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Corrigendum: chronic pyruvate supplementation increases exploratory activity and brain energy reserves in young and middle-aged mice

00041 In the Original Research article there was an error in the Section " Treatment" under the section " Methods" about the estimated daily intake of pyruvate:" With the average food intake of 4 g this corresponds to 800 mg of pyruvate/day, which is at the upper range of effective >>>

What type of exploratory research designs

It would be worthwhile to analyses the past successes and failures of similar companies and use the Information In developing the new product. In the further stages of research it would be effective to use focus group interviews to gauge consumer reaction to the product and it's prospective face of >>>

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Study is exploratory in nature cultural studies essay

This enabled the researcher to interact with the students and explain the purpose of the study to them. A pilot study was conducted to review the questionnaire in term of its relevance of the study and to answers the language used, the difficulty and ambiguity of the questions.

Exploratory paper

This shows that the federal government, which has extra powers compared to state governments, does not approve of medical marijuana. In states that have legalized the smoking of marijuana, it is still illegal to smoke it under federal law.

What social factors affect students’ use of online registration: an exploratory study

There are two objectives for this study: reviewing relevant literature of the online registration and examining the impacts of social factors on use of the online service. What are the effects of the academic and demographic variables on the use of online registration?

Exploratory essay kids in competitve sports

A lot of kids are naturally competitive but "they sometimes feel that they ill not be able to perform adequately to the performance demands of competition." A big concern with competitive sports is the emotionalstressthat can affect a child's physical well-being. Then it encourages the kids to try their hardest >>>

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Tutorial questions for exploratory data analysis

What does this value mean?d) Verify the value of the standard error of the mean for the Business Account holders.e) Determine a 90% confidence interval for the true mean of the Business Account holders and interpret the result in the context of the situation. 25? What does this value mean?d) >>>