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Human buyology 101

It first presents the arguments of those supporting the idea of the effectiveness of logos, product placement and subliminal advertising, the correlation between religion and branding, then the influence of culture and gender divide and lastly, the influence of sense. Besides that, the author of the article highlighted in the >>>

Free energy focus on the building enclosure article review sample

The performance of buildings is important for the design life of the building and contributes to cost incurred in the long run. The article provides a summary of research findings on the benefits of exterior energy improvements and provides reasons why it is important to construct a building envelope energy >>>

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Article review essay

In this article, William Baker also described to us, the relationship between the ancient Olympic Games, and Greek religion, what some of the Greek philosophers thought of the Olympic Games, and the role of athletics in general, in ancient Greek Society. The textbook also states that while " at the >>>

Free article review on cultural studies

Precisely, the article tries to answer the question; what decisions people make and the factors that lead to the decisions. That is, there is lack of sense in the reasoning and decision making of people.

Person and place in preclassic maya ritual article review sample

Excavations in the heartland of the ancient Maya civilization have unearthed such evidences that place the Maya society and culture under the scanner of the ardent historians. As such, understanding the rites and rituals of the civilization becomes a pivotal factor in the holistic comprehension of the Maya place and >>>

Article review-how collectivism affect management(international management)

Secondly, the study not only looked at the mere relationship between collectivism and propensity to trust and OC, but also explored the process that links the antecedents to OC. Besides, the role of organizational-based self-esteem as valid mediator of the effects of collectivism and propensity to trust on OC was >>>

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Enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy article review

The results of the study show that the majority of patients who completed treatment gained weight and maintained it after the treatment. The research focused on four main points presented by the percentage of people who were able to complete the outpatient treatment, the outcomes for those who completed it, >>>

Therapists’ integration of religion and spirituality in counseling: a meta-analysis article review example

In the survey, the author sampled the therapists as religious and secular therapist, from which he discovered that the religious faith of the former was associated with the frequent use of religious and spiritual counseling techniques. The other aim of this meta-analysis was to analyze the relationships between the personal >>>

The article review

In conclusion, retailers could stop the trend of showrooming through exclusive issue of products and conduction of campaigns that advise customers to avoid excessive costs that they have to pay because of online shopping. More so, retail stores could use the new trend of showrooming to move their shoppers to >>>

Strategic management – article reviews (4)

Drucker Strategic Management Professor Smith Eugene Bogart 01/26/2012 Article review and critique: " How to Thrive in Turbulent Markets" by Donald Sull Synopsis: In the article " How to Thrive in Turbulent Markets" by Donald Sull, the author discusses the similarities between the duties required by management and the matchups >>>

Example of cognitive psychology article review

However, the researcher is not interested in the sequence of the stimulus, rather the identity of the symbols shown.3. Describe ALL the dependent variables for the designated experiment:- Provide an operational definition Mean response time: the period from the onset of the test stimulus to the period when the subject >>>

How should we interpret links between regional personality variables and social article review

The effect of individualistic fallacy or reverse ecological fallacy on research findings is usually very negligible and as such does not affect the research conclusions especially in a case where the parameters of measuring the findings are similar. In case of their presence, it is appropriate for the researcher to >>>

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Good urban density and the rate of invention article review example

This is done through a review of the article " Urban density and the Rate of Invention" by Carlino et al. This section will then be followed by a summary of the main findings and conclusions made by the authors of the study.

Article review 2

Summary The article refers to the general rules and concepts that govern the field of accounting as the basic accounting principles and guidelines that form the basis for Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The article notes the requirement and importance of using the generally accepted >>>

Example of article review on lexical decision

Level 3: The top string was a word while the bottom string was a non-word. Level 5: The top string was a non-word while the bottom string was a non-word too.

Financing health care ( review)

Through support from authoritative scholarly studies coming from 61 research literatures on the subject, the authors were able to present a balanced scenario of the status of health care in America and the role of health care reform by providing explanations on who are directly accountable for increased health care >>>

Good example of ponoco race should the carters participate article review

As carter team has the potential to develop a more effective gasket that is less temperature sensitive they should pool their finances for those efforts now. The carter team stands to gain more if they worked on improving the gasket for the next racing season.

The intervention mapping model article reviews example

The aim of the article is to reduce the chances of musculoskeletal conditions among individuals through reduction of impairment, occurrence, and limitation in the social participation and, and functional limitations. Chronic back conditions, osteoporosis, and arthritis affect the ability of individuals to work, the quality of life and the daily >>>

Free article review on process design

There is no time to step back when a crisis occurs in the social media process and definitely no time to find someone to inform about the situation because the key is to move to the net step immediately. The design in which the social business was based from requires >>>

Article review

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 of 25thJanuary Introduction Holt defined the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is an Act to protect investors by improving the accuracy and realiability of corporate disclosures made pursuant to the securities laws and for other purposes. According to Holt the SOX Act may affect ethical decision making in today's >>>

Working with ones hands article review examples

Compared with the intellectual work, which many people over the world eye and long for with the thoughts that it is a decent work, the benefits of manual work go beyond those of the intellectual work. There is a lot of science in the manual work.


Out of Thin Air: The behind-the-scenes Logistics of Kenya's Mobile-money Miracle, an Analysis Summary Out of Thin Air: The behind-the-scenes Logistics of Kenya's Mobile-money Miracle is an article from " The Economist" that appeared in the June 10th 2010 issue. Out of Thin Air: The behind-the-scenes Logistics of Kenya's Mobile-money >>>

Good similarities and differences article review example

Summary In the research by Ferreiraa et al, the most beneficial strategy of improving the performance of muscles is through the intake of nutrients, especially carbohydrates and protein during peri-exercise. In the research by Bird et al.the blood samples were taken before and after training.

Article review exercise

The authors claim that the regime reproduced the scheme it devised following the riots of October 1988 to avert the effects of the Arab spring in 2011. Moreover, they claim that the economic concessions offered to the civilians by the Algerian government prevented the regime from the uprisings.

Article review

His focus is on the populist movement and the nature of politics in the early days. It is clear by the nature of his work his interest is in none of the two parties and their candidates; his interest is not in politics.

Sample article review on how to make software peer reviews work

As a norm, a peer review is conducted by a small team of professionals, who examine given software for defects, based on a set of objectives. First of all, the whole testing process is so difficult and unproductive that it can inevitably lead to a dismal failure.

Mark driscoll: article review

The conception of Sabbath day as the seventh day after the work of creation which was completed in six days illuminates the idea that the Genesis has to be explicating the creation in six days in a literal sense. Conclusion This paper has explicated the discussed ideas of Creation in >>>

Free article review on technology

The objective is to explore the institutional factors that contribute to the transformation of E-governance in municipalities. The results of the study concluded that government type and size is are the contributing factors attributed to the development and implementation of e-government.

Crtical article review of the bell witch of tennessee and mississippi

WITCH This scholarly article first looks at the context and history of the story of the Bell Witch, a famous ghost story from Tennessee, and then reproduces the story itself as a primary text. By doing a content analysis as well as presenting the tale of the Bell Witch, the >>>

Description of microbial journal article review

Generally the infection is harmless as it just manifests as warts on the skin, but it results in a more serious condition in women when transmitted sexually i.e.cervical cancer which can spread outside as well as within the female genital tract and surrounding areas. The above study was chosen for >>>

Charles beard article review essay

Article Review: Framing the Constitution by Charles Beard In the article, Framing the Constitution, Charles Beard had a very strong opinion on the Constitution and the motives of the framers. Beard said that the reason the framers were against having majority rule was because they did not want the majority >>>

Article review: assessment of physical workload in boiler operations

Article Review In Assessment of Physical workload in Boiler Operations by Rodrigues et al, the main goal of the study is the assessment of physical labour burdens that boiler operators are subjected to over the course of their workday in Brazil. The study also considered the physical workload that workers >>>

Example of article review on african american gay hub

This night the club converts in the land of colored people and reflects the culture, music and life related to the blacks only. Black males are less involved in the homosexuality compared to the white males and one of the reasons is related to the religion.

Article review

The Incredible X-chromosome The main idea in the article is highlighting the superiority of the X chromosome in males than in females. The X gene in males is stronger than that in females due to the strong genes from their father and the Y chromosome factor.

Article review

The painting of women in the renaissance period underscores the fact that women lose the traits that characterize their form. This article excels in revealing the impact of painting of women during the renaissance period.

Article review: system development life cycle

In the article, Angel Tate summarizes the System Development, and the purpose of the System Development Life Cycle is to identify information thattechnologyneeds from a business but also to help meet the business needs. The SDLC is an organized system that is designed to create an information system to meet >>>

Article review

of the Article The article discusses what effective leadership is, and some of the mysteries surrounding effective leadership. Therefore, from the article, the more styles a leader implements the better the performance of an organization; leading with more than four leadership styles have the best business and climate performance.

Free fiscal policy aggregate demand and aggregate supply article review example

The role of the annual budget by the government is to finance the government activities as well as achieving macroeconomic objectives. This paper examines the fiscal policies that have been employed by the Brazilian government in the year and in the recent past and evaluates how the fiscal policies have >>>

Article review – “the indian view of the 1885 uprising.” essay

Though the historical account of this series of events, which led to the prosecution of many Aboriginal leaders, seems to be biased from both the official reports and Stonechild's account, the political position of the Native Peoples was set back for many years because of these historical incidents. Stonechild attempts >>>

Article review

The Purpose of the Study The primary objective of the study was to assess the effect of practice on concurrent driving and phone conversation. In real world scenario, the impact of cell phone conversation on driving performance was highly significant.

Article review

Running Head: HEALTH SCIENCES AND MEDICINES Article Review of the of the of the Introduction The assignment aims at analysing and assessing the research article based on identifying the importance and effectiveness of community based health promotion programs for older adults in a critical manner. Others may have different opinions >>>

Free article review about muscle fatigue

The article titled " Localized muscle fatigue: review of three experiments," retrieved from the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy gives an account of the measurement of localized muscle fatigue. As the author explains, fatigue refers to the reduction of energy or the rate of expenditure of muscle tissues.


Workability of the British government's plan Even though the prime minister insists on his fiscal plan for the year, the forecast for the gross domestic product of the country for the fiscal year 2013-14 seems to drop by 6. The government should apply fiscal policy to come out of the >>>

Article reviews

The article would promote managers of the competing companies worldwide to think about coming up with better strategies to weaken the opponent collaboration at its inception and over take their opponent in the business race. The details presented in the article are such that a foreign investor for domestic companies >>>

Article review on the encyclopdie

The societal institutions, which have for long influenced the lives of innumerable people, stand in opposition to the emancipation of human mind and independence.- What do they criticize? The thinkers of Enlightenment believe that it is of utmost importance to understand the links between the past and the present to >>>

Conscious thought as simulation of behavior and perception article review

Hesslow suggests that there is a close connection between imaging and perception in how the brain reacts. Verschure, Voegtlin, and Douglas states that sometimes trained robots are able to perform a function blindly in an open environment if they have performed the function numerous times before.

Child development article review

According to John Bates, Richard Viken, Douglas Alexander, Jennifer Beyers, and Lesley Stockton, there are many behavior related disorders that could be related to how much sleep a child receives, along with the age and quality of sleep. Age and quality amounts of sleep are factors that need to be >>>

Review and critique

Upon reading the article, it can be considered as an important contribution to the concepts related to dynamics of the field of Economics specifically pertaining to organizational behavior in the 90s until the turn of the century. The complex adaptive systems is a concept referred to in the article as >>>

Article review

In this piece of writing, Smith presents an extreme form of feminism that intends to inspire women to stand upright in the society. In order to explain women's subordination in 1970s, Smith connects women's exclusion from major positions of the society to knowledge that often does not fit women's realities.

Free article review on nurse burnout in army hospital setting

The answers to the specified questions in the study appear below.4a. It appears fundamental to identify the impacts of nurse burnout in the army settings since it possesses its influences on the nurses.

Example of article review on al-dahiyya: sight, sound, season

When the name Al'Dahiyya is mentioned, many people tend to be flooded with ideas of a place that is backwards and one that is not safe to tread into. However, a tour of the Beirut Al'Dahiyya reveals a place that has gone through various transformations to be the place that >>>

Article review responses

Teacher Article Response Penguin's case is very reminiscent of Enron and Worldcom where they employ exotic accounting method that is not consistent to GAAP to make the company appear stable and profitable. In the case of Penguin, it removed depreciation from its Cost of Goods Sold which is a standard >>>

Article review

Being a fundamental language and central to the learning of other subjects, it is a matter of deep concern to create awareness on the need to the methods of teaching English language. On the other hand, the fluency of language refers to the ability of the English language learners to >>>

New ceo manages crisis at gm article review sample

Considering there is a global outcry, she must save the reputation of the firm by addressing the ignition problem. She has to save the image of GM by all means and that's why she updates the press.

Free article review on lazy men: the next frontier in online retail

The company Manpacks has polished their work through getting connected with Lazy man that has provided grooming to them for the 2 years. The article is about men's clothing and their experience of shopping.

Sample article review on e-learning: reviews of 4 articles and examples from the real companies

According to the article, the most meaningful parameter to observe the efficiency of the online learning programs is the return on investment. This survey follows five main steps: 1) measuring reactions of the workers to the online learning program, 2) recording the skills gained through the online learning program, 3) >>>

Summery for the case provided article review examples

The relevant stakeholders described in the articles is composed of the corporations such as Newmont Mining and the other companies involved in the mining operations. However, the most affected and considerably the important stakeholders in the case are the residents of the communities near the Yanacocha mine, and town of >>>

Tougher enforcement on the foreign firms article reviews example

The mentioned law was to regulate the behavior of the executive members of the foreign firms. A point to note is the fact that the absence or the devoid of laws guiding the foreign firms enabled the executive members to engage in several corporate misconducts.

Disentangling the web article review examples

The second article review talks about the need to consider where the customers are in the buying decision making process in establishing the right content to accomplish the marketing objectives of the company. To loss the illusion of control will, according to Dunne, enable companies to maximize the benefits to >>>

Ar 4 fixed article review sample

The next section is an analysis to find out the relationship between the traits of such gold mining organizations and the financial risk management exercises undertaken by such firms. An empirical examination of risk management practices in the gold mining industry.

Sample article review on functions of management

This aligns to the act of handling staff at their best hence getting a similar reciprocation."Leadership is not like a suit you try it on, but rather something youadapt according to the people who are involved," and the situations at hand and challenges one is likely to face. This method >>>

Good how to get paid twice for everything you do article review example

The next element in the management system is the innovation management group that is primarily responsible for creation of the strategy that seeks its approval from the top-down element. The time to exercise a business model innovation depends upon the current state of the company.

Free article review on marketting estrategy

Of particular importance is the Coca Cola Company which is well known for its marketing expertise and great marketing strategies which have been responsible over the years for of the company. According to him, "Coca Cola maintains the strong global brand while introducing the local elements in the marketing to >>>

The affects of pay for performance on motivation and productivity article review

This does support my attempt to answer my questions on the affects of pay for performance on motivation and productivity. In these situations, it improves the company's productivity in two ways; it increases the performance ofthe most effective members of the workforce and provides a sorting device for the less >>>

Good example of cover sheet article review

In addition, Contact gets some of its funding from the government and profits accrued in the business. It has also sold part of its power plants to Vector so as to maintain and foster its relationship with others in the energy market.

Google in china article review

This article mainly provides elucidation as to why the Chinese people have failed to access the Google site, despite the Google authorities having failed to admit the reasons to the Chinese. Moreover, the article asserts that, despite the censoring and the drop in terms of market share, Google market in >>>

Any topic from l.a. times, newsweek, a legal periodical or other reputable source article review sample

The need to establishment of law regulating the conduct of business is the need to protect third parties interacting with the business enterprise and shielding them from inappropriate engagement with the business. The legal question raised by the article is the use of automated text messages in advertising and the >>>

Pepsi in thailand article review example

These companies include: Pepsi, Coke and Est.over the years the market only included Pepsi and coke that battled in the market to satisfy the customer's preferences. It also ensured that their products were available to the market at all times and customers had a wide knowledge of the existence.

Why won’t yahoo! let employees work from home article review sample

Is it that the policy banning working from home an indication that the company has failed in monitoring its employees and their productivity when they work from home? While this might not mean that other companies are going to follow suit, this trend is discouraging to the women as maternal >>>

The airline industry article review

This would cost the company about $ 150 million as initial cost and $ 100 million to make an overhaul of the refinery thus increasing the fuel extracted. This cost would be incomparable to the benefit acquired, which would be reduced cost of the fuel prices spent by the company.

Organizational leadership article review examples

For example, when I left the army, I made the decision of obtaining a degree although I had a family and was in a new country. From the video case on Harley-Davidson, I was able to show on the importance of consistency of quality to the company.

Example of article review on domestic violence

This was clearly brought out in the case of Barbara Sheehan, who was acquitted of the murder of her husband. Sheehan also claimed that her husband, during a vacation with the rest of their family in Jamaica in 2007, had hit her head against a cinder block wall.Ms.

Software as a service business model article review examples

Further studies have revealed that the emergence of SaaS has been brought about by the development of the internet know-hows, since these technologies acts as the founding stone for the SaaS business model as well as the main driver andpropelling factor in the adoption of the SaasS technology, in the >>>

Auditors article review

The biggest fraud, was however, in 1986 when he decided to list the company on the stock exchange and issued a misleading prospectus, as well as financial statements. For instance, he admits that in his verification of the existence of the insurance restoration contracts, he relied entirely on the word >>>

Example of commercial companies law in uae article review

Any entity is required to register under the company law in order to obtain status of a company. There are various research studies, conducted to analyze company law of UAE.

Good kohlbergs view article review example

Considering this stage, I should fire the manager because I want to be a good and fair HR manager. I should fire the manager because of the victim's rights to get justice and equality.

Free article review on power of design and weird rules

In order to win over the competitors, it is necessary to approach current business from a different perspective and to make innovation an integral part of business. The key to IDEO's success is close cooperation with the clients and their customers, as well as a multifaceted approach to company analysis.

Example of article review on log assignment

In an article written by Matthews, the author disclosed that the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly dropped their probe on allegations of bribery for 3M, in the company's subsidiary transactions and dealings in Turkey. Retrieved from The Wall Street Journal:

Free how much of a competitive advantage does business intelligence provide for zynga article review sample

The business intelligence in the production and analysis of the social games gives Zynga a competitive edge over its opponents in the market. The business intelligence helps in estimating the revenues of the company in the future thereby enabling Zynga to evaluate its profits in the future.

Example of article review on criminal law

Paul Krugman asserted that the government has taken advantage of the benefits of privatizing public service facilities, as this shift saves the government money and also enables it to hide its expenses or the money it earns from selling the facilities to the private sector. This article is closely linked >>>

The smaller auditing firms are able to do only the smaller firms and a few large article review sample

For a quantitative portion of the research I would analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the West compared to Chinese companies in terms of accounting practices and ethical standards. Also the knowledge of both the UK and Chinese auditing systems would be necessary; although I think it is interesting to >>>

Good article review about sme in germanys maritime industry

Although thorough research has been conducted to determine the impact of innovation in the economy, more so with the SMEs, the field of the maritime industry in Germany is unexploited. By studying and analyzing this trend, a prospective entrepreneur is able to understand the innovations that are essential in the >>>

Technology it in the medical field outsourcing in it article review

This is evident by the case of the confused physician; it can be argued that his frustrations with the system are due to inappropriate training and implementation of the computer system at the hospital. Some of the unmentioned advantages in the article associated with implementation of IT in medicine in >>>

Sample article review on popper and hilary stout

It is in response to this that research has been developed, and efforts towards curbing such instances have been placed in the scopeso as to catalyze the effect. In order to achieve this, strategies in terms of programs have been instituted so as to make operations of the companies be >>>

Article review on economy of food ()

The first article titled Home Economics: Will Rising Food Prices Ruin the Recovery written by Michael Schuman in the Time discloses the problem of food prices and its importance to the global economy. However, the food is one of the basic conditions of life on the Earth.

Free hippocratic oath of the manager article review sample

The problem the article is attempting to solveThe article attempts to look at the emerging trend among the colleges that offer MBA to introduce the Hippocratic Oath for the students as the case of the medical schools. The article attempts to explore the impact of the Hippocratic Oath on the >>>

The main learning takeaways mentioned by the author are the following article review example

It looks closely at the issues that can occur when a manager is only focused on the company's business objectives, neglecting the most valuable resource of the company its employees and their perspective on what is going on within the institution. Taking readers through the story of company's development and >>>

Good example of netflix headquarters case article review

Secondly, the organization has not yet found the qualified personnel that will run the business of the organization. Since the laborers in an organization will determine the performance of the organization, the Netflix Company should ensure to spend enough time on hiring.

Good article review about this reflect the important role ethic play in the different form of quality achievement

Furthermore, the expectations and demands from organizations to continue to give back to the community where they operate in terms of social responsibilities and customers satisfaction are very high. Followers take different opinion stand, regarding to how they relate and cooperate with the leader in the attainment of the organization >>>

Good example of article review on other lessons learnt goes thus

The failure of these pipelines was what led, majorly, to the destruction of the Piper Alpha and prevented the evacuation of its platforms. The failure of these pipelines was what led, majorly, to the destruction of the Piper Alpha and prevented the evacuation of its platforms.

Sample article review on criminal law

As for the United Arab Emirates, they have the FSC or the Federal Supreme Council that serves as the most powerful constitutional authority of the country. Primarily in United Arab Emirates, the Islamic Shari'a is affirmed as the main source of the country's laws.

Risk management plan for supply chain management article review examples

Findings from this research re-affirms the need for risk management in supply chains. Supply chain risk management: Understanding the businessrequirements from a practitioner perspective.

Leadership communication article review examples

The article written by Detert and Burris entitled "Leadership Behavior and Employee Voice: Is the Door Really Open?" and published in the Academy of Management Journal explored the relevance and implications of open communication in the work setting. The information revealed in the article is consistent with those presented by >>>

Photography : synopsis on the precinct article review

However, as the article develops the area of relevance to the course may be seen as Hoover's high level of competence in managing the media including pictures publications and the film industry. In short, Hoover as head of the FDIis presented as a character who may not have access to >>>

Example of classics of public administration article review

According to Martin, redundancy and duplication are crucial for the lengthy functioning of the government given that the authorities swing around the pendulum of power."Thus it is that the removal of redundancy is rarely,if ever, challenged in the technology of public administration"."That which is redundant is, to the extent that >>>

The human side of it and business success article review examples

Inter-personal relationships is an important key to the success of any IT and business collaborative projects, according to the "Project Management: How IT and Business Relationships Shape Success,". In addition, IT people should undergo some training and be certified in the area of relationship management.