualization of the destiny >>>

Reservation in employment under article law constitutional administrative essay

Article 335 of the Constitution prescribes that in making appointments to services and posts under the Government, ' the claims of the members of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes will be taken into consideration consistently with the maintenance of efficiency of administration'. The concept of excluding the creamy layer >>>

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Reaction paper from a newspaper article essay sample

Few collectivists attempted to communicate the impact this project and the outcome of the election may have on their lives. Here, both the individualist and collectivist were able to express their own ideas by helping the reader visualize a new perspective.

O. j. simpson robbery case – articles

On October 3, 2008, Simpson was found guilty of all twelve charges, exactly 13 years to the day after he was acquitted of the murders of his wife, Nicole, and Ronald Goldman. In a trial that was held from January 2 to February 13, 1935, Hauptmann was found guilty of >>>

Using marx’s concepts and methodology, analyze a specific news story, feature article, column, editorial, cartoon, advertisement, video, etc. published since january 1, 2014

Diego says, " it is unfair that we suffer", referring to the 19% devaluation of the country's currency due to the recent shock waves affecting the country. Marx's Theories From the above sentiments it is possible to connect some of the Marx's theories.

Synopses of psychology articles

Synopsis: This was a very interesting video that speaks of the psychological effects that stem from positive and negative reinforcements a parent gives a child to change their behavior. This is a very significant psychological concept because decision making is essential to have and perform in daily life.

I need a 2 page presentation paper on an article including 3 discussion questions

The Chinese revolutionist realized that in order to create communism and stop capitalism, the political, cultural and economic interests of the general public had to be considered. In the build up to the 1949 revolution, the Long March strategy that ended in 1935 led to a more elaborate way of >>>

Irreversibility in active matter: general framework for active ornstein-uhlenbeck particles

In macroscopic thermodynamics, where entropy is a state variable, this change usually refers to the difference between the entropy in the final state of the " Universe" reached at the end of the process and in the initial state from where it started. A central result in stochastic thermodynamics is >>>

Caring for a dying patient in hospital by katherine e sleeman

Family members should be there for a patient to make them feel important and have someone to chat with in the case of a patient who is still able to talk. They should identify with the signs of end times and have the possible precautions necessary for them to care >>>

The article “the health-care myths we live by”

Krauthammer refers to a study by Guallar et al.showing that antioxidant-rich foods lower the risk of contracting chronic diseases. According to the study, the Oregon initiated a limited plan of the Medicaid for low-income adults.

A particle that travels faster than the speed of light?

It is impossible for Neutrinos to travel faster than the speed of light. It is impossible for neutrinos to travel faster than the speed of light because it breaks all the concepts and theories in physics.

Exploration of a proessional journal article in psychology

The journal article chosen for this assignment describes the persistence as well as the new onset of PTSD symptoms that were self reported by a large population of combatants who were deployed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The authors used the civilian version of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual >>>

Before the claims of crisp babies, there was chinas one-child policy

After the news of the famous one-child policy in China had finally sunk in, news of crisp babies started to emerge, fueling the efforts of Mei Fong to write this article about the discovery of crisp babies, a technology engineered by one Dr He Jiankui, a Chinese scientist who resides >>>

Study of newspaper article

The loyalists are protestant members of the community who are loyal to the idea of Northern Ireland remaining a part of Great Britain. It was seen as an act of 'Catholic encroachment' or growth in a protestant area and so the loyalists want to close the entrance to the school >>>

No child left behind act

The assessment of the basic skills of the students as well as national achievement standard is the highlight of the act". In conclusion, the No Child Left Behind law has been a fundamental development in the educational spectrum of the US and it aims at the overall improvement of the >>>

Medical criteria of pathologicity and their role in scientific psychiatry—comments on the articles of henrik walter and marco stier

In this commentary, I am going to commemorate the way medicine in general identifies and defines diseases and kinds of diseases, and the role theoretical concepts like pathologicity and disease entity play in medical epistemology and concept formation. Premise 1 is equivalent to the assumption that behavioral deviance and suffering >>>

Research review

Prejudice is not already prevalent in a society to give birth to discrimination. Rather, it is the pathological discrepancy between democratic ideals and discriminatory treatment of disadvantaged groups which induces people to perceive things in a particular way.

Battlefield 2

One of the cool features involved in Battlefield 2 is the more realistic responses of the game. Another cool feature of this game, though, is that you can decide whether you want to join a squad on the front lines or if you want to come in behind the scenes >>>

The possibility of evil news article

The case of poison pen lettering is now under investigation by the Rose Town Police, the chief of the Police has announced progress of the case: " We feel deeply sorry for the things that happened to the residents of Rose Town, it was our duty to protect the neighbourhood >>>

Article critique assignment

Morano emphasizes the need to establish effective communication with employees to avoid anxiety among them regarding layoffs and to reassure them of their place in the organization. The transition phase of uncertainty in which the employees have to put up with the lack of bonuses, raises and incentives can be >>>

1 page summary of the article

Five sources of ethical standards that can be used to identify and analyze ethics are: the utilitarian approach, rights approach, fairness or justice approach, common good approach, and the virtue approach. The utilitarian approach deals with bringing the greatest good to the maximum amount of people.

Guns, germs and steel: the fates of human societies by jared diamond

According to Diamond, Eurasians have dominated the wealth and power of the world for a long period of time whereas other people own little power and wealth despite the fact that they are no longer captivated in colonial powers. Diamond has also discussed the geographical explanations of why Europeans dominated >>>

Article suits which properly come within article

Thus, the neglect or misconduct contemplated by the Article 4 is neglect or misconduct in the course of, and intimately connected with the agency duties, qua agent. Article 4 does not explicitly say that time begin to run when the cause of action for neglect or misconduct came to the >>>

Analysis of body language

It is important to be conscious of body language and what it implies. Be that as it may, it is important to ensure that when communicating, the use of body language should be used effectively.

Korean american-q1

From within the perspective of the Korean American entrepreneurship, Park outlines how various scholarships on the subject has actually highlighted the influence of culture on the self-employment tendencies of Korean Americans. The success of Korean Americans is also due to the innovative use of different business techniques to deliver more >>>

Article summary

In the twenty-first century, the fundamental constraints of air transport are the environmental impact aviation has on the environment. Despite these, the effects of the air transport are increasing as the economy and demand for aviation services grow globally.

Current prison population in the united states

It is said that restorative justice is better than just focusing on the effects of imprisonment as the primary form of punishment in society. However, their punishment system should be revised to consider the importance of rehabilitation than just mere imprisonment.

Agree or disagree with the steven dunning article (i will attach the file)

Scrutiny of Steven Dunning's article In his article, " Short Stories And Taste", Steven Dunning offers a candid and profound analysis of two stories, " Appointment with Love" and " The Chaser", in an endeavor to establish how the authors effectively used various stylistic devices in an effort to capture >>>

Part one article on unemployment economics essay

The total number of jobs created in the second quarter of the year has risen to a total of 31, 700 jobs, which is higher than the same period last year. Refer to: Appendix F Structural unemployment comes from the mismatch between the jobs available and the skills of the >>>

The analysis of articles by john h. dunning

He argued that due to the increasing porosity of the boundaries of firms, countries and markets, the paradigm of international production needs to consider the competitive advantages arising from the way firms organize their inter-firm transactions, the interdependencies of many product markets, and the widening of the portfolio of the >>>

American arbitration associate

Court System Affiliation The American Arbitration Associate established in 1996 as the International Centre for Dispute Resolution that is committed to the role of providing services that deal will conflict management globally. The dispute resolution services also contribute in assisting to meet the objectives by providing a variety of process >>>

Be smart exercise your heart: exercise effects on brain and cognition by hillman.h.c

Studies have proven exercise to be an unparalleled method of preventing a number of epidemics like obesity and in helping to maintain mental stability. Today, there are many unanswered questions related to the age and full effects of exercise on an individual's mental health.

Constitutional significance of article 1, section 8 of the united states constitution

Constitutional significance of article section 8 of the US Constitution Introduction The United s Constitution is the supreme law of the country stipulating in detailed the legal concepts, requirements, functionality and duties of different organs and bodies. Law, David S, and Mila Versteeg." Declining Influence of the United States Constitution, >>>

Unit 6 assignment/4

Explain Voluntary Manslaughter and the concept of adequate provocation Voluntary manslaughter is the killing of an individual that results from sufficient aggravation. Even though he felt aggrieved, the element of intention is lacking in order for his act to qualify as voluntary manslaughter.

Analysis of primary document.document 15.1, magazine article on the changing caracter of immigration, by kate claghorn,in wori

DOCUMENT 15 Magazine article on the changing character of immigration, by Kate Claghorn, in World's Work, Vol One of the most relevant articles in the historical context of the U.S.during the early years of the 20th century, " The Changing Character of Immigration" by Kate Claghorn deals with the shifting >>>

Commentary on a newspaper article by russel brand

The article's receiver could be intellectual people, people who have an interest in politics and in society, certainly the working-class, also students as elders, the article is mainly directed to leftist, as the guardian is a traditional left- winged newspaper and the paper stand in opposition to the ruling government. >>>


Synopsis: A test of the effects of acute sleep deprivation on general and specific self-reported anxiety and depressive symptoms: An experimental extension The current research aimed to determine the effects of acute sleep deprivation on negative mood swings, particularly on self-reported anxiety and depression. A, et al." A test of >>>

Impact of culture and background knowledge on writing

The way how child is raised in the family influences his or her writing skills, ability to be successful in accomplishing school tasks and even the ability of the child to understand requirements of the teacher. Townspeople" families pay special attention to the development of analytical language habits in their >>>

Summary of a biology article

Summary The article provides a scientific explanation for the existence of a wolf in the Falkland Island the presence of which had even puzzled Charles Darwin when he visited the Island. The evolution and existence of a new species on the island has since baffled many scientists but by the >>>

The big stick by roosevelt

Roosevelt believed in the dominance of the American people on both political and fiscal fronts. In the Monroe doctrine, he emphasized the American control of the western parts of the globe.

What is culture

The article entitled What is the concept of culture? written by Langley presented the thesis that probed on the ultimate concept of culture by defining it and delving into the categories of subculture and popular culture. What is the concept of culture?

Article summary: emerging giants

In this article, the authors instantiate this kind of local companies by explaining that Mahindra & Mahindra in India and Haier Group in China have barraged out their own rivals, reset their business strategies, taken advantages of new opportunities, and gained high competencies that enable themselves to do their businesses >>>

Read each article, and answer the questions in your own words

It allowed the people to devour the freedoms offered to the society and live a respectable life. As against to this, the white people are treated well and provided the best service by the management.

Alternative suggestion

Except for this little drawback, the chapter is quite comprehensive but as an alternative, some sort of activity should be designed which would send a clear message to the children that these are the words or phrases that have to be used while indulging in a conversation regarding time. The >>>

How a pyrrhonian skeptic might respond to academic skepticism

In making this argument, the author is careful to illustrate that it does not matter if this reasoning is justified, true or defeasible, only that reasoning, once employed, can be traced backward along a never-ending line of reasons leading to the conclusion. In attempting to illustrate how the Pyrrhonian Skeptic >>>

Organization and resource of the ball and of the dow chemical corporation

Recently the Dow Chemical Company has adopted the marketing campaign of " the human element". The Dow Chemical Company, 2008." Elements of Success" Corporate Report Retrieved from <


Meta-analysis Meta-analysis Anomia treatment efficacy depending on aphasia type, severity, and therapy amount In the treatment of anomia, the meta-analysis evaluation was conducted which focused on the efficiency of therapy for anomia because of aphasia. The purpose of this meta-analysis extends the previous research by evaluating these anomia studies to >>>

Lin article critique essay sample

The researcher will critique the article by analyzing components of population and sampling, procedures, and measurements. The researcher will critique the following components within the Lin article in the direct order of population and sampling, procedures, and measurements.

Points to consider

Section/# Conflict Coon Reading and Response According to the the simplest form of conflict to resolve isthat of the Approach Approach conflict. As a means of resolving the conflict, the unions were able to act as interested third parties that could provide a buffer between the Chief of Police and >>>

Diabetic eye diseases

Diabetes mellitus is an unmitigated and potentially malignant form of diabetes, which is characterized by the deficit of insulin, increase in sugar level in the blood and urine, and abnormal thirst and hunger. In some cases these thin blood vessels may begin to balloon and gradually formed micro aneurysms, and >>>

When anger management requires going deeper by b. golden

In the empirical article " Advances in anger management," the main issue discussed is that many psychologists come across different patients with anger management and they may or may not have a clear picture of how they can treat the issues. In the article, some psychologists are optimistic that a >>>

Contract law

A Churascaria-style Brazilian restaurant management contract is a business deal between the Churascaria-style Brazilian restaurant proprietor and a contracting company that allows the contractor to run the Churascaria-style Brazilian restaurant on behalf of the owner. Risk and Overall Management In the determination of the management of the Churascaria-style Brazilian restaurant >>>

Hoffmanns clash of globalizations

Thus the quintessence of the foreign policy of the incoming Obama administration should be to push for the establishment of civil society in the third world, by assuring a just and equitable distribution of the fruits of globalization. It is a pity that despite the allocation of massive funds by >>>

Critique of a research article nursing essay

Purpose of the essay- The aim of this assignment is to develop a solid understanding of the experiences of residents in nursing home care by critiquing a published qualitative health research. The author clearly stated the gaps in the knowledge, in previous study it was identified that to provide good >>>

Man: the invisible gendered subject by s. whitehead

The first is men do not have the same issues as women performing the same job. The second reason is a man does not have the same insecurities about his gender as a woman does.

Comparing between the article and the theory

An example of such a regime is described in the article by Tromso Norway ' The Roar of Ice Cracking.' This paper will give a comparison of two articles: the Theoretical Foundations of Global Governance and the article by Tromso Norway ' The Roar of Ice Cracking. Norway's article talks >>>

Aviation maintenance

At the same time, there is increased acceleration and deceleration speed which is of the essence in the military planes more so for the fact that the aircraft at some point may be subjected to sudden landing and taking off for the security purposes. The new innovative ways of production >>>

Right to counsel paper article law general essay

It extremely crucial to understand the legal procedures the criminal procedures and the development of such law to understand the role of the attorneys, when it applies to the right to counsel and the self-representation rule. The judge should ask questions to ensure that the defendant is aware of this >>>

The virtual community by rheingold

Virtual communities go far and beyond to cover all segments, for example, for gaming and play station lovers, Sony's Play Station Network is a primary example, which keeps the players stay connected through online multiplayer games, tournaments, and competitions, PlayStation Store, and forums where users can create and share content >>>

Article analysis

Towards the end of the article, Bauder takes the proposing stand to argue out his point in the article. Further, the use of quotation helps the reader to identify the stand of Bauder in the article.

New gay visibility on tv

Further Off the Straight & Narrow: New Gay Visibility on TV The issue discussed on the media coverage regarding gay men and lesbians focuses on how the media serves as an effective communication tool that has changed the perception of many people on same sex relationship. Howard Buford mentioned that >>>

Golden age poverty reduction: the story the world bank and other agencies

Golden Age Poverty Reduction: The Story the World Bank and Other Agencies Do not Want You to Know Date Introduction Based on historical facts and figure as well as the impact of globalization around the world, the question behind whether or not the poverty worldwide has been reduced or not >>>

The reinvention of education

Indeed, education has reached a focal point where traditional educations might see the emerging educational platforms as a form of " creative Destruction" while the forward thinkers and future innovators see an avenue of education that will allow for much more development and freedom of learning for the students, at >>>

Naeyc article assignment

The lack of programs focusing on instilling early educators with relevant languages makes it impossible for the teachers to respond appropriately to the call of preserving home languages of children. The design of early education program still makes it a huge challenge for early educators to meet the needs of >>>

Analyze the article

Lecturer: The of the article " Financial Engine Failure" compares the concurrent failure of the twin engines of the BA flight from China to Heathrow to the failure of the banking and financial markets in the US. Increased interest rates have resulted in adverse selection, which has lead to a >>>

Domestic violence on poor women in the post-industrial urban northeast and its effects on the girl child now and in her future life

The paper " Domestic Violence on Women in the Post-Industrial Urban Northeast and Its Effects on the Girls" is a dramatic variant of a case study on sociology. The problem understudy in the text is to find out the issue of domestic violence, especially on poor women in the post-industrial >>>

Canada’s future labour market: immigrants to the rescue

Hodgson observes that though recession has greatly relieved Canada from tight conditions in the labor market, it is expected that its national unemployment rate is likely to reduce by 6% with recovery of the economy. As a result of the great growth in Canada's aging population, policies that encourage immigration >>>

Classroom management article

The Teacher The article posits that contrary to popular belief, effective teacher-student relationship has less to do with a teacher's personality and more to do with specific teacher behavior that includes dominance, cooperation and an awareness of high-need students. Although in a position of authority, the teacher must remain approachable >>>

Michael moore’s article, “idiot nation” essay sample

This decreasing level of intelligence, in scholars; is caused by the incompetence, the instructors comprehend; according to Rose, and Moore. Rose means, that instructors rarely are willing to deeply explain, the matter their instructing; thus the scholars do not truly understand the material, so the student cannot solve the more >>>

Michael e. porters a strategy for health care reform

According to the author, moving toward universal insurance coverage as well as restructuring the care delivery system is essential for true reform and a value-based system is the most fundamental means to achieve this. The article maintains that one of the major reasons for the failures of the incremental reforms >>>

Learn: articles of confederation and problem-solution

A problem-solution essay should have the following characteristics: a problem that needs to be solved a thesis statement that Identifies the problem and points toward the solution Identification of several possible solutions specific facts, details, examples, and reasons indicating why one elution Is best an analytical tone For a review >>>

Individual research article analysis essay sample

Write a 1, 400- to 1, 750-word paper in which you address the following: Identify the purpose of the research study, problem, and questions. Describe the design of the study.

Analyze a science news on microbes

The labeling of food ingredients is easy and helps in identifying the quality of the product. It is manageable and easy to use, making it one of the best food processing software in the market.

Our national eating disorder by michael pollan

One strongly agrees with the author's contention since overindulgence in determining the exact count of calories, the ingredients, the effect of each component, and the extent to which the effect of each food to be consumed needs to be determined takes out the very essence and purpose of consuming food. >>>

In depth analysis about article

The article is quite vociferous on issue of foreign trade and emphatically states that ' increase in the mass of commodities' becomes the most visible factor that reflects ' people's enjoyment'. Most importantly, the author asserts that abstraction of employability and capital from one commodity to another is the major >>>

Asian philosphy

Asian Philosophy of Affiliation: Asian Philosophy Asian philosophy that has its roots in the Hindu philosophies, tells of various aspects pertaining to the fundamental realities and the different experiences of life. These aspects are clearly brought out through the determination of various distinct aspects pertaining to the philosophies of Hindu >>>

Hims650 article critique

Article Critique: Research Methods Introduction The purpose of the research in the study by Albano and his team was to evaluate the behavior, attitude and knowledge of the healthcare workers regarding influenza and its relevant vaccination. Quantitative research is focused at the quantification of the data.

Deed contracting party’s consent. in this article, i’ll

Check if the document and the first section displays the title Deed ofAssignment and Transfer of Rights. As a consequence of thisassignment / transfer of rights, the ASSIGNEE/TRANSFEREE hereby assumes all theobligations and accountabilities of the ASSIGNOR/TRANSFERORto St.

The articles of confederation and the constitution

It lets congress remain " the central institution of national authority." Congress had the power to " conduct wars and foreign relations and to appropriate, borrow, and issue money." By passing the Ordinance of 1784, the Ordinance of 1785, and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, the new government found some >>>

Give the kid a number by r. j. graham

The article in The Harvard Crimson, Death of Data by Raul Quintana declares that the common populace lives in the " post-truth" age of politics. It has become very easy to distort the facts statistically, as putting the stamp of individual belief on the data does not rid it off >>>

Business ethics

Johnson and Johnson Convicted of Bribes Johnson and Johnson, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the United s in the world has been convicted of bribes." Conviction" means they have been fined by the SEC and the Justice Department for a total of $70 million for paying brides in >>>

Global interdependence

Global Interdependence The dominating news items from the recent past to the current times, have been the global war on terrorism, global economic meltdown and of course, the global interest in the US presidential elections in the backdrop of the two preceding factors. Retrieved from: Summary The central idea >>>

The early colonial virginia settlers attitude about punishing white males

Your answer must include discussion and comparison of the Davis case of 1630 and the Sweat case of 1640. Again, in England in 1640, a white man Robert Sweat was sentenced to do " public penance" for fornicating with a black African woman while the woman was publicly whipped for >>>

History of the higgs boson particle philosophy essay

I am not alluding to the second doughnut you had this morning, or the ill advised chips on the way home, but rather the fundamental reason as to why the atoms that make up your body and everything else in the world, have a certain mass-If you have not you >>>